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OVERHIT Team Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies for Effective Team-Building to Dominate All Game Modes

With its wide roster of unique characters to collect and upgrade, amongst other things, OVERHIT continues to remain strong in the mobile gaming arena as experienced players continue to dive deeper into the game and new ones regularly pour in. There are numerous reasons to enjoy OVERHIT but perhaps, one of its edge over similar strategy RPGs comes with the long-term usefulness of a lot of its characters especially with SR-ranked heroes that can potentially come out stronger than some of their higher rarity counterparts.

If you are still new to OVERHIT and, most especially, if you have just started playing the game, then be sure to read our beginner’s guide for all the basic tips and strategies you will need to know to raise your combat power and progress through the game faster. Once you have identified which from among the numerous important resources you need the most, you should also visit our farming guide to identify areas or game modes in OVERHIT where you can more easily obtain the needed resources.

overhit team guide

There are as many tier lists and best characters in the game as there are many sources of information about OVERHIT. If you are interested to see our top picks of heroes for SSR and SR rarity levels, then be sure to read our OVERHIT best heroes guide. Relative to that, we also have a character guide with another set of picks of heroes that we are certain can dominate the campaign and score you wins in the arena.

Considering every guide we have on OVERHIT, our focus now is actual team composition and some suggested heroes to build on and use on the various game modes of the game. Keep in mind that like tier lists and top picks for heroes, team compositions and rosters will be different from one source to another as each and every player will most definitely have their own sets of preferences and play styles to work with. In any case, what we will provide is simply a suggested team for you to consider although there will always be room for variations on any players end. Hopefully, by the end of this guide you will have a better appreciation of some heroes as well as learn how to incorporate your personal favorites on teams.

Before we start on the team roster itself, we need to clarify that our team preferences consider equality in the status of each hero considering equipment as well as enhancements and upgrades. As it is given that SSR heroes are very much difficult to upgrade in terms of level cap increase, we mostly banked on the starting SSR heroes and considered many SR heroes that can be maxed to +5 with much ease. Relative to this, it is important to know that in general, a +1 SSR hero is as powerful as his or her +3 SR counterpart save for the leadership skills. So in case you are at the point where you are struggling to acquire dupe cards for some SSR heroes, be sure to consider SR heroes that can suitably provide for the role or function that the outgoing SSR hero on your team is tasked to handle.

Story Campaign Team

Truthfully enough, you can clear campaign mode with practically any combination of SSR and SR heroes that you have, provided that you have invested in these heroes well enough with upgrades and equipment and that you have a good enough mix of classes following any typical formation with a defender and support amongst attackers. Contrary to typical strategy RPGs and gacha style games where starter characters just don’t do well enough as you progress deeper into the game, many of the first heroes you will acquire in OVERHIT are quite powerful enough to be on top picks of most players.

For our chosen team to decimate enemies on the story campaign, we choose Cicero, Ash, Sophia, Proxy, and Angelo. As Cicero, Ash, and Sophia are among the starting characters of your first team roster, you will only need to go for Angelo and Proxy for gacha, specific card pulls, or even rerolls if you have not yet progressed much in the game. The 3 starting characters are actually far beyond decent and are commonly used in rosters that can perform very well on most battle situations. Cicero, Ash, and Sophia’s elemental affinities are dark, fire, and light respectively which is varied enough to not be severely disadvantaged against a single elemental squad in the story campaign or any of the game’s other modes of play.

overhit story campaign team

Although Cicero may not be the toughest tank around, his well-roundedness as far as healing, attacking, and buffing are concerned more than makes up for his shortness of defense values compared to the bigger SSR tanks. Putting him alone on the front line should be more than enough to have a decent defense on your team for the entirety of the story campaign. As an SR character as well, you can more easily secure duplicate cards of this hero from gacha or rewards that let you pick an SR hero that you need. If you have deeply played OVERHIT and were astounded by Cicero’s performance before increasing his level cap, you should know that at +5 he is going to be much more remarkable.

Ash is an excellent overall attacker with a good mix of single target and AoE skills to boot. What makes him particularly a great pick for a well-rounded team is his leadership skill which boosts 25% of all his allies’ attack values. Considering as well that you will more likely get to increase his level cap faster than all other superior SSR attackers, Ash is definitely an attacker to invest in and rely on for the most part of your journey not just through the campaign, but in most game modes in OVERHIT as well.

