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Cash, Inc. Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Become a Business Tycoon

Following the success of mobile titles, such as Billionaire and Conglomerate, Indonesian game developer Alegrium is back with yet another fun idle clicker game called Cash, Inc. In this game, you take on the role of the most popular business tycoon in the world. Even though you will start out with just one business, you will soon be managing dozens of them, and raking in some serious cash. Once you get rich enough, superstars will want to hang out with you. Buy more businesses, level them up, then hire people to do the work for you. Don’t forget to work on your reputation as well. The more famous you get, the more money you will earn! You can even brag on social media to cater to your followers and to annoy your haters. Of course, the most important thing will always be getting more money. Make sure you read our Cash, Inc. Fame & Fortune Game tips and tricks for some money-making hacks!

1. Know How To Run A Business

When you start out, your primary source of income is your business. You just buy a business, open it for the day, then wait for it to close so you can get your earnings. The more you level up your business, the more money you make. Reaching certain levels will also double your earnings. These special levels are 25, 50, 100, 200, and 300. Try to hit these levels as soon as you can in order to maximize your income.

2. Get VIP Perks

VIPs provide various benefits for your businesses. You can buy a number of them, but you should prioritize acquiring managers. Managers will automate your income collection so you won’t have to be on standby just to get your money. Other VIPs give multipliers for certain types of businesses, so try to get them as well when you can. Lastly, make sure you watch video offers in order to double your earnings for some time.

3. Prestige For Fame

Similary to many other games in this genre, you have the option to start over in exchange for major boosts. In Cash, Inc. you will get Fame points whenever you choose to prestige. Each Fame point gives you a 2% boost to your income. The longer you wait before starting over, the more Fame points you get. Once you start feeling like it takes too long for you to earn enough to level up your businesses, it might be time to start over. Don’t forget to take advantage of the video offer to get 20% more Fame when you prestige.

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4. Spend Fame On Boosts

One unique feature of this game is that you can actually spend your Fame points. Keep in mind that when you spend your Fame, you will lose the 2% bonus for every point you use. The boosts that you will be able to buy from the Fame shop are great and definitely worth sacrificing a few Fame points on, but that doesn’t mean you should throw all your bonuses out the window. Try to maintain a balance between spending and earning Fame.

5. Get Free Crystals

Crystals are the premium currency of Cash, Inc. If you want to earn some crystals for free, there are a few things you can try. First, simply go to the Info menu then tap on the Statistics tab. At the top, you will see a button that allows you to connect your Facebook account to the game. Doing this will give your 25 crystals. Next, head on over to the crystal shop. Entering the crystal shop for the first time will automatically reward you with 100 free crystals.

Earn millions of dollars and become famous with the help of our Cash, Inc. cheats, tips and tricks! In case you have additional tips to share, be sure to leave us a comment!


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