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Light of Thel: Glory of Cepheus Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Level Up Fast and Defeat Your Enemies

Youzu has been in the mobile gaming industry since 2014 and has launched a wide variety of games spanning across a multitude of genres. Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac, Phantoms: Tang Dynasty, and Era of Celestials are just some of the most popular games under their banner with each one maintain positive average user review ratings and huge followings from fans of the genre.

Light of Thel: Glory of Cepheus is Youzu’s latest MMORPG available for mobile platforms. It features a huge open-world map that players can freely explore and comes jam-packed with everything avid RPG enthusiasts would want from an RPG plus more. Ranking among the top ten list of new android games in several countries and currently holding the #1 spot under the adventure category of the Apple App Store, Light of Thel has the makings of being a lifestyle mobile game for hardcore mobile gamers who want to stay ahead of the pack in new MMORPGs.

Although you can enjoy the enormous world of Thel and the plethora of adventure that await you on your own, some content are best played with friends or even random players. If you have been looking for an MMORPG to spend loads of your free time on and enjoy ones that are full of things to do beyond quests, battles, and upgrades, then you should definitely check this game out.

light of thel strategies

Light of Thel can certainly overwhelm newbies and less experienced RPG players who have not yet played games that are heavily loaded with features and mechanics right from the start. Despite the loads of information and guides you will be presented with, taking it slow initially and spending time to read through each explanation will naturally give you a good understanding of each new feature you unlock. The auto path and auto battle makes it easy for everyone to go where the quests need them to be and for the most part, each new feature you unlock takes you by the hand for a quick walkthrough of any process.

If you have just started playing the game and have encountered some impediments that block you from further progressing through your adventure or if you are looking for efficient ways to level up your hero and progress through your adventure faster, then stay with us and read our Light of Thel beginner’s guide. We have come up with several useful tips, cheats and strategies for the game to get you started on the right foot and to help you defeat your enemies!

1. Choose The Class That Fits Your Play Style

Despite Light of Thel innate feature which lets you switch across classes freely, learning the ropes of each individual class takes time. In truth, while creating and playing different classes in RPGs can be done as well, those who stick with a particular class are more likely to succeed better in their adventure. Given the case of each class in Light of Thel that can be built in a variety of ways, deciding on one to fully master right from the get-go should be a mindset that you pack yourself with before you begin your adventure.

There are currently 5 distinct classes in Light of Thel, and each one will be familiar to long-time RPG players given the conventional basic features each one possesses. Despite customization options that give you a lot of freedom to choose how you build your character, each one has traits and skills in support of what they are generally designed for. If you are a total beginner in an RPG, then we will share with you a brief rundown of each one’s strengths and limitations.

light of thel classes

As the most basic class that will always have an incarnation in any given RPG, the Omni Knight serves as your typical melee warrior that sports top defensive stats and skills. The Omni Knight is packed with a variety of single target and AoE skills but dwindles compared to most other classes in terms of offensive strength.

As Light of Thel typically shows DPS in team play, chances are that you will rank last on this respect unless there is a healer in the party. Naturally, Omni Knights belong to the front end of the party and serves as the only tank in the game. If you enjoy playing on your own with the least amount of potions and heals required although takes longer to kill mobs of enemies, then better go for the Omni Knight.

If you enjoy ranking above the rest of the team as far as damage-dealing is concerned, then the Rune Mage should be your pick. Rune Mages are ranged combatants that specialize in crowd control and AoE spells. As high as their offensive strength goes, they are the frailest of the bunch and should always strike from a distance and avoid taking hits. Rune Mages can be best for farming mobs of monsters especially later on in the game when its skills have been leveled up to one-hit enemy mobs.

The Elven Archer is the other ranged damage-dealer in Light of Thel and in contrast with the Rune Mage, specializes in dealing physical damage on single targets. A definite pick for those who enjoy one-on-one fights and like the Rune Mage, should also strike from a safe distance. Although not as frail as the Rune Mage, the Elven Archer comes close to the mage in terms of low defense stats although can more likely dodge hits to avoid damage.

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Well, Light of Thel is a type of game that can be enjoyed on your own although MMORPGs are naturally more exciting and immersive with friends to play with. The Holy Priest is the least likely class solo players will pick as its main focus is to provide healing and support to allies in combat. Much like in any other MMORPG, being a healer makes it a little more challenging to level up on your own. In team dungeons and party plays, though, the Holy Priest will be the most welcomed and invited party member.

Last, but definitely not the least, is the Shadow Assassin. The Shadow Assassin is the second melee fighter in the game but performs very differently from the Omni Knight in the sense that it is built to have more offensive strength. Shadow Assassins are also better against single enemies and banks on critical hits and critical damage to boost its offensive prowess. Like the Elven Archer, Shadow Assassins can rely on their agility to avoid hits, although will also go down as easily as the archers do when taking damage.

If you are a complete beginner, you should not rely on anyone to tell you what the best class in any MMORPG like Light of Thel is. Instead, take time to look into what each class can do from the introductory page and decide based on how you would generally want to play the adventure.

