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Devil Hunter: Eternal War Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Defeat Your Enemies

Though Devil Hunter: Eternal War is Hongkong-based mobile game developer CQ Gaming’s first take on the RPG genre, it is comparable with today’s top MMORPGs as far as graphics, gameplay, and content are concerned. The initial hours set you up for a fat paced growth period within which you can catch up to players who started their adventure a wee bit earlier. Auto pathing, auto battles, and one-click features make it very easy for total beginners to pick up and play while more experienced and veteran RPG enthusiasts can still find challenge in terms of strategizing around their character’s unique builds.

Devil Hunter: Eternal War is the kind of RPG that you can play all day and still not run out of activities to engage in as only time and dedication on the game serves as the only impediment that can bar you from further progressing. If you are currently looking for an MMORPG you can entirely enjoy on your own or with friends, then you should definitely check Devil Hunter: Eternal War out.

The story of Devil Hunter: Eternal War takes place following the conclusion of an ancient war that tore across the three realms. As a new chapter starts anew, the continuing story is dependent on you as you embark on a new quest to conquer and seal legendary artifacts. With immortals and devils that abound in the world, the journey is long and full of challenges. Gathering power becomes a constant objective to match the growing difficulty of challenges that lie ahead. While there is a seemingly straight line towards the path to power, however, there are various ways for you to go about progressing in your adventure.

devil hunter eternal war strategies

Like most modern MMORPGs, Devil Hunter: Eternal War is designed for both experienced “RPG enthusiasts as well as players new to the genre. Auto mode certainly makes it easy for everyone to follow the basic path towards progress, and the quick tutorial guides that appear on every new feature or game mode unlocked is simple and easy to understand. Given the amount of content the game has, it is important to do some exploring from time to time although important aspects of the game that require attention will always have indicators to notify you.

Overall, Devil Hunter: Eternal War is easy to pick up and play but if you just started diving into its world and found yourself wanting as far as combat power and progression is concerned, then you should check out our beginner’s guide for tips, cheats and strategies to help you jumpstart your adventure!

1. Select The Class That Suits You

A good start in any RPG where class selection is a feature naturally starts with picking the right class. While there will always be a question as to which one is the best, the answer always lies with your preferences and play style. As such, the best class is whichever works for you best and that depends on the role you want to take as you embark on an epic journey.

Classes are typically built to be unique, specializing in a particular area and has specific strengths and limitations. Some classes stand out on solo play while others excel more in team play. Although each class in Devil Hunter: Eternal War can do fairly well on either game mode, each one has distinct traits that you should know for you to choose the class that is right for you. There are 4 classes in the game namely: Martial Saint, Taoist, Arcane Luminary, and Winged Illusionist.

devil hunter eternal war classes

The Martial Saint is the basic melee class in Devil Hunter: Eternal War and stands as the character with the highest defense rate and tanking capacity. Although defense will not be much of an issue early on in your adventure, the Martial Saint’s defensive strength will prove to be a great asset in team dungeons and boss hunts especially on higher levels.

The Taoist has respectable damage outputs but given her ice-based skills, her focus is more on control. The Taoist does not sport high defense stats but rely more on dodging attacks instead. Taoists make up for their lack in defense with their abilities that slow enemies down in their tracks.

The Arcane Luminary is king of AoE damage spells in the world of Devil Hunter: Eternal War. They are very efficient in farming and killing mobs but lag behind other classes as far as defensive capabilities are concerned. With high damage outputs, the Arcane Luminary stands as among the top choices for players who enjoy solo playing.

Last, but not the least, is the Winged Illusionist, which is the ranged combat expert among all classes in the game. Nimble yet frail, the Winged Illusionist has top burst damage outputs and is the best single target damage-dealer fit for those who enjoy more single player quests and boss battles.

