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Light of Thel Class Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Each Character Class

GTarcade and LRGame have put together a real deal doozy of a mobile MMORPG in the form of Light of Thel. You can easily spend hours each day going through all the content of this game. Yes it can be a whole lot of fun going through that stuff daily and getting through content you previously didn’t experience.

The good news is that it’s hard to run out of things to do. The bad news happens to be the same thing. With all that content in Light of Thel, you’ll mostly be left with which of the five (currently five) classes to use? With each class, you have two sides with fairly different up to completely different results. This still highly depends on your class setups, that include Combat Settings.

Fear not, as in this Light of Thel class guide you’ll have the details for each of the five classes so you can hopefully pick something and stick with it.

Ultimately, it’s entirely up to you as to what you build. Just remember that a lot depends on what you can obtain while playing the game. It’s really a matter of what you’re having the most fun with.

You’ll Need Mountains Of Talent Points

However that may sound to you, the Light of Thel devs didn’t make it an easy go to upgrade your Talents. Still, there’re plenty of ways to gain Talent Points each day. When you look into your leveling and battling in the Arena, yes, you’ll gain a good sized chunk of Talent Points. Seal Fractures and other content can provide Talent Points too. But there’s a couple of others floating in the mix too.

how to gain more talent points in light of thel

That’s right, get in as much Fishing as you can each day. It’s that highlighted fish in the above screenshot you’ll be most interested in (Wooden Fish). When you check it in your inventory, you’ll notice that if you use it, it’ll give you Talent Points.

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Also note that they do come in ranks. Higher ranked Wooden Fish give more Talent Points. Another hefty Talent Points gain comes from the Affinity increases of certain NPCs. Check your Adventure Tome and look for Paladio. Tap the Send Affinity Gift tab and then the View Affinity button. At level 1, he’ll give you 20,000 Talent Points. Now try scrolling that list down. Check the rest because Paladio isn’t the only NPC which rewards you with Talent Points.

The Sneaky Shadow Assassins

light of thel shadow assassin class

What would an MMORPG be without a bunch of pesky ninjas running around? The Light of Thel devs saw that one coming and definitely provided them!

The Shadow Assassins excel at getting into various (and potentially losing) situations and coming out with a win. You’d think you got one caught with some sort of stopping skill (stun or immobilize). Nope! They can get out of that awfully quick. That is, if you managed to hit them to begin with! The recommendation is to crank up the Attack, Poison Damage/Mastery, Evasion, and Crit stats on Shadow Assassins.

light of thel shadow assassin skills

With that Poison Mastery, you can generate Damage over Time (DoT) and get a heft damage boost from the Poison Talent mixed with the Assassinate skill. The skill build in the above screenshot shows the 4 skills that work together 2 by 2. When used with the Thorn side of your Talents, it’s a very nasty attacker.

Blood Crow sends out the daggers that give each target Crimson Imprint. Anything stuck with Crimson Imprint gets hit harder by Phantom Dance and gets more stacks of Powerful Toxin when Scarlet Strike hits. So you’ll be giving your target(s) plenty of DoT. When Assassinate hits with multiple stacks of Powerful Toxin on the target, you’ll see a bunch of damage numbers coming off the target!

Your Combat Settings should look like this to make the above mentioned skill build work using Auto-Combat. This applies to either side of the Talents.

light of thel shadow assassin combat settings

When the Stealth skill activates, you’ll get a heavy hitting normal attack and your target will get a stun. Since the Shadow Assassins in Light of Thel have no healing capabilities, you should consider getting the Clay Golem Battle Pet. Even though you should have a high Evasion stat, you don’t want to ignore increasing its survival rate with a vamp effect from that Battle Pet.

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On the Thorn side of the Talents, you’ll notice it’s built for generating more damage fairly easily. There are also some effects to avoid crowd control effects.

light of thel shadow assassin thorn talents
light of thel shadow assassin thorn talents

If you choose to work Shadow Strike into your skills, be sure to increase the Shuttle Talent. The Shadow side of the Talents allows you to work your evasion a bit more. The damage output potential is there, it’s just a matter of this side does things a bit differently.

