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BitLife Shamrock Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Shamrock Challenge

After mainly focusing on basic, casual mobile titles, it’s safe to say that Candywriter is definitely best known as the developer behind the life simulator game BitLife. As you may very well know, this is a role-playing game recommended mainly for those 17 years old and above, where you will be asked to create a virtual human called a Bitizen, and live their lives from start to finish, making good or bad decisions as you see fit. But beyond those many choices, the game recently started offering a new way to play the game — by creating these Bitizens and trying to complete limited-time Challenges.

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner as of this writing, it’s no surprise that Candywriter’s next BitLife challenge has an obvious Irish twist to it. The Shamrock Challenge went live on Saturday afternoon, and players have up to March 17 to complete this challenge and add it to the previous Alphabet and Ghostbusters Challenges, which we’ve discussed in previous guides.

As you may have noticed in the challenge description, this won’t be as easy as having 26 kids with names from A to Z or getting a job as an Exorcist and getting rid of 10 spirits in properties you own. But you don’t necessarily need the luck of the Irish to complete this new challenge, as our new BitLife guide shall focus on everything you need to do to complete the Shamrock Challenge with as little time and effort as possible.

The Shamrock Challenge – An Overview

bitlife shamrock challenge requirements

You may probably be thinking that it’s going to be pretty expensive to complete this challenge, considering you need to have seven red-headed children and own seven green cars. (You’ll also need to pinch seven people and “watch” a video — in-game, that is — of a popular Irish YouTuber.) However, we would suggest doing these things or making sure these factors are in play when trying to complete the Shamrock Challenge, as these could make it easier for you at the end of the day while ensuring that the process doesn’t leave you broke.

Play As A Redhead, Have Kids With A Redhead

The first thing to ensure is that your Bitizen is a redhead born in Ireland. While it is possible to qualify if you emigrated to the country, anyone who’s used this feature should know that only a few countries will be made available each time you choose the Emigrate option. As such, it’s easier to cut to the chase and start a new life by selecting Ireland as your place of birth, repeating the process until you’re sure your character is a redhead. (You’ll know for sure when they reach the age of 3 and their avatar changes from baby to child.) It’s preferable as well that you repeat the process until you’ve got a redhead with decent Smarts and very high Looks stats — we’ll tell you later why this is important.

bitlife girlfriend

Next, once you’re 16 years old or thereabouts (the earliest age you can get someone pregnant or become pregnant in the game), you’ll need to find a partner who’s also a redhead. While it is possible (but not 100 percent sure) to have red-headed kids if you’re a brunette and have a blonde partner or vice versa, the odds of having red-headed offspring are guaranteed if both parents are gingers. Of course, you have the option to have children with multiple partners, but just as long as your partner doesn’t go on birth control (assuming you’re controlling a male Bitizen), it’s definitely doable to fulfill the seven-kid requirement before you turn 30.

Get A Showbiz Job And Wait Till You’re Richer Before Having More Kids

Then again, you might want to be a bit more patient, wait till you’re 25 or so before having kids, and have about three of them between the ages of 35 and 40. That’s because of what we had told you above — it would be better if your Bitizen has at least fair Smarts (say, 60 and above) and good Looks (80 and above), because that will enable you to apply for the Actor and Singer jobs, which are ultimately the ones that can make you filthy rich once you’ve reached celebrity status.

Don’t send ‘em to college — by the time they’re done with high school, keep quitting and reloading the game until the entry-level Voiceover Actor or Background Singer jobs are available, get one of those jobs, then work your way up, stay healthy and avoid almost every kind of trouble. (Again, the importance of this will be explained later.) That way, you should become famous around the age of 35, upon which you can have two to four more kids to bring up the total to seven, while having more than enough money to pay for their needs. Even if you don’t get paid in the millions yet, those book endorsements and commercials will come in handy!

background vocalist job in bitlife

As for other types of celebrity-related jobs, the Pornographer career track is an alternative for good-looking, yet intellectually-challenged Bitizens, though the lack of commercial opportunities once you become famous could limit your earning potential, to say little of the considerably lower pay ceiling. Writer and Magician are also fine and you can star in commercials if you work as one, but once again, the lower pay ceiling makes it less ideal than Actor or Singer.

