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Era of Celestials Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Win More Epic Battles

Era of Celestials is a new RPG from Youzu, that combines single player game modes with multiplayer ones, offering players a wide (and we mean wide) selection of game modes they can play each day. The game is centered around its single-player campaign that sprawls over many different maps and includes literally hundreds of different quests. Once you enter Era of Celestials you can simply start doing some quests in order to level up and every ten levels or so your choices will be widened by the game introducing a new game mode, or a new special event, or a new way to upgrade your weapons and equipment.

Era of Celestials simply swarms players with its wide array of stuff that can be upgraded. You can upgrade your basic attack along with special skills, you can enchant armor and weapons as well as other equipment such as rings and amulets, you can level up your Celestial (a special, alternate player form that possesses powerful skills and super-powered attacks), you can then skill up your followers, and so much more. When playing Era of Celestials you will constantly be able to upgrade one thing or another, so be informed and search for little red circles around menus, notifying you that you can perform some action in various menus.

The game looks pretty good. Era of Celestials doesn’t have superb visuals and top-notch effects like saturated lightning, bloom effects, or gorgeous spell and ability effects but it offers quite detailed character and monster models, beautiful environments, lots of different areas that give the game a sense of huge size, and solid sound effects that make battles more epic than they look like on screen.

You will quickly find out that Era of Celestials strongly favors automatic way of playing the game. Most quests and battles can be finished without moving a finger and that’s maybe a better way of treating gameplay because with automated combat and movement you can chat with other players, take care of various upgrades, collect prizes and do everything else while your character advances through the game and gets stronger and stronger. And since serious battles start after a couple of hours there’s no need to play in manual mode during early-game.

After a while, the game can become a bit hard but it will take a while before you notice that maybe it could be easier to advance further if you decided to get premium currency (diamonds). But don’t worry about premium features because we didn’t notice any huge disadvantages for players who don’t spend real money. On the other hand, we noticed lots of ways that can help you level up faster and get better equipment at a more frequent rate, as well as a couple of tricks meant for becoming more powerful quickly and efficiently. So, if you want to know how to level up fast, unlock lots of additional game modes as well as get powerful equipment and lots of gold during early game stay with us and check out our Era of Celestials beginner’s guide.

1. How To Find Your Character On The Login Screen

Era of Celestials is a great game but it has one annoying bug. You see, after your initial login, the game will place you in a different server each time you enter the game. This, of course, means creating a new character and some players might presume the game failed to save their initial character, ultimately starting over. But instead this just click on the server shown on the login screen, then click on your region, then click on show my characters and there you will find the character you created the first time you entered the game. You have to do this each time you fire up the game.

2. Automatic Mode Is There For A Reason

The game features plenty of different maps and the first three or four are here to level up your character and made them competitive and strong enough to face powerful bosses which can be found in various special events.

Because of this fact we recommend to all to simply play Era of Celestials in automatic mode for the first couple of hours and beyond. This way you will level up much compared to playing the game in manual mode, you will be able to check out rewards, chat with other people and make some friends, and upgrade your character, special skills and equipment while at the same time finishing quests and battling monsters. This is especially true for the first couple of hours because you will be simply bombarded with a huge selection of upgrades making it much more efficient to play in automatic mode.

Manual mode should be activated during boss battles, during clashes in the Arena, during specific special events such as Warrior Guard, and Boss Hunt.

3. Grab The Daily Rewards

There is a huge number of daily rewards in Era of Celestials. On top of that, the game grants rewards for leveling up, doing quests, for daily logins, for performing certain actions, etc. In order to keep up with this astounding number of rewards the game offers it is best to simply check out all reward menus each time you log in. This way you won’t skip a single reward.

4. Special Events Are A Great Way To Get Resources, New Equipment, And Some Bonus XP

As is the case with rewards, Era of Celestials offers a stupendously large amount of special events. There are like 50 of them and every ten levels or so you will unlock additional ones. While the single-player campaign and its huge number of quests is the primary source of XP, special events offer other types of rewards.

By playing special events you can get new and better equipment, enchantment resources used for upgrading equipment and other items, lots of gold and rubies (the game’s second regular currency) and other rewards. And because there’s so many of them we advise you to first finish all the available events for that day and only then level up a bit by playing the single-player campaign.

Of course, during the first couple of days, before you unlock better special events, you should finish single player quests in order to make your hero powerful. But after reaching level 170 or so you should first finish all daily and special events and only then play the single-player campaign. And check out special events menu regularly because, while some events have a limited number of times you can play them each day, others feature timers that offer a way to replay them on a regular basis. And some other events, like timed events, are available on certain days of the week, or at a certain time, each day so watch for those.

5. Don’t Worry About Failing To Equip Better Gear

Era of Celestials makes almost everything automatized and that also works for equipping better gear. As soon as you get a piece of gear that’s better than the one you are wearing the game will notify you and you will be able to equip it from the game screen. So don’t worry about missing on better gear because both picking and equipping gear are automated processes.

6. Grinding For XP Can Be Done In A Couple Efficient Ways

Killing loads of monsters, in other words, grinding for XP, isn’t very efficient in Era of Celestials but there are a couple of ways that can offer plenty of XP while at the same time giving you other bonuses. The first way is to open Gallery Entry menu, select a card you want to level up and then click on obtain now.

The game will then take you to the spawning point of a specific creep you want to obtain a card from and your character will start to kill them automatically. This isn’t the fastest way to gain XP but at least you will have a chance to get new cards and level them up.

The second way is to play a special event titled EXP instance. Just get all bonuses (for attack and XP, they are worth it) and keep your character on automatic attack while the event lasts. This is a better way to get bonus XP because each new wave is comprised out of more powerful enemies.

There’s also Warrior Guard, a sort of a tower defense special event where you battle waves of increasingly tougher enemies. You can play this event as much as you want so it is another great way to get additional XP.

7. Don’t Forget To Join A Guild

Guilds provide plenty of bonuses for their members. You can get special upgrades, collect regular pay just for being a part of a guild, get special equipment, be part of special guild events that carry lots of cool gear and lots of XP and resources, chat with guild members and get plenty of new friends, and more. There are plenty of guilds in Era of Celestials so make sure to join one with lots of active members so you can get better guild-related rewards.

There you have it! We hope that our Era of Celestials guide will help you discover how to level up quickly, how to get plenty of resources, and how to get your hands on plenty of powerful gear. And if you know any other tips for the game, please let us know in the comment section! Thanks for reading and happy gaming!