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Towerlands Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Build a Formidable Tower and Crush Your Enemies

Towerlands is the newest tower defense strategy game from Black Bears, the same company that brought us Drilla: Mine and Crafting, The Crypto Games: Bitcoin Tycoon, and Idle Submarine. Like the rest of Black Bear’s games, Towerlands holds a set of unique mechanics and various twists to the conventional tower defense genre, some of which resembles elements typically found in conventional RPGs.

With various types of troops, weapons, and combinations that can be created to suit your preferences and play style, Towerlands is a definite must-try for strategy game lovers especially those who enjoy customizations and team management.

towerlands tips

Towerlands sets you on the role of a commander in-charge of defending the castle from atrocious races that plague the land. Piloting a mobile tower that can be built for both offense and defense, you have absolute freedom as to how to rig your tower for various battles. On top of modules that further enhance your tower’s power, you also need to take some troops with you to man your mobile tower.

Tons of upgrades can be done to your tower but plowing through battles alone will not suffice to generate the needed funds to do so. As such, your role as a commander extends to the development of a city under your protection and performing upgrades on its numerous structures will earn you several benefits to help you in your quest.

Although Towerlands is a unique game by virtue of its elements that are a mix of tower defense games and RPGs, it revolves around a constant idea of strengthening your tower and taking on the next wave. In truth, it does differ from most tower defense games in the sense that difficulty grows a bit more rapidly. On the other hand, however, Towerlands still lets you earn rewards even for battles that you have lost in as earnings are partly generated based on enemies eliminated.

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As far as mechanics go, the initial tutorial makes it easy for everyone to understand what they need to do even after just the first wave of enemies. The hard part comes with the tactical aspect of the game, especially in choosing from among the troops and weapons to use and invest on. Now, we have come up with a detailed Towerlands beginner’s guide, including tips, cheats and strategies to strengthen your tower and grow your city, so you can dominate your enemies!

1. Prioritize Tower Upgrades Over Everything Else

There are numerous upgrade and enhancement options available in Towerlands. As you make every bit of progress, the disparity between the amount of gold you earn as against the various upgrades and purchases to spend them on grows larger. Before emptying out your reserves, however, be sure to keep a good amount of it for your tower.

Each upgrade on your tower boosts its defenses and, in certain levels, will unlock additional slots for you to put in more units or modules. Regardless of whether or not you will be banking more on offense or defense as far as units and modules are concerned, keeping the defense of your tower up to par with the next wave of challenges should be maintained as a priority.

towerlands tower upgrades

The only limitation as far as upgrading your tower is concerned lies in the number of waves you have beaten, which means that if you are currently preparing for wave 40, then your tower should also be upgradable to the same level.

To be sure, always make it a habit to check the numbers at the upper left side of the main screen. The first icon signifies your tower’s level, while the latter represents the upcoming wave number. As far as practicable, therefore, make sure that your tower level is the same as the upcoming wave’s level.

Although you can still win against a wave with a lower level tower, it is more of a defensive back up. Sometimes, having just a little more extra time on your hands as your tower takes a beating, is all you need as you wait for cool downs to end for your units and modules to finish up the remaining enemies.

2. Be Selective Which Units You Buy And Upgrade

The number of units available in Towerlands serve as the biggest factor that enables a customized tower and gameplay. There is often more than enough units available compared to the number of slots your tower has and the difference in number grows exponentially as you make more progress. Each unit has its own strength and limitations and outside of purchasing new ones, you also need to level them up.

Early on, it is important to read through what each unit can do. While randomly packing whichever looks cool or strong may work initially, choosing the right units that synergize with all your other tools and upgrades makes for an easier victory moving forward.

towerlands units

Some units have ranged attacks, some can cause AoE damage, while melee units typically summon melee troops. On top of these usual types, be sure to consider the variety of enemies you will face across various waves along with map conquests. It is good to have a healthy mix of units that can deal with troops in the ground as well as those in the air.

A pitfall to avoid comes in the units that become unlocked as you progress through your adventure. Intrigue and curiosity will always tempt you to want to have all units in hand but the reality is that you will only be using a handful of these units for the most part.

As such, make it a habit to check what each new unit being offered can do before you even decide to make a purchase. Take note that more and more units will become available later on and if you choose to swap in new ones whenever they become available, then chances are that you will quickly be drained of resources faster than you should.

