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Cookie Run OvenBreak Tier List: The 10 Best Destruction and Scoring Cookies

Welcome to our Cookie Run: OvenBreak tier list, showcasing the best Destruction and Scoring Cookies! That’s 10 per class by the way, which makes for 20 total. Cookie Run OvenBreak is a gacha runner game created by Devsisters, and Cookie Run Kingdom’s much older sibling, though gameplay-wise they have very little in common.

In this game, you control one of many adorable, cool, or adorably cool gingerbread cookies. In teams of two, they must run across levels filled with many things trying to crush, murder, and eat them, not always in that order. To get points, you have to destroy said things with your Cookies’ abilities, gather the Jellies around the map that act as your guide, or do both. In case you have just started playing the game, be sure to read our comprehensive Cookie Run OvenBreak beginner’s guide!

We split this Cookie Run OvenBreak tier list into two sections. Although, there is some overlap between the roles, Destruction Cookies usually do better than Scoring Cookies in long, dense and dangerous maps, while Scoring Cookies do better in maps either starved of Jellies or in levels short enough that Destruction Cookies can’t make the most of their power.

cookie run ovenbreak tier list

Destruction Cookies tend to be a very poor choice in Story Mode, and do much better as Main or Relay Cookies in Trophy Run, while Scoring Cookies tend to do far better in Story Mode, and sometimes make poor Main Cookies in Trophy Run, but the tankier ones can also do Relay work very well as long as you don’t slam them into anything.

Slower-moving Scorers also tend to do well in Event-based maps, especially those that ask you to avoid certain Jellies (Evil score-subtracting purple bear jellies come to mind) and grab others. More often than not, a Destruction Cookie with a speed-increasing Blast skill might miss whatever important objective you’re trying to grab for the event!

So with that out of the way, let’s jump into our Cookie Run OvenBreak tier list, as we take a look at the best destruction and scoring cookies in the game!

Cookie Run OvenBreak – The Best Destruction Cookies

These cookies tend to do well in long-winded, obstacle heavy levels, in spite of their relatively slowed down score-per-second ability. They last longer, can grab more jellies overall, and tend to make the most of a long run, such as any Trophy Run level, which have a six minute limit in a game where your average combi typically doesn’t last past 4 minutes. The denser and longer the level, the better these guys do. Legendaries are more common on this list since the majority of them are some form of Destruction Cookie.

1. Lotus Dragon Cookie

EASY, Lifesteal, High Speed

lotus dragon cookie cookie run ovenbreak

Someone to watch out for as they’re powerful enough to use, and they don’t even have a Magic Candy released for them yet! Lotus Dragon Cookie starts out their ability by singing at Lotus Blossom Jellies and sucking up Energy from them. After that, they take on their Lotus Dragon form, slamming through obstacles while collecting Lotus Crystal Jellies for points.

Keep an eye on them, as their Magic Candy may make or break them later on. There’s a reason they pop out the most consistently on the Champions League Combi Analyst leaderboards as a lead cookie, on all the current maps as of this writing.

2. Scorpion Cookie

FUN, Multi-Jump, Manual Attack, High Speed

scorpion cookie cookie run ovenbreak

So you use Ninja Cookie for fun, since in spite of being a rare, he’s got 7 jumps rather than everyone’s 2 jumps. Lately though, your fairly low score has been getting on your nerves. Then you get Scorpion Cookie in your gacha. Hurray! Scorpion Cookie could be considered an upgrade to Ninja Cookie, being an epic with 5 jumps but far better destruction and scoring ability.

They play very similarly, with both having charging manually-controlled attacks, pretty much turning the game into something a bit similar to a side-scrolling shoot-em-up. Except you barely have to aim with Scorpion Cookie, since their shots fan out! They have 5 wide-spray shots that recharge and can be used by pressing Slide while double jumping. Once the green bar is charged and Scorpion’s out of shots, they can go on a mini-dash that smashes through obstacles.

With their magic candy, their stinger shot sprays more needles over a wider area, and their dash comes with a follow-up scorpion stinger attack. This is best used in obstacle-heavy spots, as you get extra points for destroying things with her dash. Now we only need to know, what kind of psycho bakes a cookie using scorpion venom?

3. Pitaya Dragon Cookie

EASY, High Speed, Jelly on Destruction, High Energy

pitaya dragon cookie cookie run ovenbreak

A rather powerful cookie who often appears as a Relay on the Champion’s League Combi Rankings, but also occasionally appears as a Main Cookie, while also being on quite a few top teams for Breakout.

