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The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Tier List: A Complete List of the Best SSR, SR and R Characters

Netmarble’s The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross remains as one of most talked about RPGs on mobile today and it is not entirely because of the franchise’s popularity but rather, that, in combination with the clear evidence of great effort the developer made in the overall design of the game. Beyond the popularity of the characters in the game and how the game’s design and mechanics can make it even more engaging for players to spend a lot of time in it, The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross offers plenty for players who enjoy customizations of their units and teams.

For the most part, having a lot of activities to partake in as you play the game and looking into each character in your collection to plan team combinations and gear setups can be a fun and exciting venture for many RPG enthusiasts.

If you have just started playing The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross or have yet to dive into its world but planning to, be sure to read our beginner’s guide, as it comes with loads of tips and tricks that can help you secure a firm grasp of the game’s mechanics and features quickly and jumpstart your adventure. There may be no clear cut class or roles to classify each character in the game but the skills each one possesses provide enough for you to designate them into specific roles to help you build a more cohesive team. Learn more about how to identify roles or classes with the help of our The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross class guide. We have also published a comprehensive team guide, so if you are interested in team-building ideas, be sure to check out our dedicated article on that.

In this new guide, we will be focusing on a tier list to group the game’s characters based on their overall value. While developers always try their best to balance characters out, some just simply stand out while others seem better left alone in your roster free from any enhancement boosts whatsoever.

Do note that we will consider all SSR, SR, and even R-grade characters, even those that have yet to be released in the global version. Do note that characters within a given tier are not arranged from strongest to weakest and that factors other than their active skills and ultimates have been considered.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross – S Tier Characters

SSR [The Grizzly Sin of Sloth] King the Fairy King (Speed)

king of the fairy king 7ds grand cross

As the most coveted version of King and perhaps, the most feared in PvP, this incarnation of the Fairy King currently stands as the best support, healer, and AoE damage-dealer in one fit for almost any party. Spirit Spear Chastiefol, Third Form: Fossilization has a guaranteed petrify effect on 2 stars on top of the damage. Spirit Spear Chastiefol, Eight Form: Pollen Garden does not just remove debuffs from the entire party; it also grants a 30% to 50% heal when fused.

If both skills are not enough to wow you, his ultimate skill, Spirit Spear Chastiefol, Fourth Form: “Sunflower” inflicts shatter damage equal to 420% of attack on all targets. Just to add, shatter damage ignores the target’s resistance, making it a largely damaging skill to take a hit from. If you manage to nab this SSR Fairy King early on, he can help you breeze through the first 5 chapters of the campaign.

SSR [Camelot’s Sword] New King Arthur (Strength)

new king arthur 7ds grand cross

Yet another excellent support unit is this version of King Arthur. Though Light Pillar initially only does 220% of attack as damage, merging it and ranking the skill up earns it the effect to disable recovery skills, which is a great effect to latch onto your PvP enemies. Royal Sword, on the other hand, works great on any setup as it boosts stats of an ally and can remove debuffs from the entire party at max rank.

SSR [Tempest] Holy Knight Howzer (Strength)

holy knight howzer 7ds grand cross

An excellent AoE attacker that specializes in pierce and critical damage, Holy Knight Howzer is a top choice for when you want to AoE bomb through mobs of enemies in the campaign missions or for farming dungeons. His ultimate skill, Rising Tornado, does great damage against all enemies and adds further insult to injury by decreasing their skill levels and depletes ultimate orbs based on skill ranks decreased. A great unit to use in your party for farming as well.

SSR [Godspeed Knight] Guardian Jericho (HP)

guardian jericho 7ds grand cross

As one of the best single target damage-dealers in the game, Guardian Jericho stands as the bane of every debuffed unit in the opposite lane. His primary skill, Flash Attack, inflicts weak point damage that triples its effects on debuffed enemies. At 3 stars, it does 275% of attack and triple that, may kill an enemy unit in a single blow. Even without other debuffers in the team, he can initially use his second skill, Flash Strike, which inflicts bleed on top of its decent damage.

SSR [The Goat Sin of Lust] Gowther (Speed) (Unreleased)

gowther 7ds grand cross

Another PvP favorite and one whom we consider as the best in The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, the yet unreleased version of Gowther is another character that you would want on almost any team. One of the best support types in the game, Gowther’s Arrow Shot does AoE damage but the best part is that it can disable each enemy’s ability to attack for the next 1 or 2 turns.

