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Cats & Cosplay Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Complete All Levels

Cats & Cosplay is the first and only game released for both Android and iOS by mobile game developer Pixel Pros. Don’t let the cartoon-styled cut scenes and kid-friendly graphics fool you into thinking that this is a children’s game, as this is one unique and tricky tower defense game that offers a variety of challenges even for the most seasoned tower defense veterans. With a lot of weapons, tools, and upgrades at your disposal, Cats & Cosplay is sure to provide several hours of fun and excitement to fans of strategy and tower defense games alike.

If you’re not familiar with Denis Kopotun, popularly known as simply Denis or DenisDaily on Youtube, then you are probably not among the over 6 million subscribers he has on his channel. With thousands of videos uploaded and over 2 billion views accumulated so far, Denis is known for loving kid-friendly games and cats. Sir Meow A Lot is Denis’ mascot for his Youtube channel.

In Cats & Cosplay you will play as Denis, accompanied by his trusty sidekick, Sir Meows A Lot, as well as a cat army to defend the world against an evil Cat Clone bent on world domination. With a variety of upgradable costumes, cat towers, and an arsenal of weapons and explosives, your goal is to rid the world of the Cat Clone’s army across various levels and defeat him once and for all.
Cats & Cosplay offers a quick and easy to learn tutorial that guides you well enough to learn all the basics you need to know to play the game. What sets it apart from conventional tower defense games, though, is the inclusion of action RPG-style fighting that requires you to keep active during each and every battle. As the game actually has unique challenges by somewhat mixing both genres, it can be very difficult to win through some of the early stages. So whether you are totally new to the game and having difficulty winning through the initial stages or have been going through well enough, but still looking for more efficient strategies, our Cats & Cosplay guide can help you advance in strength and strategy to complete all levels of the game.

1. Be Familiar With Every Tower In Your Arsenal

The short tutorial actually provides a brief background of the towers and the abilities that Denis and Sir Meows A Lot has. As you will have an opportunity to use each of these in the preliminary stages, it helps as early as this point to determine when and where best to use each of these. As you can freely put whatever tower on any available tower spot in the latter stages, knowing what each of this does can help you win each battle more easily. As you also cannot readily predict which enemies will show up, or how many will arrive at each point, you have to set up your towers and abilities to be ready for anything.

Getting to know each tower well should give you an idea on when to place them, at least in a general sense. As stages are very much uniquely laid out, there are still common points where general tower placement strategies are applicable.

The Yarnball Tower is the first and most basic tower you will get. While these towers are considered best for flying enemies, these are the most versatile as well since these towers can also hit enemies on the ground. Typically, you would want to put these towers at spots closest to where enemy raids will be coming from. This is to ensure that most, if not all enemies will be damaged, or perhaps be even killed, regardless if they are ground troops of flying ones. If there are still available slots towards the end of the stage, you can also choose to install a couple more of these towers there.

The Drone Pilot Tower is an efficient killer for enemy units on the ground. On top of its strong damage against enemies it can hit, the Drone Pilot Tower can also hit multiple enemies at a time, making it the best ground crowd control tool in your arsenal. As these towers, however, can do nothing against flying enemies and has a very slow fire rate, it is best to not have as many of these around and perhaps install only one or two of these towers at a choke point in the stage.

Another good crowd control tower is the Tesla Tower. These towers electrocute groups of enemies at a time, both in the air and on the ground, and can attack faster than any of the other towers in the game. However, these towers don’t deal as much damage as the two previous towers and what sets this apart from the Drone Pilot Tower is being able to hit multiple enemies in the air as well, it may seem to pale in comparison with the other towers as far as us versatility is concerned. Keep in mind, however, that if you install these towers at the choke point and they manage to kill enemies with low health left, your other towers can focus on the stronger enemies sooner. As such, it is still a good strategic move to install at least one of these towers in every stage.

Lastly, but definitely not the least of the towers, is the DJ Tower. This is a unique tower in that it uses sound to slow down enemies caught within its radial reach. Although it doesn’t deal any damage whatsoever, the DJ Tower is a necessity in practically every stage you battle in, most especially the latter stages. As these towers slow down enemies, it is essential for you to install one to establish a choke point where all your cat towers, Sir Meows A Lot, and perhaps even Denis, can gang up on oncoming enemies. Setting these up to work in harmony with both the Drone Pilot Tower and Tesla Tower can help you eliminate enemies by the numbers. While initially, the suggested choke point is the spot where you put Sir Meows A Lot before starting the round, the closest tower spot near him should be occupied by a DJ Tower.

2. Utilize Sir Meows A Lot And Denis Properly

cats & cosplay guide

Cats & Cosplay typically sets your main character and sidekick up by placing Sir Meows A Lot ahead on the stage to establish a bottleneck where the towers can focus their fire on the stranded enemies. On the other hand, Denis typically serves as the last line of defense in making sure that enemies will not pass through the stage with him guarding the exit.

While both Sir Meows A Lot and Denis attacks enemies within their vicinity automatically, sometimes it won’t be enough to damage the enemy enough. As such you should always strategically use each of these character’s special abilities and make the most out of each ability usage.

For instance, if there are two or more enemies closely marching through the stage together, towers will shoot at the first enemy and try to kill it before proceeding to attack the next target. If you see that this may overwhelm you later on, feel free to cast Sir Meows A Lot’s lightning bolt on the second enemy so your towers can immediately proceed to firing at the third enemy as soon as the first one is killed.