In this light, it is also advisable to test some units out in the field to have a better idea of how they will fare once upgraded, without care of the evident battle loss for the unit test run, though. Once you are certain that the unit works as expected and seem to have the potential to mix well with your team or planned team, then you can freely invest some resources into it.

towerlands unit upgrade

When checking a unit, you should look ahead into how they will become stronger as their levels breaks through certain milestones. Each unit will unlock a new ability or improve on a current one once they reach level 25, 50, and so on.

Once the unit reaches the milestone level, it will have to undergo training which will cost some gold and some waiting time, if you want to proceed to the next battle immediately with the upgraded unit, therefore, you will have to spend some gems to instantly finish training or choose to wait for the training session to end.

3. Limit Your Investments On Modules

Like units, modules are also a gateway towards customizing your tower more to your liking. Although options for modules do not come as plentiful as units do, learning to choose wisely as to which ones to use and upgrade forms part of the ever-present budgeting challenge that Towerlands imposes on you as a commander.

Unlike units, however, modules can be continuously upgraded regardless of your tower’s level, devoid of any waiting time all through out. The only catch is that each higher level will cost more, which is standard in practically any game that has upgrade options. The risk to watch out for, as far as continuous upgrading goes, is how solid your confidence will be on the module that you are upgrading.

towerlands modules

What may work well on the initial waves may later prove to be futile in other battles and there will always be a chance of unlocking better modules later on. As such, it is best to only upgrade modules based on your needs, meaning that you should consider their upgrade levels based on how easy or difficult the last wave or battle has been for you and your tower.

Modules are categorized based on which slots they can be equipped on and while there are or will be several module options for the top, mid-section, and bottom of your tower, there are limited slots as there are with regard to units. Reading through each one’s description will give you a good enough idea on whether they are suitable for offense or defense.

For the best results, it would be wise to consider your module options in tandem with your selection of units, meaning try to focus on filling the gap or weakness that your units have and compensate with the mixture of modules you choose.

4. Feel Free To Take On Any Battle In The Map

Early on, you will stop waiting for hordes of enemies to attack your tower via the waves and will push forward with a more proactive approach towards eradicating them. The map feature in Towerlands, which can be accessed via the map tab on the main screen houses an expansive location of enemy castles and camps for you to unleash your wrath on. You can easily determine an enemy’s power by the attack values indicated over the icon.

One good thing about Towerlands lies in the feature that leaves you nothing to actually lose if you lose a battle. There are no limited attempts or in-game energy that restricts how many times you can attempt to win over an enemy. This, in effect, leaves no room for doubt as to whether or not you are strong enough to take on the next challenge as you can readily find out with a click on the “Attack” button.

towerlands battle

There are 4 basic structures to find in the map and these are castles, bosses, caravans, and islands. Castles are the most basic structures and are the ones to prioritize conquering over the others. Once take over, castles will serve as mining spots for you to continuously earn gold from.

Each one can be levelled up to level 10 to farm more gold over time. Given the plethora of needs for gold in the game, every bit of investment in conquered castles is worth it, especially if you play the game a lot and can regularly tap on each one to receive their gold outputs.

While there are plenty of units that become available for unlocking as you conquer more waves, some unique units can be obtained after defeating boss areas in the map. If you have played several waves prior to venturing into the map, then chances are that you have confronted and beaten some boss units along the way.

These bosses can easily be spotted even in a crowd as they are huge and take are also more powerful than other units. In any case, make an effort to defeat boss areas especially if you are raring to obtain more units for your tower.

towerlands fight

There are caravans that appear within a limited period of time and defeating them is usually as easy as the previous waves or castles that you have beaten. These caravans carry crafting materials that you will need to create some artifacts back in your city. Again, there is nothing to lose in attempting to conquer these battles so be sure to engage them whenever they appear on the map.

The islands located at the top area of the map serves as your main farming ground for some artifacts and crafting materials. There is a cool down period within which you can attack each location and difficulties change regularly as well. While the islands often sport higher difficulty levels than what you may be capable of defeating, always be on the lookout for relatively easy ones as you would always want to craft new artifacts to strengthen your army.

