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Happy Catch (Android) Cheats, Tips & Walkthrough for Levels 1-20

Happy Catch is the latest puzzle game to hit the town. And it is certainly yet another delightful game for the casual players out there! Rather than skills, you just need to have some sense to play this game and complete the levels. However, far from being a simple game, you have to use your creativity and draw to win! So, if you think you are creative or has a mind full of ideas, test yourself with by playing Happy Catch. You will also be able to give your mind an exercise just by enjoying this casual drawing game.

Basically, Happy Catch requires you to just draw simple lines and curves to complete the levels. The main idea is to fill up the empty glass with water. The water will flow from the yellow pipe and may or may not have obstacles along the water flow. For your information, the gameplay in Happy Catch revolves around the idea of having to control the water flow. Choose to draw any lines and curves to divert the water flow so that it will fill up the glass. Some levels in Happy Catch may require you to block small obstacles from affecting the water flow while other levels may need you to manipulate the fixed and moving objects.

happy catch walkthrough

Still, as usual, in the beginning, there will be some guidance from the basic tutorial for a total beginner who plays Happy Catch. In Level 1, for example, you can see the animated pencil showing you the way to draw on the dotted lines to complete the level. Noteworthy is the simple gameplay is intuitive and easily picked up by anyone within seconds of playing.

Meanwhile, other basic tips include filling up the water to the required level as indicated by the dotted lines. Besides, do not forget to draw the shortest line possible to complete the levels. The more you draw, the fewer Stars you are going to obtain at the end. Thus, strive to draw the shortest line or curve as possible while trying to go through each level. Below you can find our Happy Catch cheats, tips and a complete walkthrough for the first 20 levels of this fantastic puzzle game.

Checking Out The Game Screen

In the first screen of Happy Catch, there is an animation of the water flowing from the top of the screen to fill up the glass. Any single touch, intentional or not, will immediately bring you to the gameplay screen. Going to the top left part of the screen, you will be able to see the Settings icon. Tapping on this will lead you to the basic Settings screen. You can only control the Sound of your gameplay in Happy Catch and choose to rate them as well. In contrast, the Start button will begin your gameplay at the current level while the Challenges are for those who seek other unique ways of playing around the concept of the glass of water.

Back to the main screen, the Coins are located at the top right of the screen. Here, the yellow Coins are useful for you if you are stuck in any of the levels when your creativity juice runs dry. Just directly below the Coin symbol is the Menu. This will, on the other hand, lead you to the levels which are grouped into tens. There is altogether a total of 200 levels. Clicking on each square will show you all the 10 levels within the square. This feature is highly useful if you want to check how many Stars you have obtained for each level. Also, you can use this feature to replay any previous levels as well. Now, each level will be unlocked once you completed the previous level even if you did not obtain three Stars.

happy catch cheats

Moving on to the screen of each level in Happy Catch, you will see the empty glass, the yellow pipe and the obstacles initially. After that, when you tap to draw the lines or curves to direct the water flow, you will see the pencil appearing as you touch the screen. Even if you decide not to continue drawing, there is no undo button. The drawn lines and curve will still appear and usually drop and affect your plan. Luckily, the gameplay for that level will quickly end and you can restart again the level. As these only take seconds, it will not bother you. But first, you have to get used to the distracting moments of having to wait.

At the top of the screen are some of the important icons. The house symbol represents the Home screen as with other games while the curved arrow will restart the whole level for you. On another note, just click on the Hint button next to the Coins to move on. There will be dotted lines shown as the guide for you to draw on. Be warned though, it costs 100 Coins which are not that easy to be obtained in Happy Catch.

Afterwards, just below the Coins are the level indicator to inform you of the level you are currently playing. Then, the green bar is to show you how many Stars you will obtain at the end of the game. Remember the earlier hint; draw the shortest line or curve to complete the level for more stars! Nevertheless, should you only obtain two Stars, you can easily choose to watch the advertisement video to complete the level with three Stars.

Now, when you manage to fill the glass but the water level does not touch the dotted lines, there will be a countdown screen of 3 seconds before you fail the level. As a reminder, never use your phone’s return key when you want to continue playing as Happy Catch will ask whether you want to quit the game app or not.

happy catch tips

Other than that, you can also get a Free Prize after each successful completion of the game level. Still, you will have to watch a short advertisement to be able to obtain the prize. The prize will be given to you by chance as you need to spin the wheel. Prizes range from the different amount of Coins to 1 or 3 Hints which will be extremely useful. The trick here is that you can actually spin again to have the opportunity to obtain other Prizes. Of course, the endless advertisements will be worthwhile if you can afford to spare the seconds of your time.

In our Happy Catchguide, you will be given the ideas on how to pass the first 20 levels so as to familiarise yourself with the game.

Breezing Through Level 1 to 10

For Level 1 to Level 10, the gameplay is certainly easier. You just have to draw lines to prevent the water from flowing elsewhere, apart from the empty glass. Naturally, the difficulty will be increased but it is still a simple challenge for almost all of the beginners.

Level 1

happy catch walkthrough level 1

Level 2

happy catch walkthrough level 2

Level 3

happy catch walkthrough level 3

Level 4

happy catch walkthrough level 4

Level 5

happy catch walkthrough level 5

Level 6

happy catch walkthrough level 6

Level 7

happy catch walkthrough level 7

Level 8

happy catch walkthrough level 8

Level 9

happy catch walkthrough level 9

Level 10

happy catch walkthrough level 10

Squeezing Brain from Level 11 to 20

On the contrary, your creative mind will be challenged significantly at the next group of levels. Here, you need to figure out how to let the glass stay at the right spot for the water to be successfully filled in.

Level 11

happy catch walkthrough level 11

Level 12

happy catch walkthrough level 12

Level 13

happy catch walkthrough level 13

Level 14

happy catch walkthrough level 14

Level 15

happy catch walkthrough level 15

Level 16

happy catch walkthrough level 16

Level 17

happy catch walkthrough level 17

Level 18

happy catch walkthrough level 18

Level 19

happy catch walkthrough level 19

Level 20

happy catch walkthrough level 20

Challenges Await The Fun Seeker

happy catch challenges

Lastly, let’s check out the Challenges screen for the fun seekers of Happy Catch. At the Challenges screen, you will have access to 2 different games. Both are different in the gameplay but similar in the sense that you have to keep the water from falling out of the glass. You can easily earn Coins from both Challenges as well. As with the normal gameplay in Happy Catch, you have the chance to use the Coins to revive your game if you want. As the Happy Catch is still a new app in the market, hopefully, more fun Challenges will be included in the near future as indicated by the Coming Soon.

First is the Don’t Spill challenge where you have to bring the glass of water down to the lowest level without dropping a single drop of water. Sounds simple? You are absolutely right, provided that you have the sense on which bricks to remove as you bring the glass of water down. Even as you manage to bring the glass of water down, make sure you have not spilt a single drop of water for the last 3 seconds. It is only after the countdown that you will be considered to have completed the level successfully. You have 10 levels to challenge for this and it is relatively easy and fun at the same time.

Next challenge will be the Flippy Glass. For this game, you have to flip the covered glass of water over and land it successfully on the floor. The general rule is to not spill the water or you will lose immediately. Interestingly, this gameplay is continuous. In other words, you have to start from the first flip to be able to proceed with the game. Still, each successful land will earn you coins, so it is a motivation to play this challenge continuously.