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The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate Every Battle

Netmarble is back with yet another chart-topping release and this time, the heroes and characters of the popular manga and anime, The Seven Deadly Sins, comes alive with in the form of a mobile strategy RPG, The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross. With over 40 games under its continuously growing app portfolio, Netmarble has been home to numerous hit titles based on original IP, or popular franchises. If you have been playing mobile games for quite some time, you may have come across, played, and perhaps loved some of their releases. The King of Fighters Allstar, Magic: ManaStrike, and BTS WORLD are just some of the popular games we covered on Level Winner.

Packed with top-notch anime cut scenes, vivid gameplay graphics, and action-packed combat skills, the game’s quality visuals are just a fraction of what it has in store for players as it sports a unique combat system that sports card combinations, opening up a wide variety of possible strategies. If you are currently looking for a high quality RPG to spend your gaming time on, alone or with friends, be sure to give The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross a try.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross retells the story of Meliodas and the rest of the titular protagonists along with a wide host of supporting characters. Gather up your team of heroes that expand well beyond the main cast of The Seven Deadly Sins as you take on various quests across the land. Battle through hordes of enemy mobs as well as other players’ teams as you continue to strengthen your adventuring party. Team up with allies to take down stronger enemies and protect the kingdom of Liones against any and all threats. Your adventure will not be entirely on the battlefield as there are quests and activities to partake in within the town and your tavern.

the seven deadly sins grand cross strategies

It may happen that The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross’ visual quality and introduction may give an overwhelming impression and given that it does offer a lot of mechanics and features unique to the genre, even experienced mobile strategy RPG players may take a while to get attuned with its gameplay. Fortunately, the game’s detailed tutorial provides all the basic knowledge you need to equip yourself with on the initial stages of your adventure.

As new features and game modes become available as well, a brief tutorial session takes place to tell you everything you need to know and understand about it. With auto path and auto battle built into the game, The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is relatively easy to pick up and play. If you are looking to progress more efficiently in your adventure, then check out The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross tips, cheats and strategies below. Our comprehensive The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross beginner’s guide features a bunch of tips and strategies that will certainly help you to dominate each battle.

1. Prioritize The Main Quest Line

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross takes you through a wide variety of quests in line with the game’s story. On top of the tale you follow, the main quests equip you with the basic knowledge you need to understand as well as provide you with most of what you need to strengthen your characters. Proceeding with the quests will introduce you to a lot of materials and resources and earn you various items and even characters to further add to your strength.

the seven deadly sins grand cross main quest

Considering everything, the initial battles you engage in as you pursue the main campaign serves as the prefect testing ground for your team that is in development along with building familiarity with what each unit can do. The battles will naturally be easier than in most other game modes especially since you will be securing some SSR characters from your early pulls.

Beyond gaining more knowledge and sort of training for the tougher challenges ahead, the main quests will serve as your main source of experience points to rank up your account. As ranking up leads to having a bigger maximum stamina and a longer list of friends, one of your basic constant objective in The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is to gain ranks fast early on.

Progression through the main story and ranking up your account are keys that unlock the rest of the game’s features as well so to ensure that you can get the most out of each succeeding play time beyond your first dive, push to unlock as many of The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross’s features as fast as you can.

2. Aim To Always Have A Balanced Team

With an easy free draw within the tutorial session, you are bound to have more than enough characters to continue on with your adventure in The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross. Given that the earlier quests are designed to be easy and fit for beginners, chances are that you will plow right through each set of mobs without even breaking a sweat. This may continue on for quite some time but then you should always expect greater challenges ahead that requires a more synergistic and balanced team along with sound combat strategy to pull you through.

The gacha approach towards recruiting most of the characters you will use basically implies the existence of rarity levels that applies to the characters. Naturally, you would want to go with SSR characters if you have them and settle for SR ones in the absence of enough SSRs to fill your team. Although SSR units do excel in stats and skill proficiency, rarities should not be the exclusive consideration for you to decide which units you will have on your team.

the seven deadly sins grand cross team

As far as character classes go, there are no clear categories to distinguish one unit from another as far as roles go. However, a careful assessment of each skill the hero possesses will more or less reveal their classification in combat. Even with a limited number of unlocked characters early on, you can peak through what each hero can do and, with it, be able to identify damage-dealers, tanks, healers, and support units. Although you can very much proceed with the first few chapters without much consideration for each unit’s class, you will soon need to keep a good mix of each type to perform more effectively in combat.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross also makes use of the “rock-paper-scissors” method in dealing and receiving damage in combat via each unit’s attribute. There are only 3 attributes in the make which makes it easy to determine advantages and disadvantages and you can see a unit’s attribute at the upper right side of their portrait for easy identification. Strength (red) types have an advantage over HP (green) types, HP types have an advantage over Speed (blue) types, and so on. When you have an affinity advantage in combat, you deal 30% more damage and if disadvantaged, your damage will be reduced by 20%.

