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Cookie Run: OvenBreak Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies for Effective Pastry Racing

You just got out of that awful, burning oven, littered with the overcooked bodies of your fellow Cookies. The witch is just around the corner and wants some dessert, so you do the only thing a little Cookie like you can do: Run like heck! Welcome to our comprehensive Cookie Run: OvenBreak guide!

The much older sibling of Cookie Run: Kingdom, they both share the beautiful art, music and writing seen in all Cookie Run games. This is a sidescrolling gacha runner game with a focus on getting as many Jellies as you can for an end of level score.  And as far as gacha games go, there is an absolutely insane number of adorable, lovable Cookies to collect in this particular game.

cookie run ovenbreak guide

Cookie Run: OvenBreak tells the story of Gingerbrave, Gingerbright, Strawberry Cookie and Zombie Cookie as they escape the Witch’s Oven and travel across the world, guided by a weird magic compass that seems to point wherever the heck it wants to, presumably to a paradise beyond Cookiekind’s comprehension. As they travel, they meet other Cookies, see exotic places, and are accosted by the many, many things that want to murder them, eat them, prank them, steal their stuff, or any horrible combination of the four. Will they make it? That’s up to how well you run.

As for the Cookie Run: OvenBreak ‘s gameplay, every character you pick plays differently from each other. Some are simple enough, with Angel Cookie able to magnetize jellies, Skater Cookie able to go faster, Lemon Cookie able to utterly smash through obstacles and magnetize everything in his path including winged jellies, many other Cookies who fly for a limited period, the usual stuff you’d expect from a sidescrolling platform runner.

cookie run ovenbreak bonus time

Then you have Cookies like DJ Cookie that come with their own rhythm minigame, Belleflower Cookie who has to pull ginseng out of the ground with precise timing, Ninja Cookie who can dash forward while firing shuriken and has 7 jumps, among others. This makes for a varied time, and using a new Cookie after getting used to another can be a jarring but happy experience.

We hope this Cookie Run: OvenBreak guide helps you out in your high-speed adventure. Now run before the Witch gets you!


cookie run ovenbreak run

Running is the name of the game, and more importantly, getting loads and loads of points. There are quite a few ways to plan for this. Maybe you want to make as many jellies as possible to make the most out of a short or jelly-starved level. Maybe the level is dense and you want to stay in there as long as possible to grab as much as you can and wreck everything in sight. On top of that, there is the actual skills needed for running, like not being easily distracted by obstacles. Here they are in detail/

You’re Not Dead Until You Touch The Ground

cookie run ovenbreak best score

If you run out of energy while in midair (Or in Sorbet Shark’s case, swimming), you’ll notice that your Cookie doesn’t fall over until they hit the ground or an obstacle. You can use this to your advantage with certain Cookies with flying abilities (Like DJ Cookie if their rhythm minigame triggers near death, or if you use Pancake Cookie’s gliding ability at the very last second, or just keep jumping with the Springy Jelly Shoes).

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You can use this to stretch out your run for just a tiny second longer, sometimes long enough to grab that Heart Potion that would normally be out of reach if you just kept running. Note that this doesn’t work so well with Last Blast effects like from the Red Egg of Resurrection or the Miraculous Aurora Elixir, which prevent you from grabbing Heart Potions while that final after-death dash is active, though you’ll still grab a tiny bit more jellies doing it.

Eyes On The Prize

cookie run ovenbreak follow jellies

Instead of keeping your eyes on the obstacles and screaming in terror when you inevitably see what looks like a solid wall of projectiles onscreen, just follow the jellies. If you see jellies on the floor, slide because that means something’s about to hit you from above.

See them in the air even though the field looks clean and harmless? Jump because stuff might suddenly appear from the ground to slam into you. Don’t panic just because of the thirty or so arrows, buzzsaws, bees or chickens flying in the air, calmly stick with the jellies and you will live. Besides, that’s how you’ll get the majority of your score anyway.

Just be careful if you have too much jelly magnetism like say, you’ve equipped the Holy Guardian Shield on Lemon Cookie or Angel Cookie and got hit several times in a row: It’s hard to use the Jellies as a guide if you’re already eating them from off-screen!

