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Slap Kings Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Become the Best Slapper

Slap Kings is the latest hit casual action game from Gameguru, the folks behind titles such as Loop Taxi and Racing Fever, and just days after launch, has already amassed well over a million downloads from the Google Play Store alone. The game has taken the top spot of several top ten lists of games on Android and currently holds the #1 action game spot on the Apple App Store. The over-simplistic controls and mechanics make it a great game for just about anyone to pick up and play. If you are currently in search for a fun and relaxing time-killer to liven up those quick idle times, then Slap Kings might just be the game you are looking for!

With its simple controls and kid-friendly mechanics, Slap Kings has no need for tutorials of any sort. All it takes is a tap on your screen to initiate a slap and the strength meter at the center of the screen makes it simple enough to understand that timing matters. Tapping the screen right as the pointer stands at the center of the meter unleashes a powerful slap and the farther you tap away from the center makes for weaker attacks.

You earn coins with every match you win and you invest them in health and power continuously as each subsequent challenger grows stronger. If you found yourself stuck on a particular level or simply want to progress through the stages as fast as possible, then read our Slap Kings tips, cheats and tricks below! So without further ado, let’s delve into our Slap Kings guide to dominate each challenge and reach the top fast!

1. Take As Much Time As You Need

As plain and simple as Slap Kings is, there are still various ways to go about how you can progress through it rapidly. For one, you will most likely be able to clear the first 10 or 20 challenges with much ease, obviating the need for much preparation as to what the more challenging levels can offer.

slap kings tips

As much as you do get stronger with each win, chances are that the gap between health and strength between you and the next challenger can grow farther as you reach higher levels. Without much pressure early on in the game, consider as well that there are no time limits within which you have to initiate an action. As such, you should start off by taking as much time as you need to time every slap you unleash on every opponent.

Slap Kings is the type of game that sort of provokes you to tap the screen and slap as soon as you are able to. The first trait you have to work on, therefore, is to contain your excitement and bide your time until you are certain you can make each slap as perfectly timed as you could to win the match. While it is true that this will not be necessary early on, you will sooner or later be faced with much stronger enemies that make each slap count. With that, it is best to prepare for such challenges early on to prefect it by the time you are on the more challenging levels.

2. Counting Helps You Have Better Timing

One of the most basic feats you need to master early on as you begin your career towards being the best slapper in the world is ensuring that each slap you unleash will be at its peak power. As simple as it sounds, ensuring that you always execute dramatic and devastating attacks is to bank a tap right when the power bar indicator is at the center of the meter. If you have good eyesight, or if you are playing on a big enough device, you can even see the numbers vary as the ticker swerves across the bar and reaches its peak when the indicator is at the dead center.

slap kings tricks

If you are having trouble getting the timing right and tend to click far from the center for a supercharged slap, or perhaps only consider yourself to be lucky whenever you manage to deal top damage, then consider counting each time the marker hits the middle of the bar. Once the rhythm sinks in to you, tap as in sequence to your count. You may not always get it the first time but you will eventually get the hang of it.

On top of that, you can make adjustments to how you should adjust your counting based on how early or how late you tapped the screen. In any case, this trick will always come in handy not just with Slap Kings but with any game that requires timing as well.

Take note that the speed at which the marker moves across the bar varies from one level to another. As difficult as it may be to notice at times, it becomes evident when it starts moving very rapidly. In essence, you will have to bank on your counting and adjusting it accordingly based on how fast the marker moves and how late you typically tap the screen when the supposed moment comes.

3. Balance The Upgrades Out

There are only two upgrades available in Slap Kings making the feature offer a simple decision point for everyone. For one, there is no point in saving coins for later which means that you ought to spend it on upgrades as soon as you are able to. When it comes to choosing on how to spend it, though, there are 3 options.

The first one is to bank it all on offense, with hopes of maybe one-hit slapping the senses off your contender. The second choice is to invest all your money in health and maybe laugh at your opponent’s slap as your cheek feel ticklish after receiving a super-powered slap.

slap kings upgrades

Lastly, you can opt to balance out between offense and defense and raise both health and strength equally. You will neither have the strongest slap nor the toughest cheek but you will certainly be able to stand well enough against strong slaps and will still dish out a fearsome spanking.

