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BreachTD Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Tips to Build an Effective Team of Guardians

BreachTD by Space Rhino Games is an iOS-only title that takes tower defense one step further with an action-packed mix of real-time strategy and MOBA-like gameplay. Yes, that’s right, the TD does indeed stand for “tower defense” and there are a lot of role-playing aspects here, as you can choose a team of Guardians and plan your defenses to protect your kingdom. You can also throw off your opponent with mercenaries and make use of Battle Cards to “shift the tide of war.” There is a strong social element to this game, due to its MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) features. Now, that we’ve given you a quick run-through of the game, let’s head over to our collection of BreachTD cheats and strategies that can help make your defense, and other aspects as well, more efficient.

1. Make Sure You’ve Got A Versatile Team

When creating a team of Guardians, you have to ensure that you’ve got a versatile lineup. What does this mean? For one, you need to have a high-octane offense Guardian, a defensive-oriented “tank,” and one support unit. For your fourth team member, you’re free to choose, depending on your style of play and how you plan to go about things in the game.

2. Formation Is Key

It’s one thing to have a versatile team, and another thing to deploy them in such a way that you’ll have an effective attack. Of course, the tanks need to be fighting up front as your first line of defense – as they’ll be in the front row, they’ll be taking one for the team and absorbing the most damage. Your attackers, may they be melee fighters or ranged fighters, should be positioned in the middle, while the support members should be situated at the back. It’s recommended that your mercenaries also be positioned in the middle.

3. Make Good Use Of Your Mercenaries

Mercenaries are supplemental fighters, to be sure, and they mainly help your team out in passive ways. But don’t underestimate this, and be sure that you’re upgrading your mercenaries in such a way that they generate more plasma. The more mercenaries, the merrier – your Guardians would be able to benefit from their help big-time.

4. Stay Alive

Once you’re done with each wave, you’ll be getting an aurum bonus based on how many members of your team are alive. That said, you should try your very best to complete a wave with as many team members – preferably everyone – alive. Your Battle Cards can help you to this end, helping you survive once you use them.

5. Be Prudent With Your Battle Cards

While Battle Cards won’t cost you any resources, they have extremely long cool down periods. This means you should only use them when absolutely necessary. Think of them as situational cards that you should only use if the occasion calls for it. It’s true – Battle Cards are helpful, but they aren’t to be used arbitrarily, or whenever you feel the slightest tinge of panic in your game.