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West Battle Royale Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Survive Longer and Unlock All Characters

Gameover, a new and rising game developer that brought us similarly themed action games like West Hunter and West Runner 3D, recently released West Battle Royale, the first and only offline western style battle royale game on Android. With so many battle royale games out on practically all gaming platforms, you might come to think that just because you have played some, it’s like you’ve played them all. Well, West Battle Royale may prove you wrong, as it has unique attributes banking primarily on its theme, being able to do well in other battle royale games may not necessarily give you an advantage on this game. If you’re a fan of western themed games or into action and battle royale games, you should give this one a try.

In West Battle Royale, you can initially play as a Business Man or a Farmer Girl or any of the 6 unlockable characters later on and fight against 49 random A.I. opponents. Like most battle royale games, the match starts with you dropping down at your desired location into the western battle arena to survive not just your opponents but also the life-draining storm that grows outside the shrinking safe zone. As you continuously scavenge for weapons, ammo, and items, be on the lookout for opponents who may just pop up anywhere around the town or in the desert.

As there is hardly any tutorial available in West Battle Royale, it is entirely up to you to try out and discover everything as they come when you play the game. As it is a new game with not as much complexity and content like most other games in the same genre, it may not take as much time to learn or master the game’s controls. Whether you’re new to the battle royale genre and having a bit of struggle playing the game, or an advanced battle royal survival gamer still adjusting to the game’s unique mechanics, our list of West Battle Royale tips, cheats and strategy guide can help you survive better in each round and potentially help you to earn the top spot in succeeding matches.

1. Choose A Drop Location That Suits Your Play Style


Before the start of each map, be sure to check out the path where the air balloon is travelling on and decide early on where you intend to drop down on. The battle arena in West Battle Royale is actually quite small compared to most conventional battle royal games so there will probably be enemies scattered around the map and you always see some of them especially at the start of each round.

west battle royale drop location

If you want to stock up on weapons, ammo, and items early on, then choose to land in the town at the center of the map as it will be a lot more challenging to find loot on the outer regions of the map. Considering that enemies are randomly scattered across the entire map, a lot of opponents typically wind up in town. So choosing this option may mean that you are ready to engage in a gun fight sooner.

On the other hand, if you are still not that comfortable with the gun play and targeting opponents is a big challenge to you, feel free to choose a more distant landing spot and avoid an early confrontation. You may not acquire weapons and items as easily with this approach but you will most likely survive longer.

2. Be Sure To Stay Within The Safe Zone

west battle royale safe zone

Like any battle royale game, West Battle Royale also has a shrinking safe zone to push everyone into a smaller space, encourage gun fights, and ultimately end matches. As such, staying out of the safe zone will cause a gradual damage to your health till it reaches zero, and even if it doesn’t kill you but leave your health points down to a minimum, even one punch from an opponent can instantly kill you. Considering this, be sure to constantly check the map on the upper left of your screen to know ahead of time where the next safe zone area will be located.

3. Always Be On The Move

While there is always an option to camp at some seemingly good spots, doing the same in West Battle Royale is actually worse compared to other games. As it becomes harder for you to see around when your back is close to a wall, it is definitely harder to aim and shoot at close quarters where there are walls and blockages everywhere. Given as well that camping pretty much leaves out the option of running from a fire fight, banking on the idea that you can always win a duel will most likely get you killed early in the game. Additionally, your battling against A.I. opponents, which means that there practically no point trying to hide from them and staying at the safe place isn’t as safe as when you are playing against human players.

There will be plenty of instances in the game where you will encounter opponents with guns even before you manage to grab a weapon yourself. To be sure that you won’t be caught in a surprise and be killed without even knowing who shot you, try to keep moving as much as possible. Constantly looking around for opponents help too and your choice to either engage or flee depends on whether you have a gun or not and whether your opponents are shooting or not. In any case, don’t be an easy target, you can run and jump while moving from point A to point B and just engage whenever you feel that you have the advantage.

west battle royale on the move

While doing so, be sure that you are always moving closer to or further within the safe zone as straying from doing so may make it very challenging for you to make it back within the safe zone at a later time. Considering as well that the terrain in the game has many areas where you simply can’t follow a straight line, you constantly have to be conscious of your surroundings even while you are moving about.

Sometimes, you can circle at close range around and enemy with a shotgun and he won’t be able to hit you at all. It sounds crazy but considering that there’s no alternative action for each gun-toting opponent aside from firing his gun continuously, your enemy will simply stand in place and try to shoot you at your latest position when he was aiming his gun. Given as well that pistols and shotguns in the game have very slow fire rate, you will always end up at the side of the opponent by the time his gun actually shoots. With this, you can punch or stab him as you move sideways, killing him and making him drop his weapon for you to keep. You can also choose to shoot opponents point blank while playing this tactic but it would be a waste of bullet though.

4. Go Near Corpses And Loot Items

west battle royale loot

Buildings and other structures in the town are not your only source of weapons, ammunition, and items in West Battle Royale. As you might think that you can only equip yourself properly by landing within or close to town, West Battle Royale actually allows for you to have a chance to equip yourself even if you don’t readily choose to drop down in the town. As several of your opponents start killing each other off as soon as they hit the ground, there’s bound to be plenty of dead cowboys lying around even at the early stages of the match. Whenever you see corpses lying on the ground, be sure to move closer when it is safe and check for weapons, ammunition, and other items that you can loot. This is especially very important when you are not that close to the town and having difficulty scavenging for items. In some occasions, you can even watch two players battle it out and then come out and kill the winner and grab some loot from both of them. Just be sure to listen carefully in the background as someone may be around to kill you while you are trying to move around and finding that precise spot to be able to start looting some corpses.

