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MARVEL Future Revolution Strategy Guide: Tips & Tricks to Increase Your Combat Power After Reaching Level 100

Netmarble’s MARVEL Future Revolution recently unleashed its first set of upgrades, opening the first sections of the sixth area, Dark Domain, and increasing the hero level cap to 120, among other new additions and improvements. Although there has been a plethora of players who have reached the previous hero level cap of 100 before it was increased, the Omega Squad continues to recruit more and more members as new players dive into MARVEL Future Revolution’s world.

marvel future revolution fight

It certainly is a long and challenging road to reach level 100 and stretching it further to level 120 is expectedly a challenge of bigger proportions. Reaching either the previous or current level cap is not the end of your path towards growth and is only a small fraction of it. MARVEL Future Revolution provides plenty of ways for players to keep increasing their heroes’ combat power. Most of these require long grinds and some dedication. While plenty of resources involve luck in their procurement, the rates are not really that bad and there are no complete losses for not getting the ones you need all the time.

If you have just started playing MARVEL Future Revolution, do not feel that you are way behind others who started their adventure earlier. While some game modes allow limited attempts to earn you rewards, the campaign itself hardly has limits as to how far you can progress based on the time and dedication you invest.

If you are raring to get a full and solid grasp of all the basic features and mechanics to jumpstart your journey, we suggest that you head over to our MARVEL Future Revolution beginner’s guide. We also published an advanced guide covering additional tips and strategies not included in the beginner’s guide.

marvel future revolution thanos

With an initial roster of 8 popular heroes to play as in MARVEL Future Revolution, it becomes a common query for beginners to identify which from among them is the best. There are no right or wrong answers, of course, as each one has their own unique strengths and limitations. Some will naturally be more appealing for one player than others and vice versa but there is definitely a most suitable character for every type of player. Although you can play all 8 characters in a single account, choosing the first one to focus on is an important decision.

Considering their overall performance in both PvE and PvP game modes, we ranked them down considering their general proficiency and ease of utility across all existing game modes. You can take a look at our tier list and see how we ranked each available hero down. Do not get the wrong idea, though, as we feel each one has unique capabilities and we enjoyed using each of them as well.

marvel future revolution summoner of destruction

If you are a little unsure as to how to build your favorite hero or heroes. We have two guides to help you out. We have published a PvE build guide and a PvP build guide to give you ideas on skills, battle badges, and Omega Cards to invest in for every hero.

In this new MARVEL Future Revolution strategy guide, we will be discussing what you should do after reaching the level cap to ensure that your heroes will continue to increase their combat power and be able to handle present and future challenges. Although this guide is more suitable for advanced players who have at least reached level 100 with their lead hero, complete beginners can also benefit from having an idea of what to expect moving forward.

1. Plan And Polish Your Daily Routine

MMORPGs as well as other online games are always expected to include daily quests or missions in them and MARVEL Future Revolution is no exception. Surely enough, the roster of characters as well as the cooperative and competitive aspects of the game guarantees a unique experience each day.

The dailies, as we like to call it, are nothing more than a routine guideline to ensure that you make the most out of each day’s adventure. As complex and as intimidating as it may sound for complete beginners, dailies will actually grow to become a natural part of your virtual routine in a few days’ time.

marvel future revolution gold donation

As a contributing member of any guild, you should naturally make a gold donation each day and purchase some items in the guild store if it is the first day of the week. Sending and receiving friendship tokens can quickly and easily follow.

We recommend taking a bit of time to weed out inactive friends so that you can add or accept invites from active players and earn more tokens regularly. Be sure to consider active members of your guild for your friends as well. This helps keep track of who are online and can join you in accomplishing some guild missions.

Outside of special events, your daily routine should exhume all limited reward attempts across both operations and the arena. Blitz previously allowed only 3 attempts per day across all boss enemies you have unlocked within it.

marvel future revolution blitz

The fact that players had 3 challenge attempts for each boss then seemed like a glitch of sorts and in the current version of MARVEL Future Revolution, an increased challenge attempt to 5 is still plenty. After completing 5 attempts and donating the max amount of 100,000 gold to the guild, you will likely clear 7 of the daily challenge objectives as well.

A swift run across both raid and special operations leaves you only to deal with the battle challenges. Since you have a full week to progress as far through it, though, you do not necessarily need to visit it on a daily basis.

marvel future revolution arena battle

Arena match attempts are quick to expend as well although it may require a little more effort as you should consider manually playing. In any case, all the battles you need to partake in as part of daily routine should not even take a full hour to accomplish. After all is done, it is best to ensure that you stay online for a few minutes more to obtain the 60-minute reward from the login event.