5. Invest In Your City Regularly

Your tower in Towerlands may be your main source of resources to depend on for upgrades but once you unlock the town and its many features, you should be ready to regularly invest some gold in it. There are 6 different structures you can visit within your city and while each one serves a unique purpose, you only need to upgrade 4 of them.

To start off, put more of your extra gold in upgrading your gold mine. Considering that gold serves as the most basic currency you will constantly need for all upgrades and numerous purchases, having an abundant, continuous supply of it should be top priority.

towerlands investment

Depending on how often you play and visit your city, you should also consider investing some earned gold into your storage. Every bit of gold earned from the gold mine will be temporarily stored in the storage for you to collect whenever you visit the city. The storage naturally has a capacity limit and the higher its level, the more gold it can keep. Although upgrade costs are huge, investment in both the gold mine and the storage will sooner or later pay off.

The library is yet another feature in Towerland that lets you tinker with how your tower and army can be built to your liking. As you continue to partake in battle, whether through waves or any structure in the map, you will earn points that can be used in the library to boost rewards from battle, make your tower stronger, or boost your units’ power levels.

Be sure to consider your tower and units’ theme before you decide on how to spend earned points. For example, if you bank on more summoned troops than all other unit types, then spending points that boost the health and lifespan of summoned units should be a priority.

We mentioned earlier that at certain levels, your units need to be trained for them to learn a new ability or improve on an existing one. This will be partly limited by the training ground back in your home base. As a strategy, only upgrade this whenever you have units in line who are about to break through the training level cap indicated in the training grounds.

While banking on some units over others can be a good strategy, levelling them up equally relates well to only upgrading the training grounds when they reach the respective level caps.

towerlands forge

The tower, along with the units it holds and the modules you choose to equip it with, in combination with the chosen buffs you invest on the library makes for a wide variety of customization options that should more than suffice to provide any player with the tower build and design that they want. Despite that, more customization and upgrade options are available for you via the Forge.

The Forge is where you can craft various artifacts that can provide tremendous boosts for your tower and units. Availability of artifact types to craft rotate within a certain timeframe and the overall products are based on luck. Upgrading the Forge unlocks the ability to craft higher grade artifacts that have bigger buffs to provide.

Once you have crafted an artifact or received one as a reward from some battles, be sure to remember equipping them via the statue located at the right side of the city. As a general strategy, only craft initially when the available item to craft will be equipped on an empty gear slot. You can go for another one of the same type once fully equipped as having all available buffs as much as you can is better than choosing from among which ones to equip.

6. Take Advantage Of Ad Boosts To Speed Up Your Progress

As video ads in free-to-play mobile games has become an almost standard feature, the typical consideration for gamers rest on whether or not these ads are optional or forced. While ads that randomly pop up in the game often cause ire for some players, it is due to interrupting the players’ concentration, come up too often, or both.

For one, though, there are no forced ads in Towerlands. There are plenty of ads you can play or watch as you play but all of it are voluntary and for the most part, provide boosts to help you progress a bit faster on your adventure. To start off, every battle you win present you with an opportunity to earn some extra gold and in large volumes as well. Given that you will always have a need for gold, then playing some ads after battles will greatly help with your upgrade needs.

towerlands boosts

As far as gold earnings are concerned, whenever you visit the map to collect gold from conquered castles, you can collect twice as much after playing a video ad. This is very advantageous when you first visit the map after logging in on the game, with each castle full of gold to claim.

There will be some instances when an upgrade cost will have an option to become free, if you to choose to watch an ad instead of paying the upgrade costs. As later upgrades will become expensive, these opportunities become more valuable as you progress farther in the game.

With a limit as to how often you can do auto-battles in Towerland, playing an ad for extra attempts may be helpful for you as well. Although you can very much as easily go through each battle manually, becoming more efficient as well, auto-battles can be very convenient to have especially on skirmishes you know you can easily win over.

Towerlands certainly holds more content tucked in behind higher levels but for now, this is where we will end our beginner’s guide. We are fairly confident that the topics we covered and the tips and strategies we shared should suffice as the basis for more advanced strategies you can have as you progress further in the game. If you have come across additional tips or tricks on top of the ones we have enumerated above, we would be happy to hear about them from you so please don’t hesitate to drop us a line!


Friday 10th of April 2020

Great game love the story and all of the game modes would recommend to anyone who likes these types of games.