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Zombie Strike: The Last War of Idle Battle Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate Every Game Mode

Tojoy Game, a fairly new entrant in the Android game development scene with initial game releases in Korea and Japan, recently released Zombie Strike: The Last War of Idle Battle. As its third RPG game, and the first that’s available worldwide, Zombie Strike: The Last War of Idle Battle promises content and gameplay mechanics never before seen in the RPG genre. With its fresh and impressive graphics and tons of still growing content, Zombie Strike: The Last War of Idle Battle is a Strategy RPG that is definitely a must-try for fans of the genre as well as gamers who enjoy zombie-themed games.

As the commander of a survival camp in a world plunged into a zombie apocalypse, Zombie Strike: The Last War of Idle Battle puts you in charge of gathering heroes to fight against thousands of zombies as well as other survivors in a variety of game modes. While the game sports the usual leveling up and upgrading of heroes and equipment, the actual methods of doing so still exhibits unique properties that challenge your strategic skills as well. As new game modes and features unlock by progressing through the game, Zombie Strike: The Last War of Idle Battle can test your strategic skills and tactical prowess in many different ways.

Zombie Strike: The Last War of Idle Battle runs you through a quick and an easy enough to grasp tutorial. While most concepts may already be familiar to players who have played similar RPGs before, the slightly slower introductory pace and the first few battles are guaranteed to sufficiently guide new players into the game. Additionally, there are readily available information on every game mode to ensure that you can remember certain details in case you forgot or missed them during the tutorial. Whether you are new to Strategy RPGs and still a bit confused about the game’s mechanics or if you are an avid Strategy RPG fan already deep enough in the game but still looking for more efficient ways to improve your battle standings, our Zombie Strike: The Last War of Idle Battle guide will certainly help you in taking on most battles and dominating each and every game mode you have unlocked.

1. Progress Through The Campaign As Much As You Can

zombie strike campaign

On top of the immediate rewards you can get from clearing a stage in each battle zone in the campaign, you will also receive gold, enhancing elixirs (level up item), experience points for your commander, as well as some random loots from what is available in the latest stage that you conquered every minute whether you’re actually in the game or offline. As each stage becomes harder and harder, clearing all stages in a given battle zone unlocks the next one which is not just more challenging, but longer as well.

The main reason you need to keep pushing to go farther in the campaign is that the idle rewards you get depends on how far you have gone in terms of the battle zone and stage within it. Finishing the entire Normal Mode of the campaign will unlock the Nightmare Mode, conquering the latter will unlock Hell Mode, and later on, Death Mode.

As the campaign is your main source of experience as well, spending time on it as a priority will help you unlock other game modes faster. As these other features will each contribute towards helping you strengthen and upgrade your heroes and your gear, making them available at the soonest will be mostly beneficial for you especially if you want to become stronger ahead of the crowd in the game.

Be sure to get back into the game and claim your earned items and loot in the campaign as it can only keep on earning for a maximum of eight hours. Especially if you know you won’t be able to log back in again immediately, claim rewards before logging out of the game.

2. Be Selective When Investing In Heroes

zombie strike heroes

You will initially be provided with several heroes at the initial stages of the game that you will be using for most of the tutorials as well as the first couple of battles. Your squad will be composed of 6 heroes at most and you don’t necessarily have to keep each of them upgraded especially at the preliminary stages of the game. If required to do so, upgrade these heroes but be sure to not overdo it as you will most definitely be getting better heroes a little later on. Although you can initially acquire heroes with 1 to 5 star ranks from invites and rewards, actually acquiring a 5 star hero is very difficult. In this regard, be sure to register your account either through your Facebook account or Google Play account to immediately receive a 5-star hero that you can add to your team to boost your party’s strength.

You may freely upgrade and enhance your 5-star hero and be selective with the 4-star ones as you will get a lot along the way. Depending on how much time you spend in the game, you can acquire as many as ten 4-star heroes on your first day into the game. As much as you can, don’t bother wasting resources on heroes that have 3-star ranks and below.

Another thing you may want to consider is the Faction Restrain mechanic of the game which works a bit like rock-paper-scissors. There are 6 factions namely: Guardian, Chaos, Order, Evil, Creation, and Destruction. With the first four factions, heroes belonging to the Guardian faction have an increased 15% hit chance on a character from the Chaos faction as well as having a 30% damage boost on them. On the other hand, Guardian faction members will be on the disadvantaged end of an encounter with characters from the Evil Faction as the latter will receive the same boost of hit percentage and damage increase against them. Heroes belonging to Creation and Destruction have the same buffs against one another.

If all members of your squad belong to the same faction, you will gain a hero faction aura in battle and have stat boosts to give you an edge against your enemies. Doing this, however, is very difficult especially at the early stages in the game since you may not readily have as many heroes to fill an entire 6-person squad with characters from the same faction. More so, being able to do so soon could mean taking in a couple low star-ranked heroes that you shouldn’t really even bother with.