On this side of the Talents, you’ll definitely want the Blood Crow skill to spread Crimson Imprint to as many targets as possible. The Tyranny Talent will boost your Crit Rate stat compared to Thorn’s Meld Talent which boosts your Evasion stat. You won’t have to worry as much about boosting your Crit Rate! When you hit page 2 of Shadow, Transparence will give you damage boosts depending on your movement speed.

light of thel shadow assassin shadow talents
light of thel shadow assassin shadow talents

The main downside to the Shadow Assassins in Light of Thel is that they don’t have much in the way of AoE skills. You’ll have to work their killing speed as much as possible via the above mentioned stats.

The Incredibly Destructive Rune Mage

light of thel rune mage class

When it comes to damage dealing, the Rune Mages have them all beat, hands down. While playing Light of Thel you’ll notice that a lot of the PvE content relies on your Score. However, the Rune Mages can get away with crushing content at 3,000 to 5,000 or more Score above your current Score. It was all in your setup to make it move and destroy. You might think they’re “all kinds of cute” or whatever. Don’t let that trick you. They will smack the snots out of you and/or barbeque you in a heartbeat!

The fun part to Rune Mages is that they’re incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is crank up their Attack, Evasion, and HP stats. If you can add in Fire Damage and/or Arcane Damage, you can consider those as great bonuses! The really great part to Rune Mages is that their destructive power works while close up and at range.

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The main downside is that they don’t have a self-healing skill/capability. The upside is that they do have a defensive capability so they’re not just glass cannons. The other upside is that their skills are not channeling type. They’ll rain destruction and keep on doing so!

light of thel rune mage skills

The screenshot above shows the best skill build when using the Flame side of the Talents. You simply swap Fire Bomb and Meteor Shower with Arcane Blast and Mana Wave when using Mystery.

Your Combat Settings should look like this when using the Mystery side of the Talents. The skill build for the Flame side would be Shadowshift, Firebolt, Fire Bomb, and Meteor Shower. Comet would auto-swap when you change sides.

light of thel rune mage combat settings

It’s the Shadowshift skill that will give you a quick evasion move much like the Shadow Assassin’s Phantom Dance. The difference is the Shadowshift skill is a single quick move which will displace you. It’s great for getting you out of damage dealing spots. Then you can stand at range and continue to attack. The bad news is that you could also land in a damage dealing spot by accident. So do watch out for that.

On the Flame side of the Talents pages, you’ll want to generate as many targets with the Burn debuff as you can before Comet activates. When Comet hits, it’ll have a great chance to detonate all those Burn debuffs on any targets it can (needs 10 or more Burn stacks). The results are as expected. It hits like an asteroid strike! Then it can add more stacks of Burn if it detonates Burn debuffs!

light of thel rune mage flame talents
light of thel rune mage flame talents

Comet can be activated up to three times in a row. The Burning Karma will help put more stacks of Burn on your target(s). That’s what you need the most on the Flame side. The rest is meant for sheer destructive power and evasion boosts (your stats focuses).

The Mystery side of the Talents is the more defensive side. No, it’s really not less destructive, it’s just more defensive!

light of thel rune mage mystery talents
light of thel rune mage mystery talents

It’s the Charge Talent which gives you a shield based on your max HP. That’s the other reason why you should crank up your HP as mentioned above. The main reason is so that something can’t one hit kill you! Mediation and Turbine would give you some nice Crit Rate boosts. That’s why you didn’t have to focus on cranking up your Crit Rate as a Rune Mage.

You’ll definitely want the Erosion Talent to activate to decrease the target’s Arcane resistance (you’ll it hit harder). Either side of the Talents pages uses Firebolt as part of the skill builds. You’ll have plenty of chances to get Erosion to activate via the Burn damage. It’s not a very high activation chance but having many chances makes up for it!

