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Brain Surfing Answers for All Levels

Brain Surfing is an addictive new puzzle game for mobile devices, which features a series of tricky, unimagined brain teasers where you have to answer easy and simple but humorous questions, figure out how the game is trolling you and think outside of the box to come up with solutions.

Think of an answer that’s sometimes more complicated and sometimes more simple than what you might have expected.

Ready? Set! Solve! Are you the smartest? Smarter than your friends? Boost your IQ with these brain challenging mini games now! Prove you have the highest IQ once and for all! Shoot, sort, save, solve and stomp your way to victory, through these fun-packed big brain boosting mini game challenges! Can you beat them all!?

And if you get stuck, don’t worry. We have already solved all the brain teasers for you. Below you can check out our compilation of Brain Surfing answers and solutions for all levels. However, we strongly suggest you to check the answers only in case of emergencies, when there’s one level you can’t seem to ace.

Brain Surfing Level 1-10 Answers
Brain Surfing Level 11-20 Answers
Brain Surfing Level 21-30 Answers
Brain Surfing Level 31-40 Answers
Brain Surfing Level 41-50 Answers
Brain Surfing Level 51-60 Answers
Brain Surfing Level 61-70 Answers
Brain Surfing Level 71-80 Answers
Brain Surfing Level 81-90 Answers
Brain Surfing Level 91-100 Answers
Brain Surfing Level 101-110 Answers
Brain Surfing Level 111-120 Answers
Brain Surfing Level 121-130 Answers
Brain Surfing Level 131-140 Answers

Brain Surfing Answers & Solutions

Brain Surfing Level 1-10 Answers

brain surfing level 1 answerLevel 1: The giraffe is the highest.

brain surfing level 2 answerLevel 2: The smallest number is 592.

brain surfing level 3 answerLevel 3: Closest to “us” is the sun.

brain surfing level 4 answerLevel 4: No table; zero pineapples.

brain surfing level 5 answerLevel 5: Drag the puppies around to find the hidden ones; move the “clear” button to find mor, in total 9.

brain surfing level 6 answerLevel 6: Tap on the phone to make its alarm go off.

brain surfing level 7 answerLevel 7: The crab as it can’t run forward.

brain surfing level 8 answerLevel 8: Drag the rooster out of your screen to the left and then tap on the hen to lay eggs.

brain surfing level 9 answerLevel 9: Of course, his left hand that’s in his pocket; tap on it.

brain surfing level 10 answerLevel 10: Just rate the game.