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Monthly Idol Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Build a Top-Notch Entertainment Company

608factory, the developer behind much loved unique and casual games like the Living Alone series and Legend of Manboro, recently released Monthly Idol, a talent management company simulation game that is very uniquely designed. Don’t let the 8-bit graphics and k-pop theme fool you, Monthly Idol actually offers tons of complex mechanics and varieties of gameplay that will surely provide hours after hours of entertainment. You don’t actually have to be a k-pop fanatic to find something to love in this game as it has several elements that can still provide a challenge to gamers accustomed to a variety of other game genres.

Monthly Idol puts you in the shoes of the owner of a new entertainment company with hopes of creating the best talents to earn fame and income that can rival the best in the industry. As you scout for talents and train them to become the next great idols, you manage the growth of your company through office and trainer upgrades; taking care of your idol group each step of the way; and exposure of your biggest stars through scheduled activities and concerts, social media accounts, and even participating in field days and awards nights.

Compared to most games, Monthly Idol actually has a longer than usual tutorial that contains a lot of details you really need to take note of. As the initial minutes of the game tries to run you through everything you need to know to get started, it’s very probable to get lost considering the complexity of some aspects of the game. It’s actually overwhelming given the scope of things you need to learn and why each is important. If you have yet to start playing the game or have played it enough already but still gets confused on some details, our Monthly Idol beginner’s guide will not just help you understand each component of the game but also assist you in becoming a top-notch entertainment company with award-winning idols.

1. Initially Spend Extra Time In Trainee Casting

monthly idol trainee casting

As each member of your idol group comes from your roster of trainees, the best way to have better talents in your group is getting as many trainees to choose from as you can. You can initially have up to a maximum of 30 trainees in your roster and spending 1,000 diamonds will increase it by 5, 2,000 for another 5, and so on. As 30 is actually more than enough choices to choose from, there are still a couple of things you can do here to improve the talents you can get. While you can spend gold for the various gacha approaches of getting trainees and 10,000 diamonds to acquire top tier talents, watching 15 to 30-minute ads is actually the best course of action. It may come to a point though that this will become boring so feel free to watch some t.v. or do something while spamming on this option.

It’s important to note that when you acquire a copy of a trainee that you already have, both will merge and the resulting trainee will have better stats and a higher rank. This means that you shouldn’t feel bad about getting rank F trainees as two of the same rank F trainees can become 1 rank D. With this mechanic, you will probably have several good ranking trainees before maxing out the 30-people limit of the trainee roster.

On top of making trainees instant idols and adding them to your existing idol group or creating a new one, there are three other options available to these trainees. You can consider one for Special Manage if you feel that the trainee has potential but still not at the level of your stars. You can also expel trainees but there’s actually no point in doing that. Lastly, and perhaps the most common option to do, is to feed some trainees to your existing idols so that the latter will gain half of the former’s abilities and become more talented.

Remember to sort trainees by rank and also compare their stats with your current stars. If you just finished the tutorial at this point, some of the trainees you acquire through Trainee Casting may be much better than members of your idol group. Feel free to expel low rank talents and bring in better ones from your pool of trainees.

2. Gather Enough Hair And Clothes For Your Group

monthly idol hair and clothes

There are 4 concepts to choose from in Monthly Idol that basically define the image your Idol Group wants to represent to their fans: Cool, Cute, Pretty, and Sexy. While each character has varying stats on these concepts, various hair and clothes that you can equip your idols with can boost these stats. Even though you can always choose the main concept before producing an album, sub-concepts are randomly generated and surely enough, there will be a time when the sub-concept selected is the one your idols have the least number of points on. As such, it is important to be sure that each of your idols will have hair and clothes to wear to support any concept thrown their way.

To acquire some ordinary hair and clothes, be sure to visit the beauty salon at the shop. Again, you can purchase items here with gold and diamonds but watching video ads for an unlimited supply of hair and clothes is also a viable option. Like in trainee castings, double items you obtain here merge and result in increased stat bonuses.

3. Regularly Train And Feed Your Talents

how to train and feed talens in monthly idol

Monthly Idol stays true to the real life concept applicable to every entertainment or talent management firm. If you are in the business of finding and nurturing talent, then taking great care of these talents means taking great care of your business. Even though the main goal of every business is profit, focusing on profit exclusively and prioritizing it over the welfare and development of your idol group can lead to losses and failures.

While you can readily set out schedules, hold concerts, and produce albums right after the tutorial, it’s good to give your idols some training first to boost their talents and potentially raise their ranks. Keep a close eye on the talents that needs some work on and though you can only train them for vocal studies and dance studies at first, make the most of it in between other activities. Tap on an idol and put him or her on the appropriate training room to boost talents that need work.

While feeding your idols with some trainees you would otherwise dispose of to gain some talents, you can also feed your idols with items from the food shop to increase a concept stat. Be sure to check the lowermost concept stat of each of your idol and feed him or her the necessary food item to try and balance everything out, making each member of your idol group ready and able to take on any sort of role given any combination of main and sub-concepts in album production.