Considering practicality and speed in progressing, it is best to consider heroes from different factions as your primary team to be sure that you will do fairly well against every sort and mixture of factions enemy squads may have. Just to illustrate, if you focus on a team that belongs to one faction for the purpose of gaining hero faction aura, you can end up in a lot of trouble facing an entire enemy squad full of characters from the faction that you are totally weak against. If that happens, you may be forced to invest on other heroes resulting in wastage of resources that you could have otherwise invested on just a few select primary characters.

Lastly, be sure to consider each hero’s profession as well before considering them to be a part of your team. There are five unique profession categories that each hero falls within in Zombie Strike: The Last War of Idle Battle. These roles are actually basic when it comes to RPGs and strategy games that involve a wide variety of characters. Attack-based and Defense-based heroes are perhaps the most basic of the bunch highlighting either high offensive or defensive stats to set their basic role in the team formation and the game. There are support characters as well that can heal allies and provide both offensive and defensive buffs to aid the whole team in battle. Assassins are heroes who can deal great damage to a single target. Lastly, but not the least, Control heroes focus on suppressing enemy attacks and incapacitating them to tip the tide of the battle.

Of all the given points to consider, you are free to put in any sort of combination to create your ultimate team. Be sure to include a tank or a defensive hero as well as a support as these are the basic necessities required to have a good working team.

3. Consider Professions As Well As Individual Skills In Battle Formation

zombie strike best battle formation

While you are very much free to experiment on team formations, be sure to read through the general description of each character profession to have a basic idea of how to come up with a good strategic arrangement of your team’s heroes. For starters, tanks or defense-based heroes definitely belong in front while assassins and attack-based heroes are best kept at the back.
As you will have 2 heroes in the front line and 4 heroes in the back row, be sure to consider the best defensive characters in the front row as they will generally be taking the most damage in every battle. While every hero’s special ability can target different characters, basic attacks are all directed towards the first character. With this consideration, be sure to put in your toughest character in the first slot. Depending on whether you have another defense-based character in your team or not, the second front row character should be reserved for that or a support-based one.

Be sure to take into consideration each of your heroes’ special abilities when deciding on a strategic formation, most especially the support ones as you may want to ensure that your primary defender can get the necessary heal or buff to stay as long as he can in battle.

It’s typical to see as well in Zombie Strike: The Last War of Idle Battle for the primary defender to be several levels ahead of everyone else. This is because to be surely effective, the defender needs to be able to with stand the strongest attacks and getting knocked down early can spell disaster for the rest of the team. Next to the defender, you may consider his or the team’s support character as the next priority as far as level up and defensive gear allocation is concerned. While defensive team set-ups are a good way to go in most strategy RPGs, be sure to take note of the fact that you need to actually defeat the enemy team within the 15-turn limit for you to actually win the battle.

4. Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

zombie strike guild

Like in any game that has a guild system, being part of a guild in Zombie Strike: The Last War of Idle Battle brings numerous rewards and no downsides. As you continue to strive and become stronger in the game, being part of an alliance will make you stronger a lot faster than trying to push through the game entirely on your own. In fact, if a game has a guild system in it, it’s practically a must to be a part of it and joining one as soon as you hit level 21 is a must.

As you can only join a guild once every 24 hours, be sure that you will join an active one. Although finding a strong one is important too, an active guild can be of much help to you than a strong yet inactive one.

Be sure to help out in the guild by taking part in guild raids and guild wars and donating in the guild technology. As guild experience and level increases as a result of how active each member is, be sure to stay active while being part of a guild to ensure that your guild will continuously grow and develop to better help you and your allies. With every contribution you do in a guild, you will earn guild coins that you can use to purchase rare hero shards in the guild market.

5. Climb The Tower Of Doomsday

zombie strike tower of doomsday

The Tower of Doomsday in Zombie Strike is perhaps the best place to obtain Hero Materials that you very much need to rank your heroes up to the next level tier, increase level cap, and unlock additional skills. As you may find yourself stuck in campaign sooner or later, you should next set your eyes on progressing as high as you can on the tower. On top of the Hero Materials and some other loots you acquire per floor you conquer, hero shards will be rewarded every 10 levels. You will get shards to invite a 5-star hero after you conquer the 50th floor, so strive hard to get there on your first couple of days in the game.

The only penalty for losing a battle in the Tower of Doomsday is losing 1 of the 10 keys that you initially have. No need to worry much though as the key regenerates once every 30 minutes.

6. Strategically Battle In the Arena

zombie strike arena battle

The Arena in Zombie Strike becomes available once you hit level 18. Unlike in most games that have PvP arenas, however, battle attempts in Zombie Strike do not refresh every day. As there are daily rankings and season rankings to consider, you need to spend diamonds to acquire additional attempts to battle daily. As daily arena rewards are sent every 21:00 (UTC/GMT 0), choose to do battle as close you can near the end of the cut-off to ensure better ranking rewards.