They’re about as obvious and simple a pick as one can get: They have high Energy, and their ability involves flying, collecting jellies to cut through obstacles, and then flying faster and smashing through yet more obstacles, turning them into Flame Jellies for points. In short, they go fast and destroy things. Keep in mind that they don’t have a Magic Candy yet, so keep an eye out once that update eventually comes!

4. Sea Fairy Cookie

EASY, High Speed, High Energy, Jelly Spam on Destruction

sea fairy cookie cookie run ovenbreak

Between Dark Enchantress and Sea Fairy, Sea Fairy is the more straightforward choice. They summon a wave boost that completely wrecks obstacles and replaces them with special Sea Crystal Jellies, worth a lot of points. They just straight up have more Energy than Dark Enchantress but lacks the lifesteal effect, so they’re stronger early on, with Dark Enchantress catching up later when both are upgraded.

Her Magic Candy makes an Essence of the Ocean follow her around and hose down obstacles with Wave Beads, making even more Sea Crystal Jellies, even when the wave isn’t active. If you want some form of lifesteal, you’ll need her pet, Wave Drop, which generates Energy everytime they wreck an obstacle for Sea Fairy.

5. Ice Juggler Cookie

EASY, Energy Recharge, High Energy

ice juggler cookie cookie run ovenbreak

A cookie often used for their ability to recover Energy, go fast, and wreck things. They get scoops of icecream to appear on the map, with their color determining whether they slow down her Energy Drain, recharge their energy outright, or give them a boost in speed.

After enough of these scoops, they start performing tricks on a giant rolling ball of ice cream, and jumping across new balls gives out a huge amoung of points. Where’s the wreckage though? It comes with their Magic Candy, which allows them to splat obstacles away with scoops of ice cream, making Ice Orb Jellies for extra points.

6. Ananas Dragon Cookie

EASY, Screen-Wiper, Jelly Generation, Super Magnetism

ananas dragon cookie cookie run ovenbreak

Pineapple-er-Ananas Dragon Cookie pops out sporadically on leaderboards, almost at random. Makes sense since they’re a powerful Cookie, able to make it rain space rocks that shatter into collectible Jelly shards, while also smashing obstacles to pieces.

You charge up their space rock once their ability activates by spamming the Slide button, and while you’re doing this, you’re magnetizing all the jellies while flying in the air. This includes Winged Jellies, which normally can’t be magnetized unless you’re using Lemon Cookie and his shield is up. Maybe being filled with sour-sweet juice helps with that!

7. Wind Archer Cookie

MEDIUM, High Energy, Slide Attack

wind archer cookie cookie run ovenbreak

Unlockable only once you make it to Champion’s League, and for good reason. Their ability involves evil spirits appearing as you run. You can shoot them while sliding, which incidentally also wrecks any obstacles that your arrow happens to fly through!

Once they kill enough Evil Spirits, they get a Wind Dash that lets them run fast while going on a shooting spree, and once it ends, they fire a huge arrow that kills whatever Evil Spirits are left, causing useful amounts of collateral damage to any obstacles, bystanders and other things you might have run into and lost Energy over. They tend to pop up on Champion’s League Combi Rankings, and everytime you see them as an opponent, they’re someone to watch out for.

8. Dark Enchantress Cookie

MEDIUM, Difficult Power Curve, Jelly-to-Energy Conversion, Low Energy, Destruction-Based Jelly Spam

dark enchantress cookie cookie run ovenbreak

Probably the only character in the entire game who actually eats jellies. Dark Enchantress is typically very weak the first time you get them because of their self- healing being outstripped by their low Energy count. Their self healing works once her skill activates, which involves evil grabby hands popping out from another dimension and eating jellies while wrecking obstacles.

Once she gets her long, hard-to achieve upgrades though (Of particular note being her Magic Candy, which summons the Cake Witch to let her wreck even more stuff and turn it into more Jellies for more points), she starts lasting long enough for her self-healing to matter a lot and piles on the points along with the bodycount.

Her pet, the Eternal Eye of Darkness, slows down her Energy drain, essentially countering Dark Enchantress’ biggest weakness. On top of this, they fire deathrays too, for more Destruction and Beam of Darkness points.

9. Cherry Blossom Cookie

EASY, Flight, Jelly Spam, High Energy

cherry blossom cookie cookie run ovenbreak

An old cookie with a fancy new outfit, and one of the easiest Trials ever. Cherry Blossom has all the looks of a Scoring Cookie, but make no mistake, she’s made for survivability. Her ability sends her high into the air on her umbrella, smashing into obstacles as Cherry Blossom jellies appear all over the place. Her Magic Candy causes more jellies to gently fall across the screen for more points.

High level players (Or those with cash to spare) typically run her with the Red Equinox costume not just for the flash, but to get that extra 500 points per Cherry Blossom jelly. That being said, getting her pet with her is way more important.