If that is not painful enough for the opposition, Invasion Arrow is one tough buff to beat as it increases the skill ranks of his allies. Gowther’s ultimate skill, Rewrite Light, does massive damage on all enemies and as a further deterrent, takes away 3 ultimate move gauge orbs from each of them.

SSR [The Fox Sin of Greed] Ban (HP) (Unreleased)

ban 7ds grand cross

Though still not released on the global version of The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, this incarnation of Ban remains to be among the top characters in the game. Drain, his primary skill that comes with lifesteal at 2 stars, greatly boosts his survivability. The lifesteal effect would not be as awesome if it were not packed with Snatch’s extort effect.

In case you do not know, lifesteal heals his HP while extort drains the target’s stats and adds it to his own. One of the best fighters in PvP, this version of Ban can also make farming easier for you. Once he becomes available, be sure to pray that you are able to get a hold of him fast.

SSR [The Dragon Sin of Wrath] Meliodas (Strength) (Unreleased)

meliodas 7ds grand cross

Yet another highly coveted unit awaiting to join the global roster is the story-spoiling-of-sorts version of Meliodas. An excellent attacker, this incarnation of Meliodas has stackable ignite, all thanks to his Hellfire, which increases damage taken by enemies it hits. Blaze Burn on the other hand, restricts recovery related stats with its infect effect on top of the raw damage it deals. For an appropriate finisher, Hell Buster inflicts weak point damage which will most likely trigger as targets get debuffed by his other skills.

SSR [The Boar Sin of Gluttony] Merlin (HP) (Unreleased)

merlin 7ds grand cross

If delaying the enemy team’s ultimate skills is one of your preferred tactics, then you should also be excited for this version of Merlin to join the global roster of The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross. Spear Explosion depletes ultimate skill orbs of an enemy on top of the damage it deals. On the defensive side, she has Perfect Cube, which casts a protective barrier on her team that can absorb damage. She is pretty useful in numerous teams and game modes and an easy character to strategize around with.

SR [Boar Hat Tavern] Hostess Elizabeth (Strength)

hostess elizabeth 7ds grand cross

You might initially underestimate one of earliest units you will have in your adventure in most RPGs. The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross begs to differ as some of your earliest companions prove to be exceptional teammates in battle. Hostess Elizabeth is an excellent support character and can be a great asset to any team through the game’s campaign.

Though her primary skill, Slide Serve, can only target one opponent, its effect which takes away the enemy’s ability to attack can turn the tide of battle to your side easily. Nurse Call is a great AoE heal and works even better with the free ultimate orbs after being ranked up in battle.

SR [Mobile Tavern] Hawk & Elizabeth (Strength)

hawk and elizabeth 7ds grand cross

Although categorically an attacker based on their initial skill set, this tandem of Hawk & Elizabeth can do more than dish out a lot of pain. Rolling Ham Attack does charge attack, which ignores the target’s defense stats. At 3 stars, it can deal 500% of attack as damage, which translates to pain every other character can feel.

Hawk Knight Rush may not be as menacing as far as raw damage is concerned, but its effect of taking away buff and debuff skills can be very troublesome for enemies, especially in PvP. Their ultimate skill, Final Pork Stomping, does 700% of attack as damage and cancels the target’s stance.

SR [Chivalrous] Holy Knight Gilthunder (HP)

holy knight gilthunder 7ds grand cross

Everyone enjoys a good number of buffs to amp their team up in combat and that is how this incarnation of Gilthunder works against them. Lightning, his primary skill, does double damage on buffed enemies and is an AoE skill. Lightning Power, on the other hand, is one of the best support skills as it can boost the attack of his allies by as much as 60% for 3 full turns. Gilthunder is great to have in your party to breeze through the campaign missions as well.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross – A Tier Characters

SSR [Nunchaku] Adventurer Ban (Strength)

adventurer ban 7ds grand cross

For a more direct offensive approach in combat, Adventurer Ban is simply one of the deadliest. Starting of with eak point damage care of his Brandisher Stick skill, banking on the debuffs that enemy units can have will ensure a relatively easy kill especially with a ranked up version of this skill. Another debilitating move, Mana Drain does decent damage and weakens the enemy by decreasing their skill rank. Merged even just once, Mana Drain can also take away ultimate orbs from enemy units.

