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Saint Seiya: Awakening Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Crush Your Enemies

Saint Seiya: Awakening is a newly released mobile title published by YOOZOO Games, the company behind the popular MMORPG League of Angels. They are joined by global gaming giant Tencent who brought the immensely famous battle royale game PUBG to mobile phones. Together they worked with Masami Kurumada, the originator of the manga Saint Seiya, bringing us a faithful adaptation of the story into a mobile game experience.

The game perfectly recreates the ‘80s anime as it features all characters and each of their skills. Fans of the manga and anime will not be disappointed as they can relive the original events in Saint Seiya through their very own mobile devices and also experience an entirely new storyline specially written for the game. It also has breathtaking graphics and special effects that executes the narrative and fight scenes seamlessly. Saint Seiya: Awakening also boasts famous voice actors such as Yuki Kaji (Eren Yeager in Attack on Titan), Natsuki Hanae (Ken Kaneki in Tokyo Ghoul), Jun Fukuyama (Lelouch in Code Geass), and many more making this a game that’s of a different class than others.

Saint Seiya: Awakening enables you to create your dream lineup of Saints or other characters and conquer different kinds of battle modes including PvE and PvP. There are mini-games included as well that will definitely keep you glued to your mobile phone. With that said, in our Saint Seiya: Awakening beginner’s guide we will share with you a bunch of tips, cheats and strategies in order to beat your enemies and win every battle ahead.

1. Play Through The Story Mode

The main feature of Saint Seiya: Awakening and where most of your time will be spent is the story mode. The game starts with a short tutorial to get you accustomed to the game. After this you can now proceed going through the main story mode and the side stories as well. Completing these stages will earn you experience points that will level up your account, gold, and other items necessary to enhance your Saints. As your account levels up, other game modes and features will be unlocked and become available to you.

saint seiya awakening guide

Each chapter contains dialogues and battles that are true to the Saint Seiya story. The game takes you through animated cutscenes reminiscent of the original anime and some newer animation as well. There are two types of story modes, the main story mode and the side story mode. The main story mode focuses on the main storyline of Saint Seiya while the side story mode features extra detail about the main storyline. Completing chapters in both modes rewards you with many items that will help you progress in Saint Seiya: Awakening. Every interaction costs stamina, which is the heart icon. If you run out of stamina, you can wait for it to replenish or you can purchase more of it using diamonds, or obtain it through the training grounds or the Pope’s Treasures.

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The main story and side story modes can be seen on the right side of your screen. Tapping on a quest will immediately start the chapter. While in the story, you can either tap on the quest to automatically go speak to a character or get into battle, or you can tap around your screen to make the main character for that story run around. You can also access the side story and challenge it once again by selecting Campaign at the bottom right.

2. Create The Best Lineup

When you first start the game, you initially have Pegasus Seiya as your main character. Your starter companions will be Unicorn Jabu, Wolf Nachi, and Dragon Shiryu. As you progress further into the game, you will be able to obtain other characters that can help you with your battles. There is a total of six characters in a lineup. You start with four slots for your team and two more slots unlock at levels 13 and 18. The order of your characters depends on their speed, and whoever has the highest speed gets to attack first. You need to take this in consideration when choosing characters for your team.

saint seiya awakening best team

Which characters to put on a lineup entirely depends on you. It is ideal though to put higher tiered characters in your lineup because they are stronger. But each character has their own special skill that can greatly benefit and change your standing in battle. You can see all characters, their tiers, all their skills, and how to obtain them by tapping on Codex and looking at the Saint Codex.

There are several lineup slots available in Saint Seiya: Awakening so that you can make a different lineup for each game mode. A maximum of four lineups can be made that can fulfill any of your needs in a game. This isn’t necessarily a requirement, and you can always use one lineup for all game modes if you want. Keep in mind though that lineups you use in other game modes are saved, and you will need to change or update this before you start a battle.

You also have to take link companions into consideration. Each character has link companions that if you collect these characters, you will have an added benefit like increased stats. Some characters have links with assists, meaning that if you have these characters in your lineup, they can assist each other during battles. For example, with Pegasus Seiya, one of his link companions is Dragon Shiryu. Because you have Dragon Shiryu, your stats will increase. If he is also part of your lineup, whenever each of them does their basic attack, the other will assist. As you level up link companions and increase their stars, the benefits increase as well.

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To see what each character’s links are, you can go to Growth, select a character, tap Enhance, and then select Link. There you can see all of a character’s link companions. Each character has distinct links and it can require one person or five. You don’t necessarily have to include a character in your lineup to gain the benefit of the link. However, if you want the assist feature to work, you will have to include the link companion in your team.