10. Knight Cookie

MEDIUM, Maniacal Speed

knight cookie cookie run ovenbreak

What’s a Rare doing here? Knight Cookie is possibly the fastest cookie in the entire game, to the point their completely deranged Blast speed makes for great meme videos. While they’re rarely used for Trophy Race (They’re so insanely focused on going fast that they suffer in maps lacking in Blast pickups), they find a very consistent spot in Breakout Special Episode 1, with a heavily fed, costumed Knight Cookie on most of the top Leaderboard teams simply for their ability to make the most out of certain Blast-heavy spots.

Breakout SP Episode 1 is your most consistent bread and butter, and Knight Cookie is always there, waiting to rush past that one spot completely loaded with Blast pickups.

Cookie Run OvenBreak – The Best Scoring Cookies

Scoring cookies typically have a hard time protecting themselves from obstacles, but can get points much faster than Destruction Cookies. This makes them good for short, calm levels, especially those with severe jelly starvation. They normally have some way to generate points or jellies by themselves, like Angel Cookie’s Magic Candy summoning valuable Feather Jellies from the heavens or Roquefort Cookie getting a minigame where they steal loads of expensive museum pieces for points, compared to Destruction Cookies who often either need to wreck things to make such jellies.

If you’re bringing any of these cookies to Trophy Run, get the ones with a high Energy count. And for the love of all that is good, don’t bump into anything!

1. Ginseng Cookie

EASY, Self-Revive, Good Relay, Jelly Generation, High Energy

ginseng cookie cookie run ovenbreak

As simple as cookies can get, Ginseng Cookie occasionally hits the ground with his staff to dig Ginseng plants out of the dirt. These are worth a lot of points, but that isn’t really what makes him special. His Magic Candy is one of the more reliable revival tools in the game, as it’s a bit easier to upgrade compared to what you get from Treasures.

On top of that, after a revival, their ginseng spamming skill becomes more powerful. This makes them a pretty good Relay Cookie for Trophy Run behind a Destruction Cookie, since they’re a rare mix of good scoring and a good lifespan, without requiring you bring their pet like Angel Cookie does. Just don’t bump into anything, as they have little in the way of terrain avoidance!

Their ginseng summoning staff bump technically destroys any obstacle he happens to land it on, but it’s not exactly a screen-wiping earthquake of doom.

2. Hydrangea Cookie

EASY, Jelly-Spam

hydrangea cookie cookie run ovenbreak

One of the newer cookies to come out, and one that pairs very nicely with any treasure that generates more Bear Jellies, at least when she gets her Magic Candy.  Hydrangea’s generally simple to use. She summons an entire Hydrangea garden to jump around in, with big puffy bushes that give you extra points for jumping on them.

On top of this, she can collect Hydrangea Flower jellies that absolutely spams the screen in flowers upon taking them, all of which give you points and magentize towards Hydrangea Cookie. Her Magic Candy allows her to summon yet more of these flower-spamming flowers, based on how many Bear Jellies she’s collected. If you can get more bear jellies popping out, then you can make better use of her Magic Candy, so keep that in mind when picking her Treasure loadout.

3. Popping Candy Cookie

SUFFERING (on an emulator)/ MEDIUM (on a decently sized tablet or phone), Rhythm Minigame, Slide Gauge, High Energy

popping candy cookie cookie run ovenbreak

The adorable leader of the CAKE POPS and a common sight on the Champion’s League Combi Rankings, but as a Relay Cookie. While they’re a Scoring Cookie, their above average Energy, scoring power, and obstacle-ignoring minigame gives them a spot as a Relay for Trophy Run and Champions’ League. Their minigame involves their crew, the CAKE POPS, jumping on stage with him for a flashy concert.

As the stage lights shine on each member, you tap on their corresponding buttons. This might  mess with your muscle memory a bit on an overly large tablet since most other cookies only need the slide and jump buttons. And playing his minigame on a PC emulator like Bluestacks is pure suffering unless you make a keyboard mapping layout specifically for Popping Candy Cookie’s minigame.

Their Magic Candy on the other hand is fairly simple: Fan mail pops out periodically on the map, and Popping Candy takes time during their jumps and slides to write a reply, filling a gauge. Once that’s done, he sends the reply to the loving fan who sent the fan mail to him, and gets a ton of points.

If you plan to use them heavily on an emulator, get your keyboard mapping in order because trying to use him with just a jump key, slide key, and a mouse won’t cut it. You’ll need a key on each CAKE POP’s corresponding buttons.