Beyond each class’ unique strengths and limitations, take note that prioritization in terms of upgrades can customize each one’s build in a variety of ways. For the most part, there is no such thing as the perfect build in that what would be best for each player is, again, based on their preferences and play style. To sum up, players can either bank on their character’s strength and focus mainly on some stats, make up for stats that their class is lagging behind in, or simply spread upgrades across and get more CP boost with it.

2. Prioritize Progressing Through The Main Quest

Beyond unraveling the story and lore that surrounds the fantasy world you have just stepped into, Devil Hunter: Eternal War’s main story stands as your key to unlocking all other features and game modes within the game. Beyond that, the majority of XP and resources you will earn early on will come from completing each quest rather than the mobs of monsters you defeat along the way.

devil hunter eternal war main quest

As the introduction to each of the game’s most basic features all flow within the path of the main quests, it is important to push as far as you can to progress within it before you pursue other quests and game modes. There will naturally be times when unlocking a new feature or game mode will take you to different areas or windows within the game. Some of the extra features may also form part of completing some objectives within the quest. For efficiency, make it a habit to head back towards pursuing the completion of the main quest by clicking on it at the left side of the screen.

One of the main impediments to pushing forward with the main quest line come with minimum level requirements. These are often imposed before starting a new chapter in the story. In such instances, feel free to take on some side quests, daily quests, and dungeon runs. In the event that you are close to the end of the day in the game and have yet to partake in daily quests, make it a point to score some activity points, if not all, to obtain more rewards. As most daily quests and dungeon runs have limited attempts and are rather quick to accomplish, be sure to squeeze them within your busy in-game schedule on a daily basis.

3. Enhance Your Gear Regularly

With a dominant portion of your character’s overall strength owed to the equipment you have, it is important to always have the best ones equipped as well as having each equipped gear at its peak level. Devil Hunter: Eternal War actually makes it very easy for players to equip the best gears and likewise enhance each one of them to their peak potential.

how to enhance gear in devil hunter eternal war

For starters, obtaining a better piece of gear from boss hunts and dungeons will prompt you to equip them with a pop up on the screen that shows whatever activity you are currently engaged in. If for some reason you miss to do so, the better gear or gears in question will have a very noticeable glow within your inventory on top of the green arrow that indicates them being better than what you have on.

No grind-centric MMORPG is fun and exciting without the need to constantly upgrade the gears that you have and in Devil Hunter: Eternal War, enhancement comes only at the cost of copper coins with a 100% success rate all throughout. The difficulty lies in sustaining a supply of the most basic currency as enhancement levels are dependent on your equipment’s grade.

As such, securing a better piece of gear means having an increased cap for its maximum enhancement level, with each succeeding enhancement costing more copper coins than the previous one. Thankfully enough as well, enhancement levels are lodged on the gear slot rather than the gear itself, so changing better gears every once in a while will not lead to having wasted investment.

Beyond enhancing each piece of gear, Devil Hunter: Eternal War also has a gem feature where each piece of gear can be embedded with several gems. While each piece has a maximum of 6 gem slots, the slots will be unlocked based on the rank of the gear in question. While only specific gems can be equipped per given slot there is a small window of customization to come later when you have more gems to choose from to embed in each gear slot. Gems can likewise be enhanced to improve the stat buffs that they provide through fusion.

4. Always Upgrade Your Mount And Pet

Well, there will always be other players and guild mates to accompany you in some game modes but for the most part of your adventure, it will just be you, your mount, and your trusty pet. These companions offer more than just a boost on your hero’s CP as your pet has its own skills to use to assist you in combat. The mount on the other hand does not just make travelling around the map faster but also has passive buffs that can be enhanced to make your hero stronger.

devil hunter eternal war mount and pet

You can check on each companion’s status and details via the partner icon at the bottom of your screen. Each one requires specific advancement stones to level up and become stronger. Reaching a certain advancement level will transform their appearance but certain event rewards can further boost their prowess through the shapeshift and awakening feature.

5. Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

As social features are an integral part of every MMO game, having guilds, alliances, clans, factions, or any similarly-themed player groups is considered a basic feature of every MMORPG. In truth, it is never a question of whether or not you should join one as the answer is always on the affirmative. Rather, the important thing to consider is to whether or not build your very own guild, or choose from among the existing ones which one to join.

If you are fairly new to MMORPGs or have little experience about clans, guilds, and similar player associations, then you should know that being a guild leader is a lot of responsibility. So unless you are certain that you will dedicate a lot of time in the game not just for your own growth but for each member’s development as well, then it is best for you to go for the easier choice, which is to join any other existing guild.

devil hunter eternal war guild

Being in a guild offers plenty of advantages with only dedication and activity as the only optional payment. To start off, checking in on the guild daily can earn you instant rewards without any effort whatsoever. One you are accepted to be a member of any guild, you can tap on the guild icon at the lower side of your screen to visit your guild anc claim your daily benefits. Fellow guild members who top up in the game leaves a red packet for everyone else to claim in limited amounts and you are entitled to partake in claiming rewards even if you just joined a guild.

One of the most advantageous features that come with the guild is the Guild Weekly Loop, which is 70 quick and easy bounty quests or so that you can accomplish to earn guild contributions and copper coins. You can quickly accomplish all 70 quests in a day but do note that spreading it evenly across a week so that you will have a fair amount of activity points in stock each day of the week.

Another very valuable feature that comes with guild membership in Devil Hunter: Eternal War comes with the guild storage feature. As soon as you are accepted into a guild, you can donate inferior or used gears to the warehouse to earn some points and then use the earned points to redeem donated gears that are better than what you have. If you just started playing the game and a little behind everyone else on the server, this is one feature that can quickly set you to catch up with everyone as the guild storage will most likely be flooded with gears that are better than what you have equipped.

Be sure to look into the “Practice” tab within the guild as every contribution points you earn relative to your activities as a guild member translates into stat points you can build up to further boost your hero’s strength. There are various other activities and events that you can only access as a member of any guild so be sure to look into all features within the guild especially activities and events that only transpire within a short span of time.

6. Expend All Attempts Within Daily Game Modes

Devil Hunter: Eternal War comes packed with a plethora of other game modes other than the quests you see at the left side of your screen. In essence, these game modes provide specific rewards that each cater to a specialized need for XP or resources to further strengthen your character. As noted in the above tip, spending time completing as many activities within the daily quests are an important routine aspect of your adventuring life within the game and completing each one does not just grant you immediate rewards but earn you activity points as well used to unlock even more rewards.

As expected, the daily game modes have varying difficulty levels, attempts, rewards, and activity points earned. Some will have rewards based on performance while others can be completed with minimal effort and has the same amount of rewards regardless of how powerful you are. With this idea in mind, you have to strategize around completing each one following the strategy of accomplishing the easy ones that offer standard rewards first before engaging the activities where having more power can lead to better rewards.

devil hunter eternal war daily quests

With the sheer number of game modes available in the game, we will not be able to explain each one’s mechanics and rewards in detail so just to have a clear idea, be sure to read through each one’s description by tapping on their specific icons within the daily quest window.

One of the most basic game modes is the Bounty Quest where you will be made to hunt down a specific number of mobs across the map. These quests are very easy to accomplish and grants a much bigger amount of EXP and copper coins as rewards compared to idle farming. There is no fear or worry of failing these quests or earning less rewards so be sure to get it done quickly for an easy boost in coins and EXP.

Another quick and easy source of copper coins and EXP is the Zombie Drive, which is a peculiarly titled game mode where you simply need to escort an important NPC. It would seem that the NPC you will be escorting is an undead but in any case, this is among the first daily chores you need to be done with first so you can use the earned EXP and copper coins to strengthen your hero further before taking on the rest of the daily routine tasks.