SSR [The Serpent Sin of Envy] Holy Knight Diane (Speed)

holy knight diane 7ds grand cross

This version of Diane is a decent attacker as well with Rush Rock doing massive single target damage along with disabling attack skills. As an AoE alternative to doing assaults, Ground Gladius does a lot more damage with the rupture effect that doubles damage on buffed enemies. Mother Earth Catastrophe, as an ultimate skill, is a simple direct AoE skill that does 525% of attack as damage.

SSR [Reverse] Guardian Hawk & Elizabeth (Speed)

hawk and elizabeth 7ds grand cross

If you are working with a full team of units that each have buff skills, then you may want to consider this SSR duo as a member of the party. Hawk & Elizabeth’s primary skill, Fire Breath deals great damage on its own but it banks on further boosting its effect with amplify, which gains 30% additional damage per additional buff on the unit.

Removing debuffs and granting additional resistance to the entire team is made easy with the pair’s Digest Skill. The solidify effect adds 30% resistance and adds an extra stack if a debuff is present while cancelling out the debuff itself.

SSR [Forest Guardian] Fairy Helbram (HP)

fairy helbram 7ds grand cross

If you are one for longer painful battles that slowly eat away at your enemies, SSR Fairy Helbram can fit well into your team. Throwing Edge really is not much on raw damage, but AoE poison for an extra 50% of damage dealt that lasts for 3 turns is really something. On the support side, Fairy Wind does well for the team especially if both allies have high offensive strength. It boosts all attack-related stats, which include attack, pierce rate, crit chance, and crit damage by 15% to 30%.

SSR [Forest Guardian] King the Fairy King (HP)

king the fairy king 7ds grand cross

Although not the top pick as far as versions of the Fairy King are concerned, this King incarnation offers decent attack skills as well. Spirit Spear Chastiefol, First Form: Chastiefol, offers raw damage that can be further boosted on a critical hit. Poisoning Garden can deal massive damage on enemies with debuffs on it although it does remove debuffs once the ruin effect triggers.

SSR [The Seven Deadly Sins] Captain Meliodas (HP)

captain meliodas 7ds grand cross

A versatile version of Meliodas, this incarnation is considered as one of the best single target attackers in the game and can definitely put your main campaign adventure set on easy mode with him on your team. He is rather direct to the point and has Enchant: Hellblaze to inflict raw damage on an enemy unit. Setting up Outburst Counter may not be much worth it at 1 star but once merged, it can inflict 150% to 250% of damage taken back at the enemies that attack him while in the stance.

SSR [Collector] Great Mage Merlin (Strength)

great mage merlin 7ds grand cross

Although not as powerful as other alternatives in being an attacker, this version of Merlin has a bit more control with Posion Wave that deals damage and disables recovery skills. Freeze is always a good effect to have on a skill and Merlin’s Frozen Factor has just that. Exterminate Ray, her ultimate, is also a great control skill with its ability to disable attack skills of an enemy on top of 540% of attack as damage it inflicts.

SSR [Overpower] Hunter Slater (Speed)

hunter slater 7ds grand cross

Another top-tier single target attacker is Hunter Slater, whose Iron Slash, packed with sever, can deal massive damage on a single target. Sawblade, his second skill, likewise does decent raw damage and also comes with an effect that disables stances and removes one from an enemy he hits.

SR [Undead] Prisoner Ban (Strength)

prisoner ban 7ds grand cross

This version of Ban may only be an SR quality unit but his skill set makes him a great attacker to have. Eliminate Spirit, his primary skill, takes away an ultimate move gauge orb from his enemy even at rank 1. Using Undead Physical places him in a stance that heals lost HP and can even have debuff immunity and evade when ranked up. This may not be the most offensive version of Ban but is great in terms of survivability.

SR [Mascot] Hawk & Elizabeth (HP)

hawk and elizabeth 7ds grand cross

It seems every pair of Hawk & Elizabeth in The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is worth the attention and investment and this one does not shy away. Another excellent attacker, Super Pork Loin Illusion shaves away a good chunk of the target’s defense stats for allies to swoop in for the kill more easily.

On the other hand, Super Hawk Illusion, packed with its pierce-laden AoE damage, may also be able to finish off enemies. This unit is not just great for campaign missions and farming, but stands as among the top picks for AoE dealers in the game.

