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Brain Blow Answers for All Levels

Brain Blow Level 91-100 Answers

brain blow level 91 answerLevel 91: Calculate each animal’s worth; instead of typing 20 in the box, drag a pig and then hit OK.

brain blow level 92 answerLevel 92: Turn your device sideways and shake it hard for the photo to appear.

brain blow level 93 answerLevel 93: Type F as the red line acts as the bottom part of an E.

brain blow level 94 answerLevel 94: Just put yellow on blue to make green.

brain blow level 95 answerLevel 95: Just turn 2 faucets on as shown above.

brain blow level 96 answerLevel 96: Just patience and avoid hitting a dart.

brain blow level 97 answerLevel 97: Simply Type the time of your device.

brain blow level 98 answerLevel 98: Just take the picture apart and then count them; 7 is the answer.

brain blow level 99 answerLevel 99: And the last one is on her towel.

brain blow level 100 answerLevel 100: Let the lava flow first and then remove the pins so that he will fall on the crystal.