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World Above: Merge Games Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Expand Your Kingdom Fast

World Above: Merge Games is one of B.V.’s latest casual puzzle game for players across all ages. Despite the cute and light fantasy-themed visuals, World Above can actually offer challenging puzzles for even veteran match 3 puzzle enthusiasts. Though it features an energy system that somewhat delimits play time, there are plenty of activities you can engage in with or without energy. If you love dragons and magical things, and enjoy challenging match 3 puzzles, be sure to give World Above a try.

World Above takes you to the mythical world of Asgard as the malevolent Loki has enveloped all the land in darkness. As you raise and command an army of dragons, the magic created by merging 3 similar objects unlock various puzzles and expand your Cloud Harbor. There are many mysterious artifacts and secrets to discover and the key to solving each puzzle lies in your wits as you come across various puzzles and adventures. Everything you see in World Above can be merged, and that includes structures within your haven, resources, as well as your dragon minions.

There has been several match 3 puzzle games across different gaming platforms before but for the most part, these games are usually in 2D where color alone will tell you which items to merge. As simple as it used to be, World Above is a modernized version of the addictive match 3 puzzle genre where merging 3 objects unlock a new object that can be merged further. The isometric perspective gives a clearer view of the puzzle especially when some objects somewhat resemble another.

World Above does have a lot of unique mechanics not found in conventional puzzle games but following the tutorial along with testing things out, you will be sure to figure out everything you need to know to get started in the game. If you are looking for better ways to expand your territory, then stay with us and read our World Above: Merge Games beginner’s guide for some useful tips, cheats and strategies!

1. Take Note Of The Puzzle Quests

The main game mode within World Above lies on the other floating islands you travel to outside your home, Cloud Harbor. Each level is uniquely designed with a simple goal to reach. For the most part, these goals are easy to achieve given that all the merging you do within the island ultimately leads to the goal. The level will not end until after you have completed your goal.

world above merge games puzzle quests

Beyond the main goal for each level, however, there are some quests available that you can accomplish before reaching your goal. Each quest earns you a star and up to 3 stars can be earned within each level. Completing quests will earn you extra rewards and earning more stars unlock new materials for sale at the Cloud Harbor Store.

Take note that some quests can be easily missed with an erroneous merge as some will require you to merge objects you can otherwise open, like treasure chests, while some may need you to hold off on merging a bit. For the most part, the most difficult quests are those that have time limitations so other than those types, feel free to take as much time as you need.

Be sure to check the quests available on each stage by tapping on it at the upper left corner of the screen. At the very least, you will know if you have to think fast and act faster on the stage if there are time limits. Likewise, feel free to view it from time to time to ensure your chances of clearing all quests in one go.

One of the reasons you should pursue these stages is that every level you play reduces your compass or in-game stamina. At least play a level before spending time on your home. This way, you will start earning additional compasses while tending to Cloud Harbor.

2. Plan Ahead Before Making A Move

Although some stages in World Above have quests that are time-bound, most adventures have no time limit at all and as such, will not require you to hustle up on your merging. One of the most basic mechanics in World Above is that when you merge 3 of the same objects, they form into a new one and this includes objects within the shaded area.

how to plan ahead moves in world above merge games

This is where every move can become different from one player to the next as some may choose to merge whatever they set their sights on first and take no time to assess other options. Though this may hold true for most beginners, you should start playing like an advanced player early on and make it a habit to look into all possible moves before you start merging. For the most part, whichever move unlocks more spaces makes it the better one. However, beyond choosing the better move, learn how to think as many steps as you can ahead of the actual move.

It is normal to not know what the merge of objects will lead to early on. After some time and a bit of conscious memorization, you should have an idea what a basic object can become after merging it a few times. With this knowledge in hand, you can have a good idea if your planned move will result into more moves later on as you should know if a particular merge will result into an object that can be merged anywhere else within the level. In most cases, merges can be chained effectively to rely a lot less on orbs that your dragon generates to unlock more spaces.

3. Merge 5 Objects For Better Results

With match 3 being the concept that defines the genre, it may happen that you will continue to merge 3 objects at a time without even thinking of the possibility to get more out of higher merge combinations. In World Above, merging 3 objects may be standard mechanics of the game but merging 5 objects gives you bonus rewards such as an additional output of the merger.

how to merge objects in world above merge games

There may not be a lot of opportunities to do this in some levels and will most likely be able to take advantage of the extra outputs back at Cloud Harbor. In any case, keep an eye out for possible merges of 5 objects as it will also generate more orbs to hasten uncovering of shaded areas.

4. Push To Expand Your Territory

When your limited compasses finally run out and you will no longer be able to venture into the puzzle levels, World Above gives you a ton of things to do back at home. Cloud Harbor is your very own floating island and works very much like any level you will play at, except everything is permanent and there are a lot of room for expansions.

how to expand territories in world above merge games

There are basically two ways that contribute to Cloud Harbor’s expansion or rather, lighting up more shaded areas. The first one works very much like the puzzle stages where you merge items including those within the dark sections to unlock more tiles. The other is dependent on the number of dragons you have. Dark towers scattered around the darkened areas require a certain number of dragons to be defeated. Once you have the right number of dragons, you simply need to tap on the tower and conquer it.