Considering everything, we highly recommend the last option and distribute your hard-earned coins to invest in both health and strength as equally as possible. Each level either upgrade reaches will cost more so banking on either one a little more than the other will leave you with less overall upgrade levels.

In addition to that, you should know that every succeeding opponent you face will have higher strength and health, which means that as you basically need to enhance both offense and defense to be able to finish the level within 3 slaps and be able to survive at least 3 on your own. At some points later in the game, it becomes crucial that you make each slap a good one but beyond that, your overall health and power levels should suffice to take the enemy down before going down yourself, so a good balance between both stats is the best way to go.

4. Make The Super Slap Count

As the round begins and you stare down at your opponent while counting off to time your super slap right, you may see a flashing icon at the left side of the screen. The flaming hand icon, which you can tap, will play a short video ad that rewards you afterwards with more than twice power to smack your opponent flying off the ring. Well, for the most part it would, except when you miss your timing and wind up with a slap that does very little damage. Double the impact of an erroneously timed slap and it will still be weak. As such, make sure that you time your tap even more carefully whenever you activate this power buff.

slap kings super slap count

The option to watch a video ad to strengthen your slap power is almost always available once per level, and truthfully enough, it gives you such a huge advantage that you can practically win each time you go for it.

On the other hand, watching the ad may make you lose your concentration and timing, which may lead to a less satisfactory performance and when you do get tired of playing video ads later on, you may be surprised just how difficult the game can be without the fiery slapping fist as a tool. As such, be sure to make the most out of it whenever you do choose to use it and try not to overdo it to the point that you get tired of watching ads on more challenging levels.

5. Watch More Ads For Other Advantages

On top of the tremendous attack power you can get from watching a short video ad during a match, another great progress booster comes in the form of the 5x reward multiplier you have the option of obtaining after every win. Typically, you will earn money enough to upgrade both health and strength at least twice each before the next round. Multiplying your earned rewards by 5 times as much can definitely boost your stats a lot further.

how to earn more rewards in slap kings

You most likely will not be able to appreciate the huge stat boosts that you earn from upgrades whether it is on health or strength early on. As we mentioned earlier, the initial levels you go through in Slap Kings are very easy and the rate at which your opponents grow stronger are hardly noticeable as well within the first 10 levels or so.

Once you go through the higher levels, though you will soon see the broadening gap between your health and your enemy’s health and if your super dramatic slap can deal well over 500 points of damage, a simple flick from them may do more damage to you. As such, grabbing as many coins right from the early levels is recommended, so if you can spare some time to play video ads in-between matches, you should strive to do so.

At least once before the start of each match, you may also be presented with an extra upgrade to health and power even if you do not have enough coins to do so. This can again be accomplished by watching a short video ad. Again, as this, along with playing a video ad for the attack boost before you attack and playing a couple more to obtain more coins after each win may take its toll on your patience and tolerance, we suggest doing it to a limit or, if you can, play the game with all the ads while watching a movie or doing something else.

In truth, playing ads as much as you can will tremendously boost your progress in Slap Kings but keep in mind that these are all optional and not at all necessary for you to move forward with the game.

6. Get Rid Of Distractions, Here’s How

If you are not a huge fan of watching video ads in mobile games or simply want uninterrupted gameplay on your free time, then feel free to take on the challenge of Slap Kings in offline mode. You can simply turn off your device’s Wi-Fi or mobile data and continue to play the game without any video ads whatsoever.

how to complete more levels in slap kings

Take note that while some instances will still prompt the option of getting support like the attack boost will still show on your screen, tapping on them will no longer activate the video ads, and will thus not grant you any bonuses. In truth, it is a totally different level of challenge to play Slap Kings without help from the perks you get out of watching video ads so if you are raring for a more challenging time through the harder levels of the game, then playing offline is the way to go.

And that sums up everything we have for you as far as our Slap Kings tips, cheats and tricks are concerned. As we mentioned, these are simple tips and tricks but we certainly hope that each of the tips we discussed will help you venture through the challenges much better. If we missed a tip or strategy that you discovered, or if you need more help with Slap Kings, do not hesitate to let us know of your thoughts by messaging us through the comment area!

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