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Wheel of Fortune Answers, Cheats & Solutions

Based on one of the most iconic game shows of all time, Wheel of Fortune is a word puzzle game created by Scopely for Android and iOS devices. Why bother with monotonous word games that just give you level after level of the same thing? The game show format of this game adds excitement to your usual puzzle-solving by including virtual money prizes. If you are a fan of the show, you will be thrilled to know that you can spin the wheel, buy vowels, and do pretty much everything a regular contestant can do. Meet the famous Pat Sajak and let him guide you through the word puzzles as well as your journey around the world. Travel to Tokyo, New York, Hollywood, and even Paris!

Wheel of Fortune has thousands of puzzles for you to solve. These were all created by the show’s producers, so you can expect the same level of difficulty as the ones you see on TV. Don’t worry because you will never run out of puzzles to play. The developers add new official puzzles all the time to keep things fresh. There are dozens of categories to choose from as well. Pick a favorite or challenge yourself by taking on an unfamiliar topic.

wheel of fortune answers

If you are looking for a truly immersive experience, you are in for a treat. Feel your heart skip a beat as the wheel spins. Will you get the coveted Wild Card, or will it stop at the dreaded Bankrupt wedge? Don’t forget to watch out for the Lose a Turn slot as well! The added risk of complete failure and opportunity for big winnings turn this game into an emotional rollercoaster ride. Are you brave enough to risk it all?

Challenge your family and friends to competitive matches and show them who the real winner is. There are also millions of players waiting for you from around the world. Can you defeat them all? Winning is not just a matter of guessing the right letters. You need solid tactics if you want to beat the game’s top contenders. Knowledge of different categories is just one aspect. For everything else, make sure you check out our Wheel of Fortune answers, cheats and solutions!

Wheel of Fortune New York Answers

1. Wheel of fortune
2. Happy Birthday
3. Cheese & Crackers
4. Sipping cocktails by the pool
5. Adam Levine
6. Shopping for fresh produce at a farmer’s market
7. Hot fudge Sundae with whipped cream
8. Strawberry short cake
9. Family outings
10. Planting a flower garden on my windowsill
11. Taking the train during rush hour
12. Beautiful Sunset
13. Yoga instructor
14. Hitting a home run
15. Milk chocolate
16. It’s a small world after all
17. Kick off your shoes
18. Life of the party
19. Roaring Lions
20. Las Vegas Nevada

21. Beautiful desert oasis
22. Happy Anniversary
23. Friends & neighbors
24. Sipping a tropical drink
25. Wedding cake
26. What goes up must come down
27. Going out to lunch
28. Tropical fish
29. Saving private Ryan
30. Dwayne Johnson
31. Freshly baked bread
32. After-hours party
33. I want to hold your hand by the Beatles
34. Chatting on the phone with a good friend
35. Chocolate syrup
36. The Scarecrow from the wonderful wizard of Oz
37. Chicken salad
38. Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head
39. French toast
40. Mother Nature

wheel of fortune new york answers

41. Going on a boat ride
42. Robert de Niro the real Goodfellas
43. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks
44. Leann Rimes
45. Louisville Kentucky
46. Great grandparent
47. Dancing with the Stars
48. Carousel ride
49. Apples and oranges by Pink Floyd
50. Wonder woman
51. The Simpsons movie
52. Who framed Roger Rabbit?
53. Riding a skateboard
54. For a limited time only
55. Baby goose
56. Summer Music Festival
57. Telling ghost stories around a campfire
58. Bridal shower
59. Dancing with myself by Billy Idol
60. Touch football

61. Childhood friends
62. Little Miss Sunshine
63. Renting a top-floor apartment
64. Santa’s workshop
65. Birds of a feather flock together
66. Surfing & swimming
67. Animation & Special Effects
68. Atlantic Coast
69. Cute Bunny Rabbit
70. Shopping outlet
71. Playing in the backyard
72. American Idol
73. Cream of tomato soup with crackers
74. Ice-cold lemonade
75. What’s hot and what’s not
76. Puppy dogs
77. Getting my favorite actor’s autograph
78. The Incredibles
79. E.T. Phone Home
80. The Shining

wheel of fortune mystery box

81. Charlie Brown & Snoopy
82. Julia Roberts
83. Candy Corn
84. Bell-bottom jeans with platform shoes
85. Sour cream
86. Batman & Robin
87. Prince Charming
88. Platinum by Miranda Lambert
89. Clint Eastwood
90. Walking my dog along the beach
91. Winnie the Pooh

Wheel of Fortune Las Vegas Answers

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Rick Schaffer

Saturday 10th of September 2022

Help !!!! I have Wheel of Forfune on my phone. I love this game but 2 days ago it stopped accumulating my points!!!