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Cowboy! Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Earn Gold and Progress Much Faster

Lion Studios may have only been active in the mobile gaming industry in 2017, but the company currently has a 15-strong app portfolio. As most of the company’s offerings are for fit even for casual players across all ages, there is a huge chance that you have played some of its more popular games. Love Balls, Happy Glass, and Cash, Inc. are among its top games with the first 2 earning over 100 million downloads from the Google Play Store alone. A lot of the company’s games are also highly ranked in several countries worldwide.

Cowboy! is Lion Studios’ latest offering available for both Android and iOS platforms. As a casual arcade game that’s all about lassoing various wild animals for gold, the game turns a simple theme and a simple game mechanic into something that can be feverishly addictive.

Beyond the abundance of animals to collect as trophies, there are also unique and wacky steeds and power-ups to help you reach greater distances and bulkier catches. Your adventure won’t happen on a single location as you will be able to unlock more challenging areas with bigger rewards as you make progress on each stage.

There are practically no tutorials included in Cowboy! and, surely enough, there is no need for one as far as controls and game mechanics go. A quick touch of the screen starts your run as you throw the rope to its maximum distance and as the rope travels back to you, you can catch various animals until you reach the rope’s capacity or until the rope gets back to you.

There is certainly a lot of fun and excitement in just swiping away wildly and catch whichever unlucky creature that comes in contact with your lasso. If you want to earn gold and progress faster in the game, though, then stay with us and read our Cowboy! beginner’s guide for some tips, cheats and strategies. You will find out how to rack up more gold for upgrades and reel in even more from your catches.

1. Take Note Of Swipe Sensitivity And Hitboxes

Although Cowboys! Is definitely a casual game that is very easy to play, it takes some time and effort to master. If you want to reel in more rewards with every swing of your lasso, then you need to accustom yourself with 2 basic concepts within these types of games.

cowboy! guide

One important factor to consider is the swipe sensitivity which may vary from one device to another. As there are no means of adjusting this on the settings, you need to determine how quick and how far each swipe needs to be for you be efficient on highly selective catches especially considering the fast movement of the stampede. While, again, it is still fun and exciting to just randomly swipe and catch any of those trampling animals, being very selective and having a keen eye on the more exotic animals will reap you more gold on each run. As such, you need to be highly familiar with how each swipe you do as precision will play a very vital role especially as far as game progression goes on the latter parts of the game.

It is fairly easy to nab an animal early on especially if you are not being selective as to which ones to catch and the horde of creatures are not as congested. As you will have to target specific animals later on to progress the game and even be able to catch several rare creatures one after another, being quick to move the rope around essentially works hand in hand with familiarity with each animal’s hitbox. If you are unaware, hitboxes simply refer to the invisible area within which the target is considered “roped”. You may initially target the center of the creature to ensure that you will catch it but early on, you should consider experimenting how far from the center you can touch the animals with your rope to trigger a catch. Keep in mind that this understanding leads to higher efficiency in terms of catching a target and prepping to move on to the next one as well as dodging some common animals to leave some space in your rope for the better ones.

2. Plan Ahead Of The Line

The start of the run where you throw your lasso ahead is not just around for show. To some extent, you will probably notice how many rare and somewhat unique animals are included in the pack from the back of the line all the way to the front. Depending on whether you intend to catch the required number of catches per species or out to earn more gold by catching rare ones, it’s important to make it a habit to try and mark each one you see as the rope travels from you to the top of the screen. For starters, keep a good count of how many high-reward creatures are up for grabs within the whole stampede. As you have a limit on the number of catches you can have depending on the upgrade level of your lasso, it will be a good tactic to go for the bigger “fishes” first before settling for the easier pickings.

Keep in mind that there are additional perks to be received following the capture of a certain number of animals per species so you may want to also take that into consideration even as you hunt the rare versions. For the Bronze Reward, which requires 10 of the animal caught, rare gold versions gain 50% more spawns. The Silver Medal, which can be achieved once you capture 30 of the animal, you will immediately earn a 2x multiplier for all subsequent captures of that animal. The Gold Medal, which requires a collection of 60 copies of the animal caught, will give you an option to change into a sweet mount, which is that particular animal. It won’t have any other effects on the game but riding different animals can surely break the occasional monotony if you grow tire of riding the usual horse. Be sure to visit the trophy room which can be accessed through the animal icon at the top left of your screen. Seeing which ones you can still progress on will help you determine your next target and plan ahead before the actual throw of the lasso.

3. Keep The Lasso In The Middle As Much As You Can

Being able to capture your desired rare and unique animals consistently is a huge challenge. This is most especially true the further your lasso stretches across all areas in each world. As it will become painstakingly hard to upgrade your catch capacity, you will sooner have to be very selective of each catch an aim to nab the rare ones to earn more gold.

how to use the lasso in cowboy!