The Tricky Holy Priests

light of thel holy priest class

The Holy Priests of Light of Thel are a bit trickier than most thought. Everyone just loves to rely on a healer to be in their party. That’s great and all but Holy Priests can solo things too. Don’t start thinking they’re just a support class!

As it turns out, the devs of Light of Thel included a nifty trick for Holy Priests. They can use the Discipline side of their Talents and become Battle Priests. They’re also even easier than the Rune Mages to use. The recommendation is to put a very high priority on their Attack stat. Of course, their HP and Defense stats shouldn’t be ignored.

The trick to Holy Priests is that all of their healing capabilities rely on the Attack stat. With such a high Attack stat, going Battle Priest, even with the Healer Talents is also possible. It’s a matter of the Holy Priests can go “tanker mode” a bit more while on the Healer side.

light of thel holy priest skills

The above screenshot shows the skill build for a Battle Priest using the Discipline Talents. With this, you’ll have AoE, healing, and attacking capabilities. No, they’re not as destructive as other classes but they’re still pretty capable on the attack.

The good news is that everyone wants a Holy Priest in their parties. The bad news is that everyone doesn’t seem to realize that it’s not their character. You go ahead and build whatever you want. Either way, you can always take care of things sooner or later.

The screenshot below is of the Combat Setting for the Discipline side. You’ll swap out Hymn of Light and Judgment for Healing Light and Dedication when using the Healer side.

light of thel holy priest combat settings

Lead off with Judgment and follow it with Divine Hand. You’ll bring a target to you and start your healing + attacking. Just remember to stand inside Divine Hand’s effect circle while it’s available. Hymn of Light will provide some quick AoE damage and Holy Grit will heal either you or a teammate. With this skill build, you can generate some decent damage and keep taking hits. You’ll eventually walk away without a scratch on you!

The Discipline side of the Talents provides more attacking capability. Your chances to solo things are higher compared to the Healer side. The downside is that you’ll most likely encounter a lot of crying about your healing capabilities while in parties. Again, play the skill build you like. It’s not their character.

light of thel holy priest discipline talents
light of thel holy priest discipline talents

The Redemption Talent makes sure you want to be surrounded by targets before using Hymn of Light. Lawmaker is also a nifty damage boost for Judgment and a chance to make it hit again! Inspiration is the part which makes others like you in their party besides your healing capabilities. That’s an Attack stat boost for all team members. Aurora is the tricky one. Its description is a bit misleading. It’s a damage boost for Soulfire after using Holy Grit.

On the Healer side of the Talents, you’ll definitely be welcomed into parties a lot. You’ll also get a constant stream of invites if anyone figures out that you’re any good at it! The bad news is that you’ll have to put even more focus on increasing your Attack stat much more than other classes.

light of thel holy priest healer talents
light of thel holy priest healer talents

A character in Light of Thel with an incredibly high Attack stat is going to get noticed sooner or later! A Holy Priest with an enormous healing capability is going to get noticed pretty fast!

Don’t say we didn’t warn you! The other piece of bad news is that most don’t protect their healers. So you should plan on manually moving around a lot. All the Talents on the Healer side are as the idea implies. They all boost your support capabilities. There’s really not much more to it than that!

The Well-Balanced Omni Warriors

light of thel omni warrior class

The Omni Warriors of Light of Thel are in fact a very well balanced class. They’re not overly destructive and they’re no slouches in the defense/tanking departments. They’re good at both. Making them great at either one is possible but takes a lot of work!

The Light of Thel devs balanced the Omni Warriors by making the attacking side have a lot of effects. At the same time, the tanking side is still quite capable of attacking. So with either side, you should be capable of a wide variety of things. The recommendation is to crank up the Attack, Defense, and HP stats. Naturally you’ll want the Attack stat nice and high! The Defense and HP increases will certainly help with your tanking. Also note that War Cry is based on your max HP.

light of thel omni warrior skills

The screenshot above shows the skill build for the Shudder Talents. Your Combat Settings should come out like the screenshot below.

light of thel omni warrior combat settings

You’ll be leading off with an attack + a stun. Then Roaring Wind will starts grind down your target(s). Blade Frenzy for more grinding them down! Crescent Moon will provide a heavy hit to multiple targets. The bad news is that Crescent Moon is a directional type of attack. Things behind you won’t get hit. The good news is that the Streak Talent can make it hit something behind you or basically anywhere.

light of thel omni warrior shudder talents
light of thel omni warrior shudder talents

The fun part to the Omni Warriors of Light of Thel is the Frenzy Talent. That Talent will cause Blade Frenzy to hit harder each time after the first hit. The rest are all boosts of one type or another.