Learn From Others

cookie run ovenbreak best combi set 1

There’s a leaderboard button in nearly every mode in Cookie Run: OvenBreak. You can use that to figure out which teams the top players use to get their scores. And in Trophy Race, after your run ends but the timer hasn’t counted down yet, you can tap your score to take a look at your competitors’ Cookie and Treasures compositions to get an idea on which Cookies and Treasuress might be good for whatever Land you’re in.

cookie run ovenbreak best combi set 2

You can also use it to see if you’re simply underleveled for where you are. In which case, play anyway so you can get your Cookies and Pets up to standard. Most importantly, this can help you set a long-term grinding goal outside of quick dashes with MAX Up! Cookie Events or Trials for newly released Cookies, especially if the Cookie on top happens to be relatively old, like Dark Enchantress Cookie. And no, we don’t mean her being an old lady, just her release date. We don’t want her setting the writer on fire with a Cake Witch.

Comps For Quests

cookie run ovenbreak objective

Getting a heap of points in as little time as possible isn’t the only goal you have for making a team and Treasures composition. You normally have to decide whether or not you want survivability, points per second, or simply to get a certain Cookie to take extreme advantage of a very specific area they’re running through.

Points per second works best in shorter individual runs like Story Mode, since at some point you’ll rarely find the level lasting long enough to get your Cookies to faint. Small maps mean you need as many points in as little time as possible. This also works for events and quests that ask you to “get so-and-so many points” in a single run. For this, you may want Treasuress that dump extra special jellies on you or make existing jellies give more points, like the Haunted Snuggly Bear or the 1000% Juice.

cookie run ovenbreak gear for the objective

On the other hand, Trophy Race is an endless map for two of your Cookies, so it’ll help to get a  balance between points and survival especially if you don’t have higher level point-based Treasuress, since the jelly and obstacle density of its maps means you can get more points by lasting a long time. Pure longevity sets with Treasuress that get rid of obstacles or provide some shielding are also good for quests like “avoid getting hit for so-and-so seconds” in a single run, and revival Treasuress too if the time needed is extremely long.

Then there’s Breakout, where you have to more or less test and time your Cookies to appear in certain levels where they do best. Like arranging for Cocoa Cookie (or any Cookie with loads of points per second but a short lifespan) to appear in Escape From The Witch’s Oven’s Ribbit-Ribbit Mushroom Forest since her power is all about using Heart Potions, and that entire level is crammed so full of them that she can stay in her giant mug all day. Anywhere else and she’s pretty weak.

Relay Or Front?

cookie run ovenbreak ginseng cookie

It might also be because they have some way to make themselves last longer after falling over, like say Pirate Cookie’s ability to die and come back as a ghost, able to avoid obstacles entirely at the cost of being unable to get Heart Potions.

On the other hand, Cookies heavily reliant on their Pets to do well like Lemon Cookie (His pet allows his Blast run to become ludicrously powerful and fast, adding a magnetic effect to it and obstacle-wrecking lightning bolts) or Licorice Cookie (7 million Licorice Servant Points is nothing to sneeze at) make better Front Cookies than they do Relays.


cookie run ovenbreak burning

In Cookie Run: OvenBreak, you have many ways to get all the things you need to make your team stronger. From events, to certain levels, the Laboratory, and of course, the gacha. You’ll need it, as a higher level team and Treasuress mean more points, especially when put in the right area. Here are the ways to bake your Cookies in detail.

Magic Candy Rush

cookie run ovenbreak magic candy

If you find a Cookie you really, really like and you’ve got them past level 3, get them their Magic Candy ASAP, and grind it to lv5 as fast as you can. Magic Candies give their respective Cookies such a huge boost by adding something to their ability that can heavily alter a Cookie’s gameplay depending on how it works.

To the point that when Angel Cookie’s Magic Candy came out, it ripped the meta out of the current reigning Cookies’ hands until more updates came and power creep set in even for them, even though Angel Cookie is only a Rare. No Cookie is complete without their Magic Candy.