You will notice that a lot of these game modes will offer specific resources that all contribute to making you stronger but, again, some will be somewhat dependent on how strong you are given that the amount of rewards may depend on your performance. The Untrammeled Travel is perhaps the most basic game mode to engage in for some massive amounts of EXP to level your hero up and perform better in the rest of the game modes. Note as well that whenever a daily quest allows for you to be in a team as you spend an attempt on it, doing so will be a lot more beneficial.

Considering all these various activities, pushing to progress as much as you can means never going below earning 160 total activity points as that is the minimum required for you to obtain all the extra rewards within the page. Going beyond that will still be better as all points earned can be used to level up the sword mood that directly increases your overall CP. You can access this feature through the button at the lower right side of the daily quest window.

7. Save Dungeon Runs For The End Of The Day

Although dungeons in Devil Hunter: Eternal War form part of the daily quests to be completed, there is a separate icon for it that can be accessed at the upper right side of your screen. With a quicker access menu and a separate window of its own, it should give you the idea of how important each game mode within the page is for you to ensure that attempts within each one are expended daily.

Be particularly patient on these game modes especially the ones that can be entered with a team. If you do not have friends who play the game with you or a guild that can accompany you within the dungeons, it is still better to engage in each one with a random team of players than going through it alone for the stat boosts and extra loot.

devil hunter eternal war dungeon

With the Untrammeled Travel coming in at top priority for massive EXP gains, the next order of business should be the Penglai Fairyland. This is where you will have a chance of obtaining better equipment for your hero if not at least have some extra gears to donate to your guild for points, smelt for CP, or sell for some coins.

Guarding the Mana Vein will be a huge boost to strengthening your companions, and as both your mount and pet boosts your CP along with adding more skills in your arsenal, ensuring that they are continuously growing forms part of your constant objectives.

Copper coins are the most basic currency in Devil Hunter: Eternal War but it does not in any way mean that you will have less needs for it. In fact, enhancing your gears alone will quickly drain the massive amounts of copper coins you will save from the start of the game and as such, having a good stream of it is a necessary activity. Massive amounts of copper coins can be earned per run on the Fortune God Temple. Be sure to make the most out of the 2 attempts you have per day.

Lastly, no modern MMORPG is complete without a tower-climbing adventure of sorts that earn you one-time rewards based on how far you can go. The Demon-Sealing Pagoda in Devil Hunter: Eternal War is all about that as it does not limit attempts you can make to push climbing floors within its unique dungeon.

Each floor can only be conquered once and you will continue on from where you left off the following day. Each floor conquered leaves you with a Random Mindskill and some Mindskill EXP that can be used to boost your CP with some customizations based on your preferences. As losing a battle hear does not cost you anything at all, feel free to dive back in once you have grown stronger and acquired more CP.

8. Give Recognition To Leaderboard Rankers

As it is part of the continuous and ongoing objectives in Devil Hunter: Eternal War is acquiring more and more combat power, it is only natural for a leaderboards to be included for each player to be able to see where they are and how they fare against the general populace. There are several aspects of the game to consider as far as progress goes and on each list, you will find not just where you stand, but who stands at the top of each ranking.

devil hunter eternal war leaderboard

Although you may simply want to enjoy the game and not be much concerned with your personal rank at the leaderboards, it is a good way to determine your progress by comparing your previous and current rank. Additionally, selecting any player on the list and throwing a “like” will earn you 50 thousand copper coins. You can do so up to 5 times per day so do not hesitate to impart your recognition vote by sharing those likes and earning a quick 250 thousand copper coins for your effort.

9. Keep Your Inventory Tidy and Spacious

In addition to being extremely fast-paced, Devil Hunter: Eternal War is also very generous in terms of giving away gears, items, and other resources at every turn. In as much as obtaining more loot is a welcomed treat for every player, there is space limit within each one’s bag which, when full, will prevent any further acquisition of extra items.

devil hunter eternal war inventory

For the most part, it is never a question of having too many items to keep or store and typically boils down to simply forgetting to tidy up one’s inventory. As such, make it a habit early on to tend to your inventory as you want to be always ready to obtain more and more loot, especially when you are offline banking on the bot.

