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Elf Tales Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Level Up Fast and Grind More Efficiently

If you are an avid fan of mobile MMORPGs, especially ones that aren’t based on already popular franchises, then chances are that you have played one or several games from Eyougame. Since they engaged in the mobile gaming industry back in 2017, Eyougame has continuously developed and published various RPGs, though each one unique, holds the same basic traits such as being fast-paced and loaded with tons of content and features. We have played, enjoyed, and published guides for some of Eyougame’s most successful hits such as Astral Fable, Yokai Tamer, Celestial Fate, and Lunathorn just to name a few.

Elf Tales is the latest MMORPG title from Eyougame and stays true to the trademark quality of RPGs from the developer. Showcasing the popular qualities of modern RPGs as well as embedding tried and tested features from some established titles from Eyougame, Elf Tales offers more than enough content and features to ensure that RPG enthusiasts and new players alike will be able to spend as much time as they want on its world without running out of things to do.

With auto pathing and auto battles among the core features, Elf Tales is set up to be an MMORPG that can be easily picked up and played by just about anyone so if you are currently in the lookout for an epic adventure alone or with some friends, then be sure to give Elf Tales a try.

As conventional as it sounds, Elf Tales takes you to a broad fantasy world where peace once reigned. Following the sudden invasion of demons from another dimension, you stand along with other brave souls to eradicate the evil that plague the land. As challenges grow stronger at every turn, you constantly need to empower yourself through various upgrades that go beyond your hero’s skills, armor, and weapons.

elf tales strategies

Most challenges can be beaten alone although some are best engaged with some help from fellow adventurers. Beyond you mount and your trusty partner, you can be joined by in-game friends, random adventurers, or guildmates in some of your endeavors. There are always ways to continuously gather combat power and only time and dedication can halt your progress in this epic adventure.

Elf Tales does contain a massive amount of content and features to look into but the largely automated gameplay and the guiding tutorial helps ease down its complexity a lot. Although the sheer number of icons and details you see on the screen may seem overwhelming, the game practically points in the right direction all the time.

Essentially, everything simply boils down to earning experience points to level up and acquiring resources and materials here and there that all lead to increasing your combat power (CP). If you find yourself stuck in a particular endeavor, or simply looking for alternative ways to reach new levels and boost your CP, then check out our compilation of Elf Tales tips, cheats and strategies below! We have come up with a detailed Elf Tales beginner’s guide that will certainly help you to boost your growth in your epic journey!

1. Choose The Class That Fits Your Play Style

Although Elf Tales only has 2 different classes to choose from at the start of the game, each one comes with numerous active skills and different stats that provide for a unique play style. In essence, both can be equally formidable in PvE and PvP combat, and can likewise do well on solo quests as well as in team battles.

elf tales classes

The first class is the male warrior, who is the more defensive of the two and has shorter range as far as general active skills go. The alternative class is the female archer who specializes more in ranged attacks and skills and can be built for dealing heavier damage than her male counterpart.

For beginners, as well as experienced RPG players, it is fairly simple to decide between the two available classes as both classes represent the conventional basics of choosing between offense and defense. Take note, though, that passive skills, as well as numerous upgrade prioritizations will help you customize your character builds further and essentially be able to create a balanced character out of either class.

2. Prioritize Completing The Main Quests

Quests are the quintessential element that makes any RPG what it is and despite the numerous varieties of RPG in the gaming world, quests are what gives every player a sense of direction when they jump into an unfamiliar world or become lost in its vastness later on. In Elf Tales, much like most MMORPGs, progressing the game’s story can be done by following the main quest line and while that may not necessarily be the prime motivation for every player, main quests stand as the source of the most basic resources every adventurer needs, as well as key to unlocking the rest of the game’s features and game modes.

elf tales main quests

It is easy to follow the main quests in Elf Tales given that a mere tap on the quest mark at the left side of the screen takes you directly to speak with the NPC who initiates the quest as well as the location where you can accomplish the quest. Battles are set to auto unless ticked to manual and the starting quests ensure that you are always powerful enough to take on every challenge that comes your way.

In some cases, you will be taken to a new window or area as new features and game modes are unlocked, but as soon as you are free to move on your own, you should push to continue on with the pending quests at hand. The only barrier that stands in your way as far as progressing through the main quests are concerned comes in the form of minimum level requirements. Being this situation will come often and that would be a clear sign for you to begin exploring side quests and Elf Tales’ other game modes.

Unlike in conventional RPGs where farming for experience points and items come mainly from mobs across the map, experience points and resources in Elf Tales can be earned faster through quests that you complete. Although you still do receive some amount of XP and items from farming mobs, it should be saved as a last resort, when you have already hit a temporary wall on the main quest and have likewise expended every attempt on all other game modes.

