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Super Brain: Funny Puzzle Answers for All Levels

Super Brain: Funny Puzzle Level 31-40 Answers

super brain level 31 answerLevel 31: Even when you can’t see it, the Sun is the brightest.

super brain level 32 answerLevel 32: If you take out the “2ncosx” from both parts of the fraction, the answer is six=6

super brain level 33 answerLevel 33: Move the first page away and give it a full mark.

super brain level 34 answerLevel 34: Put everything in the box, the images AND the question.

super brain level 35 answerLevel 35: Just use your finger to erase the orange lines.

super brain level 36 answerLevel 36: Drag the equation to the left until it becomes 1=1

super brain level 37 answerLevel 37: Use your finger to rub out the cigarette and extinguish it.

super brain level 38 answerLevel 38: Count the ankle+foot+2holes= 4 is the answer.

super brain level 39 answerLevel 39: The most edges/sides can be found in a circle, of course.

super brain level 40 answerLevel 40: Just put your finger on the dollar to hide it.