4. Run Schedules While Producing Albums

monthly idol schedules

Producing and selling albums is perhaps the most important aspect of the game as far as profit and popularity is concerned. While there’s no such thing as an instant chart-topper in Monthly Idol, careful preparation following the previous key steps mentioned and properly managing an album production and launch can easily lead you to achieving that goal. As there are some important items you need to consider before beginning production of an album, be sure to take extra care especially when you’re close to the start of the game.

For starters, be sure to bank on the strong points of your idol group as far as concepts are concerned. These will be the primary determinant in whether the album will succeed or not. Be sure to choose a theme that is coherent or in line with your preferred concept and pay attention to the manager’s comment to determine if you have made a good choice. As concepts will be boosted by hiring a producer or producers, consider getting the best that you can afford, even without hiring multiple ones.

As producers will provide sub-concepts before you begin production, be sure to properly equip your idol group with hair and clothes that boost their abilities in line with both main and sub-concepts. Priority should be given to main concepts though, so resort to boosting abilities for the sub-concept only if you don’t have enough props for the main one.

While the album is being produced, it is the best time to go on schedules to gain better exposure for your idols. You need to schedule 4 activities per month, and as there will be an increasing number of activities to choose from, choosing the ones that generate the most income is the best approach. Be sure to check on both Group and Solo Tabs to see which ones offer the most money. Also, be sure that your idols have full health before proceeding with the schedule as running out of hp anytime will discontinue the activity.

You can gain some experience with each activity completed in the schedule. During any of the activities, however, you can tap on the heart icons to increase income and number of fans; and the music icon to increase income as well. Don’t click on the black icon as it will reduce fans.

5. Take Note Of Statistics When Launching An Album

monthly idol album release

Once you are done producing an album, which takes only a minute, you can launch the record immediately. Before the actual sales period of 10 minutes, there will be a pre-order event for 1 minute and this will already give you an idea on how successful your album will be. Once the actual sales start, be sure to look into the statistical data that you can get on the actual album ranking, people streaming the album, record sales figures, and video views. This is especially important on your first couple of albums to give you an idea how to decide on what to do next.
As you can simultaneously proceed with schedules or run concerts during sales of the album, choosing between these activities will be dependent on how good you think your album did based on the statistical data and the manager’s comments. Keep in mind that schedules are practically guaranteed income while concerts have some risks involved. Concerts, however, do provide more opportunities for higher experience and income.

6. Aim For Progressive Gains In Concerts

monthly idol concerts

In Monthly Idol, organizing concerts becomes a major part of your regular activities in gaining income and promoting your idol groups. As a reliable determinant of how popular and successful your idol group is, organizing, launching, and completing a successful concert gives you a solid enough idea on when to move forward and when to repeat the same level of concert. There are several decision points you need to consider when launching a concert, all of which will effectively impact how successful the concert will be.

The first decision point is choosing who from among the idol members will be participating in the concert. As average abilities of each idol involved and the number of their fans determine the concert’s success, you may feel that you could leave an idol or two out of the concert. It’s still better to include each member of the group as every fan matters. Besides, what you would rather aim for is developing and exposing each member of the idol group and not just selected members. This means that you should value each member of your idol group and work on improving the ones that seem behind the others as far as number of fans and talents are concerned.

The next item to decide on is the ticket price which varies depending on the fans of the selected members. You can increase ticket prices but be sure to still keep it within what is “good” based on the guide. Going beyond that means that the ticket is expensive and may have consequences such as lower turnover and not getting a “sold out” performance during the concert. For starters, keep in mind that your goal here is to ensure income instead of maximizing it. The more concerts you launch and perform, the better you will become at earning income from it and generating even more experience and fame.

The last item to consider in launching concerts is the concert hall. There are a total of 12 concert venues in Monthly Idol and to unlocking the bigger ones require you to achieve a sold out performance on the current one. The bigger the concert hall, the more expensive it will cost and the more people it can accommodate for the concert. This also means that you can generate higher income and earn more experience from bigger concert halls. Additionally, you can risk holding a concert on a bigger concert hall once you unlock it as long as you consider the number of total fans each idol member has to ensure that each concert you hold will be successful, or even sold out.

Settlement ratio is also an item in the concert menu you can adjust but considering that these are expenses you incur for your stars as far as holding a concert is concerned, it is best to leave it as is so as not incur more expenses or make it difficult for your talents.

The concert will last for 1 minute, and within that period, be sure to tap on the purple gems and experience points that pop up from fans. As every experience point you gain is important to level up your company, getting a lot of it here will help you improve the office facilities which in effect will help boost the skills of your talents. You can use purple gems to purchase special hair or clothes from the stranger that appears every once in a while after the concert. As this is currently the only thing the gems are for, don’t worry about saving it for anything else.

7. Move To A Better Office As Soon As You Can

monthly idol office

Running schedules and organizing concerts in Monthly Idol are the only means of gaining experience in the game. Every 50 points of experience raises your company’s level and with every 10 levels gained, along with some training room upgrade requisites, you can you move to a bigger office with more training facilities.

Be sure to invest money in raising not just the training room levels but the trainer levels as well as these two will raise your idols abilities. These upgrades can be found and purchased respectively at the office and job offer tabs of the shop. These are permanent upgrades making each and every bit of money spent a worthwhile investment.