For Denis, using his power punch is often saved as a last resort in case an enemy makes it through the path and reaches the end of the stage. The land mines, however, can be placed anywhere on the stage and can be stacked so be sure to keep an eye out for when you can already place another land mine. For best results, place land mines initially towards the end of the stage to ensure that each of them will only be used up when towers have certainly failed in killing all enemies.

3. Watch Ads Early On For Upgrades

cats & cosplay upgrades

Several free-to-play games nowadays offer a variety of freebies if you watch some video ads. Cats & Cosplay offers practically everything you need to finish the game easy with the same ad-watching concepts. While it can be a drag to watch a series of ads for 5 to 30 seconds a piece, and we don’t want to sound like you should enjoy it, getting essential stuff and boosts for free is not bad at all. For one, there are loads of other things you can do like watching movies or browsing the web while playing ads in the game, in no time, you will receive what you may have otherwise paid for in real money or what you could only get with so much more effort in the game. So just to have it a lot easier moving forward in the game, it is best to smash on those Watch Ad Buttons as early as you can.

The best upgrade on the list is perhaps the attack boost for the Yarnball Tower. Getting an additional 20% damage for every 10 video ads watched can actually be a bit overkill. As of this writing, we have yet determined the limit of these seemingly never-ending boost but watching 8 sets of 10 video ads can definitely make you breeze through the earlier stages.

Denis’ best costume can be found here as well. The Angry Denis Cosplay, which is the strongest in the game, can be acquired by watching through 40 video ads. While you may hardly be ablse to use Denis that much if you spam on the Yarnball Tower upgrade too much, it’s still a good idea to get this as stronger enemies later on may still be able to squeeze an enemy or two through even your super strong towers.

Another seemingly unending buff multiplier is the multiplier for Denis’ basic outfit. Watching 25 video ads will reward you with 25% additional stat increase and though this may not necessarily be stronger than the Angry Denis Cosplay, getting this reward buff multiple times can make your regular Denis into your strongest weapon against any horde of enemies.

There is no limit as well to the +100 Tuna that you can get for watching 20 video ads. As you may know by now, Tuna is the resource you need to buy and upgrade towers in battle. Getting loads of that extra starting tuna can easily turn the tide of battle in your favor especially since with enough of these, you can have fully upgraded towers on each available space before the battle even begins, then everything becomes too easy.

While there are loads of ways to earn Cat Coins in the game, the best way to earn them is through the upgrades as well, specifically, in watching 15 video ads for 1,000 Cat Coins. As you can never have enough of these resources, you should stack up on it early on to easily be able to do the necessary purchases you nedd to further strengthen your arsenal.

4. Upgrade Your Squad As Soon As You Can

cats & cosplay squad

With only 4 levels of upgrade, each tower in Cats & Cosplay can be max-ranked in just a few minutes, especially if you acquired a thousand cat coins or more from watching ads. As towers are your most essential defenses against the swarms of enemies in every stage, setting them up to maximum at the Squad Icon and possibly before the start of each battle as well can make winning each battle a lot easier for you.

5. Level Up One Costume At A Time

cats & cosplay costume

Denis has a total of 9 costumes in the game and it’s worth unlocking and trying out each of these costumes for variety and preference as well. Though the Angry Denis and the jacked-up base costume are the strongest in the game, you may still come to find that one of the other costumes suit your taste better. Regardless of how many of these costumes you like to use in the game, however, be sure to level up one costume at a time. As you can upgrade costumes by paying cat coins or watching video ads to gain experience faster, it may still take some time to reach the maximum level of 15 to enjoy each one at its full potential.

6. Plant As Many Mines Before Starting The Battle

cats & cosplay mines

As any game involving strategy is a game of patience, Cats & Cosplay lets you set things up for as long as you want on the stage, before starting the battle. As your land mine ability starts charging up after you place one on the stage even before the battle starts, you can actually plant more than enough land mines to insure that no grounded enemy can make it past through the stage and make each round practically a cakewalk.

7. Stack Up On Explosive Items

cats & cosplay explosive items

While the overall difficulty of the game may depend at how many upgrades you received based on the number of video ads you watched, there may still be a possibility that enemies can overwhelm your cat army and make it through the latter stretch of the stage, endangering your chance of successfully completing it. In such emergency cases, be sure to spend some cat coins on the Chest items to help you win an otherwise losing battle. While all except one of these items are explosives, you should still experiment on using these in actual battle to have a better idea of the radius they impact.

Perhaps one of the most notable item here is the Razor Wire, which is the only non-exploding item in the list, as this item stays in play for a while slowing down enemies caught in its path while dealing some damage as well. This is a great item to use if Sir Meows A Lot is too preoccupied or having a hard time fighting multiple enemies. Planting the Razor Wire on the choke point will also set enemies up for more time under fire from your Drone Pilot and Tesla Towers. So for 30 Cat Coins per piece, this is actually a good buy.

Another very noteworthy item is the Atomic Cupcake. This may be the most expensive at 75 coins per piece but this last of the last resorts doomsday bringer can practically wipe the stage clean of all enemies. So rather than investing on cheaper explosives that have limited radial effects, going all in with this total game-changer can really save you from losing any battle in any stage.

Well, that’s all we have right now for our Cats & Cosplay strategy guide. We hope that you enjoyed reading our collection of tips and tricks and we hope that you were able to learn a lot from it as well. If you have additional Cats & Cosplay tips, cheats or strategies that we haven’t mentioned in our guide, be sure to let us know in the comment area below!

Henry Cowling

Tuesday 25th of October 2022

Really helpful. Also can u make a website for all the secret Easter eggs thank you.