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Conglomerate (iOS) Cheats, Tips, Tricks & Hints for Making a Big Fortune Faster

Conglomerate is Alegrium’s new idle clicker game for iOS devices, and just by the title alone, you can probably guess what this game is about – it’s one of those “get-rich” games in the fashion of AdVenture Capitalist, which, of course, is made by a company called Kongregate. Now, this game appears to be different, in the sense that it “goes beyond the Hollywood spotlight,” as you play the role of an entertainment mogul, with famous superstars just one call away and a business portfolio for you to grow. You can invite your famous friends to your business tower, where they can give you gifts and other bonuses, but you will also have to help people in finding their missing items and work toward building different types of businesses. Additionally, you’ve got the threat of burglars to deal with, as they can steal money from your business tower.

It all starts with just a thousand dollars in virtual cash. But how fast can you grow that money, and how well can you run your business? We’ve got what you need with these Conglomerate tips and tricks – you’ll be tapping (or idling) your way to a big fortune in no time if you follow our advice!

1. Tap On The Dollar Sign To Collect Faster

This is an idle clicker game, which means you can earn money even if you’re not playing the game, even if you’ve been gone several hours, or even a few days or more. But when you return to the game after a long absence, you may find it hard to manually collect that income from different sources. But you don’t have to go through all those pains, as you can simply tap on the dollar sign icon to collect all your offline earnings automatically. Make good use of your time offline, as this could earn you serious money that you can use to grow your more expensive businesses.

2. How To Earn More Crystals

Crystals are the premium currency of Conglomerate, and normally, the best way to earn a lot of them ASAP is to spend some real money and make an in-app purchase. As we often say, that’s fine if you’ve got money to burn, but if you’re trying to save it, it’s best to earn those crystals as naturally as possible. The game is generous in rewarding free crystals, so if you see a free crystals offer on the left side of your screen, click on it and you’ll watch an ad video, which would last about 30 seconds at most. You can also double-tap to close the game and reopen it, which usually means another ad video for you to watch. Of course, you won’t be earning too many crystals per video, but they can add up over time.

3. Don’t Spend Your Crystals To Expedite Construction

The game’s first option for those who want to speed up the construction of a new building would be crystals. But you don’t want to fall into this temptation, as it’s possible to speed up that long, tedious construction period for free. If you watch an ad video, you can speed things up by one-fourth of the time; this isn’t much, but you’ll notice the difference when you’re trying to expedite shorter tasks. Alternatively, you can go to any building that’s under construction, and tap on the button that appears. That’s going to remove 1.5 seconds per tap, and if you want to expedite things big-time, you’ll want to use as many fingers as possible to tap on the button. This should be good news for users of 5-inch phones or larger, or tablets, as that naturally means more fingers could be used for multi-finger tapping.

4. Lend A Helping Hand

The game’s overview above describes situations where you may need to help people who lost something while you invited them to your tower. These are the game’s equivalent of quests, and you can complete them for additional in-game cash. Check the information on these items – their name and description – and go around your tower. Look for any item that doesn’t seem to belong, while also matching the description of the item, and you’re all set. You’ve completed a quest in Conglomerate, and would be best-served completing as many of them as possible.

5. Burglars Are A Threat

Burglars make for an interesting mechanic in Conglomerate, as they can break into your tower and actually cost you a lot of money if you aren’t careful. So if you see a burglar trying to sneak in, all you need to do is to tap on them until they’re gone. Catching all the burglars in time means you won’t lose anything, but failing to do so would shut down one of your businesses for a certain period of time, costing you money in the process. Indeed, running your own business(es) and managing your fortune could be as dangerous as it is fun.

That’s it for now, as far as our list of tips and tricks for Conglomerate is concerned. Do you know additional hints for the game? If so, feel free to share them with us in the comments!