To start off, some gears can be smelted for an extra CP boost. Other gears can either be sold outright for some extra copper coins or be donated to the guild storage to earn some points needed to redeem some better gears. While at the inventory clearing some spaces, be sure to spend time to read through some of the items as you may miss out on their uses.

10. Participate In Events For More Rewards

Devil Hunter: Eternal War certainly floods you with tons of rewards with every bit of activity you engage in as you play the game. In addition to immediate rewards you earn from each quest or dungeon run, as well as the occasional loots that drop form enemy mobs, activity points and similar features also unlock extra benefits. Beyond all that, there are more rewards and incentives to be earned from the numerous events that transpire within the game. Do note, however, that some of these events are time-limited and most will trigger once you start playing the game up until a certain number of days.

devil hunter eternal war rewards

For the most part, there are various icons to see at the top of the screen and a lot of them will often sport a red dot indicator to tell you of rewards waiting to be claimed. In any case, be sure to explore through all these icons as some will need to be browsed through a bit for you to determine which from among the given objectives are achievable for you.

Do note that there will be several offers that may require topping up or spending real money but just the same, there are more than enough freebies that free players can enjoy. In general, a lot of the rewards that can be earned in limited events are much harder to obtain anywhere else, so be sure to spend time looking into each of these events and accomplishing as many feats to obtain as many rewards from them.

11. Expend Attempts In The Arena

Devil Hunter: Eternal War holds a variety of PvP content but a relatively quick and easy one to partake in comes from within the Arena of Immortals. You can choose form one of three opponents to challenge and a quick comparison of CP will tell you if you can easily win against any of them. Do note that the leftmost opponent holds the highest rank and CP but if all three are too much for you to handle, there is an infinite number of times to refresh the choices via the button at the lower right side of the page.

devil hunter eternal war arena

During battle, you can quickly skip to see if you are victorious or not. Rewards can be claimed at the end of the day and regardless of whether you win or lose, honor points are earned. Do note that participation in the arena is as important as winning as the honor shop holds a wide variety of valuable resources that you need for various enhancement features. Do not be let down by a few losses or even losing streaks as every match counts.

There are various other game modes that you can access via the Battlefield Shop icon at the top of the screen that leads to the arena. Some of this game modes are only available within certain times of the day so be sure to check often and participate whenever you can.

12. Remember To Claim Achievement Rewards

There are numerous icons on the screen in Devil Hunter: Eternal War, which can make it a bit challenging for new players to spot some of the icons or notice indicators on others that have actions needed or rewards to be claimed. Most especially at the first few hours in the game where you accomplish numerous feats, there are plenty of achievement objectives that you will meet and each one comes with a corresponding set of rewards that can tremendously help strengthen your hero.

devil hunter eternal war achievement rewards

At this point, you should already notice the cross icon at the right side of the screen that switches the basic in-game icons at the bottom and right side. Doing so will reveal the achievements icon at the bottom right corner and tapping on it will reveal a long list of milestones that you have reached while playing.

In addition to claiming various rewards from the achievements page, be sure to take some time to look into objectives you have yet to meet. Make it a habit to let the achievements list serve as a guide for you to determine areas of the game that you may have to spend time on. While some tasks may be completed at a later time, you will come to discover that there are a fair number of feats that can easily be achieved.

That sums up everything we have as far as our Devil Hunter: Eternal War beginner’s guide is concerned. There are certainly a lot more features to be discussed in the game for more advanced players but for the most part, it all boils down to the same concepts that we discussed with the more basic features of the game.

Saying that Devil Hunter: Eternal War holds a plethora of content may even be an understatement, so feel free to explore every nook and cranny to find even more ways to boost your combat power. If you dived into the game as deep as we did or even deeper and have discovered more tips or strategies, then be sure to drop us a line!