As for bumrushing it to lv5, that lets you add Blessings to it, like extra points for jellies and whatnot. Though if you’re going to blow 1000 Crystals for that extra Blessing spot, do it only once you’ve gotten a really good Blessing since you can’t use two at the same time anyway. As a sidenote, specific Cookies have potential Blessings not listed in the Blessings Help section, like Angel Cookie getting extra jumps thanks to their character being all about wanting to fly.

Maximum Power!

cookie run ovenbreak max quest

As a newbie, this is often how you’ll get your first max-level Epic Cookie, and as a veteran this is a great way to make some easy money. MAX Up! Cookie events are one of the best ways to, as the name implies, max out an old Cookie, since they give a ton of rewards specific to powering up the Cookie it’s focusing on.

They’re so good in fact that grinding their quests for a measely couple of days can result in enough dupes to max out a Cookie AND their pet, and their Magic Candy too if the random failure chance doesn’t make you throw your phone into the Witch’s oven.

cookie run ovenbreak max level

Of course, they’ll eat through your coin reserves like Cocoa Cookie drinks chocolate, but coins to finally make use of the materials will come to you eventually. And even if you already own that Cookie at maximum level, do it anyway as all the Cookie and Pet dupes that you can’t use are converted to coins, and any material for their Magic Candy can be converted to Magic Dust, thus funding the next Cookie on your to-do list.

New Trials, And No We Don’t Mean After You Get A New Combi

cookie run ovenbreak event trial

If MAX Up! is for older Cookies, then for newly released Cookies you should go to their Cookie Trials as soon as you get those Cookies. For a limited time, Trials offer extra rewards important for powering up a newly released Cookie. Considering how power creep is a pretty big threat in Cookie Run: OvenBreak, grinding the newest trial is always a good idea if you want to make the most out of a new release before someone else gets buffed or added and kicks them off the throne.

As for old trials, they are still worth it in spite of the reduced rewards, as they give out generally useful items like currency and Spirit Potions, and often have a Cookie’s Magic Candy parts as drops. If you have any Trials available, do them at least once, and if you do poorly, come back after that specific Cookie gets stronger or if you get a genius idea for your Treasures composition.

Spirit Potions: A Drink To Go With The Meal

cookie run ovenbreak potions

There are two ways to level Cookies and Pets. First is to go into the Gacha and pray that you get dupes of your favorite Cookie. Even with the 2900 Diamond Special Cookie Chest allowing you to pick two Cookies to have increased drop rates, this is still a bit unreliable, though you might get other good Cookies you weren’t expecting.

The other way is to get Spirit Potions. A Spirit Potion counts as 1 Epic Cookie dupe for the job, and you can get them from events, your daily Trophy Race chest allowance, and by crafting them in the Laboratory. That last one is why you’ll need to grind for Magic Powder as hard as you can.

Crafting Spirit Potions can put a serious dent on your Magic Powder reserves, but it’s often worth it as 10 potions is quite a lot, and Magic Candy materials can be bought with Crystals anyway, which the developers throw at you pretty often anyway.

Just remember you can’t use them on Legendary Cookies and Pets! For them, your best bet is doing well in Breakout, visiting the various shops in the game, and gacha mileage.

Making Your Cookies Love You

cookie run ovenbreak love 1

Affection isn’t just a cosmetic stat to make you feel nice for taking care of your Cookie. The final two stages of Affection carry some pretty hefty score boosts for a Cookie’s abilities, which is often the final thing on your checklist when getting a Cookie ready for the big time.

cookie run ovenbreak love 2

You can gain Affection by chatting with them a limited number of times in the Lobby, giving them a daily gift (Their dialogue will give a hint as to what they like and hate, though their Magic Candy specific material is often a good bet), and most importantly, doing things to make them stronger like leveling them and their pet up or powering up their Magic Candy. And that’s on top of the cute dialogue, relationship chart reveals, and the adorable little basic jelly skins you get for doing it.


cookie run ovenbreak planning ahead

Outside of running, there are a few things to keep in mind, such as spending habits and which currencies to use for what, like converting your Magic Dust into emergency Coins or rare materials. After all, Crystals are relatively common compared to magic dust so you probably want to save the dust for stuff you can’t just buy with Crystals.

Cards = Last Priority

cookie run ovenbreak card

You may have heard all the anger about how overpowered and hideously expensive Invocation Cards are. Turns out, they’re not allowed for all the really important bread-and-butter game modes like Trophy Race, Champion’s League, Cookie Trials and Breakout.