You can also access a character’s recommended lineups by tapping on Growth, selecting a character, and then tapping on the Guide button. By scrolling down, you will see a couple of recommended lineups for a specific character. If you want to give a recommended lineup a try, tap on the trial button right beside it. You will be immediately taken to a mock battle where you can practice and use each character’s skills. This is a great way to determine which lineup suits best for you.

3. What To Do In Battle

As previously mentioned, the order of attacking depends on the speed of your Saints. The Saint with the fastest speed always attacks first. There are two ways to engage in battle which is manual mode and auto mode. With auto mode, your characters attack automatically. Below the screen are your characters’ icons. Holding down on an icon enables you to select which skill your character will use automatically. However, you cannot choose which specific enemy they will target.

saint seiya awakening battle strategies

With manual mode, you get to control which skills your character uses and target the specific enemy you want. Skills are shown at the bottom right of the screen. You can check out all the information about your character’s skills by holding down on the skill icon. When choosing to attack and which skill to use, you have to consider the amount of energy that you have. Energy are the gold tokens seen on the right side of the screen. Some skills require you to use energy and you’ll know this if there is a number above a skill icon. Basic attacks don’t use energy.

Planning your moves is very important as using special skills constantly isn’t always the best strategy. Remember that the order of attacking is determined by a character’s speed. You don’t want to use up all the energy and make your other characters unable to use their special skills. If you want a certain character to use special skills, you need to save the energy and let other characters use basic attacks. For your next round of attacks, your energy is replenished and increase with every round. There is a maximum of eight energy that can be used so you really have to consider which characters and which skills you’ll use.

For this game, it is best to play manually as you have more control over what skills and attacks each character does. Although you can assign which skill to use in auto mode, you still cannot choose which target to attack. Auto mode is only advisable for ruin battles or against solo enemies. Also it is much more enjoyable to play manually as you feel a sense of accomplishment when beating a very difficult enemy.

4. Enhancing Your Saints

Going through chapters is very easy when you first start the game. However, as you progress and go to higher levels, you will start struggling and find it very difficult to defeat an enemy and finish a chapter. This is where enhancing your Saints come in. Enhancing your characters increases their stats and abilities making it easier for you to beat your enemies.

how to enhance saints in saint seiya awakening

For each Saint, you can enhance them by tapping on Growth at the bottom of the main screen and then tapping Enhance. In this menu you will see Level Up, Rebirth, 7th Sense, Skill, and Link. A character’s level increases when you use Saint EXP Potions on them. These potions are earned when completing the story mode and the Epic Ruins. Once your character reaches the maximum level, Rebirth is enabled. To do this, you need to sacrifice another character with the same star level in order to be rebirth along with a large number of coins. For every rebirth, your character’s max level, star rating, and stats will increase.

With 7th Sense, there are six slots that represent each stat for your character. By using 7th Sense Stones and Awaken Stones, you can awaken each slot. These stones can only be obtained by playing the Dimension. Awakening all six slots will unlock an extra skill for your Saint. For example, Pegasus Seiya’s added skill is the Pegasus Comet Fist which deals 140% damage to a single enemy and also weakens them. You can see which skills can be unlocked through awakening by tapping on the skills menu for a specific character.

To enhance skills, you will need a duplicate of the Saint. Once you have leveled up a skill, you will need an additional duplicate Saint for the next upgrade. For example, you will need one duplicate for the first upgrade, while the next upgrade will require you to have two duplicates. This will increase as you go on. The maximum level you can upgrade a skill is five.

5. Save Diamonds For Summons

Earning diamonds in Saint Seiya: Awakening is completely doable and not that difficult at all. There are a lot of ways you can earn diamonds including the story mode, quests, events, and more. These diamonds have several uses, but only use them for summoning Saints. Not just through a normal summon, but an advanced summon or a themed summon. Advanced summons and themed summons give you the chance to obtain high tiered characters that are in the A tier or S tier. These characters will give you a great advantage as they usually have great stats and amazing skills.

saint seiya awakening summoning

To do a summon, tap on the summon button at the background of the main screen. You will be taken to a beautiful menu filled with constellations where you can also move your phone around to get a better view or you can just swipe on your screen to look around. Here you can see three to four kinds of summons: the normal summon, the advanced summon, the AR summon, and the themed summon. The normal summon requires common gems. The advanced and themed summon requires advanced gems. The AR summon requires AR Gems. These gems can be obtained as rewards or through events. You can also purchase these gems by using diamonds. Again, you should only use diamonds for summons that can get you high tiered characters.