While auto-battle almost always means higher power equals win, strategic positioning of characters works wonders here. Again, be sure to take into consideration the ideas we discussed in battle formation as these same factors will most likely be effective against other players’ attacking team in the arena. As an additional tip, be sure to update your defensive roster whenever you switch between heroes in your main team.

7. Use Up Each Attempt At Event Raids

zombie strike event raid

Event Raids which become available when you reach level 20 offers 3 varieties of battles that each offer great rewards. You can only initially do the Gold Challenge at level 20 but will be able to take on the Brave Challenge and the Hero Challenge at levels 25 and 30, respectively. As you will never have too much of any of these resources, be sure to use up every attempt you have to beat each challenge as they become available. As you won’t lose an attempt when you fail to conquer the challenge, feel free to try again later within the day if you failed on your first go.
If you happen to be close to reaching the next level requirement to unlock the higher tier of challenge in the Event Raids, be sure to wait for actually leveling up and use up your daily attempts instead towards the end of the day.

8. Complete As Many Quests As Possible In The Quest Columns

zombie strike quests

At level 28, you will be able to unlock a unique feature in Zombie Strike called Quest Columns. In here, there will be required hero factions and star levels that you need to comply with and each hero can only participate in one quest at a time. The rewards here may be diamonds or even club sodas and beers you can use to invite more heroes to join your collection so be sure to check these quests daily and try to accomplish as many quests as you possibly can.

9. Use Your Roulette Coins Immediately

zombie strike roulette coins

Unless you are VIP2 and can spend only 8 roulette coins to spin the wheel of fortune 10 times, there’s no other reason to hold on to each coin you have earned. As you will consistently need more and more resources the further you progress in the game, be sure to drop by the casino and gamble away to receive whatever rewards you can.

10. Manage The Overflow Of Extra Heroes

zombie strike extra heroes

You can only initially hold a maximum of 60 heroes in your entire roster and would have to spend diamonds to increase the capacity. Considering that you will definitely be inviting more heroes than what you’ll actually need, be sure to manage your roster well as you won’t be able to use invites when your inventory is full.

For starters, you can transform several 3 star heroes into a 4 star hero, and perhaps later on be able to the same for 5 star heroes. On top of getting more 4 star heroes to join your roster, you will also be rewarded with Elixirs and Hero Materials for each successful transformation. Be sure to put the higher level hero as host as the level of that hero will be retained in his or her higher star incarnation.

For lower level heroes, you can choose to dismiss them to earn some rewards as well. Just be careful to not overdo it as you may still need some of these heroes to complete some Quests at the Quest Column. To be sure, only dismiss heroes when you are already full and can no longer use invites that are piling up, especially when free ones become available at the Bar.

11. Add Many Friends For Great Rewards

zombie strike friends

The most basic advantage of having more friends in the game is receiving hearts that you can use to invite additional heroes at the bar. At level 36, you can scout once every hour to gain some rewards and get a chance to encounter a marauder that you and your friends can each battle to defeat. As you can also gain rewards for helping your friends out in the event that they encounter a marauder, spending some time on your friends list to actually hunt for these marauders can be worthwhile too. You can earn weekly rewards as well depending on how many points you have earned by helping your friends out in battling marauders.

12. Fight Through The Brave Raid Every 24 Hours

zombie strike brave raid

The Brave Raid is yet another unique game mode in Zombie Strike that becomes available at level 40. It’s like a survival mode in the sense that you fight one battle after another without replenishing health in between each battle. On the plus side, you can use every level 40 and above character you have to battle though the Brave Raid so in case you feel bad about leveling up a character to level 40 or higher then later on replace that character with a better one, this feature actually makes those extra characters useful. You will earn Brave Coins here which can be used to purchase a lot of useful yet hard to obtain items in the game.

13. Don’t Forget To Claim Quest Rewards And Other Freebies

zombie strike rewards

On top of the daily quests that you can accomplish for extra rewards in Zombie Strike, there are numerous other freebies to get and you should take advantage of each of them. For starters, you can get 1 free basic invite every 8 hours and 1 free senior invite every 48 hours at the bar. You can also get 25k gold every 8 hours as survival rewards so be sure to check this by clicking on the plus icon beside your in-game gold at the top of the screen. There is also an icon on the upper left of the screen that rewards a variety of great rewards from time to time. There are exceptional rewards to be obtained by completing Survival Guide targets on the first 7 days of your game. Lastly, you can click on and watch up to 5 short video ads at the top left of the screen to obtain 20 diamonds per video clip.

And this wraps up our strategy guide for Zombie Strike. We certainly hope that you enjoyed reading our article and that you were also able to learn much from it. If you have additional Zombie Strike: The Last War of Idle Battle tips, cheats or strategies that we forgot to mention, don’t hesitate to let us know and leave us a message in the comment area!


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