5. Familiarize Yourself With The Map

Depending on how much you play West Battle Royale, you can practically get to know the lay of the land even just semi-consciously running through it a couple of times. As the game holds a comparatively smaller map than most battle royale games, it is relatively easier to familiarize yourself with the town and its surrounding terrain. Over time, you will discover the constant areas in the town where you can get weapons, ammunition, and some items. If ever you will be caught in a bit of a pinch, you may find great roundabout spots, to run around opponents and strike them from behind.

west battle royale map

Be aware that not all structures in the town have open doors and closed doors mean you can’t do anything to get inside that building. As building and structures that you can actually get into seem rare at the first few rounds of the game, be sure to explore more and try to remember each of the structures you can go into.

Beyond the town, however, it is likewise important to get to know the terrain around town as you need to know where to run to and which places to avoid. For one, there are cliffs in the battle arena that makes it impossible for you to get out of once you fall in. When you do fall in one, the only thing that’s waiting for you is death by danger zone or being shot and killed by enemies on the higher grounds. So once you get close to an area on the map that leads to lower grounds, stay away from it as much as you can.

6. Make Each Shot Count

As West Battle Royale holds true to a classic western style action game, your guns are basically just pistols and shotguns and there no automatic weapons and machine guns anywhere in the game. This means that there won’t be any spray and pray tactics involved and precision plays a vital role in killing an opponent. As you may take some time before actually pointing your gun at your opponent, it may happen that you will get shot at faster than you can shoot. Given this, it is best not to engage any opponent while they are facing you. Instead, find opportunities to kill opponents from behind or shoot someone who is busy trying to kill someone else. It’s not a very cowboy thing to do, but it is very effective.

On top of the guns in the game being old-fashioned, ammunition in the game is also not as bountiful as compared with any other game that has guns in them. This means that actually finding guns may not always be enough as you should stock up on ammunition too whenever possible.

Lastly and most importantly, the very limited ammo doesn’t affect your opponents at all so don’t expect for any of them to actually run out of ammo while you are waiting to grab an opportunity to kill them. With each opponent having infinite ammo, it becomes even more critical for you to save each bit of bullet you have and only make the shot you are certain will damage, if not kill, your target.

While the above conditions are somewhat a huge part of West Battle Royale’s challenge, it will indirectly help you make better shots even under pressure as you essentially need to; else you will most likely lose a gun fight.

7. You Can Always Win A Fist Fight

Although West Battle Royale is an action game that focuses on gun fights, it happens very often that you will be forced into a fight with nothing but your fists to do battle with. As useless as you think this might be, your bare hand in the game are actually pretty strong and can kill an opponent almost too easily. You might have trouble dueling against an enemy with a gun, but if its fists against fists, it’s basically a sure win in your favor.

Knowing this will give you a great advantage most especially at the start of each round where the chances of meeting an opponent that has no guns whatsoever is pretty high. Regardless of whether they are facing you or not, smashing that fire button can kill them in a few seconds. What you need to look out for in such instances are opponent close to you who can damage you while you are spam-punching someone else.

While running around the map, you can already tell from afar if an enemy has a gun or not. Be sure to chase down anyone who appears to not carry any weapon and kill them fast. If they have weapons equipped, you don’t necessarily have to run away immediately. Check first if they are looking your way or not as some of the A.I. opponents are not that conscious with their surroundings. Even if they seem to be unaware of you though, still take some caution and approach from the side or behind. Being able to kill an opponent with a gun almost guarantees that he or she will drop that weapon for you.

8. Focus On Kills, Not Rank

west battle royale kills

Unlike in most battle royale games where you can get something out of surviving long in each round of battle, West Battle Royale differs in the sense that you won’t get anything at all even if you ranked #2 at a particular round and didn’t manage to kill even 1 opponent. You will be rewarded with 100 coins for every enemy you kill in the game so it is better to kill just 1 opponent and be at rank #49 rather than be within the top ten and have 0 kills. As this seems to push you towards killing more to earn more coins, you should still always consider taking precautions before engaging an enemy.

Also, keep in mind that while you get rewards for kills and not survival, surviving longer simply means opening more opportunities to hunt down and destroy more enemies. Remember that while some opponents may have more precision when it comes to gun fights, there are many ways you can outsmart each and every one of them.

9. Save Your Coins For Your Favorite Character

With West Battle Royale holding 6 more characters that you can unlock with earned gold coins, be sure to save up on one that best suits your taste. As these are the only things you can spend your hard earned gold coins on in the game, it may take a while before you can unlock another character. All characters are basically just skin types and offer no additional perks or any such bonuses when you are playing as them. It can somewhat break monotony though and refresh your excitement on the game after playing several rounds with the same old starting character. The cost which ranges from 3,000 to 15,000 may seem a lot but depending on how much you play the game and how many kills you make, you can certainly unlock each and every character after a while.

west battle royale characters

For now, that’s everything we have for our West Battle Royale beginner’s guide. As it is freshly released and possibly have additional contents later on, we may revisit the game at a later date. If you have additional West Battle Royale tips, cheats or tricks that we haven’t mentioned, don’t hesitate to let us know!