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Brain Blow Answers for All Levels

Brain Blow is a brand new brain teaser game, which comes with loads of challenging riddles. The game features fine hand-drawn graphics and some tricky questions, so the brain teasers will certainly push your creative thinking to the limit. Brain Blow may break common sense and bring you new brain-pushing experience; it will let you relax and decompress to exercise your brain. Think of an answer that’s sometimes more complicated and sometimes more simple than what you might have expected.

If you want to solve all the brain teasers in Brain Blow, then you need to be creative and think outside the box. However, some of the levels may be harder than others, and some questions may throw off even the smartest players. But fear not, as we have solved all the levels and now we present you a complete list of Brain Blow answers and solutions below.

Brain Blow Level 1-10 Answers
Brain Blow Level 11-20 Answers
Brain Blow Level 21-30 Answers
Brain Blow Level 31-40 Answers
Brain Blow Level 41-50 Answers
Brain Blow Level 51-60 Answers
Brain Blow Level 61-70 Answers
Brain Blow Level 71-80 Answers
Brain Blow Level 81-90 Answers
Brain Blow Level 91-100 Answers

Brain Blow Answers & Solutions

Brain Blow Level 1-10 Answers

brain blow level 1 answerLevel 1: The watermelon is the biggest fruit.

brain blow level 2 answerLevel 2: Drag the right pin upwords and the other two.

brain blow level 3 answerLevel 3: Move the apples to find the bitten one.

brain blow level 4 answerLevel 4: The sun is the highest.

brain blow level 5 answerLevel 5: First move the box to the right and then draw the pins shown above and you can get it.

brain blow level 6 answerLevel 6: Only the goats are 13; don’t count the sheep.

brain blow level 7 answerLevel 7: Move cup 2 out of the way; cup 5 will fill up first.

brain blow level 8 answerLevel 8: Move the token to see number 13.

brain blow level 9 answerLevel 9: Swipe the duck up and down and a duckling will fall.

brain blow level 10 answerLevel 10: Put all of them on top of each other to make the biggest fire.