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Hello Cats (Fastone) Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Help Your Furry Friends

Raising a cat is not a cakewalk. You can trust me on that since I have a few of these furry balls myself. They may be cute and funny but very often they are just as much troublesome, because they do like to get into trouble. Do you remember a story of a cat stuck in the tree, waiting for the fireman’s rescue? Cats just love lurking and snooping around corners, and holing up in the most inaccessible recesses of a garden or the house. Saving them from such places often requires a lot of creativity and self-persistence on the side of the owner. Their curious and troublemaking nature is so legendary that it brought the game developers together to create a game on their trials and tribulations. If you’re a feline lover and if you like to play games, then you definitely have to check this one.

In Hello Cats, a new iOS and Android game created by Fastone, you have a chance to take on a role of a cat owner and help your furry friends in a variety of ways. It’s a highly interactive puzzle game where the physics, a sense of perception and your very imagination play the key role. Usually you will have to draw blocks with your fingers to knock the cats off the platforms on which they are standing, wake them up with the water balloons or give them water to drink. To complete a challenge you will have a limited time as well as the number of blocks. Luckily, there are no other major penalties for failing the attempt. You can simply start over, rethink your strategy and advance with the new levels.

hello cats guide

Most of the fun in Hello Cats comes from the fact that you are given with a plenty of freedom of how you can complete a stage. The solution must come, however, in accordance with the laws of physics. Once you drop a block and it will go past one of the borders of the screen, it probably won’t pop up anytime soon.

Hello Cats, at the first glance, appears to be very straightforward, but it still can cause some trouble to the unacquainted. If you want to know more about the game itself and learn some tips and tricks, go ahead and check out our Hello Cats guide below!

1. Learn The Mechanics To Rescue Your Cats

Before we get into a detailed part of our Hello Cats guide, the first thing you will notice in the game is that it offers you a lot of freedom. Using your fingers alone you can draw on the screen of your phone whichever shape you want, and it will appear in the physical form in the game. Remember, however, that it has to be a closed figure, otherwise you won’t be able to create it. By using these shapes, or “boxes”, you are helping your cats getting out of trouble.

hello cats tips

Depending on the situation, you will have to produce both flat and round figures, as well as small and big. Remember that you can also make a perfectly round ball by holding your finger in the spot. You can’t, however, change it’s size. The ball can be useful when the cat cannot be reached easily and the only way to get to him is by using another figure in the shape of a lever. Once you place a lever-shaped box, you can simply drop the ball in the desired spot and it will roll down the lever to hit the cat.

Once you will learn the basic mechanics of the game, reaching the cats will come up easily and naturally for you, and the apparent difficulty will quickly turn into a lot of fun.

2. Harness The Physics In Your Favour

Hello Cats is basically all about the physics. You have to remember that every figure you create will eventually fall down accordingly to the laws of physics in the real world. Round objects will roll down faster, whereas angular shapes will stuck on the way much often. At the first glance, it may seem as an obstacle, but the more you play, the more you will realise its merits, and you will learn how to use the physics to gain the advantage.

Some stages in Hello Cats feature a goal of feeding your cat with water. The problem is, your feline friend can’t reach it, since the water is down in the pit. So, what do you do? It’s all pretty straightforward. Simply throw an object into the watery pit in order to raise the water level and quench the thirst of your cat.

hello cats cheats

There will be times, especially in the later stages of the game, in which you will have to react quicker and make use of two or more figures in order to reach the cat. Make sure to remember about the physics and harness them in your favour.

3. Use Dynamites And Rockets To Reach Your Cats Faster

Some stages feature interactive objects, such as dynamites, screws, hooks and rockets. All of them can be used to help you reach your cat in a number of ways. Before you will be able to make use of their potential, you will have to learn what they do.

Whenever you hit a dynamite with your figure, it will blow up and the figure will bounce up. Use it to reach your cats, especially those located in the upper places of the stage. Once blown up dynamite won’t spawn again, so basically you have one shot per stage to perform a lucky strike. If you fail, you can, of course, simply repeat the stage without any consequences.

hello cats dynamies and rockets

Sometimes you will have to swing your objects to reach your cats. You can do that by hanging them on screws or hooks and use the power of the physics to swing them.

Rockets should be used to quickly reach your cats or push ledges that cannot be moved otherwise. To make use of the rocket, simply hang a drawn object in the same way as with screws and hooks. Rockets usually will dart in a straight line, however, you can alter their trajectory by hanging on them objects of a different weight which will shake the balance.

Especially in the early stages, the game will show you a bunch of tutorials of how to make use of particular interactive objects. Use that time to learn what they do and later you will easily get along.

4. Pay Attention To Your Goals To Save The Cats In Time

In order to reach and “tickle” a cat, most of the time, you will have exactly 30 seconds. The countdown starts whenever you draw and place your first figure in the game. During that time you have unlimited number of attempts to reach the cat, however, it’s worth to keep in mind the secondary goals that can boost your maximum number of stars and with that your final score measured in collected fish-shaped diamonds.

Your secondary goals are visible in the upper-left corner of the game screen. In order to get 3 stars of out 3 at the end of the stage, you will have to, for instance, fit in the maximum number of uses of the figures. Sometimes you will also have to wake up the sleeping cats with the water balloons, which gives you another chance to get a star.

hello cats tricks

There will be times, in which you will be completely puzzled and have no idea what to do. During such moments, don’t hesitate to make use of the hints available to you as light bulbs located in the upper-left corner of the game screen. Since the game is entirely free and has no premium purchase options, in order to get a free hint you will have to watch a 30 second-long ad video of a different mobile game. Trust me, it’s not a big deal, compared to the most of the games with a premium store option. Try to memorise each new hint you’ve watched and learn a lesson from it.

The good thing about Hello Cats is that you don’t have to worry of eventually failing the stage, since the game is far from being competitive. Its main purpose is to entertain and it does so very well. You can repeat every stage without any consequences, as well as you can get free hints once you are stuck.

5. Collect Diamonds To Unlock More Cats

Once you will manage to complete a stage, you will be rewarded with an appropriate amount of fish-shaped diamonds which can be used in the in-game store to buy new cats. Remember that this is just a cosmetic feature and has no influence on the gameplay whatsoever.

At the beginning of the game, you are given with but a one single cat named Bear, however, there are 30 of them in total. They are divided on three groups: Normal, Special and Rare. As you may guess, Normal are those you can get on a daily basis, whereas those in two other groups are much more difficult to get.

how to unlock new cats in hello cats

New cats can be unlocked once you manage to collect all four puzzle parts of its image in the cat gallery. To get those parts you will need to spend some diamonds in the in-game store to buy boxes. You can buy normal boxes for 100 diamonds, which have a high chance to drop Normal and Special cats, or you can spend 300 diamonds for a rare box which has a high chance for Special and Rare cats. It’s up to you which boxes you will go first, since the feature just changes the looks of the cats and nothing beyond that.

All in all, Hello Cats is a game not only for the cat lovers, but also for those who like puzzles and worry-free games. What is more, the game’s cartoonish style makes it perfect for both adults and children. In order to be successful, make sure to remember about the physics in the game and how to bend them to your advantage. The rest you will learn in time through trial and error.

And this wraps up our Hello Cats beginner’s guide! If you have any questions or remarks, or if you like to share your own set of tips with us, feel free to use the comment section below!