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Be sure to always keep this in mind so you can pick the right target, whenever applicable, to deal the most damage in combat. As far as practicable, bank on at least one character that falls within one attribute group. At the very least, you may want to avoid having a full team that falls within the same attribute as you may encounter enemies full of units that have advantage over your chosen attribute.

As you continue to make progress in the game, you will surely have more and more characters in your continuously growing roster. As it is expected that you will naturally swap characters in and out of your main team, always consider both class and attribute within the trio of units you have. Be sure to always read through the skill sets of your chosen characters as well. While there are numerous quests that require specific characters or prohibit the use of others, having a solid main team for most of the game’s content will help you push forward more efficiently.

3. Be Selective When Upgrading Units

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross holds a lot of character enhancement options to ensure a slow and steady growth of your heroes to face the growing difficulty of challenges ahead. Each upgrade option comes with its own cost outside of the experience points your units earn when you go into battle with them. Some enhancement options have numerous resource requirements and as much challenging it is to gather and farm for the needed resources, keeping a good supply of it for heroes you will use for a long time should keep you from investing them randomly in other units.

It is only natural that you will get better characters as you play especially on the first few days of playing. You need to be selective with regard to the units you choose to spend resources on as some of them may be replaced with better ones soon. To be sure, at least bank on the characters you are currently using and only do so to keep up with the needed power level to meet the demands of your current quest or challenge.

how to upgrade units in the seven deadly sins grand cross

Every battle your heroes participate in earns them experience points. At a certain point, each will reach new levels up until they reach their level cap, which is not dependent on your account rank. Beyond that, the most basic way to improve your hero’s stats is through the enhance option, which is basically levelling the hero up with the use of enhance potions. For one, you can use it on your current main team or save it so that new heroes will be able to catch up in terms of level later on.

Each hero’s rarity level, including max level cap and stats can be upgraded through the evolve system. This requires evolution pendants and several grimoires along with huge sums of coins. The grimoire requirements and monetary costs vary depending on the current grade of the hero. Evolving the character requires the hero to reach max level first and will change appearance after the process.

Beyond rarity grades, heroes have star levels as well and each one starts off at 0 stars. This can be upgraded through awakening and, again, requires a variety of items as well as tons of coins to be performed. Each new awakening stage provides a huge stat boost to the hero and each hero can reach a maximum of 6 stars.

There should be no worries if you manage to pull doubles or extra copies of the heroes you have unlocked. This is because the next upgrade method requires those extra copies to boost the damage of the hero’s ultimate skill or incorporate additional effects to it. It will also require a significant amount of coins to pull off and can give you a reason to appreciate SR characters over SSR ones given the rate at which you can obtain higher grade heroes from the gacha.

While gears and outfits also fall within the means by which you can boost each hero’s overall strength or combat class, only the above consume resources that you will not be able to take back. Although gears consume items to be enhanced, you can freely switch them around characters without any cost. Outfits, on the other hand are character specific so there are no right or wrong investments with them.

4. Equip, Enhance, And Set Gears

No RPG is complete without the fun and excitement that acquiring, mixing, matching, and upgrading gears provide. The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross definitely does not lag behind other RPGs as far as character customization is concerned and this is largely attributable to gears that provide set abilities.

the seven deadly sins grand cross gears

It may take a little while into the game to be introduced to the gear function but once you have obtained your first pieces of equipment, you will be craving for more of it. Each character has 6 different slots for specific types of gears. Equipped gears can be freely removed and can also be exchanged to another unit’s gears for convenience. Like heroes, gears also have rarity grades, so be sure that you choose to enhance equipment that have grades that match your satisfaction.

To match the levelling up of your heroes, each piece of equipment can also be levelled up through enhancement. You will need enhancement stones to level gears up and while the first 5 levels have guaranteed success rates, the success probability drops down further as the gear grows stronger.

Once a piece of gear has reached its max level, it can be awakened using an awakening stone. Doing so will reset the gear’s enhancement level while improving its stats further and adding an additional buff. Be sure to be very selective when it comes to enhancing some gears as well because the resources you need to do so are much easier to consume than to farm.

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The best part about gears in The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross comes from the set abilities each piece has. Beyond the outright stat boost that a piece of gear provides to your hero, it comes with an added boost to either HP, attack, defense, critical resistance, recovery, etcetera. Be sure to look into these set bonuses as having 2 or more of equipped gears with the same set bonus activates the additional buff. You may have very limited choices as a beginner with not enough gears, but later on, you should strategize around a combination of 2 to 3 set effects that complement your character’s skills and stats.

5. Farm For Resources In The SP Dungeon

At some point in your adventure, you are bound to be in a predicament where even your best heroes will not be strong enough to accomplish a given quest. This is not necessarily attributable to a lack or absence of strategy or skill but rather, it may be due to your heroes needing more upgrades. For gold, enhancement materials, awakening materials, and more, be sure to visit the SP Dungeon (Fort Solgres) and spend stamina to farm for more of the upgrade resources you need.

the seven deadly sins grand cross sp dungeon

Beyond the daily requirement to finish some levels within the SP dungeon, pushing forward within the subsequent levels you unlock brings in more rewards for you. Unlike in most RPGs where there are limitations as to how many times you can engage in the dungeons, not every game mode within the SP dungeon has the same limitations. There are limited daily attempts applicable to the gold dungeon and events dungeon but as far as the Enhance and Evolve Dungeons are concerned, you are only delimited by the amount of stamina you have.

