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Top War: Battle Game Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Grow Your Army and Crush Your Enemies

A unique combination of real-time strategy and merge mechanics, Top War: Battle Game offers plenty of challenge and excitement that anyone can easily pick up and play. With gameplay mechanics that are comes much simpler than most MMORTS games, you can dive in and enjoy Top War: Battle Game with a little less pressure to push hard forward.

Top War: Battle Game sets you on a role of a base commander, with troops to lead into battle covering land, sea, and air. In contrast with the usual upgrade mechanics found in all other MMORTS games, merging units and buildings are your means of upgrading your forces. It will not be all about engaging in combat all the time, as you will constantly be scouring for resources to sustain your base and army’s growth and development.

As you make progress, heroes you unlock as well as the enhancements you discover and create will be key to customizing your army’s strength. While you can grow and become strong on your own, however, some feats require you to join up with others to accomplish the bigger tasks. PvE combat serves as a test of your power and strategic proficiency as you will soon be pitting your army against most other players. If you enjoy real-time strategy games as well as merge games, then check this game out and discover an addictive MMORTS that will keep you hooked for hours!

top war battle game tips

The merge mechanics in addition to the usual features of an MMORTS are presented in an easily understandable tutorial as you begin playing Top War: Battle Game. For the most part, the short texts found within each item or window can help you understand what you need to do to move forward as well. While the tutorial only covers the most basic concepts, everything else you will unlock as you reach higher levels follow the same core principle. You will certainly breeze through the first waves of enemies you encounter as you unlock more land to expand your base but naturally, challenges will require more and more power later on.

If you just started playing the game and have been stuck on a particular challenge, or simply looking for more efficient ways to level up and raise your army’s power, then read our detailed Top War: Battle Game beginner’s guide! Our compilation of tips, cheats and strategies will help you make the most out of every minute you spend on the game!

1. Follow The Campaign Tasks

The start of your campaign in Top War: Battle game takes you through the first few tasks as part of the tutorial. Once you are free to engage in whatever activity you choose, taking a look at the progressive list of campaign objectives is still the best way to guide you and plan ahead better. To see the full list of campaign tasks, simply tap on the exclamation mark at the bottom left side of your screen. Take note that while most of these objectives relate to continuously upgrading your barracks and gold mine, there are some that can be accomplished outside of the usual requirements. Beyond the rewards you earn for every milestone reached, the list of campaign tasks also serve as a guide for you to know what activity to focus on next.

top war battle game campaign tasks

In addition to campaign task objectives that serve as milestones in Top War: Battle Game, Reward Quests are also available on the other tab. These tasks serve as daily missions you should accomplish and mostly include activities you should typically engage in as you play the game. There are rewards to be earned per activity done and based on how many you accomplish, additional gift boxes can be earned. Additionally, your activity here determines how soon you can earn a military rank promotion, which in turn earns you better rewards moving forward. You also earn legion points that you can exchange for a wide variety of resources at the Legion Shop.

2. Understand The 11 Core Upgrade Points

While there are some unique structures you can build or find as you expand your base camp, the basics boil down to 4 main structures that you will continuously upgrade. These are the gold mine, the barracks, the naval base, and the air base. The gold mine is your primary source of funds for construction and training. The latter 3 structures are your production buildings for all your combat units as categorized by the type of units they are.

The structure level indicates its level when you build it but it does not necessarily delimit the merge level cap of the same structure. This means that you may only be able to build a level 10 gold mine, but can merge it all the way to level 14. For the most part, therefore, the merge level of each structure is expectedly higher than its build level. You can farm for structure level resources needed from gold mines and rebel armed forces in the field map.

top war battle game core upgrade points

Moving on to merge levels, these should be a bigger priority than structure levels as you would want to keep merge levels higher than the former. The only time to stop farming for these resources and focus on structure level resources is when you merge levels are 3 levels higher than its building level counterpart. You can scour the world map for merge resources from separatist regimes and oil fields.

Last on the list and first priority should be the unit force combination level. Like the relationship between structure levels and merge levels, land force combination, navy force combination, and air force combination levels can each go 3 levels higher than their respective structure merge levels. Considering everything, therefore, you can have a level 11 barracks construction level, a level 14 barracks combination level, and a level 17 land force combination level. You can farm for the needed resources for force combination via the farm lands and the mercenary organizations in the world map.

You can view all of the structure construction, structure merge, and unit combination levels by clicking on your research center which should be unlocked within the tutorial. Take note that the numbers indicated on each icon represents the next level of upgrade so you need to deduct 1 to determine your current level for each item. Light-colored icons mean that you can upgrade them once you collect the needed resources while blackened icons need to be unlocked first or require the fulfillment of an upgrade as explained above. Be sure to frequently visit your research lab to perform upgrades as well as to stay on track as to what you need to farm for the most.

A word of caution, though: be sure to merge as many, if not all, of your lower level units before you upgrade the build and merge structure levels. You will no longer be able to produce lower level units once the structure produces the next level ones so try not to leave anyone behind. If push comes to shove, you can tap and hold on the left out unit and tap on the trash bin to delete it.

