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Men In Black: Galaxy Defenders Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate Your Enemies

Men In Black: Galaxy Defenders is Sony Pictures Television’s new action mobile game, that’s out now on iOS and Android. Staying true to the popular franchise, this action-packed FPS game lets players use a variety of high-tech weaponry to rid the world of criminal aliens that are causing trouble. Men In Black: Galaxy Defender’s slick combination of plausible mechanics and unique gameplay makes it a great FPS game for players across various ages. If you enjoy FPS games and would want to test your aiming skills and quickness of reaction, jump in on Men In Black: Galaxy Defender and see what all the craze is all about!

We are fairly certain that everyone knows what the Men In Black franchise is all about. Just to sum it all up for those who may not have seen any of the 4 films, the cartoon series, or the comic book it was based from; the Men In Black serves as an international intelligence organization that oversees and attempt to control alien activity on Earth. Though the series largely focuses on Agent J and Agent K, there are other agents in the series as well as hosts of supporting characters that add color to the exploits of the protagonists. In Men In Black: Galaxy Defender, a lot of the familiar characters in the franchise can be used as a character while some infamous villains from the series will also make their appearance.

Men In Black: Galaxy Defenders may offer plenty of unique gameplay mechanics, but considering everything, it is still relatively easy to pick up and play. The tutorial helps in giving you a good grasp of the controls as well as the usual missions. It may give some people an easy impression that the game is a sniping game, as the tutorial missions do involve a lot of sniping, one mission after another. Once you are free to take on any mission, though, you will be surprised to find different missions that require different guns to partake in.

In truth, learning the controls and mechanics is the easy part. As you progress through the various missions in the game, it can be a real challenge to take aim and shoot with high precision on the clock. If you are somewhat overwhelmed the game’s missions or if you are simply searching for more efficient ways to get stronger and dominate both PvE and PvP content, then check out our Men In Black: Galaxy Defenders beginner’s guide below. We have come up with a bunch of tips, cheats and strategies to help you rank up fast in the game!

1. Customize The Control Settings

While every FPS game developer aims to provide the best control configuration it can to all, if not the majority, of its players, each player will have his own preferences as to the amount of control sensitivity there should be, the button configuration, and other control aspects as well. While Men In Black: Galaxy Defenders may not allow players to adjust the buttons as freely as some of them may want, at least there are multiple layouts available to choose from on top of other adjustable settings.

men in black galaxy defenders controls

Once you have gone through the tutorials and before you push through with any of the available missions, you should visit the settings first and try to tinker with the various options that can alter your controls. To do so, simply click on the gear icon at the upper left corner of the screen and tap on the controls button. There are 4 different button layouts to choose from, and hopefully, one of them works well for you. You can also adjust the spaces between buttons to make it easier to tap on the right one regardless of the screen size of the device you are using. “Invert Y-Axis” and “Pinch To Zoom” options are also available but most importantly, the one you may have to tinker with more than others is the aiming sensitivity.

Given that Men In Black: Galaxy Defenders is a fast-paced game, you cannot afford to miss a lot of shots from mid to end level campaign missions. For beginners, relying on faster reflexes and precision may be a challenge early on and with the relative easiness of the starting missions, it should serve as the perfect training grounds to test out various control layouts and sensitivity levels.

Beyond finding the right control setup for you, you should master the controls as soon as you can and make it a habit to never have to look at the buttons while in combat. It will take a lot of focus to watch enemies and civilians move, which is why you should spare no second in checking if your fingers are at the right area or not.

2. Cycle Through Different Missions If You Can

After finishing the tutorial missions, you will be presented with a rather non-linear approach towards progressing further in the game. Various missions will be available in different locations and completing them one after another is just one approach towards moving further into your adventure. To start off, each mission will have specific gun types that you will use and while staying on with one mission through and through may seem easier relative to the gun type in use, progression within each location also means added difficulty levels and requirements.

men in black galaxy defenders missions

One of the things to take note of are the different objectives that earn you stars as overall performance within each stage can earn you between one to three stars and zero if you fail to clear the mission. Stars determine the amount of loot you earn so taking note of each objective and trying your best to secure a 3-star rating on the first go will be beneficial.

In any case, you can always repeat any quest to earn the stars you missed. You should also consider the extra rewards you can obtain from the bottom of the page whenever you reach a milestone relative to the number of stars you have earned. These may include agent cards or even champion medals that you can use to trade for medal chests that can earn you various rare cards.

In addition to the relative ease of accomplishing missions if you cycle around the different targets, succeeding missions from within the same area will often require certain upgrades to the weapons you use. Checking each mission out first will not only make it easier for you to progress, it will also help you budget your limited resources to invest in the required upgrades for each succeeding mission.

3. Upgrade Your Weapons Only When Necessary

Relative to the progressive instances of upgrade requirements, the existence of better weapons you may acquire, and the limitation of resources needed to perform a weapon upgrade, it is important for you to be certain that each performed upgrade is necessary. While it can be a very tempting ordeal to spend every bit of credits you have to make your weapon or weapons more efficient, doing so may leave you locked out of certain missions that require an upgrade to one or more of the other weapons.

how to upgrade weapons in men in black galaxy defenders

Although you may have more than enough credits to begin with, expect that latter upgrades will cost you more. With some RNG aspect impacting the chances of you securing a better gun, you will always want to keep a good amount of credits just in case. For required upgrades as well as dire needs to perform better in any mission, though, do not hesitate to up your needed weapon a notch or two.