SR [Knight of Ice] Holy Knight Gustav (HP)

holy knight gustav 7ds grand cross

Holy Knight Gustav is a decent overall character but he excels more in raids especially if his Freezing Field is fully utilized. Freezing Field not only incapacitates the target, it can also have the target take in more damage when upgraded. Blizzard Axel, his primary skill, is likewise incapacitating, with its ability to disable the target’s recovery skill.

SR [Roars of Dawn] Captain Slater (Strength)

captain slater 7ds grand cross

SR Captain Slater is one built for a bit more survivability while dishing out some decent damage on the side. Blade Wave has lifesteal, which can keep Slater up and running even without the aid of a healer. Overpower is an excellent control skill as it decreases all attack-related stats of the enemy by up to 40% when maxed and ironically disables all other skill types except attack skills.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross – B Tier Characters

SSR [Snatch] Brawler Ban (HP)

brawler ban 7ds grand cross

This version of Ban is actually great for his survival skills. While his unique trait, Undead, already grants 20% HP regen at the start of each turn, Fearless Shot continues to keep replenishing his lost HP with the lifesteal effect attached to it. Furthering the steal capability comes Snatch, which has extort effect that drains attak and defense stats off of his targets and into him. For long plays, Brawler Ban would be a decent starter though more may prefer a faster and more direct approach to combat.

SSR [Outlaw] Brawler Ban (Speed)

brawler ban 7ds grand cross

Also another attacker that focuses on one target, Brawler Ban can dish out a lot of damage with his Critical Pierce, which ignores his target’s defense. Not much for offensive strength, Toxic Bottle instead chisels away attack-related stats off of an enemy it hits.

SSR [Matrona] Fighter Diane (Speed)

fighter diane 7ds grand cross

With a team of units that have buff skills going against a loosely similar squad type, this version of Diane will fit in perfectly. Break Muscle does double damage against buffed enemies while Friends takes away the enemy units’ buff and debuff skills when fused.

SSR [Kungfu Master] Fighter Diane (Strength)

fighter diane 7ds grand cross

This version of Diane has a good mix of attack and debuff skills that can easily fit in various team setups. Ground Strike is a little straightforward, and deals damage that ignores the target’s resistance. Sand Whirl serves as her more valuable skill as it reduces defense-related stats and also disable attack skills.

SSR [Liones] Princess Elizabeth (HP)

princess elizabeth 7ds grand cross

For lack or absence of a better healer, Princess Elizabeth here makes for a great consideration. Punishing Strike may only initially deal raw damage, but it can remove buffs and can even cancel stances after upgrade. Healing Grace is an average AoE recovery spell but once merged, can remove debuffs on top of the increased recovery effect.

SSR [Thunderbolt] Gilthunder (Strength)

gilthunder 7ds grand cross

This version of Gilthunder can serve as a decent tank who can also contribute to dealing AoE damage to opposing units. Lightning Beasts Chase does not deal much raw damage but the shock effect, which works much like poison can also chisel down the enemy units’ HP and likewise add as a support debuff for attackers that deal extra damage on debuffed enemy units. Lightning King’s Heavy Armor initiates a taunt stance and can take attacks away from allied units into Gilthunder.

SSR [Liones’s Hero] Holy Knight Gowther (Speed)

holy knight gowther 7ds grand cross

Holy Knight Gowther offers a decent combination of great AoE damage, if paired properly, along with his own mix of debuffs that vary per skill level. To start off, Pain Edition may not inflict a lot of damage by default, but against debuffed enemies, can deal a great lot. It goes well even if no debuffers exist with him in the team as his second skill, Blackout, comes with a debuff disabler that reduces attack on 2 star and finally disables all but attack skills on max level.

SR [Burning Ember] Knight of Danafor Cain (HP)

knight of danafor cain 7ds grand cross

A perfect fit for any raid battle, Cain has skills packed with the ignite effect, which is a stackable debuff that leaves enemy targets to take in 10% more damage with each application. Both Chain Vertical Kick and Charge Fire has ignite but depending on your team, may only need to squeeze in stacks of ignite for others to do more damage with their own attack skills.