3. Enhance Your Gears Regularly

Next to reaching new levels that come with instant stat increases, gears are the next main source of an increase in your character’s CP. Gears and concepts that revolve around it in Elf Tales are as simple as it comes. To start off, every enhancement you perform sticks to the gear slot instead of the actual gear itself, which means that there is no worry about making the wrong investment, as in the case of acquiring a better piece of equipment and fearing the loss of upgrade levels with the discarded gear.

New gears acquired also prompt you on-screen to equip them and in case you missed doing so, you can easily equip each better gear via the bag or inventory. With that in mind, you are free to enhance every bit of gear you have equipped and for convenience, an “Enhance All” button is available at the forge that spends as much gold you can afford to level up your equipment.

how to enhance gear in elf tales

For efficiency, spreading out upgrades across all gear types is the best way to go but if you want to focus more on specific attributes or stat points that swerve more towards offensive strength or defensive power, you can highlight each available piece of equipped gear to see which stats will be impacted by an enhancement. Do take note as well that gears have grades and acquiring the best ones are largely based on RNG.

Grades determine the maximum level gears can be enhanced to and each higher grade gear sports a much better base stat than the previous one. As you will have an abundant supply and stock of gold but will always be needing more to enhance all your gears to the fullest, learn to tap on each piece and go for manual enhancements rather than going for the enhance all option as this will prioritize some stats over others, consequently giving you a more solid build.

Beyond enhancement, you can also further boost a gear’s stats through refining, which costs refining stones that are a lot more difficult to farm than gold. Each refinement costs more than the previous one so be sure to try and balance out refinements across all your gears and prioritize some based on the stats they boost.

Lastly, each piece of equipment can be embedded with 6 different gems that further boost its stats. It may take a while to obtain the necessary gems to place in each piece of equipment and perhaps a lot longer unlock all slots but whenever you see a red “!” indicator atop the gem button in the forge, then that only means that there are new gems to be embedded or fused.

4. Keep Your Adventuring Buddies In Tiptop Shape

Although the long journey to take in Elf Tales is largely a solo adventure, you will be travelling most of it with your trusty mount and a partner. These creatures do not just add to your overall CP, each one also has buffs and skills to help you in combat as well as passive skills that cen be boosted using unique resources.

elf tales companion

As you engage in a variety of quests and missions, you will earn mount fruits and soul gems needed to level each one up respectively. Be sure to tap on the mount icon at the bottom of the screen whenever you see an indicator on it as enhancing your companions is best done sooner than later. Certain upgrade milestones transform your companion’s features but each one can be transmogrified to have a different set of skills and stats using special shards you can only obtain from special events.

5. Complete As Many Daily Quests As You Can

In addition to the main questline and the plethora of side quests to accomplish in Elf Tales, one of the regular activities you will partake in lies in the daily quests. There is an icon that takes you to the daily quest page, and it is literally littered with a variety of game modes you should engage in every day. Do note that some game modes are greyed out when you first visit the page as these are locked behind minimum level requirements. Although the superfast progression stops at around level 150 on your first hour, playing very actively each day will bring you close to unlocking each and every game mode in Elf Tales.

There are a lot of extra game modes to cover so we will just give you a rundown on some of the basics. The idea is to partake in each one daily to claim the unique rewards they provide and earn activity points for even more rewards. As you expend all attempts in a particular task, it will be greyed out as well giving you a clearer view of the remaining activities you should spend time on.

elf tales daily quests

To classify these set of activities into two types, some will reap the same rewards while others may earn you more the stronger you are. As such, always consider accomplishing the ones that earn you the same amount of rewards and then perform as many upgrades as you can before taking on the rest.

To start off, the Princess Escort provide no additional challenge save for the full minute you have to wait for the task to be accomplished. There is a free escort available but you can take on more rewarding ones with special tickets. As this is very easy and earns you both gold and experience points, expend all 3 attempts here before proceeding to the other activities.

Bounties are another set of easy and quick tasks to accomplish and likewise earns you some gold and XP. Going for this can be done in full auto as well and can be done continuously until all 20 chances are consumed. For the other game modes, make it a habit to click on each one’s icon to see details of the task and rewards. It should be enough to give you an idea of what to save for last within the day but for the most part, what you should be ready for are boss battles and dungeons as rewards per attempt may vary depending on how strong you are.

Beyond the actual rewards you can earn from each of the activities within the daily quest page, the activity points you earn also count towards unlocking chests at the bottom of the page. You can easily secure more than 150 activity points daily but be sure to always reach that mark if you cannot go beyond it.

On top of obtaining rewards from all 4 chests at the bottom of the page, an easily missable icon called “Activity Transmo” can be found between the game modes and the chests. This pertains to your character’s aura that can also be upgraded and transmogrified using activity points you earned from daily quests. Be sure to upgrade it whenever you can as it also contributes to boosting your character’s CP.

6. Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

Guilds, alliances, clans, or any similar player groupings have long been a part of numerous online games but are most common in RPGs and strategy games. While MMORPGs much like Elf Tales can be played exclusively on your own, being a member of a guild brings a lot of helpful benefits without any adverse tradeoffs whatsoever. As such, it should never be a question of whether or not you should join a guild but rather, whether to create one or join another.

If you plan on leading a group of players and be among the most active players in the game, then creating a guild might be best for you. For most players, though, choosing from among the available guilds in the game leaves them with plenty of choices as to which one to be a part of. Of course, being an active guild pays off better but since that information is difficult to perceive as you are looking for one to join, banking on a guild with a lot of high level players should do.

elf tales guild

Beyond having a good source of companions in game modes that allow teams to be formed, as well as people to ask from if need some extra advice and knowledge on some of the game’s aspects, there are plenty of free perks you can get by being in a guild, oftentimes even regardless of how actively you contribute.

To start off, simply visiting the guild each day can earn you an attendance gift pack that contains an offline bot card and some gold. As each member of the guild partakes in a variety of activities, each member earns points that they can allocate via the guild skill feature. This is yet another avenue for you to customize your character’s build so be sure to invest in attributes that sync well with the stats you prioritized via other enhancement means.

Guild members who top up on the game also leaves 10 red packets that other guild members can claim. These can contain varying amounts of gems so be sure to claim one as quickly as you see it pop up on your screen.

Another great feature that guilds in Elf Tales have is the guild storage where you can donate inferior equipment in your inventory. Every piece of gear you donate to the guild earns you points that you can use to redeem donated gears that are better than the ones you have. There are limited events such as bonfires and defenses that are only available on scheduled hours. Once you have joined a guild in Elf Tales, be sure to frequently visit your guild and stay as active as you can to earn as much as you can from your membership.

7. Challenge Each Dungeon Daily

Beyond the numerous game modes found under the daily quests window, there is a separate group of dungeons that can earn you valuable resources in Elf Tales. Whenever you see the indicator atop the Dungeon icon at the right side of your screen, it simply means that there are attempts left on one or some of the dungeons in the game. For the most part, these dungeon attempts are best saved for when you are at your strongest within the day as rewards may be dependent on your performance and it is also possible that a few more level ups and CP boosts will give you access to a higher tier level within each dungeon.

elf tales dungeon

One unique dungeon that you can freely engage in is the Rune Dungeon. There are no daily attempts for this dungeon as your progress in climbing the tower is saved indefinitely. Each floor holds various runes as rewards on top of unlocking rune slots at certain milestones. There is likewise no penalty for failing to beat a particular level here so be sure to push as much as you can and always make an attempt whenever you become stronger.

The Material Dungeon is your main daily source of enhancement materials for your mount and partner as well as gems you can embed on your gears. You have 2 attempts at each dungeon and higher difficulty levels for each one become unlocked as you reach higher character levels.

One of the dungeons to prepare well for is the EXP Dungeon as it can reward you with massive amounts of XP based on the number of monsters you extinguish within the time limit. Be sure to have enough gold to pay for the maximum battlecry buff you can purchase to increase your attack while in the dungeon. If you have some EXP potions in hand as well, this is the best place to use them.

Last, but definitely not the least, is the Gear Dungeon, which is where you can obtain high grade gears for your character. Although you can take on this challenge alone, it is always better to go through it with a team. Be sure to try and invite friends, guildmates, or even random players to join you in this endeavor as you would want to maximize your chances of securing the best rewards out of every attempt. While you may feel invincible as you take on main and side quests throughout your journey in Elf Tales, this is one of those areas where you will feel the need for more power as you are likely to experience dying a couple of times within this dungeon.

8. Explore The Character Menu For More Enhancements And Rewards

Considering the abundance of game modes and features we have already gone through, more are still available in Elf Tales and as much as you will most likely see indicators on most icons while you are adventuring, the amount of activities you engage in can easily lead you to miss out on a few of them.

The character icon at the lower left side of your screen may seem like just the place to see your character and his or her respective stats and basic info. However, when you click on it, you will be surprised at the amount of features it contains within, most especially since there are plenty that can be home to some unclaimed rewards or enhancement options that you may have missed. As such, be sure to always check on this icon whenever you see the red “!” pop up above it.

elf tales enhancements and rewards

For starters, we did mention that farming XP and items off random mobs should be the last thing on your mind when playing Elf Tales. This should not dissuade you, however, from farming botting cards as there are great perks to obtain from the mobs across Elf Tales’ world. One of these comes in the ofrm of stat potions that you can consume to increase individual stats of your character via its corresponding icon within the character page.