2. Complete The Activity Log Targets

One of the bigger but highly doable challenges in MARVEL Future Revolution are the campaign completion indicators that you can see under the Activity Log. This is what tracks your completion rate in each area based on epic missions and side missions completed, collectibles and villains you defeated, as well as most wanted villains you hunted and eliminated.

marvel future revolution activity log

For the most part, you are likely to complete all categories easily with a play through of one or a couple of heroes. The Villain logs and most wanted list, however, takes some grinding for you to completely satisfy the requirements.

You can consider each list here as a guide to help you earn a 100% completion rating for each area. There are, however, extra resources to earn from the villain logs, and gaining a 100% completion rate per area has valuable rewards of gold, squad EXP, and either free crystals or a high grade Omega Card. For players like ourselves who have a bit of OC when it comes to gaming, securing a 100% completion rate on some areas give a sense of order and relief, knowing that there are no stones left unturned on the earlier levels. Naturally, you would want to start off getting a 173/173 rate of completion for New Stark City, systematically working your way from one area to the next.

With villain logs and most wanted targets being the items that require grinding, you can actually easily align time you spend in MARVEL Future Revolution to progressing both these sets of targets efficiently. As you will always have some needs for crafting materials, you can gather materials from any of them.

marvel future revolution villain log

Under the Villain Log tab of any area within the Activity Log menu, you can simply click on the villain’s location and even automatically move to that area. If the numbers you need to rack up are enormous, you can always opt to grind idly using MARVEL Future Revolution’s sleep mode.

Eliminating most wanted targets, especially Prime Targets a certain number of times is a big challenge but you can speed up your completion rate by going beyond what you would normally hunt for rewards. In addition to the 3 daily most wanted targets as well as the 2 times and 7 times you can earn rewards from prime targets and normal targets each day, you can always push to hunt additional targets. This, of course, will not form part of your priorities on a daily basis as it will not yield you any rewards.

marvel future revolution channel

Switching across different channels is an excellent way to quickly clear most wanted targets. Within the same server, channels serve as different iterations of that server and all your heroes can basically hop from one channel to the next, much like going across independent but similar realities.

By default, you will always be situated on Channel 1. If you reach the area to hunt your target and they are not around, you can tap on the Channel button at the upper left side of the screen and move on to the next one. After moving to a different channel, there is a 1-minute cool down period before you can hop to a different channel again.

3. Push To Accomplish Special Event Objectives

MARVEL Future Revolution holds plenty of events that make it a lot easier for starting players to rack up various valuable resources. While most of these events seem to be available until further notice, giving players a lot of extra time to accomplish additional missions, special events have very limited durations.

marvel future revolution mad titan invasion event

There was a previous event showcasing Dormammu, Dr. Strange’s arch-nemesis, as a special target across select areas in the game. As of this writing, a Mad Titan invasion event, featuring Thanos, is ongoing and gives players a variety of challenges to conquer.

Regardless of whether the event is over by the time you read this, similar events like this will surely happen. Likewise, these special invasion events may also make a comeback from time to time, and it becomes important to take advantage of them whenever they are around. The main reason for this is not the additional resources you can earn from them but rather some items that are impossible to obtain anywhere else.

marvel future revolution invasion

The current invasion event only lets you earn rewards from participation once per day. However, additional tickets can also be purchased from the shop or earned from accomplishing some special event quests as well. It pays to have a strong hero in these events but at the same time, you can still grab as many rewards as you can even if you are just starting out in your adventure. Be sure to take note of every part of the special event like collections and special missions available in the current one. Let the targets serve as your guide towards getting as many of those special rewards.

4. Strategize On Strengthening Your Other Heroes

We have already mentioned in our previous advanced guide that you should always opt to test out other characters. MARVEL Future Revolution makes it quite enticing for players to take the role of several characters within the same account as the squad mechanics where every character in your roster contributes to increases the combat power of each of its members.

Squad rank and squad power level will take a lot longer to max out than each of your hero’s levels, and given that these features impact each hero’s combat power means that you should continue to increase both as well.

marvel future revolution doctor strange stats

What generally happens in the normal course of empowering your lead hero is that you will focus on progressing the lead hero’s campaign over most other activities. At some point, your lead hero will be faced with a difficult quest ahead with a recommended power level that is higher than what he or she currently has. You will naturally be inclined to take a second hero out, complete campaign quests for that hero, and earn additional resources that include materials you need to boost your squad power.

The important reason you need to stay focused on a lead hero, is because some resources shared across your heroes are very difficult to obtain to sustain all your heroes’ needs. Costumes, cores, and specialization enhance materials are just basic examples of resources that need to be focused on the lead hero. Omega cards and battle badges, on the other hand, can be swapped across all heroes in your squad, provided, of course, that they meet the level requirements for the latter.

