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Astral Fable Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Go from Zero to Hero

Astral Fable is the latest mobile MMORPG from renowned game developer Eyougame. Combining modern anime-style graphics with fast-paced action MMO gameplay, Astral Fable is one of the most highly anticipated mobile games of 2020. From the same studio that created stunning mobile RPGs such as Celestial Fate and Yokai Tamer comes Astral Fable, a new and exciting mobile MMORPG that combines different gameplay mechanics to come up with a unique contender for one of the best mobile games of the year.

If you enjoyed games like MU Online, Lineage Revolution, or even Black Desert Mobile, then you’ll love Astral Fable. Although its graphics are geared more towards cute anime-style characters, Astral Fable provides high action gameplay and deep character progression that lets it stand alongside the MMO greats on mobile.

Unlike other mobile MMORPGs, Astral Fable does something unique by combining the traditional MMORPG genre with action and card-based systems that allow for a unique gaming experience, in addition to the bright, vibrant, and lore-rich world that it lets players inhabit.

However, if you’re just getting into Astral Fable now (or would like to), it’s still a full-fledged MMORPG with its own custom mechanics and game systems. In that regard, allow us to walk you through a few basic (and some not-so-basic) tips, tricks and strategies to help get you from zero to hero in Astral Fable. So without further ado, let’s dive into our Astral Fable beginner’s guide!

1. Choose The Right Character Class

astral fable classes

Once you’ve created your account and chosen your server (make sure you choose a server that best represents your geographical location so you can get optimal performance in-game), it’s time to make your character. Astral Fable lets players choose between three classic RPG archetypes, but with their own unique abilities and roles. Players can choose to become a mighty Fighter, a powerful Mage, or a skilled Hunter. To help you decide what class is the right one for you, here’s an overview of each classes’ abilities and playstyles.


In most MMORPGs, Fighters are front-line warriors who are often the first in the fray, and the last to leave. In Astral Fable, Fighters love to take on enemies toe-to-toe, making use of melee weapon skills to burst down any enemy who dares stray too close. With heavy weapons and armor, Fighters can boast an unrivaled blend of offensive burst damage and innate defense. While Fighters may not be as strategic or as mobile as other classes, there is no doubt that this class makes up the backbone of any guild or party.

astral fable fighter class

Fighter Skills: The Fighter uses a combination of weapon techniques and raw berserker strength to vanquish his foes.

Whirlwind Impact: A spinning AoE attack that deals damage to up to four nearby enemies.

Rage Slash: A strong slash attack that deals damage to up to six targets in an area in front of you.

Mirage Sword Dance: A rapid flurry of attacks that deals damage to up to eight targets directly in front of you.

Slashing Storm: A high-impact slash ability that deals massive damage to up to ten targets in a circle in front of you.

Fatal Assault: A lunge attack that deals moderate damage and stuns the first target hit for three seconds.

Berserk Wrath: A self-buff ability that increases your damage dealt.

Warlord Awakening: Warlord Awakening allows the Fighter to restore health and enter the Warlord state with unique buffs.


The quintessential magic-user, Mages are well-known in many MMORPGs. In Astral Fable, Mages make use of their arcane and elemental prowess to wreak havoc upon their enemies and sew chaos on the battlefield. With a wide array of control spells and area-of-effect abilities, Mages are capable of turning the tide in combat. While not as tanky as the Fighter class, and definitely less mobile than the Hunter class, Mages use their vast repertoire of magic to earn a place in any group.

astral fable mage class

Mage Skills: Using the power of light and magic, the Mage unleashes divine wrath and fury upon his enemies.

Holy Light Storm: Unleash a barrage of light that deals damage to up to four targets.

Electric Staff: Imbue your staff with the power of lightning, shocking up to six enemies within range.

Thunder Impact: Cast a pulse of lightning that deals damage to up to eight targets in the area of effect.

Thundery Strike: Attack up to ten enemies around you with a barrage of lightning.

Light Judgement: Blast an enemy target to deal moderate damage and freeze the enemy for three seconds.

Oracle Wishing: A self-buff ability that increases attack and skill damage for a brief period.

Life Echo: Life Echo allows the mage to restore health and enter the Invincible state.

