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LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate the Campaign and Challenges

Gameloft should be no stranger to long-time mobile gamers as they have been active in the mobile gaming industry since 2010 and is considered to be among the pioneers in the business. With over 60 games under its app portfolio and well over 2 billion aggregate downloads from all its releases, Gameloft stands as one of the most well-known and established mobile game developers with a continuously growing fan base and followers. We have published some guides on Gameloft’s releases and Overdrive City, Disney Princess Majestic Quest, Dead Rivals, and Asphalt 9: Legends are just some of the games we covered. With almost every title from Gameloft banking a highly positive average user review rating and a respectable spot in most top ten lists of games, there is no doubt that every succeeding release will be highly anticipated.

LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed is one Gameloft’s latest mobile games for both Android and iOS platforms. Though not the first LEGO video game and not the only one on mobile, Gameloft’s LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed is unlike any LEGO game that came before it. Definitely not just for fans of the highly popular franchise, LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed unites popular figures and sets from various LEGO worlds and eras packed with the same humor that people of all ages enjoy from the LEGO shows and movies. Lloyd from Ninjago, Hot Dog Man, and Cactus Girl are just some of wacky characters you will find in the game. If you love LEGO, strategy RPGs, or both, then you should definitely give LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed a shot!

lego legacy heroes unboxed strategies

Journey into different LEGO worlds as you gather heroes together to search the unknown to gather Glyphs of the Elements and rebuild Piptown. The once vibrant and peaceful town has been torn asunder and it is up to you and the friends you assemble along the way to fully restore the city and save the LEGOverse. Builders and Explorers form part of your continuously growing number of companions and while each group has its own separate task, some quests require the best of both teams. As each hero you obtain sports a unique set of abilities and strengths, the variety of challenges that come your way will test your proficiency in team-building and combat tactics.

LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed offers a simple enough set of game mechanics and features that even first-time RPG players can learn and enjoy. Like most turn-based strategy RPGs, battles you partake in consume in-game energy that replenishes over time. Every activity you engage in earns you experience points to level up your account and your current level serves as the max level your heroes can have. There is a gacha method in acquiring new heroes but there are also other ways to earn their tiles.

Considering everything, LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed’s tutorial session further makes the mechanics easy to follow. However, if you want spend your energy and resources more efficiently and dominate each battle, then check out our LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed tips, cheats and strategies!

1. Prioritize The Campaign

As an almost staple feature of any RPG nowadays, LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed holds an immersive storyline that almost seem like it was taken straight off of one of their popular movies. Like some popular LEGO movies as well, your adventure in LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed takes you through a variety of worlds within the LEGO universe and meet various popular characters of the franchise. In contrast with the usual grim and gloomy worlds that are often part of adventure RPGs, the worlds and characters in LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed are somewhat filled with humor and peculiarity.

Beyond the actual storytelling that you would probably watch through, the campaign in LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed actually serves as the most basic game mode that introduces you to each of the game’s mechanics and features.

lego legacy heroes unboxed campaign

On top of character and set tiles, gears, and items you earn after each battle, every bit of stamina spent earns you its equivalent in experience points. Again, as your account level serves as the basis as to how high the level of each of your heroes can go, you would want to level up as fast as you can especially on the starting hours.

Reaching certain account levels unlock some of the game’s other features. With a lot of the added features having limits in terms of participation, it is best to push and unlock as many of the other features as early as possible. Additionally, each level you gain also gives you extra stamina on top of the permanent stamina limit increase that you will obtain.

Take note that LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed’s current campaign is divided into three groups: The Glyph Hunt, which is exclusive for Explorer heroes; Piptown United, which is exclusive for Builder heroes; and Monolith Waste, where you can finally mash up any team combination from the heroes you have assembled. Given that Glyph Hunt will be the first campaign stage you will go through during the tutorial sessions, most of the heroes you will have will be explorers by category.

Once you finish the initial Glyph Hunt levels, you will still have to gather enough builder heroes to take on the challenges of Piptown United. Clearing the initial levels of Piptown United will finally unlock Monolith Waste.

Stamina in LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed may deplete relatively fast but once you have unlocked Monolith Waste, it will have a separate stamina requirement of its own. It is best to push forward with the campaign and unlock it as soon as you can to have both sets of stamina replenish over time. Be sure to check the details of each stage particularly the enemies, their levels, and the potential loot as you will soon be farming for specific items once you have cleared the earlier levels but is still prohibited from progressing due to minimum level requirements of the succeeding campaign chapters.

