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Eternal Sword M Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Crush Your Enemies and Save the World

Neocraft Limited, the company behind the very popular action MMORPG, Tales of Wind, has just released a brand new mobile game in the form of Eternal Sword M on iOS and Android platforms. This is a stunning MMORPG, which comes with plenty of action. This holds especially true when you have 15 different basic class setups to choose from as a starting point. You can’t freely switch between base classes but you can spend gold to switch between the main and sub class setups.

However, fun this may be, it still leaves you with a nifty problem. How do you get to the point where you can switch between the class setups? Unfortunately, that’s only one problem. The good news in this Eternal Sword M beginner’s guide, you’ll have a collection of tips, cheats and strategies to defeat your enemies and save the world.

1. The Opening Stuff

When you first start playing Eternal Sword M, much like any other RPGs, your first 2 choices are a server and a base class. Anyone that has ever played an Android based MMORPG would think this is as easy as breathing, right? Oddly enough, there is a trick to this one. When you attempt to select a server, do not go for the latest server. The idea is you can jump right into a newly opened server and try to get ahead of everyone else by “being fast”. That’s where things will go backwards on you in a hurry!

eternal sword m strategies

In Eternal Sword M, the newly opened server(s) have a nasty catch. You’ll see it when you hit the level cap in a heartbeat! That level cap in newly opened servers isn’t very high but leveling speeds are. The recommendation is to aim for a server at least 2 points below the highest one. Your chances of finding a server without a low level cap will increase lots. The other problem is the amount of guilds to join. If you like making your own guild, this isn’t a problem. If you simply wanted to join one, you better aim for an older server.

Lastly, “market” prices will vary wildly when you compare newly opened servers to older servers. You might think you can take advantage of this. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work when the other players can’t buy things from you at the newer server’s higher prices. After all this, it’s a matter of choosing your base class. The good news is that you have 3 character slots and up to 15 basic class setups to choose from per server. The bad news happens to be the same thing. There’s a lot to consider before making a character.

2. Is This Just A Race For Combat Power?

As it turns out, this is a tricky one in Eternal Sword M. It happens to be both. It’s in the idea that you want the minimum recommended CP for maximum gains (3 Star content completions). However, you can still take advantage of things depending on your base class and/or Sub-Class and your gear. Take the example of a round or 6 of the Tower of Decadence.

eternal sword m combat power

Check out the Total CP (Combat Power) showing in the upper left corner of the above screenshot. Below it you’ll see the “Rec. CP” (Recommended CP and not Required (Req.)) showing as 11,000+ points higher compared the Total CP. Even still, that gunner is about to win the floor.

The Tower of Decadence is not based on a star count so you still fully gain from any win. This can also apply to other content. So don’t be too nervous about trying things out when you’re at a lower CP. This also includes the Arena. Depending on your setup and your opponent’s setup, you can even defeat opponents at least 8,000+ CP above your own. Yes, this was tested! Oddly enough, this is still a race for CP at the same time. The thing is even labeled “CP Rush”!

eternal sword m cp rush

For the most part your CP is mostly a guideline. This should give you an idea as to what’s going to gain for you and what’s sending you away sad! In either case, give it all a try because there’s a good chance you’ll need to anyway.

There’s a whole variety of things to increase your CP. Basically, everything counts when it comes to increasing your CP. One easy example is enhancing your gear.

how to enhance your gear in eternal sword m

Your best bet when it comes to enhancing gear is to tap the Quick Enhance button. This will ensure a near fully even set of enhancements for all your gear. What it does is finds the lowest enhancement and starts upgrades from there. This is all according to your enhancing materials. As you can see in the above screenshot, it does a pretty good job at keeping things fairly even on your character.

Of course you’ll end up looting gear in Eternal Sword M to equip which will increase your CP.

eternal sword m gear

But when it comes to equipping that gear, you’ll have a couple of things to watch for.

how to equip your gear in eternal sword m

The screenshot above shows R3 Pants. Sometimes you’ll gain a higher R level gear but the lower R level gear has a higher CP. The main recommendation is to stick with the higher R level. You’ll want it to be able to activate the higher (and more) level Star Soul boosts each day.

More Star Soul boosts equal more CP all around. The other part to watch out for is the Random Stats. Those could help or hurt you. If your gears are loading you up with the wrong stats, you’re basically sunk. For example, a lot of STR on a magic based character is going to get you some nice wet noodle hitting!