SR [King of Prophecies] Adventurer Arthur (Speed)

adventurer arthur 7ds grand cross

Adventurer Arthur is an okay attacker that is also a little straightforward. We are banking more on his secondary skill, Covering Fire, as it is an AoE skill that can later on disable recovery skills of his enemies. Sharp Blade is not at all that bad, but has extra damage packed based on the number of ultimate move gauge orbs the enemy unit has. As such, it may not be equally useful across the entirety of the battle but can still do well late in the game.

SR [Wanted Man] Young Villager Gowther (HP)

young villager gowther 7ds grand cross

Young Villager Gowther specializes in toning down an enemy’s strength. Overdrive, his primary skill, decreases skill ranks and can deplete ultimate move gauge orbs when ranked up. Nightmare Teller, on the other hand, decreases the damage of an enemy’s ultimate move and can grow to restrict skill effects when at max rank.

SR [Champion] Ranger Griamore (Strength)

ranger griamore 7ds grand cross

Ranger Griamore can be of good use to a lot of teams with his decent single target attack and ally protection for defensive plays. Burning Strike is a very straightforward raw damage skill that is a decent skill to have when you need to push for damage. More defensively, though, Ranger Griamore can bank on Wall, his second skill, which casts a defensive barrier around his team that can absorb damage.

SR [Adventurer] Holy Knight Jericho (Strength)

holy knight jericho 7ds grand cross

Continuous damage and anti-buffers can use Holy Knight Jericho for either strategy. Count Smash inflicts decent damage plus bleed, which works much like shock and posion to further chisel down HP at the end of each turn. Pain Blade has likewise decent damage that doubles up against buffed enemies.

SR [New Generation] Holy Knight Jericho (Speed)

holy knight jericho 7ds grand cross

Another balanced character that can assist on both offense and defense is this version of Jericho. For attacks, Godspeed Bone Cutter does pretty decent damage and can even do more damage with the sever effect. In support of his teammates, he can utilize Super Recovery Spell for AoE healing and nothing more.

SR [Roars of Dawn] Holy Knight Jillian (HP)

holy knight jillian 7ds grand cross

Holy Knight Jillian can switch between single target or AoE damage with his pair of attack skills that both does decent amount of damage. Cross Shot comes with pierce damage and is the choice attack against a single enemy unit while Cancellation inflicts direct raw damage against all enemies.

SR [Boar Hat Tavern] Master Meliodas (Speed)

master meliodas 7ds grand cross

Your starting character is not at all a bad character to have in your party through the initial part of the story campaign. It is just that there are better alternatives as presented above. Triple Attack actually won’t do as much damage against an enemy that has no debuff but is decent if conditions are met.

Full Counter is not a very popular stance but in Meliodas’ case, a 200% counter damage for rank 1 and damage reduction on higher skill versions is a pretty decent trade off.

SR [Reincarnation of Obsession] Mage Vivian (Strength)

mage vivian 7ds grand cross

Mage Vivian is actually a decent support unit that preps targets for his more offensive allies. Darkness Bolt comes with ignite to render enemies vulnerable to taking in more damage on subsequent attacks while Freeze Coffin locks their ultimate skills away.

SR [Roars of Dawn] Holy Knight Weinheidt (Speed)

holy knight weinheidt 7ds grand cross

If you want characters brimming with AoE skills, then Holy Knight WeinHeidt should be a pick for your units to consider. Both of his skills have AoE damage and although both do not have much raw damage, each one has an added effect. Flash Arrow disables attack skills for all enemies starting on rank 2 while Death Arrow takes away stance skills and disables them if they are active. Holy Knight Weinheidt serves as one of the best AoE characters in the game and should be a good pick for farming activities.

R [Board of the Mountain Cat] Member Allioni (HP)

member allioni 7ds grand cross

One of our personal favorites because of the rarity rank relative to his usefulness, Allioni here can be every useful for you especially if you do not have a lot of high rarity characters to use in campaign or farming. His primary skill, Charge Forward!, is a fairly decent attack skill since it inflicts shatter damage that ignores resistance.

More importantly, you can push him more towards defending the rest of the team with his second skill, which puts him in a taunt stance and invite subsequent attacks on his party to himself.

R [Boom Boom Pow] Holy Knight Marmas (Speed)

holy knight marmas 7ds grand cross

He might not look much like a character you would use in your party because of his appearance, but Marmas actually sports some decent skills. To start off, Maraca Smash is An AoE skill that can even lock buff and debuff skills of enemies it hits. Gravity x 10 is likewise very useful as it reduces the defense values of all enemy units by 30% and for 3 turns on rank 1 and 75% and for 4 turns on max rank.