4. Chocolate Bonbon Cookie

MEDIUM, Silhouette Minigame

chocolate bonbon cookie cookie run ovenbreak

Just like Sour Belt Cookie, Choco Bonbon Cookie is difficult to use at first, but one can get used to them eventually and reap the rewards. They’re very similar to cookies like Walnut Cookie in that they get a minigame where the game asks you to match a set of clothes together with a list given to you.

Newbies are likely to panic especially since the minigame immediately appears as soon as the run begins, but unlike Sour Belt, you don’t actually need pin-perfect timing, just a really quick eye. You’ll get used to them, and winning the minigame gets you a lot of points.

5. Sour Belt Cookie

DIFFICULT, Accuracy Minigame

sour belt cookie cookie run ovenbreak

The new Sour Belt Cookie is a scoring cookie with a minigame involving cutting a strip of sour belt gum to make clothes. She’s fairly hard to use compared to a lot of scoring cookies, but for that she gets rewarded with more points per snip.

Her sour belt’s cutting areas are narrow, and relatively hard to catch. With her magic candy, the sour belt strip occasionally gets a golden section that is worth more points. Like any fashion design job, using Sour Belt Cookie requires skill, and rewards that skill, though we don’t recommend her for newbies.

6. Bellflower Cookie

MEDIUM, Timing-Based Minigame

bellflower cookie cookie run ovenbreak

Bellflower Cookie is a deceptively simple to use cookie, though you could occasionally trip and mess up due to her minigame’s nature. Every once in a while, a set of herbs appear in the ground, and Belleflower has to pull them out. There’s a crosshair indicating the timing for this minigame.

Pull the plants out too early or too late, and it’s a failure. Easy enough, as long as you stay sharp. Her magic candy turns the final herb into a rare herb worth even more points, so go grab it immediately if you plan to use her.

7. Shining Glitter Cookie

MEDIUM, Rythm Minigame, High Speed

shining glitter cookie cookie run ovenbreak

A scoring cookie with some destruction ability after getting her Magic Candy, Shining Glitter is a good choice if you aren’t entirely sure what to expect. They have a minigame (It appears as soon as you start a run, be prepared!) that involves timing your taps to hit soundwaves coming toward her as she sings.

This is relatively forgiving, though it can be a bit hard for those with unusually large tablets or playing on emulators with their big fat computer screens: The soundwaves come in from both left and right, so a smaller screen means less flicking your eyes left and right. Their Magic Candy gives them some speed and destruction, as this lets her drive her car around, running over any obstacles, pedestrians, and traffic laws that get in her way.

8. Yogurt Cream Cookie

EASY, Jelly Spam, High Speed

yogurt cream cookie cookie run ovenbreak

Another consistent sight in Breakout SP1, particularly in the early areas since obstacles aren’t their jam, though they do have some ability to defend themselves. Their special ability is to summon one of three spirits. The Red Spirit smashes through obstacles and more importantly, summons Yogurt Cream Jellies. Their Blue Spirit summons a magic carpet to rush them through obstacles, generating points.

Their Green Spirit cooks up Yogurt Cream Jellies and spams them at you. The reason they’re down here in Scoring rather than Destruction is because they have slightly lower energy than normal, and they’re much more reliant on the Yogurt Cream Jelly spam than wrecking stuff for points. This means they’re good in most levels that other Scoring cookies are good at, namely short levels with a jelly drought.

9. Butter Pretzel Cookie

EASY, Jumping Accuracy Minigame

butter pretzel cookie cookie run ovenbreak

This perfectionist painter thankfully is one of the easier minigame cookies to get used to. For Butter Pretzel Cookie, colored paint tubes ocasionally appear in their way. Butter Pretzel will tell you which color they want, and you’ll have to grab the correct one, double jumping to get the one up top, jumping once to get the one in the middle, or sliding to get the one below.

You get 4 tubes, then a canvas appears for Butter Pretzel to paint on, whereupon you spam the Jump and Slide buttons to make her paint as fast as she can. This gives you a fat stack of points, and also happens to destroy any obstacles near the painting.

10. Herb Cookie

EASY, Jelly Spam

herb cookie cookie run ovenbreak

A relatively old cookie with a fresh set of new clothes.  Herb’s ability involves collecting sunshine and raindrops to plant a field of Sprout Jellies, which give out points when collected. His Magic Candy lets extra Flower Jellies pop out along with the Sprout Jellies for even more points. They pop out sporadically as a relay in Champion’s League, and their lack of a Blast ability helps them in accuracy-based Event maps quite a lot. If they ever pick up a Jelly you don’t want, that’s on you!

And this is the end of our 10 best Destruction and Scoring Cookies tier list for Cookie Run OvenBreak. We hope this helps, and if you have any choices you think might be better on these spots (Or if you just want to chat with fellow runners), leave a comment below!

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