Although checking how many rare animals are in a pack at the start of the rope throw, the more challenging part is actually catching as many of them as you can. As such strategize around it further by aiming to always situate your rope in the middle of the screen so you will have relative mobility in swiping left or right as a rare animal starts to come up. For example, if you aim to catch a rare animal on the left side of the screen, quickly move back to the center so that you will be ready to grab the next one which may appear on either side, and if it lands close to the center, then it’s more points for you.

Relative to this, be ready to move a bit around the center area as well to avoid unwanted catches. The idea is to stay within the center are but still be mobile enough to catch rare ones and avoid some common ones.

4. Choose Which Upgrade To Prioritize

There are 3 upgrade options available in Cowboy! and while each one is important towards earning more gold, which in turn help you progress through the game, you will have to spend your hard-earned gold here and prioritize based on your play style as well as your needs.

Lasso size increases the maximum number of animals you can catch per run and as you would want to always have more catches each run it is inarguably important for you to invest on this. Length refers to how far your lasso can reach and as more areas and animals become available depending on the length of your lasso, this is of utmost importance for you to be able to progress through the game. Lastly, but not the least, is the offline earnings which boost the amount of gold you gain per minute of your offline time.

cowboy! upgrades

Depending on how much time you actually spend in the game, you can decide on whether or not you would want to invest on offline earnings. If you are active enough to actually reel in more income from playing the game, then you should probably leave offline earnings as the least of your priorities.

Lasso size will help boost your gold earnings especially if you play the game a lot, but then there will be a limit to the rewards you can get if you can’t advance further enough to move into higher areas with more animals to catch. The best consideration is naturally length as it will be key for you to make progress and unlock more areas and animals. In a way, it can contribute to your income as well as having your lasso reach farther away from you means having more rare animals to try and catch.

At some point soon enough, though, the upgrade costs will be tremendously expensive and in such cases, you will need to consider investing on the upgrade options. As an example, if you have stretched your lasso long enough to reach 4 areas in the world but then only have a maximum of 30 animals to catch, then that could be a clear enough indication that you need to work on upgrading your lasso size.

5. Accomplish Daily Missions For Great Rewards

Simply catching a wide variety of animals and earning lumps of gold for each catch is fun and rewarding enough on its own but beyond the immediate rewards you can get for actively playing, there’s more to be claimed if you accomplish daily tasks. The daily tasks in Cowboy! are very easy to accomplish and each one practically forms part of what you actually do in the game on a regular basis. Most likely, you would be able to accomplish these feats even before knowing their existence.

how to get more rewards in cowboy!

To view your missions for the day, simply click on the blue “wanted” icon at the upper right side of your screen. There are 3 easy tasks for you to accomplish and each one rewards you with huge amounts of gold. Additionally, completing all 3 tasks will reward you with a special token that you can use at the lucky draw to earn a random wacky steed. Again, steeds won’t have any game-changing effects whatsoever, but they are sure fun to collect and ride.

6. Watch Ads To Boost Income

If you have played some or several mobile games before, the you should already know that free games typically have video ads shown in every now and then. In some games, ads can pop up randomly between phases of the game or worse, even while you play. Despite some cases of inconvenience, it’s important for us players to understand the value of these ads and how they help keep a lot of free game alive and running for everyone to play and enjoy at the cost of nothing.

how to boost income in cowboy!

In Cowboy! watching video ads is an entirely optional action and truthfully enough, you would want to take advantage of it whenever you are presented with an opportunity to do so. For starters, you can double, or even triple, your rewards after each run simply by click on the “double” or “triple” icon and watching a short video ad instead of claiming your reward. This is a huge help especially from mid to latter parts of the game when you begin to haul in tons of gold after each catching spree. On the lucky draw mini game where you can spend tokens to get yourself a new steed, you can also watch an ad for a free token. Last, but not the least, if you have invested heavily enough on offline income, getting into the game will prompt you as well to watch an ad to double your offline rewards. All these perks require you to be online so be sure to play with wi-fi or data on to avail these profit-boosters and progress even faster through the game.

Cowboy! seems to promise more worlds and, perhaps, even more exciting additional content in the updates to come. For now, this all we have on our beginner’s guide to the game and we hope that you learned a great deal from it and found it enjoyable enough to read. As there is nothing like in-game stamina or energy to delimit how much time you can spend racking up gold in the game, your earnings and overall progress can be greatly influenced by how much time you can actually spend on the game. With less than a minute spend for each attempt and much less time to play some ads to boost rewards, this is the type of game you can play every now and then, perhaps even while watching TV. If you have some tips and strategies on Cowboy! and would like to share the same with us and our readers, feel free to do so through the comment area!