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Super Brain: Funny Puzzle Answers for All Levels

Super Brain: Funny Puzzle Level 71-80 Answers

super brain level 71 answerLevel 71: Just put as many circles as you are asked; the above picture gives you a solution.

super brain level 72 answerLevel 72: Rotate your device so that the left arrow points to the left and the right one points to the right.

super brain level 73 answerLevel 73: Of course, the puppy’s right ear is the answer.

super brain level 74 answerLevel 74: Drag the square under the triangle to make it a pentagon.

super brain level 75 answerLevel 75: Just go from outside; you can’t reach the exit from inside.

super brain level 76 answerLevel 76: Click on the word “earth” in the question.

super brain level 77 answerLevel 77: There are 20 9s in the numbers from 1 to 100.

super brain level 78 answerLevel 78: You can make a heart by putting the two D shapes together.

super brain level 79 answerLevel 79: The elephant is upside down; so 3+9=12 is the answer.

super brain level 80 answerLevel 80: Rotate your device so that the arrow points downwards.