Although Helena is considerably another favorite healer among many players, Sophia still tops the list in our book which is an awesome incentive for everyone as she is one of the starting characters you get to have for free and can most likely be dupe card-boosted early on in the game. With the right gear and enhancements, Helena can almost fully heal your party even if you haven’t maxed her out given the multitude of upgrades and enhancement options the game has. This means that even practically bare at the early part of the game, having her around your team spells a lot o difference between victory and defeat across various story chapters and even some game modes. More importantly, the revive ability is perhaps the most indispensable skill on any given party despite being practically banked for the early chapters of the campaign.

As one of our picks on our Character’s Guide, Proxy stands as among the best SR favorites of players who can compete with most SSR attackers. Proxy, however, isn’t popular just because of the raw damage he can pour in against the enemy team, his debuff that reduces healing of enemies he damage and the additional healing to allies his second skill has are great at turning tides in battle unless you are dominating it enough without the need for him to do so. As an Arena favorite as well, Proxy is one of the SR character’s you would want to max out as early as you can. His leadership skill can be activated considering our picks, but with Ash and Angelo around it would not be needed at all.

Last, but definitely not the least, is Angelo, who is considered as one of the most powerful AoE SSR heroes in the game. Having Angelo in any party makes it all a lot simpler as this attacker holds no extra effects to his attacks and simply smashes enemies with raw damage. Angelo’s leadership skill works on Dark Allies and boosts their attack values by 40%. Along with Cicero and Proxy, you have 3 dark elemental heroes in your team and you can choose between Ash or Angelo as the leader based on how much you have upgraded and enhanced each of these heroes.

Arena Battle Team

Arena battles in OVERHIT are unlike in most mobile RPGs as you get to manually control your team in battle which gives you some advantages over A.I.-controlled opponents. Despite the relative advantages of having manual control, being on the higher leagues will make it a lot more challenging for you especially against a team of fully buffed +5 SSR heroes that free players can only dream of assembling from early to mid or even late to end game. As such, we considered a more defensive, and somewhat tricky approach to earning more wins and points from the arena.

Compared to PvE battles in the game, you will notice a growing difficulty to deal heavy damage as you move further up through the higher leagues in the arena. With 5 minutes on the clock, you may initially get used to destroying opponents down on the first league within a couple of minutes but discover how much you will end up with a time over on the more challenging leagues. As it goes, the team’s total HP is all that matters when the timer runs out so in general, what you would want is to survive for the most part of the 5-minute match, with a heal and resurrection skill ready towards the last few seconds of the battle.

overhit arena battle team

With this in mind, you can go for a more defensive roster that increases your team’s survivability over our story campaign and all-around team above. This won’t entirely mean opting out attackers in the party but rather, simply chipping in more defensive characters and possibly even replacing defenders with more potent ones for PvP battles.

If you have an SSR defender whom you can increase the level cap of at least two levels below your Cicero, then you may want to go for that defender. As it is relatively easy to get Cicero to +5, consider an SSR defender whom you are certain you can at least get to +3 for the arena. We haven’t yet gone to consider just any SSR defender, but the ones we mentioned in our previous guides are all potential candidates.

Among the best defenders to consider though, we would choose Ophelia as our top pick for arena defender. Shield of Sverin is just to awesome to ignore as far as defensive skills go in OVERHIT. Taking in damage that would have been for your allies and further cutting it down for you is just a great way to hold the fort and keep your team’s HP bar well above of the opponent. If enemies manage to hit her, she has regenerative capabilities as well. If you are well ahead of the fight as far as HP goes, bank on the win and stun the enemy team’s healer with Ophelia’s Aegion’s Hammer.

With a strong inclination towards defense and survivability, our arena team will have to let go of Ash and reduce the attacker heroes down to 2. Proxy and Angelo will still be our top picks, especially with Angelo’s raw AoE damage and Proxy’s decrease heal debuff and minor healing capabilities. This should apply when you choose to let go of Cicero and consider a more formidable SSR defender. Otherwise, you can switch Ash out and consider another attacker as well.

With Cicero in play for that additional heal which can help towards keeping the team’s HP and defense up or a last second heal, we can get to keep 3 attackers. While Ash is truly a remarkable all-around hero, we consider Teze as an exceptional attacker in the arena. Teze is considered by many as one of the top single target damage dealers in the game. There are no debuffs or complex special effects on her skills but the amount of raw damage Teze can inflict should help you take down one enemy at a time.

