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Over Space (iOS) Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Dominate Space Battles

Over Space may be a follow up to the Galactic Phantasy Prelude, but it is in no way a rehash of the same game, as it actually provides a whole new experience. This is a massive real-time strategy and base-building game from Moonfish that veers away from the one-on-one combat and instead puts players in charge of vast fleets in an all-out space war. As commander-in-chief, you will have to manage your base operations, come up with your own battle tactics, and customize your fleet formation. It is not just a matter of picking from premade formations, either. You will personally choose from the dozens of ships that you own, and align them into columns, wedges, squares, and more. It’s a lot to take in, so make sure you check out our collection of Over Space tips, tricks and strategies for some useful pointers!

1. Let The Quests Guide You

Over Space does a good job of teaching you the basics through quests. Make sure you prioritize these quests in the beginning to ensure you start on the right track. After the introductory quests, the game will continue to give you quests as a guide to your progress. You will have more freedom to do what you want with your base at that point but if you feel like you are getting lost, it’s always a good idea to go back to the recommended quests.

2. Understand The Weapon Triangle

In Over Space each ships have a weapon type. These types have different effects on each other, so it is a good idea to memorize the weapon triangle in order to quickly exploit any weaknesses your opponents might have. The three weapon types are tanks, speeders, and rangers. Keep in mind that tanks are strong against speeders, speeders are strong against rangers, and rangers are strong against tanks. When choosing a formation, make sure you have the right weapon types for your opponent. Most importantly, make sure your battleship is stronger than your opponent’s. Don’t forget to choose crew members who have an affinity to the ship’s weapon type in order to maximize your boosts.

3. Fill Up Your Queues

If you want to continue progressing in the game, you should minimize your idle time. That means you should keep your crew busy by ensuring you always have things queued up. Continuously research new technology in the Research Laboratory to gain permanent boosts. You should also keep making new ships to ensure you have backups in case you lose battles.

Another thing you should always do is to send out your ships to gather resources. As the game progresses, the costs of upkeep will continue to rise. You need to anticipate your needs so that you don’t end up suffering from a shortage. Mining on another planet also allows you to scout the area which can give you crew and battleship shards.

4. Complete Internal Affairs Quests

Internal Affairs quests are easy quests that don’t really require you to do anything other than start them. Just go to the Internal Affairs tab in your Quest menu then start a quest. You will see a timer that shows how long it will take for the quest to finish. Once the time is up, you can go ahead and claim your reward. Make sure you take advantage of this because it gives you rewards for doing nothing.

5. Think About Your Formation

If you think this is a game where you can just throw together your strongest ships and win, you are in for a losing streak. Positioning can easily be the difference between winning and losing in this game. If you don’t pay attention to your formation, you can get your units blown away by a weaker fleet with good formation. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of your ships. For example, some ships deal a lot of damage but need to stay in the backline because they can’t take hits. Make sure you check the information of each unit that you will include in your fleet.

It is time to dominate the galaxy in Over Space! Make sure you follow our strategy guide above and your fleet will be invincible! If you know additional hints for the game, feel free to share them with us in the comment section below!