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Cash, Inc. Cheats (2018 Update): 9 Tips & Tricks to Become a Top Money Tycoon

Published by Lion Studios and developed by Alegrium, Cash, Inc. Fame & Fortune Game recently celebrated its first anniversary on both Android and iOS platforms. In line with this and considering that our first strategy guide for this amazing game has almost been a year as well, we will be giving you additional tips, tricks and cheats on how to advance even further in the game. As such, we will assume that you have already been playing this game for a while and if not, feel free to read our previous Cash, Inc. guide for beginners.

Just to sum up, Cash, Inc. puts you in the role of a budding entrepreneur starting one business venture after another. With several businesses running, you will hire VIPs to assist you in collecting profits. As profits continuously roll in, upgrades to businesses can be done to even earn more money. Once you are famous enough, you can use your prestige and sell your business tower to start anew with more fame. As the cycle continues, milestones will be earned unlocking even more ways for you to earn better profits.

It should only take a short while of playing the game to secure a firm understanding of how it all works. As it is practically a given at this point that you can never incur losses in this game, the perennial quest is actually finding faster means of earning more money. As it may happen that you are now at that point where it takes a long while for you to make any progress as far as gaining fame and occupying new towers are concerned, our Cash, Inc. guide for advanced players comes with some cool tips and tricks, that can certainly help you out in identifying the best means of progressing faster and breaking through the leaderboards.

1. Know The Proper Approach At Every Tower Reset

cash inc tower reset

After each tower reset in Cash, Inc., the first business is free and as you continuously tap to earn profits you can either level that business up or open the next floor of business. With the first business being the cheapest one, as far as cost and upgrades are concerned, you can freely upgrade it to some point. Take note of how close you are to earning profits enough to start running the next floor though, as it will help you earn more, faster. The key here is to earn profits fast and the way to do that most efficiently is to open up one floor after another to exponentially increase profit sources.

Depending on how many resets you have made and how much of your fame has been spent on boosters, you will begin to experience the challenge of going through this process as fast as you can. At some point, you can just purchase the first business after the reset, then purchase VIPs by bulk, then spend 1% of your fame as recommended to unlock a few upgrades, then purchase all other business till you reach the top of the tower. From there, set buying to Max and purchase from top to bottom as fast as you can. This will most likely enable purchases at hundreds to thousands at a time, opening up milestones and multiplying your earnings several times over. Then do bulk purchase on VIPs as far as you can and repeat the cycle. Following this method will eventually lead you to a point where your no. 1 advisor will tell you that it’s time to prestige. Check on how much prestige you can gain and it may still be continuously growing. If your earnings can still purchase upgrades by the hundreds, then cycle through each business from top to bottom until you reach a point where growth is becoming slow in the sense that you can keep up with it easily enough. If you’ve reached that point, use prestige and reset the tower again, rinse and repeat.

You shouldn’t even bother to wait for your earnings to be enough to open up a new tower. Keep in mind that the primary purpose in following this method is to utilize the earned fame immediately to exponentially increase every bit of profit you can get.

2. Continue To Tap On Those UFOs Whenever You Can

cash inc ufos

In case you didn’t notice, Cash, Inc. is based on the idea that the profit you earn from the game is proportional to the amount of time and effort you put into it. Fairly enough, spending more time playing will actually net you more profits as you can continuously make upgrades to yield bigger net profits later on and use prestige to do resets and acquire profit multipliers more often and probably, at a faster rate.

At some point in time while playing the game, you might already feel that paying attention to those various UFOs and making an effort to tap them has become more and more fruitless since you’re earning so much more now. Keep in mind that the amount of money you can get from these UFOs are proportionate to how much you are currently earning in the game, making them even more valuable over time. As such, you should continue to make an effort to tap on each one as you see them especially since in some cases, the amount of profit you gain from these UFOs may be more than enough to get you to purchase a VIP upgrade that you couldn’t afford a couple of seconds earlier.

3. Keep On Watching Videos For Some Great Rewards

cash inc rewards

There are loads of great rewards and boosts available for you if you can spend a few seconds to take a break from clicking here and there and watching some videos. While ads can be rather intruding and somewhat annoying in some games you may have played before, in Cash, Inc., it’s totally up to you see it. While playing though, a quick 20 to 30-second break to watch (or just play and ignore) video ads can gain you so much advantage that you may not a cquire even after hours of continuous playing. This is also especially helpful at the latter part of the game especially when the scene has become somewhat tense and you badly need some time off from all that clicking.

