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Officially-Licensed Upcoming Card Battler ’One Punch Man: The Strongest’ Available for Pre-Registration

One Punch Man: The Strongest, an officially-licensed upcoming card battler game is now available for pre-registration on iOS and Android platforms.

one punch man the strongest

Developed by Playcrab and published by Ourpalm, One Punch Man: The Strongest is the first mobile game adaptation of the hit Japanese anime One Punch Man. The game tells the story of Saitama, a man who had a dream of becoming a superhero one day. After years of special training he gained invincible powers, that resulted in defeating any enemies with a single punch.

One Punch Man: The Strongest is a 2D strategy card game, that promises to recreate the heroic world of One Punch Man. The game comes with an exciting storyline, featuring faithfully reproduced original characters, original voice acting, strategic arena battles, insane combos, that altogether offers an immersive gaming experience.

one punch man the strongest pre-registration

In this upcoming One Punch Man mobile game, not only you can take the role of Saitama to fight all kinds of monsters and bosses, but you can also recruit different characters, that have their own signature skills, to form a powerful team. The gameplay involves deep strategies and deck-building that will all effect the outcome of battles.

The pre-registration campaign of One Punch Man: The Strongest is already underway. When a specific milestone is reached, then players will receive special in-game rewards worth around $300, such as gold coins, hero voucher or exclusive heroes. If you are interested in One Punch Man: The Strongest, then head over to the App Store or Google Play and pre-register.