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Hello Kitty Music Party Cheats, Tips & Guide: 6 Hints to Tap Your Way to a Great Music Party

Hello Kitty Music Party isn’t the usual kind of clicker game available on app stores – it’s a musical clicker game from Sanrio Digital. The game is now available for iOS and Android devices, and the description details what you have to do in here – that’s throw a “big, fabulous party” for Hello Kitty and her friends. But what makes this game unique is what the description adds a little later on – if you move your body to the rhythm and do what they call the “Happy Dance,” you’ll earn more notes. It’s all about tapping and “dancing along (to) the rhythm” in this game, so if idle clickers tend to bore you, this one, at the very least, will keep you moving. Aside from unlocking new characters, you can also build new music buildings to attract more people to your party, thus allowing for a more traditional “idle” mechanic as well.

How can you succeed in a game that’s so different from the average clicker? We’re here to help you with that, never fear, and whether you’re a beginner or someone who’s gotten substantially far enough in the game, you can take advantage of these Hello Kitty Music Party tips and tricks. Read on and we’ll help you throw the best party ever.

1. Make Sure You Complete As Many Missions As Possible

Like many other games, Hello Kitty Music Party comes with its share of missions. These are tasks that can be completed by playing the game naturally (with one exception), though it always helps to keep tabs on your progress, and know what each mission entails, so you can complete more and complete them faster. Go to the top of your screen, and you will be able to view your mission progress. For example, you may be asked to pop so many clouds, collect so many vibes, or tap in harmony with the beat so many times. Each mission completed will give you a multiplier that goes toward the efficiency of your buildings, and that means more vibes with more missions completed!

2. Clouds Spawn Over A Period Of Time

As we mentioned above, all of the game’s missions can be completed organically, meaning there’s no real need to rush, if you aren’t in any hurry to make faster progress. But there’s one exception, as hinted, and that’s the cloud-related missions. Clouds will spawn in the game over a period of time, and you can only pop them by tapping on them manually. And there’s no way to change how often they appear in the game either. You’ll be guided towards clouds that are moving but out of your view by an indicator of sorts that points you to their direction.

3. There Are Many Ways To Have The Ultimate Party

Once again, we have to stress that Hello Kitty Music Party is rather unusual for games in the genre. You may likely be familiar with idle clickers, and the game’s description does suggest that idling around isn’t the best way to go about things. Rather, you are encouraged to dance along with Hello Kitty and her gang, though not really literally – just tap to the beat, no real need to swing your hips like you were actually on the dance floor. Alternately, you can focus on building your city and working on buildings that create vibes, which, as we said in the overview, is essentially this game’s version of idle clicker mechanics.

4. Upgrade According To Your Play Style

When it comes to the upgrades, you’ve got to consider one thing, and one thing alone before anything else – your play style. If you’re having fun tapping, and maybe dancing with these familiar Sanrio characters, then you should be focusing on spending your vibes on Hello Kitty Metronome upgrades. If you upgrade the Metronome, you can earn more vibes per tap, with vibes being the game’s primary currency.

Conversely, your vibes should be spent on buildings if your thing is growing your music party and idling along as much as possible. A different member of Hello Kitty’s group of friends runs each building, and these buildings will earn you vibes as you go along. More expensive buildings earn more vibes, and if you want further proof of an idle mechanic, the buildings also earn vibes while you’re away from the game.

5. Turn The Chance Records On, But Be Wary Of The Catches

At some points in the game, you will notice that the middle of the giant record will feature three smaller records, and not the usual Hello Kitty font that you see. Tap on any of the three records and you’ll be rewarded with a Chance Time. Once you’ve chosen a record, simply swipe up on your screen to reveal your prize. These prizes may include temporary upgrades that offer a boost to the number of vibes per tap or per building. But bear in mind that some of the Chance Records don’t offer any benefits – in fact, they could temporarily hamper your progress, reducing your vibes per tap or your efficiency. But once again, these are temporary, and if you watch an ad video, you could counter the negative effects and keep on receiving vibes as usual.

6. String Those Beats Together

We probably shouldn’t touch much on the idle clicker features of Hello Kitty Music Party, as we all know those games are incredibly easy to play. But tapping is indeed the preferred way to get more vibes, as it’s more productive than simply sitting back and leaving it to the buildings. If you string together consecutive taps that match the beat, you can increase your combo multiplier. And you’ll get more good vibes as you keep tapping and the multiplier keeps rising. You can get more vibes by tapping closer to the beat – Awesome means you’ve tapped with perfect timing, followed by Great, Cool, and what you certainly should be avoiding, Miss.

There you have it! This wraps up our guide for Hello Kitty Music Party. If you know other tips or tricks for the game, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!