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Brain Blow Answers for All Levels

Brain Blow Level 41-50 Answers

brain blow level 41 answerLevel 41: Move the screen upwards and the mother duck will appear below the other ducks.

brain blow level 42 answerLevel 42: It’s at the lower right part of the picture; on the 16th line, the 9th from the right.

brain blow level 43 answerLevel 43: Just put the text under the dragonfly.

brainb low level 44 answerLevel 44: Shake your device to make them dizzy and stars will appear over their heads.

brain blow level 45 answerLevel 45: Simply walk around the maze using the arrows and go to the “exit”.

brain blow level 46 answerLevel 46: Put the coins in the piggy bank and then tap it until it breaks; 13 is the answer.

brain blow level 47 answerLevel 47: Light the lamp 4 which is actually the third one in line.

brain blow level 48 answerLevel 48: Zoom the cat out and you’ll see it’s a drawing, not a real cat.

brain blow level 49 answerLevel 49: Use your settings and make brightness of your device very dim; the boy will sleep at once.

brain blow level 50 answerLevel 50: Hold your finger on the ice to melt it and then give the nut to the squirrel.