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Love Balls Cheats: 13 Puzzle-Solving Tips & Tricks You Should Know

Feel like playing cupid for a couple of balls? Love Balls is a fun new puzzle game created by SuperTapx for Android and iOS devices. In Love Balls, you will be helping two adorable little balls in their quest for love. They want to meet up but are separated somehow. You will need to make things possible for them by drawing lines on the screen that will help them get to where they need to go. Any line you draw will turn into a solid object that can interact with the balls and the environment. Make sure you pay attention to where the balls are going, though. If they fall off the screen, they will pop, and you will fail the level. Each new puzzle will have a different layout, with new obstacles and paths. You will need the help of our Love Balls cheats, tips and tricks if you want to complete all the puzzles!

1. Use A Pen If You Can

Since you will be drawing a lot in Love Balls, try to use a tablet pen if you have one. Drawing with a pen is easier than using your finger. On top of that, the levels will require more precision as you progress. A pen will help you achieve the precise strokes needed for the more advanced levels. You can even draw some complex lines using a pen. You can achieve the same results using your finger, but it will take more time and a lot more focus to do so.

2. Keep It Short

Each level gives you a star rating once you complete it. The highest you can achieve for each level is a three-star rating. If you want to get three stars, you will need to solve the puzzle by drawing as little as possible. The game is pretty strict about the length of the lines, so you will find yourself getting two stars for going over the limit by just a smidge. To know how much more you can draw without sacrificing a star, just check the bar at the top of the screen. The bar is filled with a dark color, and it will slowly deplete whenever you draw. The stars are positioned along the bar, so if the dark color depletes past a star, that means you won’t be able to get it anymore.

The key here is to analyze the puzzle first. Try to figure out how you can solve it with as little drawing as possible. Once you know what you need to do, take your time to slowly draw the first line as steadily as you can. The first line you draw is important because if the balls are on an incline, they will start moving the second you lift your pen. You will not have as much time to draw additional lines. Try to find ways to save on lines. For example, if you need to push a ball, you don’t really have to draw a diagonal line. You can achieve the same result by using dots. Just tap lightly on the side you want to push from to create dots that will push the ball. This is a great way to save on lines if you accidentally went over your budget with the ramps.

3. Draw In Order

Some puzzles require more than one line. For example, if the balls are on a flat platform, they will not move even after you draw the first line. You will need to drop a diagonal line on top of them to make them roll in the direction you want. Make sure you draw the lines in order or you will end up failing the level. If you draw the diagonal line first, you will end up pushing the ball before you have time to draw a catcher for them. Think about the order of the lines you will draw before starting to ensure you don’t accidentally push the balls to their doom.

4. Green Is Safe

As you play the Love Balls, you will notice that the balls are often perched on green platforms. That is because green areas are solid and are safe for the balls to touch. What you probably won’t realize right away is that the floor has to be green as well for it to be safe for the balls to drop on. If there is no green floor, that means the balls will fall straight down, and you will fail the level. Any line you draw will also fall through the floor. Make sure you draw your lines in a way that they will latch onto any green platforms to prevent them from falling off screen. One thing you should remember is that the only goal is to make the balls meet. As soon as they touch each other, it won’t matter if they could still fall off because the game will stop at that point. You can get away with a few daring solutions this way.

5. Wipe The Board Clean

There are times when you make a mistake in drawing and you want to clear everything. You might accidentally send a ball in the wrong direction, and you don’t need to wait for it to stop rolling to know you have failed. You might also accidentally get the balls permanently stuck in a crevice. When these things happen, you can always wipe the board clean without waiting for the level to fail. Just hit the reset button at the top right corner of the screen. It’s the one that looks like an arrow going in a circle.

6. If It’s There, Use It

Each level looks different. Some of them have platforms while others have ramps. Other levels just have a bunch of round knobs. One thing you should know is that if an object is there on the screen, you are meant to use it. This is a hint that you should remember throughout the levels. Try to figure out how you can use a particular object to solve your puzzle. It is usually the key to getting that three-star rating you have been aiming for.