All-in-all, the classes in Astral Fable are fairly balanced, so choose the class that fits your playstyle. If you like being in the brunt of the action, taking damage so your team won’t have to, then it sounds like you’d make a good Fighter. If you’re all about controlling the battlefield with buffs and debuffs, then Mage sounds more your style. If you like dealing damage from long-range and being practically untouchable to your enemies, then Hunter is the class for you.


Hunters excel at one thing: DPS, or damage per second. Preferring to take on enemies from far away, Hunters are equipped with a variety of abilities that are all geared towards a single objective: to deal as much damage as possible in as little time as possible, while staying far away from any danger. Hunters are also granted the most area-of-effect capabilities in the game, and despite their innate squishiness, are more than capable of handling mobs of monsters and enemy NPCs with ease.

astral fable hunter class

Hunter Skills: Hunters dominate the battlefield with superior firepower. Mobile yet hard-hitting, Hunters are known for their fast clearing potential and their high DPS.

Firearm Barrage: A ranged strafing attack that deals damage to up to four targets in front of you.

Focused Flamethrow: A wide-area attack that deals damage to up to six targets in front of you.

Concentrated Burst: An explosive burst that deals damage to up to eight targets around the caster.

Beam of Fire: A massive beam attack that deals damage to up to 10 targets in a circle in front of you.

Swift Strike: A sniper attack that deals damage at long range, and confines the target for three seconds.

Soul Hunt Awakening: A self-buff ability that increases damage for a brief period.

Revival Wind: Revival Wind lets Hunters restore health and enter the EVA state.

2. Join An Active Guild

how to join a guild in astral fable

Although it does a great job of providing tons of solo-able content, Astral Fable, at its core is still an MMORPG. While you can definitely get by without ever teaming up with anyone, the game is just so much more fun and diverse once you get the hang of forming parties. Especially for new players, we recommend joining a guild as soon as you unlock the Guild feature. Guilds are communities of players that talk, teach, and get together to take on the most challenging and rewarding parts of Astral Fable.

With a Guild behind them, players can unlock all kinds of new quests and activities. Guild quests give massive rewards to players who stick together and battle through high-level content intended for group play. Joining a guild also opens up entirely new game modes.

The Guild Demon Mode, for example, is one of the best ways to earn some of the strongest items in-game. Guild Siege, on the other hand, is an extremely lucrative activity that rewards guilds for cooperation and effective group-play as they compete against other guilds.

If you’re not too picky, you can always just apply to all available guilds with the push of a button. This guarantees that you’ll be put into one of the many player guilds in Astral Fable, so you can jump right into all the Guild-related quests, rewards, and content. Or, you can go by referral, and join a guild alongside friends so you can have a little more structure in your group play.

3. Complete The Side Quests

astral fable side quests

Astral Fable is fast-paced and will likely take players all over the place as they pursue the game’s main quest an overarching storyline. With the urgency involved in the main questline, it’s easy to get caught up and miss out on a lot of other great content that Astral Fable has to offer.

If you want to make the most out of your Astral Fable experience and get some pretty swanky rewards while you’re at it, make sure to do all the Side Quests. Not only do they reward players with a generous bounty of gold and experience, but they also sometimes give high-level gear and unique items upon completion. If you’re a fan of the Astral Fable lore and story, the Side Quests shed some light on the game world and lets players get to know the in-game characters more.

4. Claim Your Freebies

how to get more rewards in astral fable

Like any MMORPG, Astral Fable involves a decent amount of grinding to get you competitive. Especially if you play player-versus-player or even high-end player-versus-environment content, you’re going to need to be equipped with the best gear and the best stats that compliment your character class. That means grinding your way to the top. However, Astral Fable makes the grind a little easier by providing players with frequent freebies and rewards. Streamline the leveling process by taking advantage of these freebies!

Daily Login Rewards

Every day, when you log in for the first time, Astral Fable will reward you with an assortment of experience, gold, or even items and consumables. So even when you don’t have time to play, it’s still worth it to just open up Astral Fable and collect your daily rewards. They may seem small at first, but they add up.

Pray For Free CP and EXP

Astral Fable also gives players revenue-generating activities that lets them “Pray” for free gold and experience. It doesn’t take much effort, and the rewards are generally worth the time it takes to pray in-game, so we recommend you do it every chance you get.