2. Form A Balanced Team

Like any strategy RPG, LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed relies on the efficiency of the entire team rather than bank on one or two heroes’ majestic strength. Well, there are rarity types of sorts given that characters can be acquired from 1 star to 3 stars. However, every hero can be fully upgraded to 7 stars and the rarer heroes do not necessarily become the strongest.

Beyond each hero’s unique strength, skills, and awesomeness, class types among other classifications are to be considered as well. As a unique necessity for LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, you will have to work on 3 distinct teams based on the explorer / builder category for purposes of taking on the different campaign.

lego legacy heroes unboxed team

There are 4 distinct class types in LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed and forming a 5-unit team making use of these classes should work well enough for you throughout the game. In all honesty, the initial units you will obtain during the tutorial stands as a good enough example of a balanced team. For starters, try to maintain the ratio of classes as you swap units in and out later in your adventure.

The most basic class is the attacker and as the name implies, these are the units that specialize in dealing damage to targets. Chicken Suit Guy and Princess Argenta are examples of attackers. Tanks are built for defense and often sport taunt skills top attract enemies to attack them instead of their allies. Crook Chuck and Hedley the Headsman are examples of a tank.

No team is complete without a healer as ensuring that the team’s health gets restored if needed can only be done by healers. Healers in the game seem to be very vulnerable, though, and requires some protection from allies. Hiker and Paramedic Poppy are examples of healers. Last, but definitely not the least, the support class is the only missing class from your starting roster. These units buff allies or debuff enemy units. With a 5-person team, support units provide a lot of strategic advantage in both PvE and PvP combat. Doctor Kelvin and Nya are examples of this class.

Later on you may have to shift members beyond class considerations as each unit in LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed belongs to various groups that are impacted by certain effects. For starters, however, and given the limitations of characters in your roster, simply aim to keep a balanced team by having each class represented in the 5-unit party, potentially leaving 2 slots for attackers.

There will certainly be tough choices between two or more units that share the same class that all seem equally effective. Make it a habit to read through what each hero can do including skills they have yet to unlock. Take note that you can do this as well for heroes you have yet to assemble. Getting to know what each hero can do will help you utilize each of them better in combat. In the same regard, having such knowledge will give you an edge in combat when you face the unit on the opposite side of the battlefield.

3. Be Selective When Upgrading Heroes

You will naturally acquire more and more heroes than you can fit in a single party. For instance, you need only 5 explorer units and 5 builder units to have a decent team to use across all campaign stages. Given that the Monolith Waste will only have you use half of those numbers, you will technically have 5 heroes idle a third of your campaign battles. Given these considerations, try to plan thoroughly on the units you need and consider their value in the long run. Invest heavily only in units whom you are certain will be useful for you and if you do find better characters, assess on how to maintain your main teams as priority one.

how to upgrade heroes in lego legacy heroes unboxed

The most basic way of enhancing characters is through levelling them up. Each unit’s maximum level depends on your current account level and you can level each unit up using XP scrolls and coins. Naturally you will have a plethora of both resources at the early part of the game but given that costs of both increase as the hero’s level increases will leave you with little to spare if you fully level up every character you assemble. As such try to minimize levelling up heroes and concentrate only on your top five per group. Once you switch members, discontinue investing in the character you are no longer using.

Each character can equip six different gears. While each set differs from one character to another, some units may have similar needs as far as equipment goes. In this sense, be sure to set a prioritization based on such needs. Once all gear slots of a hero has been fully equipped, you can gear up the hero to boost his awesomeness and potentially learn some new skills. While the initial set of gears your heroes need can be equipped outright, some higher level gears will have to be crafted from other gears. It will be up to you to how you will have to choose to divide gears among your heroes but just the same, some heroes will have to considered a priority over others based on their role or long-term usefulness since gears will not be removed on them once equipped.

Upon meeting certain levels, each hero’s skill can be further strengthened through the use of elixirs. These elixirs are not as easy to come by which is why you have to, yet again, set prioritizations as to which hero from among your roster will have his or her skills upgraded first. Likewise, be sure to choose only heroes you will be using for a long time before investing elixirs in him or her.