6. Earn More Rewards Through The Dimension, Epic Ruins, And Saint Quests

In order to enhance your Saints and improve your game, you need to take part and do the Dimension, Epic Ruins, and Saint Quests. All of these game modes can be found under Campaign on the main screen. Dimension and Epic Ruins have floors where you need to battle several enemies in order to move on to the next level. There is a total of 10 floors and each one gets stronger as you move on. For each floor there are three conditions that you need to fulfill in order to get rewards from three treasure chests and to move on to the next level. Don’t forget to tap on the chests to collect your rewards.

saint seiyas awakening dimension

Completing these conditions also unlocks the Hosting feature for that floor. This means you can directly challenge the boss repeatedly. If you fail to meet the conditions, you can always try again another time when you are stronger. The rewards you get for each level become better as you go to the next floor. You can also attempt Party Hosting where you join other players to defeat enemies. The difficulty of the battle depends on the average strength of the team. Participating in a team challenge grants you a 20% reward buff, and there is also a chance to trigger Easter Egg battles.

Saint Quests are unlocked when you complete a side story. These Saints need your help in defeating the mind demon. After this battle, you will be able to interact with each Saint three times per day. Each interaction costs stamina in exchange for three of that Saint’s shards and other rewards. These interactions include dialogues, quizzes, and other questions that you need to answer. Every interaction also increases your friendship with this Saint. Once that friendship levels up, you’ll be able to get more interaction attempts. Collecting a number of these shards will enable you to unlock a Saint.

7. Be Social And Participate In Arena Battles

Add friends and start legions. Having friends in the game allows you to send stamina and receive them in return. You will also be able to participate in events that will greatly benefit you and your friends. If you want to add people, you can always start by looking at the world chat. There you can select who to add by tapping on their icon. The world chat is also where you can find people looking for teams or those who want to join legions.

saint seiya awakening pvp battle

Legions are different groups of players that participate collectively in different game modes. You can either join an existing legion or create one at the cost of 500 diamonds. Being in a legion unlocks several features such as: Legion rewards, legion commission, legion dungeon, legion boss, legion quests, legion war, legion shop, and more. Being active in a legion will lead to great benefits where you get the chance to win diamonds, legion tokens, or even advanced gems. To join a legion or create your own, tap on the Legion icon at the bottom of the screen.

Aside from being friendly and working together with other players, you can also face against them through PVP. There are several PvP battles you can choose from: Saints Arena, Train Hall, Galactic Duel, and Sacred Duel. With Saints Arena, you can face any player from the list shown. Defeating a player gives you points. The higher points you have, the greater rewards you will get. With Train Hall, you can train and earn diamonds by selecting Arena. You can also battle random players here and earn rewards as well. Galactic Duel lets you battle against a player with the same strength as you in real time. Sacred Duel lets you use your own Saints while providing other Saints you can use as well. This PvP mode also uses cross-server matching where players from different servers can go against each other.

8. Complete The Dailies And Collect Rewards

What’s great about Saint Seiya: Awakening is that you don’t really have to spend anything to fully enjoy it. You can get a ton of rewards for free just by simply playing. Tapping on Daily will take you to a screen where you can participate in a number of different game modes that will give you rewards such as Mystical Treasure, Pope’s Treasure, Athena’s Trial, Daily Bounty, Train Ground, Daily Training, and more. Each of these daily activities has a cap on them and you can only participate several times a day.

saint seiya awakening tips

Completing these activities rewards you with activity points. Reaching the required number of activity points will earn you a reward. You can see this on the Activity tab in the Daily menu. Activity points can also be used to level up the Stamina limit through the Train Ground. You can also claim stamina here and other rewards daily. The ACHV tab also contains rewards that you can collect as well.

Other than those mentioned, there are also limited events that give you rewards as well. You can see which event is currently going on by tapping on the event button at the top of the screen. There is also the Novice Welfare where rewards are also given when you reach milestones such as clearing a story, rebirthing a number of Saints, awakening, doing trials, etc. This is also where you can find the login rewards and discount packs. You can also check out Carnival for more rewards.

That concludes our guide for Saint Seiya: Awakening. We hope our compilation of tips, cheats and strategies will help you out in your journey. If you know additional tips or tricks that we haven’t mentioned, then feel free to reach out through the comment area!


Sunday 23rd of February 2020

Hi! I'm stuck in automatic mode, how do i get out and back into manual? Thanks!


Saturday 7th of March 2020

just tap the "AUTO" button on the left side of the battle screen until it turn off (not glowing)