3. Always Multitask

Multitasking is a core task in any strategy game that centers on base building and army development. Initially, most of your time will be spend on unit production as it will be fast enough to produce units at lower levels and it can keep you busy along with accomplishing initial quest objectives and claiming rewards. As you make further progress, and as units reach new levels, it will take a lot longer to produce them.

If you can afford the space within your camp, make sure that your production line is always busy. Each production building can queue up to 5 units at a time and once the number goes down, you can tap on it again to max the queue out. Once you have every building production queue full, it’s time to head out and venture into the world map to obtain more resources.

top war battle game strategies

There is a limited energy when hunting enemies at the world map. Each battle will cost you 5 energy and for the most part, it takes a while to replenish this energy. While there is enough to spend on a hunt, you should continuously deploy a squad and search for the respective units to earn the priority resource. Again, its mercenary organization for unit merge level, separatist regime for building merge level, and rebel armed force for building construction level.

Likewise, once you click on the attack button after finding your target, be sure to compare your squad’s total power against the enemy squad’s total power. It may happen that you will receive a warning that the enemy is too powerful for you. Most of the time, especially if your total power is greater, you can still win the battle.

Once you have depleted your stamina and will no longer be able to engage in hunts, deploying squads on the gathering spots will be your next activity. Keep in mind that gathering resources take hours to accomplish and while you obtain resources gradually, pulling out your units before earning their max capacity may not be the best move especially if the resource spot is far from your base.

While spending energy and hunting enemies, you can always take quick looks at your base and tend to production and gold mine collection. On gathering resources from farming spots, fell free to leave the deployed units awhile and tend to other matters at hand.

4. Keep Things Organized To Maximize Space

Unlocking more areas around your base and duking it out with stationed enemies to claim the land is actually the easier part of managing your camp’s growth. If the enemy’s total strength outranks yours, then it should be a no-go. It only means you need to level up your troops more and wait for a later try to come back and try again. If it is a level requirement issue, it’s the same thing. You simply need to upgrade and build more to earn experience points to reach the required level to unlock another area.

how to maximize space in top war battle game

The harder objective is actually cleaning your base up and cleaning it up good. There really is no concrete rule on how you should do it exactly as it should be based on your preference. The general idea is to maximize space and at the same time make it very easy for you to find whatever it is you are looking for. For one, a cleaner base camp as far as layout and space management is concerned leaves you more space for production as well as extra areas to build structures for merging.

As you will also earn extra units at some points in the game either thru conquering new areas or ad rewards whenever you merge a new unit, having a clean space to work with makes it easy to find every unit you have. Keep in mind as well that you can move units around even while they are being trained or are deployed outside the base.

Gold will always be an essential commodity to ensure a steady, sustainable growth of your camp and armies. While you will have tons to spare early in the game, you will soon find yourself needing more and more as the costs of upgrades, production and new feature exponentially increase. If you can afford enough space, feel free to set up more gold mines to boost gold production. In a similar manner, you can boost production of units as well by prepping more than one building and essentially boost training speed.

5. Join An Alliance As Soon As You Can

Like MMORPGs, playing MMORTS games always means that there are guilds, alliances, factions, or similar player groups that you should be a part of. Given that these online games definitely have more PvP content towards the latter end, it is absolutely necessary to be a part of one alliance not just to dramatically lessen enemies around you but to also boost your growth further through cooperative quests and missions.

top war battle game alliance

Luckily enough, there are a lot of active players in Top War: Battle Game and consequently, it leaves numerous active guilds to choose from. You simply need to click on the alliance icon at the bottom right side of your screen (it’s below the heroes icon).

Once you have been accepted by the alliance leader, make sure that you do your share in donating gold for tech development that will benefit each and every other member. Donation earns you experience points as well as alliance points that you can use to purchase a variety of items at the shop.

Occasionally, you can claim gifts from the alliance as well, based on every member’s accomplishment on events and Warhammer battles. Pay attention to notifications appearing on the alliance icon as some members may need your assistance for an amass attack on an enemy camp or a Warhammer. Likewise, you can also call for help as well as ask for gold donations if you are in dire need of the same.

6. Watch Some Ads For Freebies

One of the ad boosts you will often see early on is presented to you whenever you unlock a new unit through merging. Watching a 15 to 30-second video ad gives you a free unit outright. Naturally, the higher the level of the unit you just merged, the more valuable this opportunity becomes. Be sure to check your bag afterwards as the free unit will wind up there and you will need to tap on it to deploy the unit in your camp.

top war battle game freebies

Regardless of whether or not you are low on gold, make it a habit to click the plus icon beside your gold at the top of your screen. You can claim free gold up to 3 times per day and the amount depends on your progress in the game. With gems being the premium currency in the game that is a lot more challenging to earn than gold, every opportunity to get free gems should not be missed. You can watch up to 5 video ads through the icon at the upper left corner of your screen and earn free gems.