3. Level Up Your Characters As Fast As Possible

This is another catch to watch out for in Eternal Sword M. The idea is that you want to level up your characters as quickly as possible. Yes, that can and will happen since there are numerous ways to gain EXP. The bad news is that you might end up with a weaker character. Sure, it’s all too easy to level. It’s when your CP doesn’t quite match up to your level and the unlocked content, you’ll have problems. Going back to the speed leveling, it starts when you log into Eternal Sword M with the Recovery Rewards.

eternal sword m recovery rewards

If you didn’t manage to play any of the available content on the previous day, no matter the reason, you can still gain heavily and level. Just simply spend your gold to gain all the rewards which also includes EXP. Check out the first, second, and fourth lines in the above screenshot. Here’s the fun part. You’ll also notice that some of those Reclaims also contain gold gains.

Basically, you’ll be gaining gold of which you can use to buy those Recover Rewards. So no, you won’t run out of gold by buying these rewards. The better news is that you can gain from everything that you didn’t even get the chance to participate in from the previous day. The recommendation is to buy them all at their maximum values.

When you start a character in Eternal Sword M, you’ll have a hefty set of rewards to gain called the 7-Day Goal rewards.

eternal sword m 7-day goal rewards

It’s a collection of various goals to complete to gain the rewards. The good news is that you could end up completing several of the goals before the day unlocks. The better news is that this will “make you” go through as much of the content as you can each day. The idea being that if you’re completing a lot of content to gain these rewards, there’s a great chance you’ll gain EXP throughout most of it.

In turn, you’ll level more while gaining more CP. When checking the above screenshot, those rewards give you a lot of Skill EXP. In turn, you’ll be able to increase the levels of your skills which gains you more CP. This is also a method to help you balance out your speed leveling and CP.

One of the main methods for leveling is to use the Memory system as a guideline for what to do next.

how to use the memory system in eternal sword m

The purpose of using the Memory system of Eternal Sword M isn’t directly to speed level. Although it does help! However, this is another method to balance out your speed leveling and CP gains. Much like the 7-Day Goals, you’ll be going through a lot of content to compete the requirements. This equals EXP gains for leveling.

The main difference is that you’ll definitely want to go through as much of the Memory system as you can daily. You’ll need to for unlocking content purposes. You’ll also notice that the rewards include Skill EXP which will increase your CP as soon as it’s used.

One of the main methods for speed leveling in Eternal Sword M is to use the EXP Land.

how to use the exp land in eternal sword m

The main point is that you’ll need to 5 Star complete specific EXP Land floors as requirements for certain rewards. The fun part is that you’ll gain EXP like crazy in there. Also be on the lookout for bonus times where you’ll gain extra EXP. Once you complete a floor, it’s done and gone. You’ll move on to the next floor if you’re ready or not.

The better news is that you can still go through EXP Land as much as you like and you’ll still gain EXP. The bad news is that with all that EXP gain, you won’t get much for CP gains in EXP Land. Before constantly repeating EXP Land, you should consider if you’ll end up being a high level kiss blower or not!

4. How To Set Up The Familiars (Pet System) Properly

Most MMORPGs have some type of pet system. Eternal Sword M also included a pet system called Familiars. Like anything, you’ll have to set them up properly.

eternal sword m familiar details

There are a wide variety of Familiars in Eternal Sword M. The initial idea is to gain the highest ranked Familiars you can and deploy them. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy here. In following the idea of “gain and deploy anything”, you’ll end up worse off. You’ll have to check each Familiar’s skills and see what they can do for you.

When checking out the Familiar Sweetheart Anne, you’ll see it has a damage reducing skill waiting for your opponents. So when placing it on a tanking setup, yes, that can be very helpful. Now try it on a gunner. You’ll notice it won’t help you much at all since a gunner’s main plan is to let loose as much damage as possible. So, check your Familiars before you use them!

The deployment of the Familiars is also important in Eternal Sword M.

eternal sword m familiar deployment

The Familiar listed as Captain is the only one which gives you the activated skill. The rest of the deployed Familiars (up to 5) give you their passives only. Base the Captain’s selection on whichever Familiar happens to be the most helpful towards your character at the time.

Also note that you should upgrade the Captain Familiar the most until you get the chance to change it. The fun part is that you can experiment with your Familiar’s deployment slots pretty much all you like. It only depends on your level and which Familiars you have. One particular Familiar happens to give you a HP shield much like a Mage’s Shield skill. If you want to try out a tanking Mage, that’s one way to do it!

Fear not if you managed to heavily increase a Familiar’s levels only to find out you don’t need it later. There’s a Familiar Rebirth system!

eternal sword m familiar rebirth

The Eternal Sword M devs pretty much guessed right in thinking there’d be players that manage to upgrade the wrong Familiar(s)! If you find yourself in that situation, you can use the Rebirth button found in the Advance tab. You’ll gain everything back for use on another Familiar.

