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MARVEL Future Revolution Advanced Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Strengthen Your Squad

With the plethora of content and features to enjoy in the massive world of MARVEL Future Revolution, players who take a quick dip into it are bound to spend countless hours exploring all it has to offer. MARVEL Future Revolution does not just let players immerse themselves as their favorite superhero in a world that is a product of converged realities, but also encourages the idea of playing as different characters as a member of a growing squad of heroes.

MARVEL Future Revolution is designed in such a way that even complete newbies in the game, or even total beginners in the MMORPG scene, can experience a fast rate of progression in the early part of their adventure regardless of their choices and the activities they decide to invest time and effort in. Naturally, at some point, progression can come to a halt as the next challenge ahead is expected to require more battle power that your hero simply do not meet.

You can always choose to engage a challenge with a recommended power rating higher than your hero’s. It will certainly be difficult but never impossible. Just the same, what every player needs to prepare for is a consistent and sustainable growth in power, ensuring progression in every aspect of the adventure despite its share of difficult challenges.

marvel future revolution advanced guide

If you have just started on your heroic adventure in MARVEL Future Revolution and still in the process of familiarizing yourself with all the basics, then be sure to check out our MARVEL Future Revolution beginner’s guide first to ensure a smoother flow of progression through the early contents. If you are having trouble deciding on your lead hero, or even if you have already chosen one but have growing apprehensions on whether or not to switch to a new hero, then our MARVEL Future Revolution tier list just might be what you need to have a more detailed background of each hero’s unique strengths and limitations.

Choosing the best lead hero for your squad is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, as building your top pick takes a lot of time and dedication, as well as some luck. Understanding strengths and limitations of each hero hardly narrows down the potential end builds that can be targeted for each of them. Each hero performs very differently in both PvE challenges and PvP matches.

Choosing a hero to focus working on requires knowing an end goal in terms of how you wish to build them. For either types of builds, you can check out our PvE build guide as well as our PvP build guide. These guides provide recommended builds for each hero to excel across each of the game’s numerous challenges.

captain marvel marvel future revolution

The character builds we presented will certainly take a while to reach given that they are considered for endgame setups. What is important to keep in mind is that recommended builds are never designed for every player to try and mimic exclusively. Rather, the idea behind each build is expected to impart a sense of cohesion across the many elements that make each hero more effective in combat.

As far as this MARVEL Future Revolution guide is concerned, we will be focusing more on sustaining your squad’s growing needs with additional tips and strategies designed to help you strengthen your squad fast and efficiently.

1. Play Other Heroes To Boost Squad Power

Considering the countless MMORPGs we have played before, we actually have never been so inclined to play different characters on the same account. MARVEL Future Revolution makes it so that creating other characters and actually progressing their own main and side quests over again has benefits for all other characters in your roster. This is because of the squad system that comes with its own level, stat boosts and other benefits.

Although focusing on a lead hero still matters more than progressing all other characters, a factor to consider relative to the lead hero’s growth comes from the squad level and bonuses. As you accomplish quests and some challenges, you will notice that you will earn EXP not just for the hero you are using, but for the squad as well and while focusing on a single hero will net you a good amount of it, raising squad level and strength will be faster when utilizing other heroes. This is most especially the case when your lead hero hits a roadblock in terms of main quest challenges that have power requirements beyond what your lead hero has.

You can expect that the next hero you play will not have as much resources as your lead hero does in terms of costumes, battle badges, and omega cards but the comparatively higher squad power you have reached with your lead hero will have a tremendous boost to the stats and overall strength of the next hero, even more for the subsequent heroes you play.

marvel future revolution squad power

In effect, what would most likely to happen is that once you have difficulty with your lead hero’s progression, you can start on the adventure of another hero until you earn enough squad power for the first hero to progress further.

The cycle expectedly will not end just with 2 heroes as you have 4 character slots to start off with and can purchase 4 more at the cost of 200 gems each. You will come to discover that completing even the starting quests for the alternate heroes will result in a faster increase in squad power, making it easier not just for the lead hero to move forward with the pending quests and challenges but also for the rest of the heroes to progress and contribute more to squad power.

It can happen that playing as any of the other heroes can be so immersive in that you may forget about the lead hero you should always prioritize. There are log in rewards, as well as rewards from challenges, achievement, and events that can be claimed by any of your heroes.

Keep in mind that not every item claimed can be transferred between heroes. In this sense, it is best to make sure that you are with your lead hero when you claim costume boxes and other character-specific rewards. Omega cards, cores, battle badges, and most consumables can be transferred from one hero to the next, so taking note of this feature and strategizing around it will help your entire squad’s efficiency.

