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Super Brain: Funny Puzzle Answers for All Levels

Super Brain: Funny Puzzle Level 61-70 Answers

super brain level 61 answerLevel 61: Get the “No Parking” from the question and put it in the red circle.

super brain level 62 answerLevel 62: The hen, of course; click on the word “hen” in the question.

super brain level 63 answerLevel 63: Simple Maths; a pentagram has 10 triangles.

super brain level 64 answerLevel 64: Just put the cupid on the left of the word “you” in the question.

super brain level 65 answerLevel 65: Don’t get confused; there are no black spots in this optical illusion; 0 is the answer.

super brain level 66 answerLevel 66: Drag the keys to find the hidden ones; count them PLUS the hint button key; 9 is the answer.

super brain level 67 answerLevel 67: Just put the dollar on her eyes.

super brain level 68 answerLevel 68: Shake your device until the cork pops out.

super brain level 69 answerLevel 69: An optical illusion again. They are the same colour.

super brain level 70 answerLevel 70: Tap the cloud in the middle to have some acid rain which will melt the rock and then tap on the car.