The trick here is to note that you could again end up needing that Familiar you used a Rebirth on. So use the Familiar Rebirth system with a very high amount of consideration. If you’re speed leveling, you’ll unlock another slot at level 66 but might have no Familiar to deploy on it.

There are a lot of Familiars to collect in Eternal Sword M. The other reason for it is the Familiar Fate boosts.

eternal sword m familiar fate boosts

Unfortunately, these boosts are not free of charge in Eternal Sword M. It’s still ok since gold is very easy to gain! That and you’ll want as many Familiars in your collection anyway. Simply collect the proper combinations of Familiars and activate the boosts.

5. Level Up Your Bonds, Here’s How

The bonds in Eternal Sword M are a set of extra characters that you can send out on missions. They also add to your CP when you level them up. For that always wanted extra bonus, they can team with you in content such as The Sanctuary Trials. So be sure to level your Bonds as much as possible. The trick is to use their Favor Gifts to level them up properly.

eternal sword m lobellia

eternal sword m kyle

In the screenshots above, you can see the same Bond Favor Gift. However, it gives more Favor EXP to Kyle compared to Lobellia. You’ll find a variety of Bond Favor Gifts throughout your Eternal Sword M adventures. The recommendation is that if you see a Bond Gift giving low EXP gain, save it. If you’re in need of the slot in your inventory, store it in your Warehouse until you need it. Other than that, make sure you use those Bond Favor Gifts on the proper Bond. They go a lot higher than just 40 points.

The fun part to Bonds is that you can send them out on missions and they’ll gain some nice loot for you. The first trick is to make sure you match the Psyche requirement.

eternal sword m bond dispatch

When you match the Psyche requirement, you’ll gain the Psyche Chest as showing in the above screenshot. That’s some extra rewards for your Familiars. If by chance you can’t match the Psyche requirement to get the Psyche Chest, you can pay with 20 Diamonds and it’ll act as though the Psyche is a match. This will be no matter which Bond you Dispatch. Don’t worry because Diamonds are fairly easy to gain! Your better bet is to use a matching Bond. You can see their types just below their feet.

For example, Kyle is set as Focused and Tough. He can be sent out on either type of Dispatch. The higher the rank of that chest, the better the rewards will be. Oddly enough, the highest rank of Psyche Chest is found in the Breakthrough Dispatches. Even if you can’t match the Psyche requirement, you can still Dispatch the Bond.

The Dispatch showing in the screenshot below is a special type of Dispatch. Those provide you with a Breakthrough item for your Bond to level further.

eternal sword m bond special dispatch

Each one is specific to the Bond. The only way to get those Dispatches to show is by clicking the Refresh button while gifting. Unfortunately, they’ll take 4 hours to complete. Thankfully the In-Game Rewards (for being in game) take up to 3 hours. You can kill 3 hours pretty easy just trying to get through the daily content. The other method to handle this is to send out the Bond on that mission right before you log out for a while.

Like the Familiars, you’ll want to gain as many Bonds as you can. The Eternal Sword M devs gave you plenty to try to collect! The other purpose to Bonds is that they can be used in the Sanctuary Trials. In there, you’ll definitely need a team. Unfortunately, you can’t always get a team when you need it. Just use your Bonds and they’ll fill the empty slots instantly. From there, off you go and hope the other team is worse than yours!

6. The Class Setups

When you start out in Eternal Sword M, you’ll have 5 different base classes to choose from. As you level and unlock things you can gain the Secondary and the Main classes.

eternal sword m class

The screenshot above shows the Main Class setup for a Gunner using the Thunder Element. The fun part to this is that you can have a Secondary Class that isn’t a match for the Main Class. This opens up the options for going hybrid with your character(s). The bad news is that you might accidentally weaken your character by going hybrid with the wrong mixture. The good news is that you can change the Secondary and the Main Classes with gold.

The better news is that you can freely gain a scroll right after your Main Class selection which can freely change your Main Class. You’ll have to get to level 39 and complete the requirements first. The trick to it is that the Secondary Class boosts the Main Class if they’re a match. Otherwise, the Secondary Class will take over the skills when it’s activated. The recommendation is to avoid having to change Classes as much as possible. This is done by reading the skill descriptions before you get to level 39. That Details button is there for good reason!

And this is where we end our beginner’s guide for Eternal Sword M. If you happen to know more tips or strategies for the game, feel free to leave us a message in the comment area below!

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