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Super Brain: Funny Puzzle Answers for All Levels

Super Brain: Funny Puzzle Level 51-60 Answers

super brain level 51 answerLevel 51: Shake your device and then tap on the bottle that has exploded; this is soda.

super brain level 52 answerLevel 52: The one that costs $10 is the cheapest; but remember the price of each of them for level 55.

super brain level 53 answerLevel 53: Turn your device upside down for the bat to sleep.

super brain level 54 answerLevel 54: Add the three largest numbers on the keypad; 7+8+9=24 is the answer.

super brain level 55 answerLevel 55: Can you remember the prices from level 52? Set 3 is $15.

super brain level 56 answerLevel 56: Shake the phone so that all the apples will fall; now that you can count them there are 6 apples.

super brain level 57 answerLevel 57: Just rotate 3 to make it 8.

super brain level 58 answerLevel 58: You can lift the word “elevator” in the question.

super brain level 59 answerLevel 59: It doesn’t work; so it will still show 9 o’clock.

super brain level 60 answerLevel 60: Join all the bubbles to make the biggest one and then tap on it.