The most important one perhaps is the Spin N’ Win wheel of fortune located at the upper left corner of the screen. It’s free on the first try but requires you to watch a video ad on the next ones. Here is where you can get free crystals, tickets, and even time jumps. As these are like premium resources and items that are very hard to obtain anywhere else, it’s a must to spin the wheel whenever you can to obtain these great rewards. After spinning it, there’s an hour of cool down period before you can spin again so it’s a good idea to check this out every once in a while.
Another great deal you can get out of playing video ads is the multiplier icon you can see just above the Spin N’ Win. Simply enough, spending a few seconds to activate this can double your profits for the next 4 hours. On top of this being active even if you decide to go offline, it doubles not just profits from businesses but also each Click on those UFOs within the time period. Keep in mind as well that multipliers in the game are compounded; meaning if you activated multipliers from fame or from permanent multipliers, the double profits booster you gain by activating this will become more valuable as it is.

There are also special UFOs that float around and don’t give you money instantly when you click on them. Instead, these UFOs give you a chance to 5x as much money if you watch a video ad or consume 5 diamonds. While you can instantly close the notification and receive the regular money boost, it’s worth to take on short video ad and getting the 5x drop.
Selling your already famous business tower through prestige and starting anew with more fame will also offer, yet again, a whopping 20% increase in fame earned if you watch another video ad. As we mentioned earlier that fame should not always be spent as it acts as a profit multiplier, you can consider the additional 20% you gain here as your budget for purchasing fame upgrades on your succeeding business tower runs.

Lastly, upon logging back in on the game, where you will be claiming your earned profits while you were offline, you can get 2x profits if you watch a video ad or 3x profits at the cost of some diamonds. While you can simply ignore this and settle for normal profits or find the 3x profit a tempting offer, the best deal here is to, again, go for the 2x reward and watch that video ad. Given that it doubles the profits you get in just 20-30 seconds, that more than sufficiently makes up for the time spent on running that ad. Getting the 3x profits is also good but you should probably save your diamonds for something else.

4. Check Your Inbox And Claim Rewards

cash inc inbox

There are game milestones in Cash, Inc. that reward all players with diamonds and all sorts of great rewards. Potentially, you can receive a lot of crystals on your first day playing the game just because of these rewards. As there may always be something to pop up on your inbox later on, be sure to check it out and claim those rewards as it is best to acquire them sooner in case you will need them for something critically important.

5. Earn And Spend Your Crystals Wisely

how to spend crystals in cash inc

On top of Spin N’ Win, and other in-game freebies that reward you with crystals, you can also earn an easy 100 from taking fame instead of selling your business tower when using prestige. While you need to constantly be earning more fame to increase your profit multiplier, crystals are also important as these are the equivalent of a premium currency that can net you exceptional boosters you can hardly get anywhere else. In general, the best way to go is to keep getting these 100 crystals till you earn 1000, and then purchase a 60x permanent booster. With the 60x permanent booster, you will surely be able to reach greater profits and fame in no time.

There are other items available for sale at the booster shop but going for the 60x permanent booster is the most practical approach towards profitability. This is because time jumps can be acquired from the Spin N’ Win and if you really want to farm these items, it’s not really that difficult to do so. On the other hand, the other permanent boosters may seem cheaper given that they have a lower level boost but a closer comparison of effects given relative cost makes the 60x permanent booster the cheapest one and most practical to acquire.

6. Acquire And Use Golden Tickets

cash inc golden tickets

As later on you may earn extra diamonds form the above-mentioned methods, you should also consider exchanging these for golden tickets. These golden tickets which are perhaps the most difficult currency to acquire in the game are designed to be so since the rewards they reap are practically exceptional. A permanent 17x boost on an advisor for 20 golden tickets is very much worth it. If you have played the game for a while and have earned a lot of these tickets, be sure to spread out your purchases across all available options. You may want to prioritize the bottom of the list first as it provides a revenue boost for the top floor of your business tower, which is the highest earning one. Additionally, it is best to use these tickets immediately as the sooner you’ll start gaining an advantage from their boost, the better it is for you.