7. Master The Physics

The game utilizes some physics mechanics to determine the movement of the balls and the lines you create. It can sometimes be tricky to figure out how things will go after you draw. For example, you can draw a line that is meant to catch a ball falling from an incline. If you do not factor in the momentum of the ball’s movement, the ball may end up going over the line you drew. It takes a bit of experimentation before you can get used to predicting the movement of objects in the game. Once you have it mastered, it will be easier for you to come up with solutions.

8. Watch Ads For More Coins

At the end of each puzzle, you will be shown your star rating as well as the number of coins you earned from that round. You will also see a video button below it that will allow you to double the amount of coins you earned. Make sure you take advantage of this every single time. You only get to earn coins from the same level the first time you earn each star. A three-star level will reward you with 75 coins. If you completed the level with just two stars, you will earn just 45 coins. When you replay that level to get the last star, you will just earn 30 coins. You won’t be able to earn additional coins no matter how many times you replay the level, so don’t miss your opportunity to double your earnings!

9. Use Hints For Better Ratings

If you are stuck in a particular level, or if you can’t seem to get that last star, you can always use a hint. Just tap on the lightbulb icon at the top right of the screen. An advertisement will play for a few seconds, then you will see dotted lines on the screen. Draw on the dotted lines in order to solve the puzzle with a three-star rating. Of course, you will still need to draw on the lines accurately if you want to successfully solve the puzzle.

10. How To Turn Off Ads

Right now, there is no way to remove the ads through an in-app purchase. Love Balls is also notoriously heavy handed when it comes to pop-up ads. It will even play an ad right before it offers you to double your coins with ads. Even more annoying is how it tends to load a different type of ad after you cross out one ad. Considering the levels themselves are usually completed in less than ten seconds, it can be annoying to have to watch a 30-second ad after each one. If you can’t stand the ads anymore, there is a way to get rid of them. Simply go offline so the can’t access the ads anymore. Just remember that you will not be able to use hints or take advantage of the double coin offers while you are offline. It might be best if you stick to replaying levels when you are offline so you won’t miss out on added coins.

11. Unlock New Skins

After collecting so many coins, you are probably itching to spend them. You can use your coins to purchase new pens, ball skins, and board backgrounds. To get to the shop, just tap on the shirt icon on the top left of the screen. It will open up the shop menu with three tabs on it. The first tab is for pens. You can unlock a paintbrush, a crayon, or even a highlighter. Unfortunately, it only changes how the pen looks, and not how it writes. It would have been fun to be able to draw with crayon lines instead of the basic black ones.

The second tab is for ball skins. You can unlock skins that make them look like pirates, Egyptian royalty, unicorns, and even as knights. Don’t worry about changing their shape because they will still roll like normal when you play. The last tab in the shop is for backgrounds. There are several background options including a circus and a castle. Keep in mind that all skins are purely cosmetic and will have no impact on gameplay at all.

12. Skip Through The Levels

One unique thing about this puzzle game is that you don’t really have to work your way up the levels. You can skip to any puzzle throughout the game. Just scroll through the different puzzles and choose the one you want to play. The levels get more difficult the higher you go, but if you are confident in your skills, feel free to go straight to the hard ones. You will even see a thumbnail of what the level looks like, so you can make a decision based on what you see. If you are stuck in a level and want to save it for later, you can just move on to the next one. This freedom to choose any level takes off the pressure and allows you to just play the game casually.

13. Have Fun Drawing

If you don’t really care much about solving the puzzle or getting good star ratings, you can have fun with drawing. The level won’t end as long as the two balls are safe. That means you are free to draw as much as you want as long as you secure the two balls first. The only time that they will die is if they fall off the screen. With that in mind, all you have to do is encage them in a few lines or get them stuck somewhere. After that, you can go crazy with drawing a whole bunch of stuff. You can even draw structures since the lines become solid once you are done creating them.

Whip out your pen because it is time to help these balls find true love! Don’t forget any of the Love Balls cheats, tips and tricks listed above to ensure you solve all the puzzles!