Whenever you claim your daily login reward, be sure to spend a little time to watch an ad to double your earnings. Last, but not the least, is the gold collector structure you will unlock early in the game. It runs for 4 hours per charge to ensure that gold from your gold mine will be automatically collected. You can charge it more by watching some ads up to some limit.

7. Enhance Your Best Heroes

Every squad you deploy needs a commander and in Top War: Battle Game, heroes lead your army. You will obtain some free heroes within the tutorial as well as through some events but for the rest of them, it requires RNG luck and a lot of grinding. In any case, each hero is built towards providing a buff to a certain class of units so take note of whether they have attributes that support land, sea, or air units. There are free chances to earn heroes and shards through recruitment so make it a point to click on the Hero Recruitment button at the hero page to claim your daily attempts.

how to enhance heroes in top war battle game

Once you unlock a hero, tap on his or her icon to go to that hero’s respective page. You will be able to level up that hero using military manuals and reaching a certain milestone through levels will unlock an extra slot where you can equip skills. Be sure to check the bonus info to see the hero’s overall impact to the squad that he or she leads. Remember that you can claim free skill shards as well through the recruitment page, so expend all 3 attempts daily.

Earning extra shards of the heroes you have unlocked is no waste at all as you will need these shards to ascend the hero rank his star level up. Each ascension level is broken down into 5 phases so it will take a long while to ascend a hero even just to star rank 2. It is only natural to not have as many skills to choose from early on and you will basically just settle with your top hero equipped with whatever skill you have but as you make progress and earn more heroes and skills, revisit this again and shuffle the skills as needed.

8. Always Check Your Inventory For Consumable Items

There are a lot of rewards earned that are stored and collected for structure, merge, and unit upgrades and then there are also boosters and buffs that you may want to save for emergencies. There are, however, rewards that come in packages, and there are plenty such rewards in Top War: Battle Game.

top war battle game inventory

Although there will be instances when you will be prompted to open these gifts, a lot of them wind up directly in your bag and you need to manually tap on each type to open them up. Make it a habit to pen these boxes and packages whenever you see them as most of them are best used sooner than later, especially tech chests. These chests contain the resources you need and constantly grind for in order to do some upgrades.

There will also be several items to discover that you can use for a variety of effects. One such example is the Help Request Letter, which reveals the location of a refugee camp when used. It is usually a strong enemy even at level 1 and the amass option will always be available for you to invite fellow alliance members to join in.

9. Get Ready For War

If you have played MMORTS games before, then you should already know that the first 48 hours or so are the most important as this will be the best time for you to set things up before reveling in countless battles with other players. You will have a shield for the first 48 hours of your game so be sure to make the most out of it. As a standard rule, avoid engaging other players within this period of time and focus on levelling up your camp and strengthening your armies.

top war battle game war hall

Within the peaceful timeframe, you should already be acquainted with your alliance and already have a firm decision on whether or not you will be staying with them long-term or not. If it is the former, then one of the first alliance action should be to relocate close to one another. Staying within the vicinity of your fellow alliance members makes you a hard target for more powerful players, or even weaker ones that team up to take you down. Likewise, being offline and away from your virtual camp leaves you with next-door neighbors to keep watch of your base in case it gets jumped.

Hoping that you will be able to settle in at some spot close to your fellow alliance members, you need to set up a garrison unit on your war hall to defend against attackers. Keep in mind that you will want to update this from time to time as you acquire better heroes and unlock stronger units. Consider it a natural consequence that once you decide to attack anyone else’s base, that you will be attacked afterwards as well. As such before you assault anyone and take your shields down, remember to set you camp and armies up as much as you can.

Before you decide to attack another base, scout first to check the base’s strength. For starters, do not attack a base that is close to that person’s fellow alliance members’ camps as you will risk yourself and your fellow alliance members a cause for retaliation.

And that sums up our Top War: Battle Game beginner’s guide. There certainly are a lot of other features as well as special structures to discuss but if you read our guide in its entirety, we are certain that you will be able to figure out the rest on your own. We surely hope we made it easier for you to progress faster in Top War: Battle Game and if you have your own tips, cheats and strategies to share as well as some inquiries, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!


Friday 19th of November 2021

Can explain each heroes' shards?

Sallie-Jane Edwards

Tuesday 5th of October 2021

Some of our alliance have been shielded, but still got attacked, how?

Timothy Forrester

Saturday 7th of August 2021

Hi I’m enjoying TOP WAR just had my first scout n attack. As usual steep learning curve lol. How do I do a counter attack? Thank you for your time. As the gladiators would say “for those of us about to die we salute you.” TJ


Sunday 7th of March 2021

Where do blue prints and blue print shards come from?


Sunday 28th of February 2021

I assume the donation requirement was not met and the Alliance Fortress was automatically withdrawn. My question is how do I help meet the requirements so we can restore our fortress? Also, do I need to recruit those former members all over again? If so, how do I do that?