This means you should prioritize them last, as you won’t really need them so much, since those modes hold the key to getting stronger Cookies anyway. Grab them if you can, but don’t blow a gasket running after them actively. You should get them last since they are extremely costly and don’t give you much benefit for their horrid price, though they are a nice luxury for Story Mode.

Go For Bigger Rolls

cookie run ovenbreak special cookie chest

Always save up for the biggest gacha chest, gacha roll, or anything involving randomness and Crystals for that matter. You usually get a guarantee, a discount, or both if you go for the bigger rolls. This allows you, in the long run, to save spare Crystals for other tasks like rushing Magic Candies and producing things in the lab during emergencies.

Always go for either the Special Cookie Chest (which allows you to increase the drop rate of a specific Cookie you want), the Special Pet Egg (Does the same but for Pets), the Draw 10+1 for the Special Treasures Draw, and the 1900 Coin Invocation Card roll which guarantees a Rare card.

Breakout Thrice A Week

cookie run ovenbreak breakout

Your main source of Crystals and Coins is the Breakout mode, where you take a very long list of Cookies to run a marathon and get as many points as they can. The more points they get, the higher the rank, and for the Main and Special Episode 1, the more Crystals (or in the case of Special Episode 2, Coins) you get at the end of the week. If you feel that your run could have been better, you can try again to get a better score, as whatever is the best score you got for the week is what gets counted.

Join A Guild

cookie run ovenbreak guild

Just like in many other mobile games, in Cookie Run: OvenBreak a Guild gets you extra ways to earn Crystals among other things. They have a Guild Shop which is specialized for powering up certain Legendaries (especially the Ananas and Pitaya Dragon Cookie, who are exclusive to the Guild Shop), and participating in the seasonal Guild Runs can net you a solid few thousand Crystals and Guild Coins at the end of the season.

Not to mention there’s Cheering, which lets you cheer for a guild that happens to be in combat in the recent Guild Run. Now why would you want to cheer for other Guilds? Because it pays well! Specifically, in Crystals.

Champions Don’t Need A Meta!

cookie run ovenbreak champion's league

Champion’s League, fittingly enough as the next stage after Trophy Race, is basically one big fat royal “Get bent!” to the idea of a metagame team. Want to use your favorite team? Well too bad! You’re limited to what the current season lets you use. There are only two ways to do well in it: Play well, play hard, and pray that your favorite or strongest Cookies are available for use in the current season.

As horrendously painful as this can be, the rewards for doing well are worth it: You can use Champion Medals to buy dupes of Legendary Cookies and Pets to make them stronger, skins for said Legendary Cookies that give stat boosts, along with other miscellaneous useful stuff like Magic Powder, and not-so-useful (but still totally worth it) things like Jelly skins. And an adorable little trophy to hang on your account. Have fun!

Legendaries Get The Last Laugh

cookie run ovenbreak dark enchantress cookie

While Legendaries could be roughly the same difficulty to level as Epics (While Epics can use Spirit Potions, it usually only takes one to three Legendary dupes to level up as opposed to an Epic’s 20-30, and focusing them down with Mileage Points can get them up faster than you’d expect), they’re immensely hard to complete because of their Magic Candies: It is much harder to make a Legendary Cookie’s Magic Candy since their ingredients, unlike those of other Cookies, are made from extremely rare drops that usually can’t be crafted in the Lab or bought with Crystals.

Of course, you can use the Laboratory to check where you get a certain material by tapping it. This is especially painful if you don’t have a Guild, since some of those ingredients are available from the Guild Shop, albeit at understandably exorbitant prices.

This makes Legendary Cookies a later goal, since an Epic with their Candy stands a very good chance of beating a Legendary without a Candy. Power up a decent squad of your favorite Epics first, then use them to, oh I don’t know, help Dark Enchantress Cookie plunge the world into never-ending darkness wit her Candy or something.

And that ends our Cookie Run: OvenBreak guide. We hope this helps you avoid ending up on the Witch’s dinner plate. If you want a chat with your fellow players, or have tips of your own you wish to share, leave a comment down below!