2. Follow The Main Story

Like any MMORPG or RPG with a story mode for that matter, Light of Thel holds an immersive storyline that reels you into its huge fantasy world. As much as it introduces you to the lore of the land and why you are to go on an adventure, the main story itself will be your primary source of experience points as well as gears and materials you need to continue growing stronger.

From the tutorial sessions itself, you will be proceeding from one story mission to another and will only halt when the main story has a minimum level or score requirement you have yet to meet. In any case, be sure to tap on a story quest on the left side of your screen to push through forward and as later on you will see a whole bunch of other quest types on the same space, going back to the main story missions will be a priority when it is possible.

light of thel main story

Take note that story missions will not always set you forth towards combat and will often involve errands to give you a run through of the activities you can engage in as you delve into Light of Thel. Despite the ease of travel provided by autopath and auto battle, it will be advantageous for you to pay attention to everything you go through, especially the surroundings and the needed taps and swipes here and there, including taking photos of some stuff.

For the most part, it will be impractical to grind at mobs to earn experience points as quests provide a higher XP ratio in most cases. Whenever you lag behind the level or score requirement to continue on with the main story, then that would be the time to venture into side quests and all other daily missions.

3. Strengthen Your Equipment Through Blessing

Gears in RPGs has always been an integral part of the character’s growth. Conventionally, you upgrade each piece of equipment you have on the character to become stronger. In Light of Thel, equipment slots are upgraded instead. This means that even if you switch gears as you acquire new ones the blessing level stays the same so there will not be any waste investment. You will need Blessing Stones as well as silver for each blessing and naturally, the higher the blessing level, the more expensive it becomes.

light of thel blessing

Light of Thel also leaves you with nothing to worry about as far as equipping better gear is concerned. Once you obtain a piece of equipment that is better than what you have, an equip icon will pop up on the screen to prompt you to equip the better gear. In case you fail to see it due to some reason, you can always check the inventory and an arrow up icon will appear on top of the better piece of equipment.

Each blessing improves the stats that the gear slot provides and while you may spread out blessing levels across all slots, you can actually focus a bit more on the main stats that go up. For instance, if you want more attack power, then prioritize blessing the weapon and each ring slot. Other gears will either increase defense stats or HP along with some substats.

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Blessing gear slots are just the basics of enhancing equipment in Light of Thel as you will see on the equipment slot that a lot more options are available. In any case, always check the “Strengthen” icon on the right side of the screen to go to the equipment page. If you are missing any component needed to perform any of the upgrades, you can always tap on it to find out where to get more from.

4. Upgrade Your Skills As Soon As You Can

On top of prioritization as far as gear enhancements go, the bulk of customizing your character in Light of Thel boils down to allocating skill points, particularly active skills that you actually use in combat and passive talents that further define your hero’s stats. There are also life skills that relate to other activities you can engage in outside of combat such as foraging, mining, and even fishing.

how to upgrade skills in light of thel

You need skill points to level up your skills and the primary source of this is levelling up. Some quests also provide skill points as a reward and appraising collectables do so as well. If you feel that you want to start over and re-alocate the skill points you have earned, you an do so for free but we have yet to determine if it will change over time or once you reach a certain level. In any case, you can also create different plans and have different settings for your hero. This will perhaps be useful if you want a different build for solo play and another for team play. In any case, it costs 500,000 silver and should be worth it later on in the game.

Passive talents will more define the role you want your character to play and like skills, require talent points to level up. Each class has two distinct talents available and you have to choose only one of them. You can freely reset talent plans and can likewise create an additional one to have different builds for different scenarios. In any case, feel free to read through what each one can do before you start planning on how to spend talent points. More pages within the talent layout becomes available as you reach higher levels so with the given free reset, go wild and test builds out.

Tough it all seems to fall within the same category, life skills are classified into life skills and leisure skills. Fishing is considered leisure while everything else falls within life skills. Life skills initially only require silver to upgrade but will be capped by your hero’s level once it hits level 10 and will require guild contribution to upgrade beyond that. Having higher life skills boosts productivity which means you will be able to collect and produce more the higher your life skills are. Fishing, on the other hand, can be improved through actual fishing. Better gears and catches can be achieved through spending actual time on any fishing spot. The higher your fishing level goes, the more fishing spots you can leisurely camp on.

5. Expend Daily Attempts On Adventures

If the main story quests, side quests, and guides you can accomplish via the quest tab on the left side of your screen is not enough to fill your fit for more challenges or if the same has temporarily barred you from progressing further due to minimum level or score requirements, then it would be time to engage more of Light of Thel’s content through the adventures or other game modes.