With this in mind, the progression rate of all other heroes you have will be much more limited. You may feel the very noticeable ease of progression from levels 1 through 50 or so but beyond that, the other heroes will feel the relative shortage in power resulting from needs for higher grade costumes, cores, and even specialization enhancements.

marvel future revolution captain america stats

In these unavoidable predicaments, you should strategize on how to efficiently power up each of the heroes in your squad. It will certainly take a lot of time and dedication to level all your heroes up, especially if you have unlocked all 8 character slots but the amount of power your lead hero can gain out of the squad rank and power boosts will make it ever easier to conquer all challenges that come your way.

For starters, the constant reason you will have for running out of gold early on largely relates to your lead hero requiring gold to upgrade his or her skills and unlock disciplines. Once you have maxed out the skills of your lead hero, you will have plenty of extra gold you can use for store purchases as well as the needs of your other heroes.

This should include a budget to purchase costume sets from different shops in H.Q. as well as in every area of the campaign. Considering the difficulty of collecting or even obtaining pieces of special costume sets, you should settle for a common costume set that you can more easily complete for your other heroes.

marvel future revolution battle badge v

Costumes have a max star grade of 6 and while you can target to achieve that for your lead hero, you can spare bits of resources to let your other heroes upgrade their costumes, enough to enable them to progress a little further into their separate campaigns at the very least. Prioritization should still be considered for your other heroes, meaning that once you are done with a particular enhancement aspect of your lead hero, you should shift focus on a single other hero next.

Having your lead hero able to equip high level battle badges should not instantly encourage you to dispose of lower level ones. Suppose your lead hero has level 100 battle badges equipped, you should still keep high grade badges for the rest of the heroes you have in your squad. For good measure, at least keep a decent set of badges for each level just to ensure that all heroes in your squad will have decent badges to equip when they hit a milestone.

The manner by which cores are upgraded makes it important for you to consider having them at higher grades for your lead hero’s battle badges. As core upgrade probabilities degrade with each upgrade level, however, it will be worth saving even some 3-star cores for your secondary characters’ battle badges.

5. Target Specific Omega Card And Costume Sets

Despite the random element of securing practically every resource in MARVEL Future Revolution, there are still some ways of delimiting probabilities and narrowing down choices in your favor. This especially applies to Omega Cards and costume sets your hero needs, which can be obtained without consuming premium currency.

There are special costume sets and Omega Card sets that can only be drawn from the shop. As much as these are the better end-game items you would want for your heroes, it is best to pursue more realistically obtainable costumes and cards for free-to-play players.

marvel future revolution omega cards

Within the Omega Cards section of the collections feature lies a comprehensive database of every obtainable Omega Card in MARVEL Future Revolution. Note that not all of them have set effects but at the very least, you can identify which ones you have already acquired. This is the best place for you to look into cards that best suit your lead hero and, for starters, your lead hero’s Omega Card set will have to do for your other heroes as well.

Perhaps the most important feature of the collections is identifying the specific cards you need to complete the sets you want. You can tap on any card and click on the “pin” icon at the upper right side of the card window to determine where you can acquire the card. This will reveal the area and section where the card can be obtained.

Within the specific section, you can then hunt the most wanted targets and hope to secure the cards from them. Omega Cards that have set effects will automatically be locked when you acquire them. Be sure to unlock extra copies and combine them manually to save space.

marvel future revolution xandearth

Obtaining costume pieces is relatively easy in MARVEL Future Revolution. The challenge comes with actually obtaining the specific costume parts you need to complete the 4-piece set. While special costume sets are inarguably superior, there are plenty of decent region costume sets available for each hero. Different sets can be obtained per area and beyond shop purchases and quest rewards, your best source of extra costume pieces should come from the workshop.

Gold is a basic currency that you will regularly run out of early on but as we mentioned earlier, you should continue to have a bigger supply of it every day once you maxed out your lead hero’s skill levels. Even the regular purchases you can make from the shop should leave you with plenty of extra gold and the best way to spend them is on crafting costumes via the workshop. Despite randomization and probabilities impacting the items you can obtain via crafting, you can at the very least target specific region sets.

marvel future revolution workshop

Be sure to check each set’s stat bonuses within the collections feature and once you have decided, farm as much as you can for the specific materials needed to craft the costumes. This is perhaps the best use of the auto battle and sleep mode feature in MARVEL Future Revolution. Make sure to have as many empty slots in your inventory when you start farming for resources.

We can surely expect more things to happen in the expansive world of MARVEL Future Revolution. New events and additional regions are sure to be on their way, and perhaps even new heroes will eventually join the fray. There will certainly be plenty of targets and goals to accomplish for even players with a load of extra time on their hands and, with it, a near endless supply of opportunities to keep increasing your hero and squad’s combat power.

This is where we wrap up our MARVEL Future Revolution strategy guide and we hope that you picked up a lot of good points to readily apply in your adventures moving forward. If you have your own tips and discoveries you want to share, we are always all ears and eager to hear from you so feel free to drop us something down in the comments!