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Brain Blow Answers for All Levels

Brain Blow Level 21-30 Answers

brain blow level 21 answerLevel 21: Use two fingers to hold the chicken and the dog and then tap the start button.

brain blow level 22 answerLevel 22: Put the bucket, the left flower and the bone on the right side of the bucket to make a pork chop.

brain blow level 23 answerLevel 23: Grab the bone and move it towards the dog.

brain blow level 24 answerLevel 24: Put all the objects ,the question and the lid in the box.

brain blow level 25 answerLevel 25: Just tap the word “buy” under the “watch” button.

brain blow level 26 answerLevel 26: Three of them are left hands and one is a right hand; the one on the right.

brain blow level 27 answerLevel 27: Zoom in on the rock and count the ants that are on it too; 16 is the answer.

brain blow level 28 answerLevel 28: Drag the sun towards the bottom off the screen to make night and the bat will wake up.

brain blow level 29 answerLevel 29: Move the chicken and tap on its nest.

brain blow level 30 answerLevel 30: Grab the mole out of the hole and drag it to the hammer to whack it.