8. Spend Your Diamonds Wisely

how to spend your diamonds in monthly idol

Like in any other game that holds special currencies, Monthly Idol boasts tons of items and content that can be purchased by spending diamonds. While there are tons of ways to earn diamonds in the game, you should still exhibit a sense of practicality when spending them. For one, if items can be acquired through other means other than spending diamonds, feel free to exhaust the other means first. For example, the hair and clothes gatcha in the beauty salon can be purchased with money or can be acquired for free by watching a video ad instead of spending diamonds.

Considering importance, it is best to spend diamonds in purchasing and upgrading SNS accounts for each of your idol as these are essential tools for each idol to communicate with their fans. There are a total of 4 available SNS accounts to be opened and depending on the level or class the talent when you acquire them, they can have 0 to 4 SNS accounts unlocked before you even start investing on them. As these are all important, make an effort to at least unlock these for each of your idol as soon as you can afford to.

Insutargram provides 1% chance per level to recover Passion every 10 seconds. FakeBook has a 1% chance per level for the idol to get an additional 100 fans. Titter offers a 1% chance per level to increase a random concept of the idol by 1 every 10 seconds. Lastly, Youtuboo has a 1% chance per level to earn you 1 diamond every 10 seconds. Keep in mind that these effects, like everything running in the game, are only active while you are playing the game and everything stops once you log out.

Once you are already happy with the SNS accounts and would want to spend some hard earned diamonds for something else, be sure to check out the boost at the buffs shop that reduces 30% of health decrease for idols for 5,000 diamonds. If you can afford it, it’s a great deal since it is a permanent effect resulting in your idol being able to last longer on schedules and concerts as well as being able to train more.

Lastly, if you’re not that fortunate to acquire and SS class talent through gacha from the trainee casting and don’t want to spend time waiting to get one or creating one from the ranks, then it’s okay to spend 10,000 diamonds to get an SS-ranked idol to join your idol group. Just be sure that your prospective SS class idol is the same gender as the idol group you are working on, else you may not be able to take advantage of getting that talent sooner.

9. Stay Active While Playing The Game

monthly idol event

Be sure that you are always doing something when you launch the game. As you can earn a lot of things through your idols’ SNS even by staying idle, you might think it’s a good idea to just run the game and leave it running without actually engaging in any kind of activity. Doing this has the risk of an idol doing something bad and it will be costly for you. So be sure to log out of the game when your actually not planning on playing it.

10. Take Advantage Of Quests, Events And Other Freebies

monthly idol quests and events

On top of daily quests that you can accomplish even without paying much attention to the requirements, there are certain milestones as well that you can reach to earn diamonds from in Monthly Idol. Depending on how much time you spend on the game and how much activity you engage in, you can earn a lot of diamonds through accomplishing each item listed in these quests. Be sure to check both out to serve as a guide to what you may want to do next while playing the game. There is also a Trainee Book that records the variety of trainees you acquired in the game and collecting all per category also gives you great rewards.

There are also events that give you special accessories for your idols. Be sure to claim these and equip the items on your idols as soon as you can. These items can be equipped on top of the regular hair and clothes and generally provide great boosts to an idol’s talents. You can also see a scissor-like icon on the lower left side of your screen. Every 2 hours into the game, you can pick an item here as a reward. Feel free to choose an item you don’t have yet for variety, or an existing one to merge and boost stats.

Lastly, you may hardly notice the yellow bird that drops by every once in a while on your screen. Be sure to try and tap it to watch a short video ad and earn a special butterfly wing accessory on your first try. On succeeding attempts, you can earn other special accessories as well as 50 to 500 diamonds. So if you want to somehow break the monotony of producing albums, going through schedules, running concerts, and training idols, be sure to tap on the yellow bird from time to time.

11. Participate In Idol Field Days

monthly idol idol feed day

Every February and September in Monthly Idol, a special event called Idol Field Day is held for your idols to take some time off the usual work and enjoy themselves in competing against other idols in a variety of sports events. Your selected idol can participate in marathon, archery, hurdles, or even sumo wrestling. The marathon and sumo wrestling rely on how fast you can tap on your device while archery and hurdles require precision. So depending on your skills (and perhaps your device’s ram in case the game lags), choose an event where you feel you can win. You can earn up to 500 diamonds and your participating idol can gain up to 30 passion points from winning in these events.

12. Attend The Annual Awards Ceremony

monthly idol annual awards ceremony

Perhaps the ultimate reward for all your hard work in the game is not the money you earn and the fame and recognition your idols gain. At the end of each year in Monthly Idol, you can attend an awards ceremony to more or less have an idea of where you stand compared to other idols or idol groups in the entertainment industry. As you can’t expect to instantly receive an award for the first couple of in-game years, getting one finally will nonetheless tell you that you are among, if not the best of the best in the game.

Well, that’s about all we have for now for our Monthly Idol beginner’s guide. We hope that you enjoyed reading it and that you learned a lot from our guide. If you know additional Monthly Idol tips, cheats, and strategies that we forgot to mention, be sure to inform us through the comment section below!


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