2. Take Advantage Of Squad Inventory

Playing multiple heroes beyond the first is ultimately aimed towards boosting squad power that effectively increases each hero’s individual stats and enabling them to move forward with their main quest as well as conquer challenges that would otherwise be too difficult for them. Racing towards greater power and progression does not limit you to exercising efficiency with the lead hero exclusively as adventures with all other heroes in your squad should be made even more efficient as you hop form one character to another.

The squad inventory, which lets you keep items for your entire squad to utilize should not be seen as merely extra storage space. Instead, it should be viewed as an exemplary means for each squad member to benefit from all the hard work and dedication each hero has contributed for you to amass valuable items.

Costumes may be character exclusive, and you should focus on your lead hero’s costume set upgrades without question, but omega cards, battle badges and cores can be borrowed by any character, enabling them to ravage through their individual quests faster than the usual course.

Once you hit a bump with your lead character and decide to move on to another character, you should opt to unequip all his or her omega cards and battle badges. You will then need to put those in the squad storage and have your next character pick them up afterwards.

Omega cards have no level requirements, so any hero can basically make use of them right from the start of their adventure. Battle badges are a different case given that they have level requirements, limiting characters who can readily utilize them.

marvel future revolution squad inventory

You can always keep extra badges for each tenth level to ensure that every new character you go on adventures with will have at least more than a basic set of badges to equip at all times. Cores lodged onto your main hero’s battle badges may be scarce on top of costly if you keep transferring them form one battle badge to another. In this case, you can opt to just assign cores to your best set of battle badges.

Reaching certain level milestones enable your hero to purchase and use higher grade health potions. Although potions are relatively cheap, you should place the lower grade potions in the squad inventory as well for the other lower level heroes to use. You can also do the same for other consumables that may not be as useful for the lead hero but can still be of much help to your other squad members.

Another important way of utilizing the squad inventory comes when lumping together certain resources that may not be enough to do anything on their own. Squad power upgrade materials, crafting materials, and specialization enhance materials are examples of these. Each hero can claim amounts of these resources through various quests.

Early on, any hero can accumulate enough to make use of squad power enhance materials and strengthen their whole squad. Once it reaches a high enough level, though, you will find yourself barely having enough to increase squad power levels. In such instances, make it a habit to deposit these resources in the squad inventory and gather them on one hero who will be assigned to perform the upgrades.

Crafting materials are likewise best used for the empowerment of the lead character as much as the specialization enhance materials do. It will take a lot of grind, time, and effort to max out these aspects for just one character so every bit of it used on other characters can still have its impact in the long run.

3. Craft Gears As Much As You Can

Your performance and progression in MARVEL Future Revolution as far as items and gears are concerned, does not entirely depend on your luck in obtaining them outright. The workshop, which you can easily unlock at the headquarters can tremendously help you in your endeavors provided you have the raw materials you need for crafting. You can craft costumes, enhancers, and even different convergium particles with it and while the latter 2 can be instantly done, costumes each take 2 hours to complete.

The costumes you can obtain from crafting are random but sets they belong to are essentially dependent on raw materials gathered from different areas you have visited. The Stark Superalloy can be obtained from New Stark City; Glimmering Stardust can be acquired from Xandearth; Imperial Combat Uniform Fabric can be looted from Hydra Empire; Unrefined Uru can be farmed from Midgardia; and Tayo Sand can be gathered from Sakaar. Most mobs drop these materials at random and enabling auto battle on sleep mode is worth it thanks to these materials.

crafting gear in marvel future revolution

A special ingredient for crafting costumes called SYN particles can mainly be obtained from Special Operations. Given that it is an event you can engage in only once per day, be sure not to miss it as your initially seemingly abundant supply of this scarce resource will inevitably run out. Convergium particles are likewise abundant but higher grade ones that you need and can craft will quickly deplete your supply if you do not farm and stock a lot regularly.

You can only craft a type of costume from one area at a time although you can queue it multiple times. Instead of spending gems to unlock additional crafting slots, you can lodge in a crafting queue one type at a time and simply take good note of its completion time. Gold can be spent to instantly craft but we do not recommend it. You may have an abundant supply and stock of gold but you can quickly run out of it if you play and enhance multiple heroes simultaneously.

4. Use Boosters In Important Battles

Most beginners in an MMORPG environment are more likely to hoard their consumables and be overly prudent when it comes to managing resources. For the most part, however, MARVEL Future Revolution seems to be more encouraging for an aggressive approach towards consuming resources, especially with an intent to speed up character strengthening and progression.