If you switch Cicero out as a result of having a +3 or above SSR defender at this point in time, then consider another healer for your team who can potentially help in keeping every hero’s life bars full for the entirety of the match or even dish out a last second heal when the cool down timer is still up with Sophia. Considring everything, we choose Helena for this task as she is almost as effective as Sophia when it comes to extending the survivability of her team. Although Sophia, resurrection skill leaves her ally with more HP, Helena’s revival of an ally will also cast a defensive barrier on all her allies that can block a set amount of damage for a good 30 seconds.

So just to recap, we have Cicero, Proxy, Angelo, Teze, and Sophia on our primary consideration and Ophelia, Proxy, Angelo, Sophia, and Helena for our secondary consideration. Keep in mind that this consideration still falls heavily on how much you can invest in each of these heroes. As opponents vary from one duel to another as well, expect to still experience hardships in some fights as no single team in the game can win against all other teams perfectly. Just the same, either of these considerations will surely give you more wins than losses in the arena.

Raid Team

There are three variants of available Raids in OVERHIT as there are 2 bosses available. The first is Vedr which is a fire element; next is Liegestein, which is water element; and Fafnir is dark element. For the most part, the first few levels can be completed all on your own and even with relative ease using the recommended story campaign team we discussed above or pretty much any team you managed to use for a while that has enough synergy to work as a team. Later on though, and provided you have excess materials to start investing in specialized teams, you can work on teams exclusively for each of these raid bosses.

Aglaea, Cicero, Gleck (SR), Teze, and Sophia make up our basic considerations for all raids. Aglaea, Gleck, and Teze all deal immense single target firepower and can really pour a lot of damage on Vedr. Although no water elemental heroes form part of this team, they will neither be disadvantaged as well as far as elemental affinities go. Cicero can take up decent damage and can contribute as well to dishing out some damage and, of course, keeping a healer and reviver is a must so Sophia’s our health guard.

overhit raid team

Legestein is a unique raid boss in that he is guarded by two towers you have to take down before you can begin dealing damage on him. For this raid boss, you can switch in Darkhell and Victoria for Gleck and Teze as both these SR heroes have good AoE skills and have wind elemental affinity. You can also switch in Nekoroid for Sophia as this weird-looking droid is not just also wind element but provides great support for the team and is also a pretty decent SR character worthy of investing resources in.

Lastly, and perhaps the easiest of the 3 raid bosses, Fafnir is dark element which is the same with most members of our chosen roster. On this raid boss, perhaps the biggest downside to consider is the light elemental affinity of Sophia, who will take more damage than usual from Fafnir than in other raids. But then again, you can also consider Nekoroid here if you are on a level where Sophia herself is struggling to survive Fafnir’s attacks.

Other Game Modes

Considering our initial team which we picked for clearing the story campaign, the same team can very much handle most other game modes. Special event dungeons like Esta’s Event, which is currently available, works very much the same as story campaign chapters and stages. The Merchant’s Treasury, Mystic’s Warehouse, and Warrior’s Armory that is located within the Terra Shift can also be easily accomplished by our default team. The same goes for the Dimension Gates and Exploration, in general.

Although enemies in Exploration sport a different element or set of elements depending on the day you run through it, only Ash will truly be disadvantaged by water elemental enemies that entirely populate each exploration stage every Wednesdays. Feel free to switch in Darkhell or Victoria on those days and have the elemental advantage over the entirety of the exploration run.

And this is where we will end our OVERHIT team guide. We hope that you are fortunate enough to nab the heroes we considered here which are outside of the starting characters you will get in the game. Likewise, especially if you have played the game much deeper than most players, we hope as well that you have stashed away enough resources for heroes you have decided to invest in just now. Again, OVERHIT is a game where the amount of time and dedication you invest in it can heavily influence how much your heroes can grow and your game to progress, so if you really want to max out heroes as fast as you can, be ready to spend some time and effort into the game.

There is a chance of having some characters adjusted over time as developers always tend to balance characters out from time to time so less popular heroes may become among the best picks later on while others may slide a little down on the popularity list. In any case, don’t hesitate to read through each SSR and SR hero you have in your roster as you can always find something to appreciate and work with on less popular characters who may synergize better with your team. If you want to share your views and opinions on our selection as well as your personal choice of team members, don’t hesitate to let us know and send us a message through the comments section!