Bonus Level Up Rewards

Every time you level up in Astral Fable, the game rewards you with gold or items to help you along. These level up rewards get bigger and bigger the higher your level. Aiming for the bonus level up rewards not only gives you an excellent short-term goal to fuel your MMORPG experience but also makes it more satisfying when you finally hit those end-game levels.

Redemption Codes

Every once in awhile, Eyougame, the developer behind Astral Fable, will post and share codes and vouchers on their website or their Facebook page. Make sure you check back to these sites regularly so you don’t miss out on freebies, exclusives, and even premium items all up for grabs.

While we recommend that everyone take advantage of Astral Fable’s free rewards, it’s even more important for free-to-play players. These rewards often include premium items or currency that will help level the playing field when you’re starting high-end content like PvP in Astral Fable’s cross-server Arena.

5. Run Dailies For Extra Rewards

astral fable dungeon

Astral Fable has several dungeons that players can run a limited number of times per day. Despite the limitations on dungeons, Astral Fable makes sure that these mob-filled instances are enticing to players by giving them some of the best rewards in-game. Dungeons are probably the most lucrative activity in Astral Fable, so whether you’re grinding gold, gear, or experience, make sure you don’t miss out on your daily dungeon runs.

Currently, there are three kinds of dungeons you want to look out for when playing Astral Fable: solo dungeons, team dungeons, and limited-time event dungeons.

Solo Dungeons

Designed for Solo Play, Solo dungeons aren’t as difficult or complex as Team dungeons, but still offer plenty of challenges for players. For new players, the most important dungeons to run are Sphere Tower, EXP Dungeon, and the Pet Dungeon. The Sphere Tower rewards sphere and sphere essences which you’ll learn about in-game (hint: they make your character more powerful).

The EXP Dungeon is currently the de-facto way of leveling up characters fast. You can run EXP Dungeon up to three times a day, but if you really want to level up as fast as possible, combine these runs with any of the in-game EXP boosters available for purchase or as a quest reward.

The Pet Dungeon can be run twice a day and rewards players with items to help upgrade their pets and make them stronger. As you gain levels, you’ll unlock more difficult (and more rewarding) dungeons like the Goddess Dungeon and the Glyph Dungeon which are both meta activities for increasing your character’s power and effectiveness.

Team Dungeons

Team Dungeons, unlike their Solo counterparts, are difficult and complex enough that they require more than one player to complete. Filled with more powerful enemies and more dangerous bosses, Team Dungeons also give greater, rarer rewards for players who can complete them. We recommend running your Solo Dungeons first, and then look for a party to do Team Dungeons with. If you’re having trouble finding a team, go back to our earlier tip and join a guild! Guilds are usually run by veteran players who love to spend all day helping their members get stronger.

Currently, Astral Fable offers a bunch of Team Dungeons, including the Gear Dungeon, the Forge Dungeon, the Friendship Dungeon, and the Diety Dungeon. For now, it’s okay to focus on the Gear Dungeon which rewards players with the high-level gear they need to complete high-tier content. However, if you’re strong enough, the Forge Dungeon, Friendship Dungeon, and Diety Dungeon offer players unique rewards that can be used in Astral Fable’s most interesting game systems.

Limited-Time Dungeons

Astral Fable also frequently comes out with limited-time dungeons that, more of than not, give players massive rewards for playing. Usually accompanied by other in-game events to celebrate real-world occasions, Limited-Time Dungeons are almost always worth doing. Usually simpler than regular dungeons, Limited-Time Dungeons are a great way to get a ton of rewards fast.

6. Devour Old Gear

astral fable devour system

They may not have explained it much in the in-game tutorial, but Astral Fable’s Devour system is surprisingly sophisticated. It’s one of the most underrated ways to strengthen your character. The way it works is you can take any of your old or underpowered gear and Devour them, essentially transforming junk into raw power for your character.

By devouring old gear, you can raise your character’s core stats – HP, ATK, DEF, and SMH. The higher these numbers go, the more effective your character is in combat. The best part about devouring is that you gain all of this power almost for free.

That’s it for our beginner’s guide to getting started in Astral Fable! Check back soon for more content regarding your favorite games, and we hope we were able to help you go from zero to hero in one of the most exciting MMORPGs this year.


Wednesday 21st of October 2020

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Sunday 8th of March 2020

SMH meaning and effect to versus player or monster?


Thursday 27th of February 2020

What a great game. I love the graphics and the skills but i why i cant rotate or move my character view?