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Billionaire Cheats: 5 Tips & Hints for Getting Rich Quickly

Billionaire is an addictive tapping game for iOS devices, which was released by Alegrium. In here, you simply keep tapping on your phone or tablet’s display to earn more money, build new businesses, and amass power as well as riches, competing with some of the world’s richest individuals. There aren’t any frills in this game, and in terms of mechanics, it is probably most similar to AdVenture Capitalist. So if you’re ready to become rich beyond your wildest dreams – well, at least as far as this game’s universe is concerned – then you’ll want to read these Billionaire cheats, tips and hints.

1. Keep On Tapping

If you’re starting up a new business, you can expedite the construction by tapping quickly on the construction button. With each tap on the screen, you’ll be benefiting from less construction time – this may depend, however, on your business’ value. Alternately, you can spend crystals to speed up the building process, though we must remind you that this is Billionaire’s premium currency.

2. Build All Businesses From The Get-Go

Starting players will have access to about seven businesses. Don’t just settle for one of them – build all of these businesses, as your net worth will need to be at $10,000 or more if you’re looking to move up to the next tier and unlock more businesses.

3. Manage Your Threat Level

The threat level is one metric you should pay very close attention to in Billionaire. All businesses have corresponding threat levels, while the ones you own will give you a composite threat level in percentage form. The higher your level is, the more likely you’ll be busted by authorities who aren’t quite understanding how you got rich so quickly. An extremely high threat level will force the officials to seize your businesses and even send you to jail. As such, it would always be best to prioritize businesses whose threat levels are at zero, or are at very low levels.

4. Invest in High Value, Low Risk Businesses

Looking at the second tier of businesses, the Baby Center probably fits this billing the best, as it’s a high-valued business with little to no risk involved. Its earnings are estimated at $450 per minute, while its maximum hold is $36,000. And since this is a center for little tykes, there is no threat level whatsoever to worry about. And you won’t ever have to worry about that, as businesses with no threat level will have this metric staying at zero, even if they get upgraded.

5. Sell Older, Less Profitable Businesses Over Time

Once your Baby Center is making a killing, that’s when you can sell your first-tier businesses that are older and less lucrative. More notably, these businesses may be doing a number on your threat level, which makes it more important to sell them off while it’s still early.