Given the first part of attempting to expand, solar orbs do contribute to unlocking certain objects. Soon enough, though, you will come to find that a lot more objects need sun power by the hundreds so merging into those objects whenever possible is the better and faster alternative. As far as conquering towers and collecting dragons are concerned, you can earn eggs from most levels and can even purchase some from the shop at the cost of gold. Note that subsequent purchases will cost more gold.

Some dragons can be bought as well using gems and while gems are premium currency that ought to be saved, using them to purchase dragons is one of their best uses. While you will find yourself raring to merge eggs and hatch dragons, take note that you can exercise a lot of patience to gather 5 of them and get more in return.

5. Keep Objects In Cloud Harbor Organized

As you clear more and more puzzles and likewise hatch more dragons from eggs, you will soon unlock a lot of tiles within your home and have it littered with a wide variety of objects. While matching 3 objects is a pretty simple objective, chances are that you will have one or two of many different objects in Cloud Harbor. The longer you play and leave everything as is, the more difficult it will become for you to find some of the objects you are looking for.

world above merge games cloud harbor

Keeping things tidy by arranging objects within your home in certain groups as well as dedicating as big of an empty space as possible will help you become more efficient in the long run. To be sure, you have experienced or will experience instances when you are waiting for a third copy of an object to appear not knowing that you already have a third somewhere far from the others all along. As you will only be having a lot of items littered on your island home, it is best to start organizing them in such a way that you can easily find what you are looking for.

As we mentioned earlier, merging an object into something that serves as a merging ingredient to adjacent objects leads to producing even more solar orbs. This is because World Above’s mechanics make it so that merge combinations are possible. With an organized placement of objects within Cloud Harbor, you can most certainly perform merge combinations every once in a while.

6. Invest In Structures Whenever You Can

On top of the objects you discover within your island home as well as some stuff that sprouts out of nowhere, there are some structures you need to invest in to speed up your progress in the game. For starters, you will have the basic roost, treasury, and mine available and you should make effort to have more of them when you can.

world above merge games buildings

The roost is where your dragons rest after a few minutes of work. They sleep around 20 minutes each but once you have upgraded the roost, rest time will be shortened. Upgraded dragons likewise spend more time working before they tire themselves out. The treasury generates coins over time. Given that both the roost and mine require coins to be purchased, on top of its other uses, you will always want to have more coins than what you can have.

Mines also increase the maximum number of coins you can have. Finally, the mine generates stones needed for building structures and purchasing more mines. The most basic stone it produces can be tapped to earn stones. You can merge stones until it becomes a treasure chest as well.

Just so you will not run out of space, you can build these structures with an immediate intent to merge them together. Suppose you have one roost and can afford another two, do so and merge them immediately to free up some valuable space within Cloud Harbor.

7. Claim Rewards From The Encyclopedia

Every object you discover and successfully merge together, whether through the puzzle stages or you island home, are recorded within the encyclopedia. It may be a bit difficult to notice if you are too engrossed with the game but you can check your achievements by clicking on the menu button at the upper right side of your screen and then clicking on the book icon.

how to earn more rewards in world above merge games

Take note that objects are spread across a wide classification but will each have its own indicator. Every new discovery and entry in the book will earn you valuable crystals so it is best to claim them sooner than later.

8. Watch Ads For Some Free Boosts

Video ads may have in an integral part of free-to-play games for quite some time and regardless of how these ads present themselves in the game, it is important to know that the game may not have been available at all to continue being absolutely free without these ads. While some games do employ ads that pop up randomly as you play the game, there are no such ads in World Above.

world above merge games free boosts

In truth, all of the ads you will see in the game are optional. For the most part, you may even want to have more opportunities to play these ads as the perks they provide are valuable yet they are not as commonly available.

To start off, with a very limited number of compasses that serve as your in-game stamina in World Above, chances are that you will only be able to play a couple of puzzles before they ran out. It is a bit of a good control on your play time which makes it a real casual game but then again, you will most likely be yearning for more compasses whenever you are to addicted to try the next level out or make another attempt at a puzzle that you failed to solve. In some instances, a red “play” button appears at the upper right corner of the compass icon and when it does, you can play a 15 to 30-second video ad to earn a free compass immediately.

Another play time delimiter is the stamina of your pet dragons. By default, your dragons spend at least 20 minutes of sleep for about 5 minutes of work. If you squeeze all of them in on one roost, it takes a lot longer for all of them to replenish their stamina. Occasionally, you will also see the red “play” button on the upper right side of the roost and whenever you do, there is an opportunity to wake one of your dragons up to start working immediately.

That sums up all the tips and strategies we have for you with regards to World Above. If you have played the game for quite some time and have discovered something we haven’t yet, do not hesitate to share them with us in the comment area below!


Friday 21st of January 2022

How to pass the ‘Stepping stone’ area ? I can’t make wood log.


Thursday 16th of December 2021

I'm stuck on the feast of gods level it has a mystery eggs that I have to match it with but they only gave 2 on the level how do n I get the other egg?

Chris Smith

Friday 10th of September 2021

Why all of a sudden do all my solar boosts only give me points? What are the points used for? I cannot find where they are racking up?


Friday 30th of July 2021

I don’t understand Earl! What exactly does he do and how do you make him do the things he is supposed to?


Saturday 1st of May 2021

What do i do with "egg shrub seeds"? I assumed it would be merge so I now have approx 40 taking up space and I have tried everything.... Any ideas?