R [Roars of Dawn] Holy Knight Simon (Strength)

holy knight simon 7ds grand cross

Holy Knight Simon is among those atatckers who have good single target and AoE skills to boot. Not that bad as well, though there are much better alternatives. Burning Wind Strike comes with sever damage for single targets while Yellow Dragon Sky Blade comes with shatter against all enemies.

R [Confirmation] Apprentice Holy Knight Twigo (Strength)

apprentice holy knight twigo 7ds grand cross

Much like Simon, Twigo is packed with both a single target and an AoE attack. The difference is that Twigo does it all raw and completely has no added effects on his attacks. Blood Strike can inflict between 240% to 600% of attack as damage, based on skill level, while Strike Decision packs 150% to 375% of AoE damage.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross – C Tier Characters

SSR [Fairy King’s Forest] Guardian Elaine (HP)

guardian elaine 7ds grand cross

Guardian Elaine has 2 sets of debuff skills that are both good to have but, again, as far as debuffs go, there are more direct debuffs available that can help your team out more. Wind of the Fairy King’s Forest decreases skill ranks and can also deplete ultimate move gauge orbs. Wrath of the Gentle Breeze is an AoE attack that can likewise snatch away ultimate gauge move orbs.

SSR [Iron-wall Knight] Guardian Griamore (HP)

guardian griamore 7ds grand cross

Guardian Griamore has an AoE attack for his primary skill and a unique stance for secondary. Blockade can remove and disable stances from enemy units on top of dealing damage. Shield Wall is a stance that boosts his HP and damage.

SSR [Explosion] Guardian Guila (Strength)

guardian guila 7ds grand cross

Aside from the Death Match exclusive effectivity of her unique, Guardian Guila has a good mix of debuffs that can serve any team well enough. Killer Mines can take away buffs and stances while Shot Bombs can also take stances away while inflicting ignite as well.

SSR [Melt] Grandmaster Hendrickson (Speed)

grandmaster hendrickson 7ds grand cross

Also aimed towards increased survivability is Grandmaster Hendrickson. Ingest does decenty damage packed with lifesteal. Flame Wave does as much damage with ignite to boot. While both are actually decent skills to have, their combination per se may not amount to much strategy in battle.

SSR [Protector of Dolls] Old Fart King (HP)

old fart king 7ds grand cross

A decent AoE damage dealer, this Old Fart King version is actually a useful unit for farming. Spirit Spear Chastiefol, Second Form: Guardian does AoE damage that ignores defense while Permeate is an AoE damage that comes with a poison effect for added damage.

SSR [The Seven Deadly Sins] Old Fart King (Speed)

old fart king 7ds grand cross

The other Old Fart King has an HP regen passive as a unique yet offers less likable skill sets. Spirit Spear Chastiefol, First From: Chastiefol has a bleed effect on a single target while Spirit Spear Chastiefol, Fifth Form: Increase is a counter stance.

SR [Heart of the Land] Mercenary Diane (Strength)

mercenary diane 7ds grand cross

As one of the earliest characters to join you in your adventure, Mercenary Diane does offer decent support skills. She can actually do well if you do not have a lot of other characters well but browsing trhough the above lists, there are certainly better options. Metal Fist is a direct attack that can later on disable stance skills. Sand Whirl preps enemies further with its defense-reduction effects that soften them up for your stronger allies.

SR [Omen of Chaos] Grandmaster Dreyfus (Strength)

grandmaster dreyfus 7ds grand cross

Another support character, Dreyfus can decrease attack-related stats, thanks to his Pierce. Piercing Stab, once upgraded, can restrict recovery-related stats. Again, these are both decent support skills but there are better candidates and you will most likely have limited use for what Dreyfus can offer.

SR [Break] Grandmaster Dreyfus (HP)

grandmaster dreyfus 7ds grand cross

This version of Dreyfus is also packed with potent support skills. Imperial Sword Art Type 3 can eliminate buffs and stances when fully upgraded while demolishing attack is an AoE skill that can also disable buff and debuff skills.