We mentioned in an earlier guide that you do not necessarily have to meet the recommended Combat Power or CP to engage challenges although you can expect some of them to be overwhelmingly difficult even with if you meet the recommended levels.

These instances very much serve as temporary roadblocks for your hero and encourages further powering up before you hurdle over them. Giving up just because you do not sufficiently meet the recommended power levels is not the only option, though, as these situations also call for the necessary consumption of stat boosters or enhancers you have.

In addition to health potions that you can set to be automatically consumed when you need them, your inventory holds more potions that you may not even notice early on. These enhancement potions are usual rewards from various quests and accomplishments and can be purchased from shops as well as crafted through the workshop.

Chances are that your thrifty impulses will have you ignore them from shops or the workshop. These enhancers, however, can have a tremendous impact in battle and you should never hesitate to consume them in important battles.

marvel future revolution boosters

Enhancers can be categorized by their effect and grade. Effects boost a single stat like ATK, DEF, HP, and critical damage. The lowest grades can be purchased from the shop using gold while mid-grade enhancers can be crafted at the shop using convergium particles. High-grade enhancers, however, come as rewards from quests and events and are best used at the most critical times.

Beyond important main story battles, there are some modes under operations that can also greatly benefit you for the use of enhancers for better performance. Although the earlier challenges under Blitz is definitely easy thanks to having over-powered allies, you can expect the difficulty to rise as you battle higher level bosses.

For hunting Most Wanted enemies, damage dealt is a factor in the quality of rewards you earn, most especially for Prime Targets. More often than not, being among the first responders is not even enough so using ATK enhancers serve as extra insurance for you to nab good spots and great hauls.

Battle Challenges may seem hinged on the recommended power level to take on each challenge, but the attached clear conditions that determine points earned presents an extra layer of challenge as well. While some conditions do not rely on power per se, having an extra boost of stats through the use of enhancers can push you farther through the challenges, and perhaps even clear some of the more challenging conditions.

You can expect Raids to be more challenging than Blitz despite being a 4-player co-op battle as well, most especially going against Extreme Difficulty. Enhancers can certainly provide you a huge help for these challenges.

5. Strategize On Specialization Prioritizations

Your hero’s specialization will be the last feature to unlock that relates to strengthening your character. Specializations give tremendous passive boosts to some stats and also unlock active traits that have unique effects. Active traits actually also have passive effects but are unique for each hero. You can basically unlock all nodes within the specialization map but can only equip 4 active traits at a time.

You will need specialization enhance materials for unlocking and upgrading ach trait tile. You will basically run a path towards an end-goal active trait as you require subsequent traits to be fully upgraded first before moving on to the next one and, in the case of the active trait tiles themselves, all adjacent tiles need to be maxed out first. You can expect completing the entire specialization tree to take a while especially since Raids are your basic source of these resources.

marvel future revolution specialization

Once you unlock specialization, what you should do is to first what each active trait can do. You will naturally prioritize your top 4 picks and work on performing upgrades to unlock one of them at a time. Once determined, you should work back on the tiles you need to unlock to get to your desired active trait tiles.

There are numerous tempting options here given that material costs vary depending largely on how far you have gone away from the center of the specialization tree. There are certainly plenty of ways to go about upgrades here but we recommend pursuing the activation of an active trait above all else.

6. Join Parties Whenever You Can

Whether you are playing with your lead hero or any other hero in your squad, traversing the campaign worlds are definitely a lot easier when you are a member of any party. There are areas within the world map that are exclusively for single players but most of the vast open-world can be explored by a party of 4 heroes. We already talked about the importance of being a guild member and having friends in our beginner’s guide but beyond all that, simply joining a party even with random players has benefits without any costs.

Main story quests, as well as side quests in the world map requiring you to eliminate mobs of monsters actually do not net you any EXP for each kill while in the pursuit of an existing quest. The numbers attributable to these objectives presupposes a long time of grinding, especially at higher levels and cutting those numbers down is a huge enough help.

marvel future revolution parties

With random strangers, it may not necessarily be a solid and straightforward path towards faster quest completions but if you happen to have the luxury of teaming up with in-game friends for the sole purpose of speeding up quests, then this feature will work for you best.

Hunting Most Wanted Targets can be easy on your own but a lot easier still with party members closely around. Not only will you benefit from damage each fellow party member inflicts on the target but if they happen to have characters that provide team buffs, then there would be added benefits for you.