7. Time Travel To The Neocosmic Era

cash inc neocosmic era

Breaking the $1 Sextillion profit barrier opens up the time machine’s ability to take you to the future, which is the Neocosmic Era. As the story goes, your help is needed to revive a bankrupt business and the business tower, your income, fame, and buffs here are totally separate and distinct from the Modern Era. In a sense, it’s like a complete start over with extra challenges and complexities. Only your diamonds and golden tickets are carried over from one era to the next. As you begin to start doing everything again here, your business tower from the modern era continues to earn profits and the best time to actually visit and work on this era is before resetting your other business tower.

The most unique element in the Neocosmic Era is the special abilities of the new VIPS. Each one can either multiply profits in his assigned business floor or decrease cost in purchasing upgrades for a couple of minutes or so. Strategically using this in play, we can still follow our initial step in the Modern Era tower so, again, aim to purchase the next higher business floor first to multiply profits faster. Upon reaching the top, this is where the major change in tactics occurs. If the VIP can increase profits, then upgrade the business floor first before activating the VIP’s skill. If the VIP can reduce costs then activate that VIPs cost reduction skills first before purchasing upgrades.

What’s more important to consider at this point is how you will handle taking care of both business towers. Regardless of your decision, be sure that you open up all available business floors and hire and upgrade the necessary VIPs before time travelling to your other tower or leaving the game. Keep in mind that while you can actually take care of one tower while leaving the other earning, the more important question to answer lies with the limited diamonds and gold tickets that you have as splitting these resources across both eras will definitely not be a good idea.

8. Focus On Maxing Out Upgrades On One Tower First

cash inc upgrades

As we mentioned earlier that we can also use prestige to earn crystals by taking the accumulated fame instead of selling and gaining a profit multiplier, you can use one era’s tower, preferably the Neocosmic one, to be your crystal generator to max out upgrades on the other tower. Depending on the earning speed of your crystal farming tower, you can earn a stream of diamonds by the hundreds and use the same for 60x permanent multipliers as well as exchange diamonds for golden tickets to max out the advisor.

You may be off to a slow start especially if you haven’t earned a lot of fame on your second tower so feel free to set up your farming tower at an early stage and feel free to spend a bit on it too. Once it reaches a point where you’re comfortable in the speed at which prestige becomes available to seamlessly farm crystals, then you may discontinue from doing further upgrades.

Following this strategy will definitely lead you to setting up your main tower to earn profits that will eventually rival the top tycoons in the game. At some point when you are pretty much content and happy with your place among the top earners perhaps in the modern era, feel free to shift your focus on the other tower and begin shifting roles. If your primary tower has maxed most of its upgrades, then chances are that using prestige to take fame and earn crystals can happen once every few seconds. With that you can certainly be able to farm enough crystals a lot faster to now purchase as many 60x multipliers and golden tickets you need to max out your second tower’s profit generation speed.

Once both towers are fully buffed with upgrades and multipliers, you can totally focus on continuously using prestige to reset, for even higher multipliers and aggregate earning. Though it is truly a lot harder than it sounds, know and understand that the further you go in the game, the faster everything goes.

9. Make Your Mark On The Leaderboards

cash inc leaderboard

Your ultimate symbol of triumph in Cash, Inc. is perhaps seeing your name across all 4 categories of the leaderboards. Considering, however, that the game has been out for over a year now means that there are potentially a lot of players that played the game well ahead of you and that some of them may still be playing the game up to now. Just the same, don’t be easily discouraged as it still largely depends on how much effort you put into the game as well as how sound your strategy was in speeding up the your profit-multiplying business plan.

You can always feel free to look into each category in the leaderboards. These are: Number of Businesses Owned in the Modern Era, Number of Businesses Owned in the Neocosmic Era, Revenue throughout the Career, and Current Fame. Considering all these, the easiest ones to penetrate are the first two categories especially if you focused on one of these eras early on. It will still take a lot of time and a lot of hard work but if you focus on getting your name on each of the leaderboard categories, take it on one title at a time. There is perhaps no better reward in the game than seeing the word “Me” rise up the ranks on at least one of these categories.

Well, that is all we have for our Cash, Inc. advanced guide. We hope you enjoyed reading our article and that you learned lot from it too. Do you have additional Cash, Inc. cheats, tips, tricks or strategies that we forgot to mention in our article? If so, be sure to let us know by dropping us a line in the comments!

Presage Khyaguli

Thursday 19th of September 2019

How do you sell Fame and get crystal? When I tried to take Fame don't sell. it gave me a low crystal message. Help