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For additional tips on how to earn more money to afford everything required in this challenge, it can also help to get a part-time job once you turn 15, and possibly hold it at the same time as your regular job — unless your Stress level reaches red, in which case it’s time to quit the part-time job.

Buy Cheap Cars, But Buy Them Once You’re Closer To Fame

Regarding the car-buying part of the Shamrock Challenge, we suggest buying as cheaply as possible — just as long as the Condition of the car isn’t red or orange, you can buy used, either outright or via car loan, and minimize the maintenance and operating expenses by opting for a cheaper vehicle. You can even take a walk on the wild side and choose Grand Theft Auto under Crime — the car’s colors aren’t specified, but if you somehow luck out and steal a green-colored car, that, too, will count toward the seven.

bitlife cars

You may want to start paying maintenance fees, however, if you see the Condition dipping into the orange territory — if they stop running, they won’t count toward the total! We suggest starting out with one or two fairly good-condition green cars, then ramping up with the car purchases once you’re close to, or have already reached celebrity status.

Pinching – Always Choose This Option When Fighting

Now here’s where the “avoid almost every kind of trouble” thing comes into play — the pinching aspect. If you’re lucky, you’ll have one or two chances to use the Pinch option in the fighting-specific dialogue boxes while you’re still a child — if you have the opportunity to pinch a bully or an unruly classmate, take advantage of it! The worst that could happen is getting sent to juvie for a year — for this challenge, getting expelled or sentenced to juvenile detention may be worth your while if it means having a pinch or two (or maybe three) count toward your seven.

how to deal with bullies in bitlife

Having many siblings is also a good way to reach the seven-pinch quota faster — once both of you are 18 years old and above, the Rumble option will become available, thus allowing you to pick a fight and choose the Pinch option if available. You may also want to use a quit-and-exit strategy here, since Pinch won’t always be an option. The same applies to picking fights at a nightclub — always choose the Attack option if your clubbing trip results in someone getting upset with you.

Naturally, pinching someone is just as bad as punching someone in BitLife, so you can expect some trouble with the law. That’s where having a high-paying job comes in, so perhaps you can save the pinching for the time you become famous as an Actor or as a Singer (or Porn Actor, Writer, or other similar jobs) so that way, you’ll have enough dough to afford high-priced lawyers who could help you avoid serving jail time for assault.

The Final Steps

Finally, we have the easiest part of the challenge, and the only one you can do in childhood, which is to watch the channel of Irish YouTuber Jacksepticeye with a friend. As long as you’ve got at least one friend, it’s as simple as going to the Relationships menu, tapping on one of your friends, then going to Watch YouTube. Jacksepticeye won’t always be available, but try going back to this area more than once and you’re sure to see his channel among the options.

bitlife watching youtube

Once you’ve completed all of the four requirements — ginger children, green cars, seven pinches, and a Jacksepticeye viewing session with a friend — you will have successfully completed BitLife’s Shamrock Challenge! Unfortunately, there’s no actual “pot of gold” waiting for you once everything’s over, but we’re always hoping that Candywriter will eventually have some kind of reward for those who complete a certain number of challenges!


Tuesday 17th of March 2020

I have all of the requirements completed but it still says it is unfinished!

Live in Ireland: YES 7 green cars: YES 7 redhead kids: YES Watch Jacksepticeye: YES Pinch 7 people: YES (I’ve pinched OVER 7, actually)

What am I missing?!


Thursday 19th of March 2020

Me too! I had 7 kids, cars, pinches and watched jacksepticeye! And I didn’t get it! So I figured that since some of my kids hair was orange that they weren’t counting it? So I had more kids (27) and it still wouldn’t register! Maybe cause I went over the kid limit or something?! This one was too hard... ):