One of the most difficult ways to strengthen heroes is thru raising their star level. As each hero can be upgraded all the way to 7 stars, you need to collect more hero tiles specific to each hero to raise their star level. Naturally, each star up requires more tiles so chances are that it will be a huge struggle to even fully upgrade one hero. You can obtain huge amounts of random tiles from the shop and you can target some specific hero tiles from the campaign and events. It is best to determine early which heroes you want to target so as to streamline your faming for those specific tiles.

4. Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

Every online RPG, or even games within other genres always have guilds, alliances, clans, or similar social groups for players to be a part of. While, still, these games can be played by solo players without joining any group whatsoever, the benefits that guilds provide and the absence of any drawback whatsoever makes it very advantageous for anyone to be in a guild.

lego legacy heroes unboxed guild

In LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, being a member of a guild will let you use your allies’ top heroes or whichever heroes they chose to lend to the guild. Likewise, you can share 1 explorer hero and 1 builder hero with your guildmates and earn guild points whenever someone user your characters as their companion in their quests. Given that you can only use your allies’ heroes 3 times per day, be sure to utilize the feature carefully.

5. Invest In Sets That Work Well For Your Teams

Beyond collecting tiles of heroes, another collectible in LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed that further strengthens your team are sets. These sets serve provide buffs for your team although some of these sets only impact certain types of heroes. Earlier, we mentioned that on top of each unit’s class, they belong to a certain category and sets, among other effects impact these subtypes.

As an example, Pirate Princess Argenta is an explorer, an attacker, a pirate, and a buccaneer all at the same time. The Raft Raiders set has a passive buff called “Boarding Party” that activates whenever a pirate hero on your team damages an enemy. With this, a random ally will assist Pirate Princess Argenta with an attack that initially deals 10% damage.

lego legacy heroes unboxed sets

Like heroes, a set’s star level can also be increased if you have enough extra tiles. Likewise, the passive abilities they provide can also be levelled up using set tools. Latter missions in the campaign will enable you to find both set tiles and set tools.

6. Spend Daily Attempts In Challenges

Beyond the campaign stages, numerous other challenges await you in LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed through the various challenges that it offers. These challenges help you get more of a particular resource like coins, XP scrolls, gears, and ability materials. You only have 2 attempts per day on each available challenge and each of these challenges are scheduled to be available only 3 times a week so be sure to take note of each one’s availability.

lego legacy heroes unboxed challenges

Completing the initial stage within each challenge unlocks a more difficult stage that you may or may not be able to beat given your current level and the awesomeness of your team. In any case, be sure to expend all attempts on each within the day.

The Coin Challenge naturally holds huge amounts of coins that you need for a whole lot of upgrading. Gear Challenges are divided into 3 categories: one for attackers, one for support characters, and another for tanks and healers. The Scroll Challenge will help you have extra XP scrolls to ensure that your teams of heroes are at max level before heading into an adventure. Last, and perhaps the most critical, is the Ability Material Challenge, which holds elixirs needed to level up your heroes’ skills.

Free Training may not reward you with any loot whatsoever, but the enemy teams that you will face in each of its levels can give you more ideas about team composition and team synergy. If you have played the game enough and still have no idea how to build your team, you should check out the free training mode to discover some team strategies you may be able to apply as well to your current and future teams.

7. Take Advantage Of Events

LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed has several events you can partake in to obtain special rewards. Some of these events are available only for a limited time and typically exhibit stages, much like in the campaign and challenges, that have increasing levels of difficulty. Some are locked behind minimum level requirements as well.

lego legacy heroes unboxed events

In any case, always push to go as far as you can with these events as the tile rewards you can earn form them are not as easy to obtain anywhere else in the game. Some of these events have limited daily attempts and do not require in-game stamina. Likewise, you will not be aearning experience points from these events so you may want to ensure to you have earned as much experience and hope to level up from campaign stages before proceeding to partake in events.

8. Push To Accomplish Quests And Achievements

LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed offers plenty of loot that you can earn from each battle you engage in. Beyond the outright rewards you get out of each fight, more can be earned from completing daily quests and achievements. In fact you can tremendously boost your XP gain by completing all daily quest objectives on top of battling through campaign stages. Given that every objective laid out within the daily quest list forms part of your typical daily routine within the game, it is fairly easy and straightforward to accomplish each and every target.

lego legacy heroes unboxed quests and achievements

As far as achievements go, these reflect important milestones you have reached in your adventure and often reward you with huge sums of coins, gems, and occasionally tile shards of Majisto, the strong wizard character who will help you during the tutorial. Beyond the rewards to claim, be sure to visit the quest and achievement lists via the quests button at the lower right side of the screen to check on some tasks that might be easy for you to accomplish.

