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Super Brain: Funny Puzzle Answers for All Levels

Super Brain: Funny Puzzle Level 81-90 Answers

super brain level 81 answerLevel 81: Drag the red balloon to find one more blue balloon; there are 6 blue balloons now.

super brain level 82 answerLevel 82: Just click on the green button in the left bottom corner of the TV.

super brain level 83 answerLevel 83: The paper is still 0.01 cm thick!

super brain level 84 answerLevel 84: Tap and hold the stone to go up and use another finger to tap on the car to move.

super brain level 85 answerLevel 85: Just shake your device and one sheep will fall down; now click on it.

super brain level 86 answerLevel 86: No Maths; there’s only one D (not d) in the question.

super brain level 87 answerLevel 87: Turn your device upside down to find the bucket that has water.

super brain level 88 answerLevel 88: Put the bottle and the snail in their place and then the yellow cap on top of the bottle.

super brain level 89 answerLevel 89: Rub the white cloud on the right with the black cloud to create a lightning; this will destroy the rock and you can click on the car to move.

super brain level 90 answerLevel 90: Again, an illusion; click both answers simultaneously.