Among the numerous icons within the same page as well, the Achievement should be among the ones to frequently visit as milestones you reach in numerous aspects of progress earns you valuable rewards awaiting to be claimed. Be sure to look into each objective within each tab to let it serve as a guide for you in terms of which aspect you may be lagging behind in. On top of the material rewards, be sure to use points earned on levelling up your achievement level on the first tab of the page.

Much like your mount and partner, your equipped wing holds practically the same value as either of your companions. It can activate skills and have stat boosts that can be enhanced. One of the reasons to continuously hunt world bosses as well is to secure items that can be used to transmogrify your wings and make it stronger.

9. Choose And Invest In The Right Runes

There are 8 rune slots that you can unlock to boost your character’s stats further in Elf Tales and it can be accessed via the treasure icon below the screen. To start off, the number of rune slots you can unlock depends on your overall progress within the Rune Dungeon. The quality of runes you can receive is also based on how high up the tower you can climb, influenced by RNG as well. While there is absolute freedom in terms of choosing which runes to equip your character with, you cannot equip the same type more than once.

elf tales runes

As far as customization of your character goes, there is much you can do as far as rune management is concerned. To start off, choosing the best runes that coincide with your priority stats will make your character more efficient. In that sense, carefully choosing from among the runes you have as to which one should you equip and enhance should be a constant consideration.

Beyond the actual runes you collect, you can make them stronger through fusing them and as you earn more runes you have no need for, dismantling inferior or unneeded ones should be a regular activity. Dismantled runes become rune EXP, which in turn is needed to enhance the runes that you have equipped.

Although spreading enhancements across all equipped runes is a viable option, focusing more on the attributes that your character needs especially the runes that you will most likely use longer, is the way to go. By doing so, however, knowing that each enhancement level increases needed resources, the additional CP you get out of it will be smaller.

10. Take Advantage Of Time-Limited Events And Benefits

While there is already a lot of items and resources you can earn outright by completing quests and grinding in Elf Tales, along with reaching certain milestones, there are plenty more rewards that you can earn via the various events and benefits package in the game. For the most part, all these additional bonuses can be received based on your activities and a lot of the objectives you need to meet coincide with the usual targets you have on other game modes.

elf tales events

Although the upper part of the main screen in Elf Tales is brimming with glittering icons that may seem confusing to look at, a lot of these actually provide free gifts for you to claim that further boosts your progress in the game. As there are too many features to mention individually in this guide, what we want to impart is that you should check each one out, particularly the ones with an indicator on it.

Indicators generally mean that there are rewards to claim but for some of these icons, you should check to see what each one is about as some may be events that are only available at specific hours within the day. Likewise, check the target objectives especially those that relate much to what you can accomplish as some may be quickly achievable with just a few activities here and there.

11. Regularly Check Your Inventory

As you earn a lot of items and materials in your adventure, it is important to ensure to consider the limitations of your inventory as far as item management is concerned. As you have a limited number of slots in your bag, you need to constantly clear up space to never miss out on future loots. Another concern to consider is that not every item you obtain are readily usable as some come in treasure chests or similar packages. Although your bag icon at the bottom of the screen may only show an indicator when it is full or when consumables are present, it is best to clean it up regularly.

elf tales inventory

To start off, obsolete gears that you cannot, or choose not to, donate to the guild storage can be devoured. This will not just result in more free spaces but will also boost your character’s CP. There is an option to obtain higher grade gears by fusing lower level ones although the results are not guaranteed and can fail.

The use all button at the lower right side of the inventory page will glow whenever there are consumable items that can be used. If so, it is always better to do so as getting items sooner is always better than later.

12. Expend Daily Attempts In The Arena

Although the Arena is not exclusively the PvP area in Elf Tales, as you will soon discover, partaking in it is essential especially if you want to progress fast in the game. Each day, you have 10 maximum challenge attempts that replenish once every hour and you can choose 1 from 3 options as to which player you want to take some rank from. As your overall rewards are based on rank, choose to push as far as you can to reach higher ranks.

elf tales arena

Although CP is the main determinant as to which player will win a match, having a more streamlined character build can help you win against an opponent with higher CP, within limits though. You can also refresh the choices as many time as you want and can choose to purge a lower ranking player if the odds of winning against the others are dim. Gold and gems can be earned from milestones you reach but win or lose, participation is important as it contributes to the daily activities you need to earn for the chests in the daily quest page.

And this wraps up our detailed beginner’s guide for Elf Tales. We hope that the tips and strategies we shared with you has been sufficient to help you jumpstart your progress in the game. If you have played Elf Tales for quite some time and have discovered additional tips or tricks, feel free to share them with us via the comment area!