4. Get To Know Each Agent

You may only have Agent J and Agent K at the starting campaign missions but after some progress, you will start to unlock more and more agents for your squad. Beyond each agent’s unique appearance, though, each one sports a unique skill that can be either helpful in combat or support farming and help you earn more points quicker.

men in black galaxy defenders agent

Regardless of whether or not you have unlocked each agent, be sure to take time to get to know as many of them as you can. Once discovered or obtained, you can tap on each agent’s portrait to see what each one specializes in. Knowing this will help you utilize each agent more efficiently and likewise arm you with better knowledge when faced with them in PvP.

5. Use The Barrels Strategically

While precision and good aiming will go a long way in every FPS game, sometimes it may not be enough. In Men In Black: Galaxy Defenders, much like other FPS games, you will often be situated in missions where you are outnumbered and regardless of how fast you aim and shoot and even if you manage to hit every target, you can still be beaten.

how to use barrels in men in black galaxy defenders

As you are not invulnerable in the game and will continue to take damage no matter how fast and good you are and especially against an overwhelming number of enemies. Do pay attention to special explosive barrels that are almost too conveniently positioned to your advantage in most levels. While some earlier missions include shooting at these barrels as part of the objective, it is actually a hint of how you should utilize them well to your advantage at every opportunity.

Shooting at the explosive barrel to take down an enemy beside it will not be worth it at all and while taking down 2 is commendable, going for 3 enemy units or more should be your minimum standard. Some stage missions will actually lull you into triggering the barrel explosion early on but will then have even more enemies span at a latter time. It is very much okay to fall victim to these scenarios on the first go, but as you gain experience with each level, learn from these tactics and find a better time to use the exploding barrels more effectively.

6. Join A Clan And Add Friends As Soon As You Can

Clans, guilds, alliances, factions, and similar social groups have become an integral part of many online games. While a lot of these games can be played entirely on your own, being part of a clan provides a lot of benefits that can help you progress faster in the game.

men in black galaxy defenders clan

In Men In Black: Galaxy Defenders, you can join a clan early on and practically instantly as well. Although each subsequent mission you accomplish will earn you clan points, there are no perquisites yet as to the points you earn. In any case, being in a clan opens up new avenues for you to earn more friends and players to chat more freely with in case you need some enlightenment on certain game aspects.

Having friends enable you to earn crystals that can be exchanged for supply chests at the shop. Once you unlock the MIB HQ after completing a few starting missions, you can begin to share invites to people you know through various channels. On top of the daily crystals you can send and receive via the friends feature, the first few friends you recruit will earn you extra rewards that include gold, agent cards, and a new pistol.

7. Earn As Much As You Can In The Arena

Arena events come with a limited availability and a limited amount of credits you can earn. As you will never have a surplus of the basic currency in the game and will always be wanting more to ensure that you can fund all the needed upgrades, make sure to spend as much time as you can in the arena and grab as many credits as you can.

men in black galaxy defenders arena

Blast streaks, win streaks, headshots, and perks all contribute to how much credits you earn at the end of the session. A a beginner, you may feel intimidated as you will be pitted against 3 other players within the arena. Do not worry, though as you will get credits regardless of how you perform.

To some extent, though, it feels like you may not be playing with real players as well as taking the top spot is relatively easy especially within the first zone of the campaign. In any case, do your best and after the run, do not hesitate to go for another round if there is still a lot of credits up for grabs and if you have the energy to spare.

8. Watch Ads For More Rewards

Although free-to-play games are almost always packed with video ads in them, some are actually very helpful for those who patiently patronize the ad boosts and are exclusively voluntary as well. In Men In Black: Galaxy Defenders, there are various opportunities for you to earn extra rewards all at the cost of simply playing a video ad. These 15 to 30-second ads may give you outright rewards and some can even double rewards earned.

how to earn more rewards in men in black galaxy defenders

To start off, there are supply drops you can earn once every 4 hours. Regardless of the amount of credits, gold, and cards you get off of these chests, it is definitely worth it to double their numbers by playing some video ads. You can earn some free gold from the shop as well through watching these video ads.

One of the most common opportunities you will find come after each stage you accomplish as the rewards you earn can also be doubled by watching video ads. Running out of in-game energy to continue playing can be a hassle if you are especially in a mood for more action. When low on energy, you can also watch a video ad to earn a couple more.

The thing is, you will always want to earn free items and double your rewards at every opportunity but there will be times when these video ads will not be available. In any case, be sure to play them whenever you can as grinding without the help of these ads will be a lot tougher.

And that sums up our Men In Black: Galaxy Defenders beginner’s guide. We hope that the tips and tricks we shared will cause for a significant improvement in your experience and performance in the game. If you have relevant queries on some aspects of the game or would have your own tips or strategies to share, do not think twice and drop us a message via the comment section!


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