Beyond all the immediate benefits of being a member of a party, there are also numbers you need to meet under the activity logs, granting you rewards for hitting milestones relative to numbers of specific enemies you have beaten. Regardless of whether or not the other party members are near you, each kill they make contributes to your numbers as well.

7. Check Activity Logs For Targets And Rewards

In our beginner’s guide, we discussed the value of targeting specific objectives aligned with the challenges and events, to help you focus on a more sustainable path towards progressing as well as reap as much benefits with active engagements. Considering main story quests, challenges, playing multiple characters, and even the various activities back at headquarters, there would seem to be a lot on your plate if you are an average player as far as free time to spend in the game is concerned.

If you happen to have more time on your hands, however, there is hardly anything that limits your overall progression in MARVEL Future Revolution as there are tons of activities to grind for beyond everything that we have discussed so far. A big chunk of these side activities to engage in can be derived from data you can find under the activity log.

marvel future revolution activity logs

In essence, this feature works more like an achievements menu where every bit of milestone you accomplish also comes with its own set of rewards. It all seems overwhelming at first glance but thankfully enough, these targets are classified by area. Rewards are given not just for completing each objective but also for each sub-set and each area.

Side missions and collectibles are the easiest sets to accomplish beyond the main quest as you can always see them on the map. Epic missions require you to explore and actually go the NPC who will give the mission. Epic missions, just like side missions, can also be accomplished by every other character in your squad. The more challenging sets to fully accomplish would be the villain log and the most wanted.

marvel future revolution villain logs

Most villain log requirements can be eventually achieved after playing with multiple characters in the main quest. Some, however, will require you to farm specific villains. Having a party or considering idle combat through rest mode can help you with these.

For the most wanted targets, you can only claim rewards for the first 7 normal targets and 2 prime targets per day. If you strictly adhere to engaging in these activities for rewards, then it would take a lot of time for you to accomplish these feats. It is recommended to focus completing activity log targets one area at a time. For the most part, especially for New Stark City and Hydra Empire, you will simply need to catch up eliminating most wanted targets.

8. Plan Your Shop Purchases

One of the things we can greatly appreciate in MARVEL Future Revolution is the valuation attributable to gold, as a basic currency in the game. You will most certainly have an overabundant supply of it early on but with the plethora of upgrades and purchases you can make with it; you will never have an opportunity to take it for granted.

The instance of running out of gold can happen sooner than you think especially once you progressed far enough into your adventure. It is best to learn to manage its use, along with gems, and budget spending on a weekly basis to ensure that your will always have sufficient funds to purchase important items at the shop.

At the shop, which you can access through its icon at the upper right side of the screen, one of the items you may want to invest in are raid reward tickets. Raids unlock the last in operations and stand as your primary source of specialization enhance materials.

Using a raid reward ticket naturally gives you an opportunity to earn more of these valuable resources although you do not necessarily have to spend it immediately. It is best to consume these tickets once you are ready to take on the extreme difficulty challenges that earn you better rewards.

You will also constantly earn friendship tokens, omega war tokens, dimensional duel tokens, and dark zone tokens provided that you are actively engaged enough. There are plenty of items to spend it on, some more expensive than others.

marvel future revolution shop

The general idea is to not use the tokens on anything just because you can afford them. Instead, make it a point to only use these tokens if you are certain that one item from among the available choices is the one you need more than all others.

Bundles in the shop may initially appear as targeted towards spending players but if you scroll through its selection, there are plenty of items worth spending your hard-earned gems on. The gacha draws on costumes and omega cards are seriously appealing but we would never recommend spending gems on them unless you have an abundance of it and enjoy gambles. As gems are premium currency, it is always best to spend them on items that are guaranteed.

The normal bundles like a full 4-star costume set for your hero as well as a 4-star Xandearth #4 Omega Card Set is a sweet deal for 2,000 gems each. While it is possible to earn these items without spending gems, probability makes it very challenging to do so.

The potential supply bundle, which costs 500 gems is a solid buy as well and you can purchase this 3 times per week. There are also a lot of neat supplies you can purchase as a member of any alliance. It helps to be a part of an active one that keeps reaching new levels as some items are locked behind the alliance level.

And that sums up all we have for you on our MARVEL Future Revolution advanced guide. We certainly hope that you picked up a lot of new tips  from this guide and that you will be able to readily apply those to your adventures moving forward. If you happen to come across some nifty tips or tricks in your immersion within the game, do not hesitate to tell us about them in the comments!