SR [Weird Fangs] Holy Knight Freesia (Speed)

holy knight freesia 7ds grand cross

Holy Knight Freesia is likewise an okay character especially for patent players. Storm Rondo is an AoE poison attack that may not deal much damage on its own. In combination with her second skill, Corrosive Bug, which increases damage taken by enemies, it can be worth performing combos on.

SR [Star of the Kingdom] Holy Knight Gilthunder (Speed)

holy knight gilthunder 7ds grand cross

As a single target damage-dealer, this version of Gilthunder is decent enough but likewise has better counterparts from among the game’s roster. Thunder Scream Strike has the potential to do great damage with its critical boost while Lightning King Iron Hammer comes with shock for added damage.

SR [Champion] Ranger Griamore (Strength)

ranger griamore 7ds grand cross

Another character whose unique passive takes effect exclusively in Death Match, Ranger Griamore also exhibits some decent skills. He can tank due to his second skill, Long Shield, which taunts enemy units, and can also inflict decent damage with his Wall crush that ignores the target’s resistance.

SR [Rapier] Holy Knight Guila (Speed)

holy knight guila 7ds grand cross

With a hard unique condition to satisfy for it to take effect, Holy Knight Guila has only active skills to consider her value on. Flame Focus is an AoE skill that comes with ignite while Rejuvenation is a simple AoE heal that can also remove debuffs.

SR [Omen of Chaos] Druid Hendrickson (HP)

druid hendrickson 7ds grand cross

Yet another decent healer, Druid Hendricksoncan take away buffs from enemies via his Acid Tower. Purge is a strong AoE heal that casts rejuvenate as well for some extra gradual healing.

SR [Star of the Kingdom] Ranger Howzer (Speed)

ranger howzer 7ds grand cross

This version of Howzer can be a decent debuffer that can tone down defense-related stats of his enemies with Wind Break and reduce a target’s HP through Block Shield.

SR [Liones Royalty] Ranger Howzer (HP)

ranger howzer 7ds grand cross

Cancelling and blocking stances of enemy units may be okay and counter stances can likewise be useful but having these skills as the mix of what you can offer may seem somewhat wanting. While each skill is okay, there are a good number of better alternatives over this character.

R [Weird Fangs] Holy Knight Golgius (Speed)

holy knight golgius 7ds grand cross

Golgius also sports a single target attack and an AoE one much like other units and only looks less preferable to most given his passive which is very restrictive. Blade Slash has spike effect and can deal better than raw damage while Throwing Star can be valuable when paired with units that can debuff enemies.

R [Roars of Dawn] Holy Knight Hugo (HP)

holy knight hugo 7ds grand cross

Holy Knight Hugo has a fairly odd set of skills where one works better when the enemies are buffed while the other one has extra damage when they are debuffed. Wind Destroy does double damage on an enemy if he has a buff while Tornado Shot inflicts triple damage for debuffed enemies. While both skills can be strategized around with. Banking one may mean disregarding the other all the same.

R [Weird Fangs] Holy Knight Jude (Strength)

holy knight jude 7ds grand cross

Holy Knight Jude has average sets of skills that can shift between aiming at a single target or going for AoE. Thorn Shot can disable attacks skills when upgraded while Shadow Thorn can remove uffs and stances in addition to its AoE damage.

R [Weird Fangs] Holy Knight Ruin (HP)

holy knight ruin 7ds grand cross

Holy Knight Ruin may often be at the bottom of the control debuff choices for characters but he is not completely useless. Death Blade can remove buffs and stances when merged while Nightmare Illusion reduces the enemy’s attack values.

R [Vaizel Fight Festival] Champion Taizoo (Strength)

champion taizoo 7ds grand cross

Taizoo would have been a better unit if his stats were supportive of his skills. To start off, Powerful Punch is a simple and straightforward pierce attack. Muscle Mania is a cool skill with a defense buff and reflect damage combination. Due to Taizoo’s low defense stats, though, it may not serve hime well enough.

And that completes our tier list for The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross. Again, we would like to note that characters within each tier are not arranged in any specific order. As RPGs much like this game tend to have balancing and adjustments to come from future updates to the game, you can likewise expect that some characters may receive some boosts while others may be nerfed. Also, the game may soon come packed with even more content that makes the less appreciated units more valuable and versatile.

We understand that each and every individual has his/her preferences as far as tier lists and character rankings go. If you feel differently about what we presented or if you simply want to share your thoughts on this guide, please do not hesitate to drop us a line in the comments below!