9. Farm For The Items And Tiles You Need

While it is a real challenge to chance upon tiles playing through LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed’s campaign mode, you will certainly be obtaining a lot of the gears that your heroes need. Given however that each hero has a lot of need as far as gears are concerned, it will certainly happen that some will have more gears equipped than others.

It will also happen that you will clear all unlocked stages within the campaign mode and will still be unable to proceed further due to level constraints. As your in-game stamina continues to replenish, it will be the perfect opportunity for you to finally target the items you need.

lego legacy heroes unboxed farming

LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed actually makes it easy for you to look for the tiles or gears that your hero needs. On the hero page, when you select a hero, you can click on the “Star Up” button and then the “Find Tiles” button to bring up campaign levels where you can try your luck to obtain more of that hero’s tile shards. The same works as well for heroes you have yet to assemble and, of course some heroes’ tiles can only be farmed on latter campaign stages or can only be obtained by chance from the shop.

As far as gears go, You can also tap on a hero and then an empty gear slot. Tapping on the “Find Gear” button will open up a list of areas where you can obtain the needed gears or materials to craft the gear. This can be done as well for ability elixirs needed to level up the hero’s skills provided that the hero has met the level requirements.

It is hard to say whether you should go for gears to boost your current hero or target tiles to obtain the hero you want or rank up the hero in your roster. In truth, it all depends on whether or not you are happy with the roster of heroes you use and whether or not you feel that you will be using them till the end game. In any case, focusing on the needs of heroes you mostly rely on is a good way to go.

10. Expend All Attempts In The Arena

Once you reach account level 18, you will unlock the exclusive PvP are in LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed. The arena will pit your team against other players’ teams and you can use all your heroes for this game mode. While it may initially seem like a battle of which team sports the highest amount of awesomeness wins, you actually have some advantage over the enemy team.

lego legacy heroes unboxed arena

Arena mode in LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed is not done in real-time, meaning that you will be fighting another player’s team controlled by A.I. As much as raw power may very much influence the outcome of the match, being able to control your heroes manually leaves you with a big strategic advantage. For one, merely having an option as to which of the enemy units you will target first can lead to a relatively easy victory.

You will not receive any immediate rewards from the match but will soon be rewarded with arena coins for your participation. Arena coins can then be used at the arena shop to exchange for a wide variety of valuable tiles and items.

11. Basic Battle Strategies

The auto mode in LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed makes it very convenient to plough through the earlier levels of the campaign or stages that you have previously conquered. Coupled with the 3x speed boost, it can be a fast way of depleting your in-game stamina, which may be important if you are a little crunched for time. There is also a loot mode and max loot mode that can further hasten farming on a per level basis.

lego legacy heroes unboxed battle strategies

As you reach more challenging stages within the campaign, relying on auto mode will become less and less viable. In some instances, you may have to fight enemy teams that are a little stronger than you and given that some waves have 10 units in them, surviving across all waves within a tough level can be hard for the A.I. to handle. Do note that auto mode will never choose targets other than the first unit they have sights on.

After watching a series of auto fights, you will see that the A.I. will consistently be using one skill ahead of everything else. This is where auto mode gains a huge disadvantage from manually playing in battle and regardless of how much of a noob you feel you are, you will always have strategic advantage over an A.I.-controlled team.

On manual controls, another thing to look into is the skillsets of enemies you are not familiar with. You may want to eliminate healers and support enemy units first but there may be decision-altering skills beyond heals and buffs from among the enemy roster. As you will also be able to tell which from among the enemy units will be attacking first, you can also strategize around that and may shift targets as even dangerous enemies that are far behind the turn wheel can pose lesser threat to your party.

Lastly, be sure to take note of how many enemies you will have to defeat in each battle. If you see 3 enemies in combat but then also notice that there are 11 enemies left based on the information above the battle screen, then you may want to save your AoE damage for later.

LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed certainly still holds a lot in store for us through its future updates. For now, though, this is where we will end our LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed beginner’s guide. We certainly hope that the information as well as the tips and strategies we shared with you in this guide will help you have a more efficient run through the initial stages of your adventure. If you came across some tips or strategies we have not mentioned in this article, we would very much like to hear them from you so don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comments!


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hello everyone, I didn't understand how to secure the "Razzia" skill (in Italian), sometimes I win battles, but there is not always the golden cup. How do you make sure you can get it on the first try?