6. Accomplish Daily Tasks And Achievements

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross certainly provides tons of immediate rewards for you to obtain with practically every bit of activity you engage in as you play the game, most especially during the initial hours and days. On top of the items, resources, and sometimes even characters that you receive outright, more are in store for you whenever you complete daily tasks and achievements.

the seven deadly sins grand cross achievements

One of the reasons you would want to push as far as you can in progressing the main story is to unlock more daily tasks for you to accomplish for added incentives. As you reach farther and farther through your adventure, you will consequently have more daily routines to follow. It is all good, though, especially if you have a lot of spare time to spend on the game as the usual rewards will definitely boost your growth and progress tremendously.

Additionally, there are also certain milestones you can reach based on your overall progress and the rewards you receive out of accomplishing such feats are typically even greater. Meeting achievement objectives can earn you valuable rewards that include diamonds and every bit of task you achieveearns you points that fill up to earn you even more diamonds.

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Be sure to look into both the tasks and achievements tab under the quest menu regularly so you can be guided to tasks that you may have forgotten to do as well as accomplishments that you can easily finish. Note that in addition to tabs at the top of the quest page, there are also categories on its left side that you should cycle through.

7. Add As Many Friends As You Can

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross’ battle system is open for a 4-unit team although you can have 3 main characters and 1 sub to complete the battle roster. Especially at the early part of your adventure, you will have a bit of challenge to have 4 strong characters to take with you through all sorts of challenge. Fortunately, the friend assistance system that the game has enables you to bring along a unit from a friend or any other player.

the seven deadly sins grand cross friends

In a sense, one of the perks hard to realize whenever you join in on a game a little later than other people are features like this. You can enter into battle with your level 15 or so characters and have them be joined by a level 50 character from a friend or another player. In some cases, even being on the disadvantaged end of a gap in power against enemy units will not stop you from completing missions thanks to some mercenary unit that rendered your squad more powerful than the enemy team.

In such cases, be sure to send friend requests to players who own powerful characters that you used. Likewise, do not hesitate to accept friend requests from other people as having your character used by others earns you rewards as well.

8. Prepare Well For Tough Battles

It may take a while before you encounter enemies that really test your team’s overall power and your strategic skills in combat. It is not a question of if, though, and is rather a question of when. While you continue to raise your team’s combat power through various enhancements and equipment upgrades, you will surely reach a point in the game, when the enemy team’s power is simply higher than yours.

the seven deadly sins grand cross battle tips

While The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross does not exclusively consider combat power as the sole determinant of which team wins a battle, it is still a highly influential factor, which is why you will need to be ready for such instances by obtaining temporary buffs before challenging battles. You can cook your own food as well as purchase prepared dishes from NPCs in town. Different meals provide different sets of buffs for your team so even before you are confronted with a fight you know will be a challenge, be sure to stock up on food early one and read each one’s description to know what you can get out of each meal.

Beyond combat power and team strength, a huge deciding factor in the outcome of battles come from strategic prowess. You will surely be enticed by the convenience of auto battle early in your adventure but as you engage more challenging enemies and observe how the A.I. chooses which skills to use, you will instantly discover that auto battle is devoid of any strategy at all. Even if you are a beginner in RPGs and not have much confidence in your battle tactics yet, you can be certain that you will perform much better than the A.I. does.

For one, the card combination feature of The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is hardly utilized when in auto battle mode. Likewise, playing battles manually will let you tap and hold on an enemy unit to see stats and other valuable information and a simple tap can also make you choose the best target for your upcoming salvo of attacks.

9. Check Your Inventory For Consumables And Disposables

With so many activities to engage in The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, chances are that you will forget about all the other rewards you obtain that wind up in your inventory. While some of the items you acquire are best saved for later use, some of them are better used immediately. There are 5 categories of items in your item storage and while you should look into each one and take time to read through each item’s description, be sure to habitually check the 1-use and miscellaneous tabs.

the seven deadly sins grand cross inventory

Energy recovery potions as well as reward boxes are found under the 1-use tab. You should open the chests to obtain the rewards inside as these may contain valuable resources that can boost your team’s power. On the other hand, some treasure chests that can be sold for coins wind up under the miscellaneous tab so feel free to sell them immediately as you will most likely be always needing gold in your adventure.

There’s still so much content to go through in the game that we will have to discuss those in another guide. For now, this is where we will end our The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross beginner’s guide and we hope that you found the simple tips and strategies we shared to be helpful in jumpstarting your adventure. We are confident that the topics we discussed here sufficiently covers the game’s most basic features and mechanics but if you discovered something in your adventure that we have not included in this article, then feel free to let us know!