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BitLife Paranormal Challenge Guide: How to Race Your Way Through the Paranormal Challenge

The weekend and the start of the new week have long become special for BitLife players on both iOS and Android platforms. That, in case you haven’t guessed, is because that’s when Candywriter rolls out weekly challenges for players to complete — one theme, four to six requirements (sometimes more, sometimes fewer), and four days (sometimes one whole week) to wrap everything up. Previous weeks have been very heavy on the musical challenges, but Candywriter’s decided to change things up in the spirit of that holiday that will be taking place at the end of the month.

With Halloween fast approaching, Candywriter chose to release a nice, simple challenge that doesn’t include any pop culture nods as you may be expecting. But the Paranormal Challenge does definitely live up to its name, and in here, you’ll need to once again test your ability to drive away evil spirit, while also seeing if you’re tough enough to own not just one, but multiple haunted houses.

bitlife paranormal challenge requirements

There are a couple other requirements we didn’t mention yet, but we can assure you they are also very much in line with the upcoming holiday and what it’s all about. So without further ado, let’s move on to this week’s BitLife mini-strategy guide, where we tell you everything you need to know if you want to quickly complete the Paranormal Challenge.

Getting Started – Don’t Mind The Stats, But Choose Crime As Special Talent If You Can

There aren’t any statistical requirements for BitLife’s Paranormal Challenge — your character can be male or female, and Smarts and Looks won’t particularly come in handy during any of the situations in the game. That means you can go ahead and create any character you wish, and have them go through school with or without activities, with or without behavioral issues, even without completing high school! The latter is worth noting as you will eventually need to apply for an Exorcist job, which does not require a high school diploma.

bitlife crime special talent

The one suggestion we would make if you have God Mode enabled is to choose Crime as a Special Talent. The Paranormal Challenge won’t ask you to join the mafia or kill several NPCs — you’ll only be required to kill one person by a specific method and that’s it. But Bitizens with Crime as a Special Talent tend to have an easier time pulling it off, and especially pulling it off without immediately getting caught.

This is just optional — if you don’t have God Mode, you can proceed with any character and have them go through childhood any way you wish. But if you do have God Mode, you might want to have Crime as a Special Skill.

Be Careful When Scaring Someone To Death!

The first requirement of BitLife’s Paranormal Challenge, or at least the first one we recommend completing, is scaring someone to death. This can be completed at any time in the game from your 15th birthday onward, though we wouldn’t recommend saving it for last — you wouldn’t want to pay a dollar to undo a death via the Time Machine or restart your character’s life after your target “turns the tables’ and kills you instead of you killing them! That’s fairly rare in this situation, but it does happen.

scaring someone to death in bitlife

In order to complete this, you’ll need to go to Activities, then to Crime, then Murder — if it comes up, choose Scare to Death when picking your method. If it doesn’t, you can simply exit out of the Murder window and reopen it with a fresh set of methods to choose from. Any target will do, but we would suggest targeting a random individual and not a family member, friend, or any other named character.

Choosing the latter could be risky, as the police could get involved as soon as the following year after you hit the Age button! We were able to throw off the cops by running away, but if that doesn’t work, you can keep exiting the game and restarting until another random event supersedes the police busting you for scaring somebody to death a year (or a couple years) prior.

Summoning May Take Work, And You Need To Exorcise The Spirits Yourself

The next pair of requirements in the Paranormal Challenge are summoning at least 10 spirits and exorcising at least five of them. For that, you’ll need to buy a haunted property via any of the two real estate options in the Shopping sub-menu. As it’s close to Halloween as of this writing, there should be several haunted listings at any given time — choose the cheapest available one and buy it with a mortgage. Tap on the house under Assets, go to Spirits, and choose the Summon option.

exorcist job in bitlife

This might take a lot of repetition, but you should eventually summon the spirit successfully. At this point, make sure you choose the Stay Calm option when the dialog box pops up — there’s a small chance you might be injured by the spirit, especially if Friendliness is low, but the good thing about staying calm is that your Happiness won’t suffer much and you won’t lose any Smarts, as you might if you insult the spirit, call the cops, or let out a scream.

When it comes to exorcising the spirits, you actually need to be working as an exorcist to fulfill the requirement. Paying $250 for a professional exorcist to do the dirty work won’t count toward the five spirits. We caught this mistake early on and made our Halloween-inspired (the movie franchise, not the holiday) test character change his occupation from Patrolman to Exorcist, and as it turns out, it seems easier to exorcise spirits at this point in the real-world calendar year.

exorcising a ghost in bitlife

Best of all, it’s free! Just be prepared to lose some Happiness for each time you aren’t able to successfully exorcise a ghost, demon, banshee, or any other spirit you encounter in the game.

All Five Haunted Houses Need To Be Owned Concurrently

This is another one of those cases where Candywriter tries to make things challenging by not explicitly specifying how you need to complete a requirement. In the Paranormal Challenge, it’s owning 5+ haunted houses, and you may think that you can accomplish this via the old fix-and-flip strategy that worked in previous exorcism-related challenges — buy a haunted property, exorcise all the spirits, renovate a bit if needed, and sell the house at a generous profit. That remains true in a way, but the twist here is that you need to own five haunted properties at the same time in order to complete this final requirement.

haunted cottage in bitlife

That said, you’ll need to earn some money by using the aforementioned strategy — an exorcist’s annual salary, even if you choose not to own a car, have any kids, or incur any recurring expenses won’t be enough for most mortgages to e approved. But once you’ve fixed and flipped about two or three houses and rid them of any spirits, you should have enough to afford five haunted houses — per BitLife tradition, haunted houses are more common in the market in the lead-up to Halloween, so it shouldn’t take too many quits and restarts to get a listing that features at least one or two affordable or mid-priced haunted properties.

Once you’ve purchased your fifth haunted house (to add to the four you already own), that will wrap up the Paranormal Challenge, allowing you to unlock a new accessory — the hats and eyewear aren’t necessarily Halloween-themed, but at least that’s something new for your characters and their NPC friends and family to wear!