There is a plethora of unique game modes to find within the adventures icon and for the most part, whenever you are advised to level up more or gain a higher score to proceed to the next quest, you will be pointed towards the adventure icon at the upper right side of your screen. Take note that activities you engage in within adventures earn you points that unlock valuable treasure chests beneath the page. Likewise, be sure to scroll through to the bottom of the page as more game modes are available.

light of thel adventures

One of the game modes you will easily be able to accomplish and will likewise earn you a variety of great rewards is the World Quest. Chances are that you will be engaging in a number of these quests as soon as you hit a bump progressing through main and side quests. On top of the XP and other rewards you can gain from completing these simple quests, it is an opportunity to explore various areas in the game.

Another easy adventure to farm a lot of XP and items from is the Seal Fracture and you can easily run through all 20 available attempts in just a matter of minutes. This is a team dungeon of sorts where rewards are based on how big your party is. If you do not have friends playing Light of Thel yet, feel free to apply to other parties or start your own. It won’t take long to have a full party since there is an abundance of active players in the game now.

For PvP enthusiasts, you can enter the Arena as soon as you hit level 18. It is a one-on-one battle and you can manually control your character against an A.I-controlled opponent. As advantageous as it is for you, do not be surprised if you lose to a lower level player as some classes and characters are just built better for the arena. With a leap-frog ranking system, you can take over the rank of anyone you defeat. The Arena is huge so take advantage of the wide open space. In any case, you can earn Honor here which can be exchanged for various goodies at the Honor Shop.

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As we will not have enough space to cover all game modes under the Adventure category in full detail, what matters is that you prioritize based on your most urgent needs. You can see under each game mode what they have in store for you and you can even delimit the adventure shown by ticking on the check boxes above the page. If you yearn to stay ahead of the pack and want to progress as fast as you can in Light of Thel, then be sure to at least secure 100 activity points per day for the rewards at the bottom of the page.

6. Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

If you have not played any MMORPGs or largely social online games before, then be ready to make new online friends via the guild system. Guilds, alliances, clans, or loosely similarly titled yet functionally comparable player groups have long since been a part of cooperative and competitive online games. Although you can very much play and enjoy Light of Thel on your own and outside of any guild, being a member of one provides a variety of benefits that can further boost your progress in the game.

light of thel guild

The only caution you need to take is when choosing a guild to join as contribution points will be halved if you switched guilds later on so be sure to take time and look for an active guild to be a part of. On top of having a plethora of adventure buddies to be, as well as some in-game friends, you can benefit from the guild as soon as you join one.

Your mere attendance earns you contribution points, which, along with wilver can be used for guild research that provides stat boosts. Being a member opens up guild quests that becomes an extra avenue to earn more experience points on a daily basis. Accomplishments of any guild member unlock rewards for everyone else within the guild, so from time to time you may chance upon lucky bags for some free stuff. Be sure to always check in with your guild and participate in the events as much as you can.

7. Update The Adventure Tome

Every bit of activity in Light of Thel matters more than you think it does and the Adventure Tome is just a small fraction that records your overall progress in your long journey. Be sure to access it via the book icon on the lower right side of your screen as you will often have claimable rewards from it as a result of your time spent in the game.

light of thel adventure tome

The Adventure Tome represents a record of everything you have come in contact with from monsters, sprites, NPCs, fishing, and others. Accomplishing feats relative to each classification can earn you binding crystals, silver, and adventure coins that you can trade in for a wide variety of items. At this point in the game, you should never run out of things to do while in the fantasy world of Thel.

8. Let The Growth Tutorial Guide You

The initial tutorial session you go through on your first dive into the world of Light of Thel is rather short-lived. As expected, learning all the ropes within the game will take a little longer to be fully realized. In as much as the in-game information as well as guides such as this one can help you understand the game’s mechanics and features better, the in-game Growth Tutorial adds a bit of personal touch to help you discover what you need to work on or spend time in more than others.

light of thel growth tutorial

You can click on the Growth Tutorial icon at the upper left side of your screen just beside your health bar. You are most likely be able to claim rewards from here without knowing when you achieved a relevant feat but to be sure you are on the right track, be sure to browse through each tab within the feature to claim some rewards and be guided to your next targeted accomplishment.

9. Check You Backpack For Consumables

Most especially during the first few hours of your adventure, you will come across various items that wound up within your inventory and chances are that you would not entirely know what these items are for. Although some will be discussed within the tutorial and quests, you will surely obtain some that you may forget to use.

light of thel items

For one, there is a limit as to the number of items you can keep within your backpack. As you continue raking in more and more items you will certainly run out of empty slots in no time. You can dispose of inferior gears by dismantling them and obtaining silver in return. On the more important part, though, cycle through some of the items and read what each one is for. Some may be consumables that are best used sooner or later like treasure maps and sprite taming items.

Light of Thel is still jam-packed with loads of content we will not be able to cover extensively with one guide but we are certain that our beginner’s guide has all the basics covered. We hope that you learned a lot from reading our guide and that you enjoyed doing so as well. We may revisit Light of Thel again in the future to tackle more of its content. If you have some features or mechanics in the game you need help with or if you have discovered additional tips or tricks on top of the ones we have shared, feel free to let us know via the comment section!


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