The Tenacious side of the Talents is for a tanking build. The skill build for Tenacious is Eye of the Storm, Roaring Wind, Valorous Charge, and Omni Strike. The aim for a tanker build in Light of Thel is to draw all the Hatred (aggression/aggro) of the targets and still keep you alive and going.

light of thel omni warrior tenacious talents
light of thel omni warrior tenacious talents

The bad news is that some targets can hit awful hard. So keeping you alive might be a tall order here and there! At the same time, it’ll still be a good enough attacker instead of just a punching bag! If you cranked up your HP, War Cry will most assuredly help keep you alive. From there it’s only a matter of having a high Attack stat for your skills to do some decent damage.

The Ranged Bomber Elven Archers

light of thel elven archer class

Make no mistake about it. The Light of Thel devs already knew an Archer just had to be in there! That’s fine since they did a pretty good job of including an Archer! They’re not as heavy hitting as the Rune Mages but they’re no slouches at it.

The Elven Archers can either be fast attackers or they can use evasion and defensive skills. Either side has a fairly equal amount of damage dealing. It’s just one side is more of a stationary cannon. Not so much a glass cannon, just a stationary one. This is a matter of which one you happen to like better. The recommendation is to crank up the Attack, Defense or Evasion, and HP stats. Crit Rate and others make for nice bonuses too.

light of thel elven archer skills

The above screenshot shows the skill build for the Reflex side of the Talents. The fun part is that this also works on the Shooter side! You’ll always want to lead off your attacks with Wind’s Blessing. There’s your initial booster. From there, the Talents can kick in. The screenshot below shows the Combat Settings.

light of thel elven archer combat settings

The Reflex side of the Talents offer up more evasion and defense compared to the Shooter side.

light of thel elven archer reflex talents
light of thel elven archer reflex talents

It’s that Stalker Talent which provides a shield based on your Attack stat. When you’re checking out the Fracture Talent, you’ll see that Spirit Wing can provide the stun you need to use it. You didn’t have to use Multishot if you didn’t want to.

The Shooter side of the Talents provides the faster attack speeds. The trick to it is that you’ll be able to spam your skills more.

light of thel elven archer shooter talents
light of thel elven archer shooter talents

A whole lot will of your skills and normal attacks can and will reduce your skill cool downs. So there’s your spamming ability. This is the stationary cannon side to the Elven Archers. It’s the Windsong and String of Pearls Talents which reduce cool downs.

The other main difference is that you’ll get a damage increase for targets outside of 7m from you. The Reflex side is the exact opposite. So you’ll have to place yourself as well as you can if you want to try to work that damage boost.

The good news is that the Elven Archers of Light of Thel can be extremely capable. They have plenty of punch to get things done. The bad news is that your being stationary can end up hurting you more against others with AoE skills. Then again, the moving part of a certain skill can land you into a damage dealing spot.

How To Test Your Builds

This is an easy one. The devs didn’t want you to find out the overly hard way. You were also not supposed to always rely on what your Score tells you. Thankfully there’s a fairly easy method to test your builds.

light of thel character build test

There are two simple steps. Part one is to get into a Guild. You should do so anyway! Part two is to get a Sealed Bottle. Enter the Guild Area and let it rip! What you’re looking for is your HP Pots use. If you can kill the summoned mob while using 1 HP Pot or less, you’re in fairly good shape with your build.

And this is where we end our Light of Thel class guide. If you think we missed out on something or just want to share your thoughts about the classes in the game, feel free to drop us a line!